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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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This is a really long-ass page. It's meant to be used as a reference document, not something that newbies to the site need to look over in order to start playing. Most of it probably won't be directly relevant to your character. If you're just joining, you should consider skimming this or skipping it entirely, then looking back if you need to.

The Universe

The universe is a sprawling, infinite expanse and home to various lifeforms large and small. In charge of protecting and overseeing all known and unknown life in the universe and beyond are mysterious beings--Gods--known as the Kaioshin. Born from the the fruit of the great Kaju tree in the Center of All, on a planet known as Kaishin, these Kaioshin were originally beings known as Shin-Jin. Those sprouted from golden Kaju fruit are those destined with enormous godly power capable of shaping and molding the universe.

Originally, there were only five Kaioshin, lead by the one they called the Dai Kaioshin; the first born and the one who commanded the true might of the Kaju tree. The Dai Kaioshin sectioned off the known creation into four quadrants--North, West, South, and East--and placed the remaining Kaioshin in charge of manning and curating their specific zones. Each Kaioshin gathered lesser Shin-Jins, born of a sapphire fruit and forged them into five Kaios, East, West, South, and North while supervised by their very own Grand Kaio, to handle the everyday workings of each quadrant.

Eventually, calamity occurred, and despite their great and nigh omnipotent might, their dimension was ravaged and Kaioshin perished. And in their wake, the Kaioshin were reborn.

A new Dai Kaioshin has taken the reigns and restructured everything between her and the heavens, leading all of creation into a new era of prosperity. The Kaioshins, knowing just how dangerous the universe can be, and inspired by great warriors of the living universe that intervened when they could not, established a military of beings to aid the Kaios and planetary Guardians: the Shinigami.

Following with the death of the original Kaioshin and the death of the Makaioshin--demonic polar opposites of the Kaioshin that occupy the demon realms--the realms that occupy Otherworld were thrown out of alignment, which allowed various beings and abominations to plague the natural universe. These ghosts, specters, and demons ran rampant throughout existence as the Kaioshin reestablished themselves, and under the command of the new Dai Kaioshin forged the initial Shinigami out of good and benevolent spirits and beings that occupied Otherworld.

Only the essences of those with significant power or great potential were chosen, and upon given form and a new purpose, the initial recruits, of which there were 13, were brought up and sent out into the natural world to tame that which escaped Otherworld. The hunt went on for centuries until finally being contained after the Shinigami's numbers grew.

After the success of the initiative, and in order to curb events of a similar nature happening again, the Kaioshin collective came together and made the Shinigami their defense arm and would go on to protect Otherworld and its various realms from internal and external problems. Should an entity escape into the natural universe, the Shinigami would seek out and bring the entity back into Otherworld, with force if necessary.

The Shinigami were separated into various factions for various tasks, and fell under the direct commands of the Kaios themselves rather than the Kaioshin as in previous times. The Kaioshin knew from previous experience that the natural universe could become just as chaotic and unbalanced as Otherworld, and on occasion, sent Shinigami into the natural universe to end threats and restore order on various planets.

While outside Otherworld, Shinigami fall under the command of the Kami -- Guardians of each planet that they're stationed on, tasked with preserving the world from any and all threats. The universe is a dangerous place and champions do not always rise up amongst the populace, so Shinigami were often sent to planets at the request of its Guardian in order to defeat grave threats.

These active Shinigami, along with the planet Guardian would often go on to inspire legends and myths about various pantheons and mythological beings.

Shinigami recruited amongst the natural universe populace was not unheard of, though it was uncommon. Living beings of great power or great potential were recognized and recruited by The Guardians for training and initiation. Those recruited tended to focus on natural threats and rampaging demons, though they aided Shinigami from time to time.

These beings, known as Sikai Kishin ("World Knight") and Kishinkei ("Knight Police") collectively to differentiate them from the standard populace, if proven competent enough, can even find themselves within the ranks of the Shinigami as Ikigami. Should they die, certain circumstances could see these Sikai Kishin beings reincarnated to serve as Shinigami.

The Other World

Otherworld, as depicted in the Kaioshin monitor womb.

A locale known by many names--The Afterlife, The Next World, Netherrealm, amongst others--Otherworld is a locale that encompasses far more. As depicted in diagrams created by the Kaioshin, Otherworld is a void that simultaneously exists outside of and inside of space-time, attached to the great and holy Kaiju, the World Tree. To the Kaioshin, all of existence itself grew from the World Tree Kaiju and that the tree sealed itself inside of Space Beyond Space in order for existence to flourish.

Inside of the subspace of Otherworld, there exists a series of primary, secondary, and tertiary dimensions that are simultaneously connected and sealed off from one another, and are depicted by the Kaioshin as shining orbs orbiting around the Kaiju tree itself or ensnared by branches or dangling as if some sort of fruit. The natural universe is depicted as being in the center of the tree, separate and overlapping with its trunk.

