Welcome To Eden,

Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

The Bulletin!

No one had to use their AK; I gotta say it's a good day.

The Wrath Of Kharn is in its final chapter! Fight to prevent the Kharn and the Kagzran from achieving their goal Rodina!



This is a really long-ass page. It's meant to be used as a reference document, not something you read front to back. Most of it probably won't be directly relevant to your character. If you're just joining, you should consider skimming this, then looking back if you need to.

By the way, major locations are highlighted in red

The Map



    Capital City: Capital City
    Form of Government: Socialist
    Current Leader's Name: President John Smith
    Population: 313 million

A large, high range of snowy mountains occupies the northern half of the country. Rivers of melted snow flow down from these ranges into large lakes in the foot hills. These lakes provide water for Generica's fertile plains, and many cities have been built around them. Many rivers carve through the landscape and the country is green all year round.

People from this country are known as Genericans. Because of their socialist government, nearly all goods and services are provided or regulated by the government. There are no brand names, and everything is called by it's generic name. For example, there is no "Coke" or "Pepsi;" it's simply "Cola." Everyone is paid the same and they live in homes designed around their precise needs. However, despite the widespread drive for conformity, people are still free to pursue their individual interests, sports, and arts. While it could be considered a totalitarian state, government rule is based on the gentle understanding that seems to be built into every Generic citizen. There is a strong sense of nationalism, where the country feels like it must compete to be the best out of all countries. This has made Generica the most prosperous nation on Eden by far, and many citizens have a haughty attitude towards foreigners. This is the homeland of the egotistical superhero, Captain Generica--who was also the first World Martial Arts Champion--and Generica's premiere Superhero team, The Hero Force.



    Capital City: Uranrassa
    Form of Government: Anarchy!
    Current Leader's Name: None
    Population: Roughly 4,000,000

An endless desert of rolling dunes and towering rock formations from border to border. The country gets its name from the word "alba" meaning "white," which describes the almost pure white sand that's here. It's easily mistaken for snow at night, when temperatures are regularly below 0*F, but not in the daytime, when the temperature normally soars to over 120*F. There are a few oasies around the country, but these are only oasies in the sense that the ground is dirt instead of sand, there are scattered desert plants, and the water is stored in giant cactuses. There are no permanent lakes, rivers, or springs of any kind in the country. Sandstorms are a constant event.

Albandia's desert is generally inhospitable. It was not formed as a country in itself, but is instead the carved form of leftover land that other countries didn't take. Very few people can stand to live in this land, and like Mangels on the Celencia, it was the final home of criminals and exiles. But unlike Mangels, the settlements here were established not by exiles, but by merchants trying to establish international trade on the continent. Small merchant forts and settlements dot the Albandian landscape anywhere there is an oasis. Transportation is by animal or mechanical walker since constant sandstorms stifled any attempts to make usable roads. Each fort is independent unto itself, being no allegiance to any central government. Each one is guarded by private armies who are experts in desert warfare.

Dalmasca Wastelands

    Capital City: N/A
    Form of Government: N/A
    Current Leader's Name: General Zal Venchosen
    Population: 3,000 Military Personnel

As its name implies, it's nothing but a barren wasteland. The terrain varies from flat and sandy to jagged and rocky.

A large island to the south of the mainland, the Dalmasca Wastelastes are shrouded in mystery. No one can pinpoint exactly when the island was abandoned, but there's myths surrounding the locale that date back to the Juin War. Legend has it that the island was once lush and full of life until a cataclysmic event laid it to ruin. The population at large view the island as haunted and avoid it at all costs. Those who set foot on the land are never heard from again. Planes adjust their routes to avoid flying over it and ships navigate around it to avoid passing to close to its costs. The superstitions surrounding the locale and the lack of any real observation have allowed the Juins to set up a secret military facility along the southwest coast, camouflaged in with the natural, rugged landscape of the island.


    Capital City: Qurac
    Form of Government: Oligarchical Dictatorship
    Current Leader's Name: Prime Minister Masen Karr
    Population: 34 Million

Karr's landscape is pretty similar to Albandia's, considering their proximity to each other. However, Karr is a lot more calmer, temperature wise and is a bit greener, with a number of forests that dot its landscape.

