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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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01/01/18 Happy New Year!

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Wrath of Kharn continues! Save the world in Liebe and Konsorhaven!

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 A different Kind of Hunt, Typhon's plotter

Capable of Varying Alignment!
App Plotter Tracker Typhon has 10 posts. Offline. played by Tyrus

Character Information

Species: Pamyati

Occupation: Fisher/Scavenger

Alignment: Neutral

I don't know you. What are you?
Feb 23 2018, 04:54 PM Quote


Lets be honest here, being Typhon's friend would be rather difficult. As he's a primarily solitary figure. But he's not without his gentle bits or somewhat mellow interactions with individuals that aren't in his turf or something he wouldn't consider trying to eat as not everyone is 'prey' after all. He wouldn't be surprised to find some other 'prey' or 'predators' making their way into this list. If they can deal with his nature and just general... Typhon level of interaction.


It wouldn't be difficult for someone to be an Enemy of Typhon's. After all he is a highly territorial pamyati that has very little in the way of filtering along with being an over all threat. It doesn't help his personality can sometimes be as enjoyable as curdled milk. Most other 'predators' or 'prey' would go here of course.

Romantic interest

It would surprise typhon for a pamyati to have any interest in him. He is a runt of course; no where near as large as his branch of pamyati can get. He wouldn't expect any other race to have interest in him; but as he is he wouldn't turn away advances from someone that attempted to court him. It's an avenue of relationship that he never expects to actually be interacted with... Though they'd also have to deal with his... well. Habits.

What he needs

Something to keep him out of his comfort zone, somewhere that he can have a purpose other than just his "this is my turf" sort of way of thinking. Something to spark growth and force him as a character to grow whether he likes it or not. And of course I am always open to suggestions!

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