Welcome To Eden,

Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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Below is a list of notable races that are usable on Forced Heroes. It's not a complete or comprehensive list (hell, it doesn't even cover everything on the site!), and members are free to use pre-existing races from series like Dragon Ball or make their own when applying.

Certain races have a credit at the bottom of them naming the person who created them. If it's in black, anyone can use them. If it's red, you need permission from the original creator.


Androids are cybernetic and robotic creations meant to serve as stand-ins for sentient, oftentimes humanoid species, though Android replicants of other life forms also exist. Though fairly basic in regards to their most common applications on Eden--oftentimes existing purely as objects of R&D--advanced Androids do exist in some circles, mostly under development by various military and paramilitary agencies. The construction of Androids vary from manufacturer as do their purposes, though they share commonality in extensive mechanical and electrical engineering feats in order to create them.

Some Androids feature synthetic flesh in order to pass off as living creatures and the most advanced tend to have sophisticated artificial intelligences that allow them to operate with a decent level of partial or complete autonomy.

Sentient, metallic creature-machines of an unknown origin, Pariahim bodies are constructed from an alloy--Duranium-- that surpasses the strength of any known naturally occurring mineral. While extremely difficult to damage by brute force, the bodies are also precision machines and can be damaged if key areas of their 'anatomy' are targeted. Above this skeleton resides a flexible skin-like material, to better give the appearance that they look normal and alive. Appearance wise, only the original units are identical, with every unit constructed since the Awakening is entirely unique. Size, color, and shape can be completely different from one unit to the next. The only common characteristics shared by all Pariahim are the metal used in construction of their bodies and the inner containment cell located in the most protected area for the symbiote. Pariahim are created with no inherent gender, though through their never ending search to be alive they have slowly developed a more gender based appearance, which are customization and depend solely on the individual units specifications.

Unlike the typical cold, unfeeling society one might expect from a society of machines, the Pariahim are a creative, expressive people. They have a tremendous appreciation for and ability in art, literature, architecture, music, and language; and in their relatively short history they have built, written, and composed masterpieces that rival those of civilizations thousands of years older. Their buildings soar to impossible heights, thanks to the perfect logic of their architects, and are intricately decorated, with every surface inlaid with colorful stones and patterns so complex that one could stare at a single surface for days without fully comprehending its appearance. While they have no need for clothing, every Pariah's body is distinctly built and decorated. Language is unnecessary among them thanks to their ability to link directly to one another, but they enjoy speaking to other species, humanoid, animal, and even plant alike.

In the years following the Awakening, the originals spent much time observing and reflecting on the world around them. The central truth which they gleaned from this time was that every aspect of the universe, down to the last molecule, had been designed for a purpose. This belief has been passed on to every Unit to such an extent that it is the closest thing to a religion they have. The ultimate achievement for a unit is to discover its individual purpose. Every occurrence in a unit's life is accepted without question or complaint, because it would not have happened if it did not serve a purpose. "To everything a reason." is a common expression of greeting among them, as is the more intimate "May you ever know your purpose".

Another aspect of Pariahim culture that the outsider finds surprising is the existence of a thorough moral code. While not for the same reasons as other races, Pariahim regard many of the same behaviors to be bad as other cultures. The difference is their perspective. To the Pariahim, the ultimate good and the central truth in the universe are logic and design. Their belief on killing is a prime example. Design says that sentient creatures (excepting animals) are not meant to kill one another. Therefore, it is bad to kill. However, their society cannot be completely pacifist because there are creatures that will defy design and seek to harm others. Logic dictates the innocent must be protected and weapons are necessary to achieve that end. The reconciliation is that weapons are built and used only to protect against aggression. They consider the use of intoxicating or mind-altering substances bad because it defies logic to cloud one's mind or senses. Lying is nonexistent among Pariahim because it is illogical to mislead someone.

Though in many ways their code is easy to understand from this foundation, at times it leads to confusion for other species, especially where the principle of design is involved. For example, a Pariahim equipped with a mining tool, if attacked, will be destroyed before it will use the mining tool to defend itself. Why? Mining tools are not designed for use on living creatures. Hand to hand combat is accepted, if not encouraged, simply because of the fact that is part of the original design of the gynoids. Upgrading, while entirely possible, is not done among the Pariahim except in times of dire need, because the alien symbiote – representing life – chose that particular Unit as it was designed. When Logic and Design conflict, Design overrules, because in their minds while even their own Logic may be flawed, Design cannot be reversed.