The majority of the residents in Karr actually come from Albandia, escaping to find some sort of order. Unfortunately, they came to a country, although better than the one they fled, was overbearing to the point of attempting to control the day to day lives of its residents. People in Karr are oppressed by their Prime Minister and the wealthy upperclass. The Karran government has been blamed for various human rights atrocities over the years, though nothing has been proven. In recent years, Karr has become a haven for illegal organizations, such as drug cartels and various tribal terrorist groups as a staging ground to control their activities and Albandia and the rest of the world. This also has not been proven, and the government of Karr will not allow any other country to investigate the matter further.


    Capital City: Jumana
    Form of Government: Parliamentary Republic
    Current Leader's Name: Kamille Karima
    Population: 48 Million

It's hot and humid with a lot of moisture. The high mountains that separate the fertile plains and hills of Malaika from the deserts of Albandia are extremely effective at trapping moisture. Forests of tall trees grow close to the mountains and cover large portions country. Much of the inland country is reserved for agriculture, especially fruits, vegetables, and vineyards, while most of the cities are along the coast.

Malaika is the beautiful resort country along the northwestern coast of the Central Continent. It's one of the oldest nations on the continent and has a rich history. Unfortunately, because of its prime climate and location on the continent, its history is also rife with warfare and intrigue, including agricultural rebellions, invasions by corporate, mercenary, and imperial armies, and assassinations. Eventually, only one party was able to rise to power, but the multitude of voices in the nation made a parliamentary representative government necessary. One notable conflict was the foiled invasion of the Celenese, who are hated by the Malaikans to this day. The nation's economy relies primarily on tourism, both on its beautiful beaches and expansive vineyards, whose wines are prized world-wide.

West Celencia

Big Pine Island

    Capital City: Montgomery's Tavern (Free Rooms! Cheap Beer!)
    Form of Government: None
    Current Leader's Name: None
    Population: 60 villagers and Brian, the innkeeper

Shrouded in mystery and a permanent, deceiving fog The island is cool to cold all year being so close to a polar ice cap. The beaches are clean and met by dense pine forest about fifty yards inland. This ring of pine forest surrounds the entire island and is extremely dense; some call it the Barrier Forest. While the Barrier Forest is only six or seven miles thick, sea-to-inland, it has magic about it. More than one drunken sailor or cocky wanderer has become permanently lost in its full-time darkness. If one manages to find their way through the forest, the island breaks into a wide country of inexplicably green hills that are usually dusted in light, fluffy snow. This center most part of the island is rumored to have a mysterious vibrancy and energy to it.

The Barrier Forest is anywhere from six to seven miles thick and surrounds the entire island starting at an average of fifty yards inland from the shore. This forest is extremely dark and dense, difficult to navigate if you're not a native of the island. A trickster spirit also inhabits the forest; he will often cast illusions on and generally terrorize anyone he doesn't recognize. This forest varies only near the village where it is only about three miles 4 miles thick (see Physical Description). The true nature of the Barrier Forest and the inland beyond are unknown, most fisherman and common folk find it best to do little more than wander the shores, and then only by day, while spending the night only at the farming/fishing village or at Montgomery's tavern.

The only civilization to speak of is a small village on the Southern coast. It was built by group of farmers who wanted to get away from the strife of Eden and live a simpler life. They grow potatoes, snow wheat, run a small hydroponics unit from solar energy, and fish the coasts of Big Pine. The Barrier Forest surrounds this village on three sides. Here a crescent swath, about three miles thick at its widest point, cuts into the forest. Local legend has it that the swath was burned out when the first villagers arrived. Montgomery's Tavern, run by Brian, is the only other nown piece of civilization on the island and is located somewhere on the Southern coast where fishing boats and wanderers often take refuge in this largely uninhabited part of the world. Brian, the innkeeper who opened Montgomery's Tavern, insists that all guests stay for free.


    Capital City: Windshire
    Form of Government: Monarchy
    Current Leader's Name: King Serruto
    Population: 70 million

It marks the eastern edge of the Windy Plains, a large flat area at the center of the Great Continent with flowery fields, tall grassy plains, and small rolling hills. Strong winds drive through this area from all directions, and it is prone to summer tornadoes.

Celena is controlled by an elite ruling class who are extremely protective of their country's beautiful plains. Only the select few (most of them wealthy businessmen) are allowed to live here. People from this country are called Celenese. The majority of towns are built small, with short buildings and an emphasis on underground floors to protect the panoramic view of Celena's "Sea of Green." Their economy is primarily fueled by tourism and cash crops like grain, tobacco, and mustard.