Transportation to, from, and between the dimensions is typically through specific area gateway nodes or, in regards to the Kaioshin and Kaio's, outright teleportation. The means of which these nodes operate are largely based on the collectives involved. Some groups of people visualize it as a massive, glowing vortex, others a massive door, and to some, as an airport--thus requiring them to board airplanes.

Kaioshin Realm

Shown on their diagrams and maps as being at the base of the Kaiju, tangled in its roots, the realm of the Kaioshin is the principal pocket dimension of Otherworld, known as The Center Of All. Within the Kaioshin Realm is a series of supermassive stars and a sole, supermassive planet named Kaishin. Kaishin is a lush garden world of odd colors, filled with purple oceans, pink skies, with grass and plant-life of various shades and tones. It's said that the nature of Kaishin itself resembles the amalgamation of all of the garden planets in the universe.

On Kaishin resides the great Kaiju Tree, though it's a lot less massive on the planet as traditionally depicted; the Kaioshin believe that the representation of the Kaiju on their homeworld is but a root of the structure that sprouted into their home and gave them life. From the great Kaiju Tree are the Shin-Jins, beings that grow and emerge from the exotic fruits of the Kaiju. The Shin-Jins are beings of great power, though paling in comparison to their Kaio and Kaioshin cousins. There are hardly ever anymore than a few hundred Shin-Jins in existence.

Those born of silver fruit are Shins of great importance and power and go on to become the Kaios, ultimately departing the Center of All. Those born of the golden fruit are beings of supreme power, those destined to be the shepards of the universe: the Kaioshin. There are five Kaioshin, one for each quadrant of the universe and lead by the Dai Kaioshin--the greatest and most powerful of all Kaioshin. Silver born Kaios or Shins of great power and wisdom are often elevated upward in the chain to assistants of the Kaioshin, allowing others to take their vacated positions.

Various buildings dot the planet to house the Kaioshin and the Shin-Jins that occupy the planet, all surrounding a castle at the center of it all, the building that which the Kaioshin primarily do business and monitor the goings on of the universe.

Demon Realm

Depicted as the dimension closest to the realm of the Kaioshin, the Demon realm is home to exactly what the name implies. At the Center Of All, the Kaiju tree doesn't always birth pure, godly beings bent on managing and protecting creation. Like all things, sometimes there's defects; sometimes things spoil and rot.

Through malformed Kaiju fruit sprout the Makai, Shins of corrupted being or intent. Through the spoiled and rotten fruit of the Kaiju are the Makaio and Makaioshin respectively. As opposites of the Kaio's and Kaioshin, these beings are generally at odds with their cousins and seek to undermine their operation and undermine the natural universe to the benefit of themselves. This not the case of all demons and their godly superiors, some are intent on keeping to themselves and simply existing within their realm--or outside of it, for those who manage to escape. Oftentimes, those within this dimension are too busy fighting or trying to best one another to actually pose a threat to anything beyond themselves.

Even rarer, some Shins, Kaio, and Kaioshin come here of their own volition, joining their demonic cousins for various reasons.

Unlike the realm of the Kaioshin, the Demon World is less of a planet and more of a seemingly infinite piece of land of varying terrain, with buildings and ornaments designed as its population saw fit.


Nestled tightly to the left of the natural universe is the first stop one goes to in the afterlife when they die: Limbo, though sometimes known as Purgatory. An intermediate plane of existence that is mostly made up of pink skies and bright yellow clouds for as far as the eye can see. Various buildings in similar construction to Japanese architecture dot the environment, somehow suspended on nothing; the largest building being known as the Check-In Station. As one would assume, this locale is where one goes after death and passing on to Otherworld.

Limbo is largely populated by humanoid horned beings of varying shades simply known as Orges, the largest and most powerful of which is known as the Enma Diao, or King Yemma as he prefers to be called. The Orges are responsible for the collection of the dead and leading them to the Check-In Station, where they undergo various checks and procedures--some of which include thte purifying of souls and removing any enhanced abilities from them-- before ultimately facing King Yemma to await judgement. From there, Yemma, based on various criteria, will approve someone for Heaven or damn them to Hell.

He may also repurpose beings for various needs, as granting beings tangible physical forms and their abilities should they have any to either serve for one of the Kaio or as a Shinigami if a person was an Ikigami before death. Collective consciousness between subgroups traveling to their final destination shape their journey.

Aside from the Check-In Station, the most prominent structure in Limbo is the concrete bridge known as Serpent Road or Snake Way: a 625,000 mile long bridge in the shape of a Snake--a physical manifestation of a transport gateway--that leads directly to the realm of the Kaio's, North Kaio's base of operations specifically. It's rumored that King Yemma demanded a physical bridge because he hated how teleporting to the Kaio realm upset his stomach when it was time for the weekly poker game at North Kaio's house.