That said, they hold neither unfriendly nor superior attitudes toward other races. To the contrary, they welcome visitors and love to learn from other races. They enjoy measuring the differences in each race and understand implicitly the logic behind the "golden rule", which they have rephrased as "Make no enemies, and you shall have few". The only sure way to offend a Pariahim is to call it a robot, in which case it will invariably launch into a lengthy explanation of the differences between itself and a robot. Similar offense is taken to being called an android, cyborg, machine, gynoid, or other such terms.

The last major aspect to be understood is the Pariahim view of life. When a Pariahim Unit is assembled, everything about it is complete except for a power supply. Even personality is pre-programmed. The alien organism (known by them as a Symbiote) has no effect whatsoever on the Unit except as the source of power – or life. It is entirely possible for a Pariahim to operate without a symbiote, and an outsider would never have any idea that it was missing, but to them it would be an unspeakable abomination. A Unit's body can be destroyed, its personality damaged or erased, and it will be repaired and kept active indefinitely, but if or when the symbiote dies, the Unit must be immediately deactivated and destroyed. Likewise, to deactivate a Pariahim while the symbiote is still alive is akin to murder in their eyes.

Created by Nemo


Not much is known about the Arcosians other than the fact that they're a humanoid species with its only known members being highly aggressive and violent. They were said to be involved with one of the worst cartels in galactic history, establishing a racket over dozens, if not hundreds of planets and even partaking in genocide. It's not known how or why their organization crumbled or what happened to them. Other than a few scattered sightings, it's assumed that they were driven to extinction or went into seclusion. Known for their wild, often uncontrollable power, some have been known to purposely mutate themselves and shift their physical forms in order to contain and regulate their own power.


The Arcuul are a species of anthropomorphic animals said to be blessed by the God of the sun and the Goddess of the moon, natives of this world along with the Juin. The exact 'species' of the individual is determined by state of the celestial sky when they are born - called their Auspice. They are related to the Pamyati, who are said to have once been part of them as a species.

Created by Nemo


The Avaria are a monogendered humanoid species, generally approaching the same size and stature and other humanoid species such as the Humans or Saiyan, though they generally lack hair aside from faint eyebrows and eyelashes. Instead of hair, Avaria possess semi-flexible, cartilage based scalp crests that grow into shape, which do not "flop around" as some believe. Though they tend to age into maturity much like similar species, they begin to age far slower once they hit physical maturity. Some Avaria are noted to live several centuries. As they are monogendered, all members of the race appear female similarly to the all-male Namekian species.

Created by Cypher


The A'Liots are a stub-nosed, elfen like humanoid species that hail from a planet named Quio'liem on the far side of the galaxy. They're a hairless species aside from the tops of their heads and lack even eyebrows and eyelashes. A common trait amongst the females of the species is a slightly elongated head, towards the back. Pigmentation tends to vary, though they share the commonality of their tones leaning toward the paler or albino tones.

Created by Cypher


The Brench are a humanoid race that share quite a bit in common, at least visually, with other Near-Humans such as the Saiyans and the Juins. They, however, come in far more exotic hues, such as blues, greens, and yellows. Like the Saiyans, the Brench hail from a planet with gravity far more intense than that of Eden, thus allowing them to have greater than normal speed and agility on planets with gravitational fields less intense than their own. Their ability to manipulate ki or other such energies appears to be average.

The entirety of the Brench race was once co-opted into the far reaching galactic syndicate when the governing body of their planetary systems was taken over by the Arcosians. Since the fall of the Arcosians centuries ago and the collapse of the syndicate, the Brench regained their autonomy.

Brench usually have very distinct accents; it wouldn't be uncommon for people to remark that they are from Space-Australia or Space-France.


Cyborgs, though oftentimes similar to Androids, differ based on the fact that Cyborgs were originally completely organic. The reasons and processes behind their cybernetic modifications are as varied as their modifications themselves. The most common, garden variety Cyborg may have prosthetic limb replacements due to various illnesses or injuries. More extensive modifications, such as partial or large scale body replacements, are quite rare even amongst the cybernetics community; rare enough for most to not even believe it to be possible with currently existing technology.

As with Androids, Cyborgs can be fitted with synthetic flesh to disguise their components.