    Capital City: New Hamburg
    Form of Government: Parliamentary
    Current Leader's Name: Chancellor Yoseph Reinfeld
    Population: 38 million

A natural harbor of the Sea of Mazzani built on a small range of coastal plateau. It's at the edge of the Windy Plains but does not receive the heavy gales or severe tornados that the rest of the plains suffers through.

People from this country are known as Hahms. It controls much of the export shipping of the Windy Plain countries. In the early colonial history of Eden, they went to war with Liebe multiple times over control of the Strait of Mazzani. It finally led to a treaty that declared the Sea of Mazzani an international neutral zone, open to all ships and patrolled by both Hahmland and Liebe.


    Capital City: Maquee
    Form of Government: Republic
    Current Leader's Name: President Allen Daughtry
    Population: 497 million

The north coast of Isysia is usually cold and foggy. One long river that includes two large lakes cuts through the center of the country, and most of the terrain is green with shrubbery. Gentle foothills graduate into a large mountain range filling the southwestern third of the country. This area is very hot and humid in the summer, but is cold and snowy in the winter.

People from this country are called Isysians. The most populous country in the world, it's people live comfortably in apartments in enormous skyrise towers that take the place of regular sprawling cities, leaving much of the land for farming and forestry. It's technology, military, and economy is second only to Generica. These two countries are both powerful allies and friendly rivals.


    Capital City: Lashāri Town
    Form of Government: Self-governed nomocracy
    Current Leader's Name: No true leader; Ashimori Bamainen (Regulatory Marshal), Vasa Kurinanen (Second-in-Command)
    Population: 2.5 million

Desolate and godforsaken in it's appearance, Janwald was known as a jewel of Eden. Lush forests, veld's and open prairie's and savannahs, with mountains and cliffs, large rivers and lakes, deafening waterfalls. All of that gone. Now it's all ash and sand, sun-bleached gray and rotten tan yellow. Very little life remains and all that was lively is naught but despair and gloom. This is Janwald, this was a jewel and now it's name means something entirely different.

The birthplace of the regulators and the cataclysm known simply as the perishing. Janwald's population was devastated as a result, with a two and a half percent survival rate. Only two and a half million people survived out of a hundred million, washed away in a flashing wave of energy and light. Originally a cyber/technocracy the lawlessness brought about by the sudden chaos of having the big red "reset" button hit has forced people to stand up, to take the law into their own hands. The regulators are the result, and they wouldn't have been possible without the perishing. Barely even human anymore past the surface level, that is they look human and are often called verfluchten or the accursed by the humans. They're respected as efficient law givers and fear as potent users of spiritual or magical energies. The perishing had another effect on the population at large, out of the two and a half million people there's a very small chance, roughly point zero one percent that any child birthed, due to the corrupting nature of the cataclysm will be born as a verfluchten. These people are cut off from the outside world but some semblance of their technological advancements remains, thanks in part of a strange metal that appeared in the seventh year after the perishing. Often called spirit silver but some have taken to calling it oracite. It's a silvery metal that shimmers even in darkness, created in the largest cities where the largest collections of people died and as thus, some have also taken to calling it ghost steel because it's a type of semi-organic metal that has grown in the wake of a near genocide. Despite the occurrence that nearly lead to an entire culture committing a mass suicide, suicide, because the disaster was an accidental one in it's nature. Regulators and other inhabitants are branching out, moving on or trying to find ways to revive their dead home because they lived there and by god they will find a way to revive their lives or die trying.

Leilah's Field

    Capital City: None
    Form of Government: Prefectural Territory
    Current Leader's Name: His Holyness the Lord Orlando
    Population: 5000

At the center of the windy plains, it is an expansive field of white flowers from border to border.

Leilah's field is named after the woman who once owned the land at the center of this territory, which was once part of Celena. During the first Juin War, otherwise known as the infamous Juin Relocation Campaign, it was the site of the massive battle where the Juin Hero Shin Robert made his last stand. Millions of both Juins and humans were killed, and the battlefield was immediately turned into a memorial cemetary. Originally, the Juins were all burned in a mass funeral pyre, and their ashes were were buried a foot under the properly laid graves of the humans. But as the cemetary matured, thousands of white flowers mysteriously sprung up everywhere. The keepers of the garden knew that these were from the rising souls of the fallen Juins. Leilah's Field is surrounded by a twelve foot stone wall that's further protected by an energy shield. At the center of the cemetary is the grand monastery, where the monks who guard the Field live and hold services. Thousands visit the cemetary everyday to pay their respects to those who died. An aura of reverence suppresses any violent thoughts.