Everyone in Limbo must be mindful of their step and remain on approved solid structures or risk following through the yellow clouds, which serve as transportation to places that are quite unpleasant.

Spirit World

A world of supernatural nature greater than anything in Otherworld, including that on Kaishin, the Spirit World is, surprisingly, one of the realms untethered from the Kaiju Tree itself. A world of endless wonder and supernatural beauty, Spirit World is filled to the brim with majestic forests and jungles with plant life native to the natural universe and exotic formations impossible to see anywhere else. Spirit World is largely populated with benevolent spirits in the guise of animal like creatures of varying shapes, and sizes, some of which have their own spiritual or supernatural abilities themselves.

Spiritually intense locations in the natural universe often serve as doors into the Spirit World, and usually have a concentration of spirit animals nearby.

Also home to the Spirit World is what is known as the Soul Society. Soul Society appears to be a massive city, interspersed with "parks" of spirit nature. It largely serves as the home of Ogres, Shin-Jin, Ikigami, and Shinigami when they are off-duty. If Limbo has an overflow, deceased are often times sent to the Soul Society in their own specific district, where Ogres do light soul attention duties while they wait to be sent to Limbo and the Check-In Station.

A branch of the Shinigami serves as police in the Soul Society, in case members of its population get out of line or there's a breach by rogue spirits or the occupants of the demon realm.

Hueco Mundo

Hueco Mundo, or Hollow World is a dimension that sits above Limbo according to the Kaiju tree. Hueco Mundo is an endless wasteland of sand and rock, shrouded in perpetual night with its moon hanging in the sky as the only source of light. There are scattered trees made of quartz that dot the landscape and actually extend beneath the surface to a cavern that stretched throughout the entirety of Hueco Mundo known as Forest of Menos, where they take root.

Originally an empty dimension, Hueco Mundo over time became home to King Yemma's predecessor. One day, it was said that he snapped, ravaged the Check-In Station in Limbo, snatched a bunch of souls, and then disappeared into the dimension that would become Hueco Mundo. These souls, tormented and delayed from going through the purification process, eventually become corrupted and became the first Hollow, causing the locale to become a magnet for lingering souls in Limbo, causing them to get lost and eventually wind up in the dimension to become more Hollow. By removing their skull faces, Hollow's can evolve into higher beings known as Arrancar.

Realm of the Kaio

The Kaio realm, held at the top of the Kaiju Tree, is very reminiscent of the Kaioshin real, except that it's home to five planets rather than one: the principal planet and smaller ones that serve as moons. The principal planet serves as the domain of the Grand Kaio, while the smaller planets serve as those belonging to the other lesser Kaio. The Grand Kaio planet serves as a secondary city of Otherworld, where Orges and Shin-Jin reside. The Shinigami base is located here as well, amongst the city and attached to the Grand Kaio's castle. There, the Shinigami train and prepare to embark on missions. The palace and base also serve as a training ground for the new Ikigami and eventual Shinigami recruits.

Also attached, and stationed in the backyard, is a massive stadium where Grand Kaio often holds combat tournaments amongst the citizens of Otherworld, including those within Heaven and the Demon realm if they meet criteria. Should they be in Otherworld training, Sikai Kishin are sometimes invited to join as well, mostly at the behest of the directional Kaio's in their disputes as to which of them are the better instructors.

The four planetoids belong to North, West, South, and East Kaio and serve as their home base when they're not on the Grand Kaio's planet for business. Each Kaio is unique in personality and their homes reflect that. One might have a modest house and another may possess a castle fortress that sprawls the entire planet. From their planets, the Kaio's watch over their quadrants, communicating with the Guardians of planets in their sectors, coordinating with the Shinigami venture into their domain, and suss out recruits for the Kishinkei, often going so far as to train them personally if they have enough potential.

Each planetoid possesses gravity 10 times the average in the natural universe, while Grand Kaio's planet possesses gravity 30 times the average. The realm is depicted as being in orbit around the overlapping Heaven and Hell in the Kaiju Tree.


The final destination of those who were good in life. A place that's ever changing and constructed out of the collective willpower of those who are inside. You might see endless white spires that illuminate a warm energy, sprawling rivers, and lush forests. It's a place that's truly a paradise for those fortunate to arrive.


Those unfortunate or evil enough end up here. As with Heaven, the environment is a construct of those present, often taking form of their worst nightmares made reality meant to torture and punish the wicked. Hell is the realm tied the most to the Demon World, with such ties allowing demons to enter and torture the souls inside for enjoyment. Because of its proximity to Heaven, some souls attempt to get inside, but are commonly stopped by the Shin-Jin stationed there.


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