Cousins to the Shin-Jins, these corrupted beings are born of rotten and deformed Kaiju fruit. Like the Shins, the demons, or Yoki as they are sometimes called, are generally humanoid in appearance with elongated, pointy ears. Though, due to their corrupted births, they have more varied appearances with some being more lizard like and others maybe possessing multiple limbs. A major commonality between them is that they often possess fangs.

Like the Shin-Jins, their body types are often determined by the shape of the fruit they are born from, though it can be subject to change through activity and inactivity. And like the Shin-Jins, they too have their own version of the Kaio's and Kaioshin. Yoki born of rotten, copper colored Kaiju Fruit are destined to become Makaio, while those born a dingy bronze fruit are to become Makaioshin, rulers of the Demon realm they often reside in. In stark contrast of the Shin-Jins, the Demons are less adverse to sexual reproduction, resulting in populations far greater than those of their cousins.

Makaio's and Makaioshin are not available for play as of yet.

Hollowed Souls

The Hollowed Souls, or "Hollows" as they're most commonly known, are souls corrupted by time or emotion. Generally, when a person dies and becomes a ghost, they're shepherded off to Otherworld, but those who aren't and linger due to commitments or Earthly attachments run the risk of of the Encroachment process as they're steadily corrupted and turn into ghostly beasts of various forms; their only shared trait being dark physical forms with an oily texture and a skull face.

Hollows can form from any sentient creature that lived, including beings that exist in Otherworld. Hollows come in all sorts of sizes, though most are no more than twenty feet on average. Hollows have an appetite for living souls, most notably the those belonging to their former host race and tend to gravitate back toward their former homes and population centers, though they're not adverse to feasting on any living soul, including those of demons, whom tend to fear them just as much any mortal creature fears them on average.

Generally, Hollow are invisible, though they can be detected by some of the most aware and sensitive individuals. However, they are incapable of being seen until they begin to wound their prey, where they can be seen by their prey and anymore in the immediate vicinity. Afterward, they become invisible to the general populace. As expected, they are always visible to Shinigami and Ikigami.

It's also not uncommon for certain groups of Hollows to feast on one another, cannibalizing each other for power or to become amalgamated entities of massive size Outside of vary specific circumstances, Hollow's cannot be killed, though significantly damaging their head and skull faces will cause their corporeal form to disperse and send them back to Hueco Mundo to reform. Shinigami possess the ability to purify rogue Hollow, returning them to their original soul form, where the soul is then transported back to Limbo for judgement.

Though bestial and instinctual, some Hollow can gain relatively minor sentience, and those of which who do, through a process of epiphany and enlightenment, can remove their skull faces and evolve into beings known as Arrancar.

Once Hollows remove their skull-faces, they undergo a metamorphosis, shifting into a form that's similar either to their original body prior to death and Hollow transformation, or in regards to Hollows made up of multiple Hollow, become a form based on the dominant power and personality known as Arrancar. Hollow capable of becoming Arrancar are extremely few, and among those, very few possess strength greater than the average Shinigami. The more powerful the Hollow prior to the metamorphosis, the greater their strength as an Arrancar.

All Arrancar possess similar traits of having some sort of bone-like plating covering significant portions of their bodies--the less powerful Arrancar have more bone plating than their stronger brethren--and a hole somewhere on their body. Arrancar tend to wear clothing and equipment similar to that of the Shinigami, suggesting there's something that the two have in common. Arrancar tend to stay within Hueco Mundo, though some have been known to take residence in the demon realm. Very rarely do they venture out elsewhere.


A sentient species originating from the planet Earth and also make up the bulk of the population of Eden. Generally unassuming, human's come in a multitude of ethnicities that provide them with a variety of potential appearances. Fairly average, they're been myths and rumors about humans becoming spiritually enlightened and being able to use their inner energy--chi or ki--as well as possessing some sort of affinity toward magic.

The brainchildren of Mr. Mecha of Port Morskoy, one of the Seven Stars of Rodina, Oracles are a subrace of human and arcuul origin, endowed with incredible supernatural powers via the labors of Project Oracle. Though somewhat crude, even barbaric, the means by which their powers were awakened was undeniably effective. Each individual Oracle is unique, each a project in their own right as each individual's powers evolved differently and require different restraints to their awoken abilities, but the price is terrible: the cold fact of the matter is the project has a 60% fatality, but without exception those that do survive possess superhuman abilities.