    Capital City: Kymeto
    Form of Government: Democratic Republic
    Current Leader's Name: President Samson Zappell
    Population: 200 million

The country has a wide range or terrain, from mountain chains to forests to plains. Since the country is surrounded by water on three of its sides, it never gets too hot. In the spring and summer, temperatures never reach above 94 degrees. It does get its fair share of snow in the winter, along with tropical storms. There's very little in the tropical danger zones.

The people of Raverita are called Raveritans, and are really no different than any other people of the world. The country is mainly made of immigrants, whom left their country to have a better life. The original citizens of Raverita left Pellonia due to the harsh rule of the monarchy. What attracts people to Raverita is the free industry. People have the right to start nearly any business they want. The only thing that is run by the Raveritan government are social programs and the education system. Everyone has free enterprise, but they aren't backed by the government as hard as any countries. It's easy to start a business, and because of this, Raverita is becoming a major world power.

The country has a relatively strong military leg, with great offense and defense. The country is long rooted in governmental conspiracy. Any type of conspiracy one could think of (including the Illuminati), there are rumors that the government actions that go against what it stands for. Whether it's attacking a building to get more people to sway to the side of the government, or people mysteriously vanishing, people say the government does it. Some people even believe that the government, despite what their constitution says, is running every single aspect of their lives, even without presidential approval. Since citizens have freedom of speech, they can criticize their government how they please, but some "extremists" go missing. There are people who don't believe in such conspiracies, so if they are too or not, it will basically go by "unnoticed" as the major populous doesn't believe in such stories.

The nation is in constant turmoil with neighboring Tunis, conflicting over a chain of four islands in the Lemon Sea the two nations claim to have domain over. This has lead to regional skirmishes on the islands, espionage, and several clandestine operations within each country that neither government claim responsibility for. The two nations have been in a shadow war for at least five years.


    Capital City:
    • Lunadomoy
    • Zvedzigorod
    • Otkrytpole
    • Volkgorod
    • Kostra
    • Port Morskoy
    • The Reach
    Form of Government: Council of Elders
    Current Leader's Name:
    • Tapote Korat (Lunadomoy)
    • Aranya (Zvedzigorod)
    • Nabosh Nabosh (Otkrytpole)
    • Naomi (Volkgorod)
    • Lance Stander (Kostra)
    • Seaman L'ans (Port Morskoy)
    • Duke Valmont (The Reach)
    Population: 100,000 (80% Arcuuli, 15% human, 5% other)

Rodina is a land of lush mountain rainforests, rolling plains, riverlands, and swamps. It is a harsh place that no soul could ever tame completely, with harsh changes in altitude and many, many caves that pockmark the countryside. People live in cities - there are no small settlements because more than just the beastmen Arcuuli live here - wyverns, dinosaurs, and monsters of all descriptions call Rodina home.

Rodina is a generally friendly nation, well in keeping with the Arcuul traditions of amiability with their neighbors and allies, and are not particularly at odds with any other country, maintaining open trade relations as they are able, one of the only peoples of this world who remain in contact with the Juin.

Though there are jokes about Rodinan good intentions - always something like "A kicked dog will always come back to its masters", but people often mistake good intentions and a gentle nature for weakness - their mistake. Rodina might be talking to Juin, but they're not doing it to get back in their good graces - they're doing it to make damn sure that they stay where they are. The Rodinan armada may consist of trade ships, but they were made in memory of the war that drove their once-masters from power, and made strong - able to be retrofit into war ships in hours. All Rodinan children spend some time in formal martial training - at least two years under a master either in Rodina itself or abroad, all in memory of the past. The Juin are not mistreated if they come for diplomatic purposes or sparse trade, but treated with a kind of amiable contempt that is very characteristic of Rodinans in general.

Rodina has the closest ties to the islands of Liebe and Ezio. Liebe even has a Barony in the southern coast of Rodina, facing their coasts - The Reach, given to them as a base of operations for their navy in the event of Juin aggression quickly became a human settlement, considered a beauty spot of the country despite the shipyard and industrial area. Ezio and Rodina are thick as thieves, politically speaking and culturally speaking, trading culture and technology freely for centuries.

Rodina is also home to the Grand Ring - an ancient gladiatorial arena the Juins once used to pit Arcuuli against creatures and each other. The traditions stuck, but instead of fighting for some ruler they fight for more or less the hell of it - what better way to put a grab bag of instincts and training to constructive use? The greatest warriors, mystics, and monsters prove themselves here - and can even be inducted into the nation's standing army!

Rodina's standing army is actually more like a superhero team, known as the Seven Stars led by Volchitsu of Volkgorod.

Three Islands of Libre
Libre, Ai, Coeur Island

    Capital City: Amoropoli
    Form of Government: Monarchy
    Current Leader's Name: Queen Nana Charipova
    Population: 4 million

Liebe consists of three lands: the Liebe Peninsula, Ai (island to the west), and Coeur Island (island to the south). Liebe has the lowest elevation of all of the Great Continent Western countries. Most of the land here is either at or below sea level, and is prone to flooding. It's known for its beautiful beaches and unique red grass. Combined with the glow of the golden reefs of the Lemon sea, the country has a very bright, burning appearance. The famous Mandy Blossom, a large, fire red, rose-like flower grows wildly here. Ai and Coeur Islands are both volcanically-formed islands and an active underwater volcano will surface a fourth island in less than twenty years.

People from this country are known as Liebens. Liebe is known as a favorite spot for honeymooners. The Mandy Blossom is mixed into products of all types as an aphrodesiac, and it is Liebe's main source of income. Because of its location between the Lemon Sea and the Antaean Ocean, Coeur Island is of major strategic importance, and is closed to tourists. Instead, it houses a military base built straight into the volcanic rock. It is also the home of Liebe's powerful navy, which is second only to Generica's.

East Celencia


    Capital City: Pariroma
    Form of Government: Constitutional Republic
    Current Leader's Name: Mateo Scuccia
    Population: 63 million

A mildly rugged land of lush greens and wonderful coastlands, with a series of mountains and plateaus to the north that receive plenty of snowfall in the winter.

Known as the art capital of the world, Ezio is at the forefront of cuisine and fashion. It's buildings are stylized art deco and are designed to have a weathered appearance to make them look like natural extensions of the environment and to appear far older than they actually are. The majority of the population are clustered up into cities--with the far largest city being its capital--while others are more dispersed in villages, leaving plenty of room for farmland. Its largest imports are fruits.


    Capital City: Heinebeck
    Form of Government: Corporate Republic
    Current Leader's Name: James Lager
    Population: 53 Million

The only country named for a corporate sponsor, Guinness was established as a charter colony originally settled by corporate employees. It soon went from being the homebase of a single company to the world's leading center of trade, financing, and merchandising. There are many densely cluttered cities with expansive skylines and large markets. The country sought to establish its economic supremacy and political nuetrality similar to Switzerland on earth. The nation's government is run like a corporation, with a board of directors and with citizens each owning "stock" in the country. These stocks used to be transferrable between individual citizens until the Great Takeover scare of 405, when a prospective dictator named Oorjit Damsingh threatened to buy up enough stock to usurp control of the country. Sales of stock are now more symbollic than practical. Although the nation is neutral, it does keep a military force in the country to defend its assets. Each company that leases space in the country is expected to pay security taxes to maintain that force.


    Capital City: Cao Cao
    Form of Government: Theocracy
    Current Leader's Name: Zhao Smith
    Population: 7 million

On it's west border are a set of rolling hills that seperate it from the desert country of Mangels. Hilde is part of a massive rainforest and jungle area in the southeastern region of the Great Continent. It's always wet, hot, and humid.

Hilde was originally known as Eternia, "The Holy Forest of the Eternal Dragon." The rainforest was once a sacred site to the Juin people, where they came to worship at the sacred temple of the Eternal Dragon. They regarded the entire area as holy and they refused to build cities there. Mythology says that the Eternal Dragon would curse whoever cut down one of the sacred rainforest trees by infecting them with a deadly plague, and the indigenous Juins proved this time and time again the hard way. Every trees were cut down to build houses, plague would run rampant through the logging crews and the new home owners, killing everyone. They soon found, however, that they could safely cut off branches without being affected by the curse, so long as the whole tree wasn't destroy. Scattered settlements of thatched huts and tree houses sprang up everywhere.