Project Oracle began as a means to create another Star, should Rodina lose one and not have one that could fill the gap in their military force. Drakon (the Star of Zvedzigorod) owes his origin to Project Oracle - he was Subject 00, but the project continued as a fascination into the potential of psychic abilities. In these early days, subjects were taken from nearly anywhere - anyone who had psychic potential could be part of it, from volunteers with potential, criminals who had abused their latent abilities, even orphans and gifted children given to the state at some incentive. In these early days, the rate of fatality was closer to 90%, hushed up by the powers that be, but Mr. Mecha was a visionary - he saw through the failures and produced the first generation of Oracles from this ten percent - 01 Baldur, 02 Calypso, 03 Serket, 04 Odin, and 05 Shiva.

The project was horrific and, perhaps understandably Baldur, his lover Calypso, and their close friend Serket tried to escape, leading to the event known as The Day of the Setting Sun, in which Baldur's photokinetic abilities reached critical mass, and he died in a fireball of nearly atomic proportions, leveling several city blocks in Port Morskoy and killing or injuring tens of thousands. Calypso nearly suffered the same fate, but was rescued in time. Serket blamed Mr. Mecha, blamed Rodina for what happened and became the first Rogue. Never again, Mr. Mecha vowed, and Project Oracle entered its second generation.

The second generation is the generation currently out there in play - ones who had access to Serketine Compound and more refined implants than the original five, yielding a much-reduced rate of fatality, greater control, and utility. These so-called "Shivan" Oracles have phenomenal powers, and enough control that they may use their powers with relative safety, but the process still has glaring defects inherent in the use of Serketine.

Created by Nemo


The native race of Eden. They are a humanoid species similar to humans, though they only possess darker hair and eye colors than humans. Physically, they're as average as humans, though they come with a greater capacity for ki manipulation that gives them some sort of subtle glow effect on their bodies.


The Joscorian's are a race of long-lived(120 is technically adulthood and Joscorians can live to be the ripe old venerated age of 650), graceful, fair-skinned humanoids, generally approaching the same size and stature of other humanoid species such as the incredibly prolific Humans and the war-like Saiyans. A matriarchal species, Joscorians are opportunistic and hot-tempered, sharing the same war-like zeal possessed by the Saiyans, albeit tempered with discipline, honor, and military training. Their similarities however, stop there. appearance wise, Joscorian males are almost always shorter than females with hair color ranging from black, to brown, to silver and red, eye color from blue to red to green and most notably, long elven ears and horns and have long been thought of as an off shoot of elves. They have a heightened spiritual awareness, an affinity for ki manipulation that to them, is as natural to them as breathing is to a human.

Already known as a fiery-tempered race, Joscorian's have also been one of the few races to actually resist Arcosian attempts to acquire their planet. Leading many to seek out Joscorian mercenaries, many of which are usually veteran soldiers from the armed forces, as many see them as an effective deterrant, either as a mercenary company defending a planet from hostile incursions; or as lone bodyguards. If you can afford their price that is.

Like brench and saiyans, they come from a planet with gravity far in excess of that of other planets, like Eden, leading to the Joscorians having greater than normal speed and agility on planets with gravitational fields less intense than their own. Like eden. Or, even the brench homeworld by a small margin.

Created by Glennard

Logic Demons

Logic Demons are a mysterious race, whose actual origins and physiological facts are not fully confirmed. In fact even their name is somewhat of a misnomer: Logic Demons are simply a title given to them as there does not exist a syntax or even name of reference to identify them by. Thus far, the following is what is known to bodies that would be aware of their rather exotic existence:

According to both archaeological sources and intelligence provided about them, Logic Demons are a completely manufactured race of beings created by an unknown higher form of life. Not originating on Eden in any way they are believed to have migrated to Eden of their own accord, though the method of how they traveled here, where they came from or why they would travel to such a place remains unknown. What is known is that the process of traveling to Eden was done via the use of a pseudo-sentient technological marvels known as the gates, which to this day are currently only understood as highly dangerous artifacts.