During the Juin Relocation Campaign, it was one of the last bastions of Juin resistance, but they couldn't stand up against Allied Power. After the war, the Isysians claimed the land and renamed it Hilde, after the general in charge of the army there. The Dragon's temple was destroyed, and a new, modern city, Cao Cao, was built on top of it. Plague was rampant in its early days, but Generican doctors managed to find a vaccine, breaking the cursed virus's hold on the population. Logging became a booming bushiness that wreaked havoc on the gentle forest. To protect themselves from the curse, the Isysians exploited slaves taken from Buddhist monasteries. Because of this, many of the monks had names that are part-monk and part Isysian. After 130 years of enslavement, the monks revolted and kicked out the Isysians to claim Hilde for themselves. They made it a holy sanctuary for Buddhists, and discontinued the logging enterprise.


    Capital City: Robertston
    Form of Government: Regional Government
    Current Leader's Name: Regent Aegis
    Population: 33 million

At the eastern edge of the Wind Plains is the desert country of Mangels. Scattered grass patches and fledgling oasises give way to rolling dunes and unforgiving heat until reaching dry highlands on Mangels east border, which neighbors Hilde. Cities are generally small, scattered, and built around dying springs. Since the Juin occupation, roads and general infrastructure have improved, and artificial terraforming has made life more bearable within the cities.

The uninhabitable patch of Mangels, between Celena's fertile plains and Hilde's lush jungles was both a refuge for criminals and an exile's prison. Cut-throats and outcasts of all types were banished to this land, which soon evolved into a country led by a King of Thieves. Their greed and resentment towards the world that sent them there lead them to rapid militarization, putting the world on high alert.


    Capital City: Norndotr
    Form of Government: Imperial Monarchy
    Current Leader's Name: Emperor Rufin Bialy
    Population: 202 million

Pellonia is dominated by a large frozen mountain range based in its North-eastern region. Combined with the shifting glaciers and empty tundra intruding far beyond its arctic coasts, much of the country's terrain is uninhabitable by normal standards. Most of Pellonia's people are concentrated in the valley between Pellonia's range and Trent's, where the temperate climate there is idal. The southeastern section of Pellonia has even more fertile land, and has been specially set apart by the government for herding and agriculture.

From the nation's origins, every successive ruler of Pellonia has been known by three traits: 1) intense belief in the power of logic; 2) the willpower to work hard; and 3) an iron will to impose those beliefs on every citizen in the country. These characteristics have made Pellonia one of the world's leading powers, along with Generica and Isysia. The country is divided into three zones: the industrial zone is based in the rugged tundra to the north, where farming is impossible, the agricultural zone is set apart in the south in the most fertile land, and the valley north of trent has been dubbed the commercial zone. This is where the seat of government is, and it is the only side of the country open to foreigners. In this valley, the government puts on a facade of prosperity, while the emperor's "Rule by Fear" attitude has disillusioned many of the country's citizens in other parts. The economy is primarily socialist, so all goods and services are transferred by the government. They encourage competition by creating intercity rivalries, giving funding to the most productive town. This has created much regional tension, and revolts--unbeknownst to the world, who believe Pellonia's cities are a united industrial juggernaut-- are a constant fact of life.


    Capital City: Wellington
    Form of Government: Monarchy
    Current Leader's Name: Prince Thursday
    Population: 156 million

The entire country is set in an expansive mountain range that marks its south and west borders. Its north and east borders expand slightly beyond the range. These mountains are heavily forested and contain deep vains of coal and diamonds.

Trent was one of the first colonies on Eden established by the humans. Its main source of income comes from mining coal and diamonds, of which it is the leading producer. And most of the citizens are involved in one way or another with mining, logging, or jewelry sales.



    Capital City: Shadowglen
    Form of Government: Democratic & Parliamentary
    Current Leader's Name: Prime Minister Hatsu Saxon
    Population: 189 million

Konsorhaven (pronounced Kon-sore-haven) is a land balanced by technology and nature. The cities, especially Shadowglen, are filled with tall skyscrapers and residential areas, with factories on the outskirts. While the land between cities are lush and fertile, enabling farms and beautiful conservation areas.

People of this land like to generally refer to themselves as ‘Havenites’, but are more commonly known as ‘Konsorvers’. The country is best known for its “home-grown” global company Icarus Unlimited, a ‘green’ company that develops and creates technology to better help and serve the environment. Icarus Unlimited also has the largest non-government controlled, and most well-known military force on the planet; a feat that has brought them a status liking to a country of their own. The konsorhaven government are in constant fear that the seemingly peaceful company, Icarus Unlimited, will forcibly take control of the country, but they allow their continued existence for the immense sum of money they bring in for the country.



    Capital City: Warden
    Form of Government: Meritocracy
    Current Leader's Name: Chancellor Yoseph Reinfeld
    Population: 60 Million

Unlike most lands of Eden, Ithroia is the one country that varies more so than any other; from the fertile farmland of Coranth, to the dense Hooke forest and the windy Cliffside village of Steffson, to name a few. It's climate ,seemingly a perfect mixture of everything any person needs to live peacefully; made it the ideal planetary mecca.

Warden; Capital of the nation and glowing centre of hope and knowledge for the world. The architecture of the city is unlike another on Eden, with unbelievable buildings using cutting edge technology to support the weight.

New Cieva

    Capital City: Idantine
    Form of Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
    Current Leader's Name: ? ? ?
    Population: 55 Million

New Civean architecture is a mixture of gentle curves and sharp angles. Buildings are made with a harmony of function and beauty in mind, and if the creator of the structure feels he hasn't accomplished that balance, he will often tear it down and begin all over again. Their cities have what an earthling might call an oriental feel.

Guardian's Lookout

    Capital City: None
    Form of Government: None
    Current Leader's Name: The Guardian of Eden
    Population: Unknown

The Guardian's Lookout is an ancient, mystical platform, suspended high in the skies of Eden by a massive tower. The station itself, despite its height, radiates its own atmosphere, allowing vehicles of many types the ability to fly up to the locale without the threat of stalling--however, all attempts made by governments and privateers to reach the top of the tower have all been met by failure, and the upper portions of the structure do not show up on radar or satellite. The top of the lookout is dotted with all the manner of vegetation, most of it being rare or extinct plants native to Eden. The notable locale is the Guardian's Castle, which serves as the home to the Guardian of the planet and his or her guests. Various mystical artifacts and pieces of technology reside inside of the castle, which are used by the Guardian as they see fit.

Though the castle is massive in and of itself, the entire lookout is one massive, sprawling complex, with many areas that haven't been touched for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The Guardian's Lookout was established by the Kaio's in Otherworld on many of the planets they oversee, often at the behest of the Kaioshin's above them, to observe, monitor, and protect the life on the planet. In ancient times, the lower ranking Kaio's themselves would operate on the lookouts long before they appointed people from the global populations themselves, often giving rise to a variety of myths about Godly pantheons on many planets.

Juin Lands

    Capital City: Juillet
    Form of Government: Monarchy
    Current Leader's Name: King Sephton
    Population: 48 Million

A large range, known as the Royal Mountains, rings around Shin Robert's Bay in the southwest. Nestled in this sheltered harbor is the capital, Juillet. Another mountain runs down the eastern region of the continent, and dense forests flank that range on its north and south ends. Between the two mountain ranges is expansive desert outback. The continent had few natural rivers, but the Juins solved this by carving out massive canals.

See here for more information.

The North Pole

The north pole is nothing more than a massive ice cap nearly devoid of life. Polar bears, penguins, yetis, and similar arctic creatures live along the coasts, but but nothing can survive further inland. Dense snow packs give the illusion of hard ground, but they are known for their instability, and history is full of unfortunate explorers who fell into gigantic sinkholes and were never heard from again. There are a few human scientific settlements, but each one houses no more than thirty people each. However, there are myths about a mysterious figure with a long white beard and crimson red suit who dwells near the pole itself, watching over the planet like a faithful guardian.

The South Pole

The north pole is nothing more than a massive ice cap nearly devoid of life. Polar bears, penguins, yetis, and similar arctic creatures live along the coasts, but but nothing can survive further inland. Dense snow packs give the illusion of hard ground, but they are known for their instability, and history is full of unfortunate explorers who fell into gigantic sinkholes and were never heard from again. There are a few human scientific settlements, but each one houses no more than thirty people each. However, there are myths about a mysterious figure with a long white beard and crimson red suit who dwells near the pole itself, watching over the planet like a faithful guardian.


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