At an initial glance, most Logic Demons are humanoids that appear to have the same range of physical attributes as a normal humanoid in many ways. There are however some notable aesthetic differences. The first notable difference being their body's ability to generate a form of natural silicon covering on the outside to cover themselves, which helps to eliminate the necessity for things such as clothing to protect from the environment. For most Logic Demons of normal human strength, despite its impressive looks this covering offers no real defensive advantage. The second notable difference is that Logic Demons have a much wider range of possible skin colors, eye colors and even structures on their body. it is not uncommon for them to have features such as blue skin, black eye scelera or even horns. Some might even have abnormalities that cause them to look even more demonic and outside the range of normal human visible traits.

However, they do have an ability that makes them more difficult to distinguish. All logic demons are capable of hiding or having their abnormalities sealed and taking on much more normal human traits, a method of physically disguising themselves as far more average looking beings (or being forcibly physically disguised). This has convinced some agencies that Logic Demons are in fact meant as a kind of infiltrator of sorts into normal human populaces, but no evidence has been found to confirm that hypothesis. There also appear to be texts indicating that Logic Demons are even capable of transforming their appearance to boost combat ability and effectiveness in some way, though to what degree and capacity are not understood.

The most startling physical difference of logic demons is in their reproductive capacity: While all logic demons possess the reproductive organs to reproduce like normal humans, they are completely incapable of producing another logic demon through reproduction. While male logic demons are capable of mating with a female of another race and having an offspring based on the mother, female Logic Demons appear to be completely incapable of having children whatsoever despite seemingly having all the necessary body structures and mechanisms to do so.

Their internal mechanics are even more profound. While humans and other life-forms on Eden are carbon or other element-based lifeforms, consisting of complex proteins and other physical matter, Logic Demons consist entirely of a mixture of advanced energy nanoparticles (which are referred to as "logic" particles) and thousands of different wavelengths of energy. In essence, they are completely identical to other humanoid species on the surface in terms of capacity and ability, yet their components are eons ahead in both design and technological understanding. Whatever created Logic Demons clearly not only understood and coveted human design, but was able to replicate it in a manner that should have been impossible by normal means.

As a result of their internal structure, Logic Demons have access to the same abilities of whatever humanoid race they are modeled after, yet can also use abilities by drawing logic-particles into existence through their bodies, either generating them like an energy reactor or even drawing them from a parallel dimension for use. This also means that Logic Demons may not even realize what they are without being discovered or told if their logic-based physiology and/or traits have been sealed, as their bodies are so similar in many ways that it takes extremely advanced testing or detection to tell them apart. Individuals can go their entire lives without even realizing what they are.

Created by John


A green hued humanoid species hailing from the planet Namek, their namesake. After their original planet died eons ago, they colonized a new planet, which they named New Namek. In time, it has simply become referred to as Namek. They are a sexless species that bare a resemblance to your typical humanoid male. They are a malleable species, capable of growing in size, stretching their limbs, and even rapidly healing, regenerating limbs in case of severe injury. They have strong ties to both ki and magic and are separated into castes of those who can manipulate their specific forms of energy. Those capable of manipulating magic tend to be unable to manipulate ki and vice versa.


A humanoid species that are essentially the worker bees of Otherworld, mostly tasking in Limbo and the Soul Society. Their tones are varying shades of blue and red and generally have one to two horns on their heads, though some rare ones can have three or four. Aside from this, there's nothing particularly noteworthy. They sometimes fall prey to demons and Arrancar, who kidnap, disfigure, or murder them to utilize the ivory of their horns.

A subset of Ogre that walk the physical world instead of the Spirit World. Oni are typically larger and more aggressive than their desk-working counterparts. Sometimes confused with demons.


A monstrous race native to Eden, related to the Arcuul. While the Arcuul are civilized, very like their former Juin masters and current human allies, the Pamyati are NOT. It is said that in ancient times, when the Arcuul decided to ally with the Juins and changed to become like them, the Pamyati (literally 'memory' or 'memory people') refused to change, growing more and more monstrous and massive. Though savage, they are at least as intelligent as the Arcuul.

Created by Nemo


A race of humanoids with a tendency toward violence. They tend to be more fit than other races due to their aggressive and violent nature. They're similar in appearance to humans and Juins, though they lean more toward similarities with Juins in regards to their hair and eye color being darker shades, traditionally shades of brown, red, or black. It's also worth noting that Saiyan's are born with monkey-like tails that are highly sensitive unless properly trained. They have a heightened spiritual awareness compared to most other races, granting them a natural affinity -- though initially rough and wild -- for ki manipulation.

Even without enhancement via ki or other means, they possess physical attributes greater than most and would be considered superhuman from the perspective of humans. When exposed to Bruits Waves generated either artificially or via a full moon that are absorbed through their eyes, Saiyans are capable of transforming into monstrous, giant ape-like creatures.

If their tail is removed, they are incapable of transforming and will revert to normal if they're transformed and their tails are removed. There are rumors that they are capable of ascending into greater, more powerful forms. But no one has seen or heard of anyone becoming some sort of Super Saiyan in hundreds of years.

Despite the fact that the Saiyans were known to have been completely killed off in a targeted genocide centuries ago, enough of them still existed on various planets that they're still around to this day.


The military and police force of the Kaioshin and Otherworld, the Shinigami force was spawned out of the need for the natural universe to have protectors defending it from threats from the natural universe and otherworld itself. Originally starting with thirteen individuals brought up from within Otherworld itself, the Shinigami's numbers now reach the thousands, if not tens of thousands.

The Shinigami themselves are recruited from the ranks of of the dead, with its members hand-picked from recent arrivals to Limbo or overlooked beings that settled into the afterlife. Those recruited either were powerful beyond the norms of their populace or had the potential to do so. As they're recruited from formerly living populaces, Shinigami come in many shape and forms, from humans to all manner of alien. The only commonality is their uniform, consisting of something akin to Samurai robes, though more individual members my address their wardrobes to their specific tastes, and they generally carry a weapon they use as a medium for their power.

The purpose of the Shinigami is to protect the universe from beings known was Hollows and from native threats its populace cannot defend from. As they're supernatural beings, Shinigami are not made out of ordinary matter and are made up of an energy called Reishi. Because of this, Shinigami are typically invisible when operating in the natural universe unless exerting significant amounts of power; it's these outbursts of power that went on to inspire the the tales of Angels in a variety of religions.

On occasion, living beings who prove themselves worthy may find themselves cataloged and organized by their planetary Guardian into an organization called Kishinkei--Knight Police--as Sikai Kishin and often serve on tasks either not worth the time of the Shinigami or alongside them if need be. Sikai Kishin are often looked down as inferior to the Shinigami, though the Shinigami recognize that they serve a purpose. Those people who demonstrate that they have great power and gain the respect of the Shinigami are often recruited into the organization itself as their true living representatives, known as Ikigami.


The most important sentient species in all of creation--at least according to them--the Shin-Jins are a humanoid, elf-like people born of the great Kaiju Tree. Unlike most other species that either reproduce sexually or asexually, all Shin-Jins are born of fruit that grow on the Kaiju tree; there's no known case of a Shin-Jin being born any other way. The fruits of the Kaiju are never consistent with one another of the same batch, always varying in tones from across the color spectrum. The color of the fruit corresponds with the color of the Shin-Jin to be born. For example, a blue fruit would bare a blue Shin-Jin. Longer fruits would result in a taller Shin-Jin, and more rounded fruits result in Shin-Jins of a more portly shape.

However, their body-types are not entirely pre-determined and set, and can change through activity and inactivity as with any other species. Thanks to their ties to the Kaiju Tree, the Shin-Jins, although not inherently more powerful, have the greatest potential for the utilization of ki and magic.

Shin-Jin's are not just born of standard fruits of multiple shades, and can come in two other varieties if born from silver fruit and golden fruit. Those born of the silver Kaiju fruit go on to grow into beings known as the Kaios, while those of the golden fruit are destined to become Kaioshin, the shepherds and guardians of life and afterlife.

Kaio's and Kaioshin are not available for play as of yet.

Ympyrä Varjot

The Ympyrä Varjot are a race of humanoid beings from an as of yet unnamed dimension. They coexist within this dimension alongside beings with monstrous forms and dark abilities. Regarding these demonic beings as gods, the Ympyrä Varjot are always seeking to garner their favor. This usually means instigating a tryst with one so that they may birth or sire a child blessed with the power of the demons.

The realm itself is quite fantastical in appearance. The land is bathed in eternal twilight, stars casting their light as silver speckles upon a canvas of swirling blacks and dark purples. The very air itself is so densely charged with magical energy that anyone unaccustomed to it would feel a constant static upon their skin. The land is a series of massive islands floating within the vast sky, with no solid ground visible anywhere below. These islands feature very mountainous terrain, with sheer cliffs dotting the landscape. As if painted by some eccentric artist, the ground itself is an odd reddish purple hue. While there is not enough water for large plants or animals to survive, the crystal trees growing in the lowlands of the islands somehow convert the magical energy in the air into water that seeps into the ground from their roots. This allows small shrubs and sparse grasses to grow in the light given off by these living crystals. The odd basis for this ecosystem allows small mammals that would appear to be a chimera of "normal" mammals to thrive alongside the odd, air-breathing fish that somehow inexplicably swim through the air. These are generally preyed upon by larger reptiles that can fly and glide through various means, and truly monstrous insects that would even give some of the realm's gods pause when encountering them.

The beings regarded as gods are referred to as the Korkeammat. They have generally demonic and twisted anatomy, though they can easily mimic the appearance of the Ympyrä Varjot. Their blood is just as magically charged as the air of their realm, and fuels their dark abilities they use for entertainment and resolving conflict. While they normally keep to their own business, they gladly indulge the Ympyrä Varjot's reverence of them. Often they enter into trysts to produce a hybrid child. Due to their usual tendency to keep to themselves, little is known about their motivations for indulging the Ympyrä Varjot, though elders assume it is pure hedonism.

The Ympyrä Varjot act more as a clan than a race, with an individual's respect within the 'clan' usually being based on both their skill with their power, and which 'branch' of the clan they are descended from. The branches are decided both by region, and the type of demon they originated from. Within each branch is a minor heirarchy similar to this based on the direct family line. The head family of the central branch are given the utmost respect by the rest of the clan, and are the ones making the decisions that effect the entire clan. This head family line is descended from the very first half-demon known to have existed in their world.

Individuals within the clan are classified as one of three different types of beings. Physically, there is generally no difference between these classifications outside of traits expected to be passed down through families. Compared to humans on Eden, the Ympyrä Varjot are quite willowy in build, with lean muscles and pale skin. If not for their average height they could easily be described as having very elven-like physique. The most common hair color they have is white, with reds and purples appearing somewhat commonly, and rarely individuals will naturally sport blue hair. Eye colors have a wider range of variety, with reds and yellows being the most common, green and blues being somewhat frequent as well, and rarely purple eyes are seen. These types, despite their physical similarities, have different affects on the person's standing within the clan and generally how much respect they are given.

Tavallinen - They are the individuals in the clan born without powers despite their heritage. The usual reason is their heritage has become too diluted to manifest demonic abilities. With no powers, their standing within the clan is purely based on their lineage. Those with a good heritage are given proper respect, while those without a lengthy heritage within the clan are generally treated more like servants by those that do. They are more often the ones to bring the Aatelisto into the world as a way to renew their family's demonic heritage.

Valittu - They are the general populance of the clan, being born with powers from their demonic heritage in one form or another. Because of this, even those without a good heritage in the clan can garner great respect through displays of their abilities.

Aatelisto - The highest respect within the clan is given to those individuals born from a tryst with one of the clan's 'gods'. Even without displays of their abilities, these chosen few are given the highest respect within the clan. Often, they are pampered by the rest of their branch from the time of their birth. While the Valittu's abilities are normally restricted by their humanoid bodies, the Aatelisto's most common ability is the power to shift into a demonic form. These individuals only ever have access to the one form, but can choose to vary the shift in a way that mixes the demonic traits with their human ones.

Despite being entirely cut off from outside realms for most of their existence, their architecture outwardly looks remarkably similar to Asian architecture mixed with a strangely gothic flair. Interiors of buildings are generally kept very open for shared spaces, with large rooms spanning multiple vertical floors and balconies at each floor. Typically there is only one or two of these largest rooms in one buildilng, and they are used as a communal gathering hall as well as a sparring floor with the balconies being the only safe place for spectators. More private quarters have a much more gothic setup to their design, with the rooms of more respected clan members having private baths included.

Due to the abundance of fish in the realm, it is quite odd to see a meal without at least one fish based entree involved. It is also quite common to see "rabbit" on the menu, though the mammals in question only passingly resemble the rabbits familiar to those on Eden. Stews and roast meat are some of the more common types of dishes to be found, and desserts tend to consist of a variety of sweet breads made from the seeds of an oddly wheat-like bush native to the realm.

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