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Posted by: The Hero Force! Oct 7 2016, 04:57 PM
Android Pi
The Machine Man: The Hero Force AI! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!

Android Pi wasn't the first of those to traverse through the portal on to a rooftop in the Konsorhaven city, but he was the first to immediately detect just how outnumbered they were, technology was to thanks for that. It was clear as day that downtown Peltraea was under immediate siege by the barbarian threat, with streams of ki punching through buildings, vehicles, and people alike, but thanks to tapping into various spy satellites, cell phones, and various other pieces of equipment, the Hero Force android had a better picture of what they were up against versus just going off of a collective mass of scalding ki.

"There are several hundred of them in our immediate vicinity!" The Android boomed just as the building shook from an explosion from below. The war between the military, average citizens, police, and the Kagzran was raging intensely down below with no apparent signs of letting up any time soon. They were right in the thick of it.

It was clear that without their intervention, this city would fall just like the others, and it was clear that they wouldn't go long exposed like they were without someone aiming to attack.

And almost right on cue, the world seemed to be bathed in a bright red light. Pivoting, Android Pi unleashed a ki blast from its cannon into the attack that barreled toward them to send it back toward its sender. "The Font or Keya are within a ten mile radius of us!" Pi boomed as the barbarians began to mobilize once it became aware that there was a sizeable threat nearby, "But I cannot narrow it down under threat of combat. We will have to clear the area so that I can recalibrate. By my estimation, however, we are near where we need to be in order to achieve our goal!"

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja Oct 7 2016, 06:06 PM

Well, so much for downtime.

It seemed like just as soon as Soranna and the others made their way out of the portal, they were already being attacked. Granted, a bunch of powered people popping into existence on a rooftop in the middle of a city being attacked by a bunch of raving marauders with axes and swords and the ability to fly would of course capture the attention of someone, she just hoped it took a bit longer before energy attacks were being thrown their way.

Thankfully, the android took care of the first attack, but there was still a bunch of others heading directly for them, and fast. Soranna couldn't sense ki, not via any traditional means, but through the Renzani Stone, she could get more of a muddled sense on just how strong people were versus the more precise methods other used. And even from that vague sense, she got the feeling that the burly and heavily armored individuals that flew toward them at breakneck speeds were a lot stronger than the ones she and Vaska encountered at the start of the invasion.

"These guys are stronger than before!" That was all the Brench was able to get out before a very spikey woman came down right where she once stood with a massive club. Renzani ki wrapped around her, Soranna took to the air with a single leap as the concrete shattered and caved where she once was. And in the split second between the attack and the dodge, one of the other barbarians began to unleash a ki blast toward her.

She was barely able to generate a shield in front of her to keep herself from being shot out of the sky. As the energy began to wash over her and push her back, the former thief tapped into the well of power contained within her stone and mustered up enough ki to strengthen her shield to the point of being able to overpower and push back the encroaching attack right back into its creator.

As the alien man was staggered, Soranna turned the enveloped ki around her body into a solid formation of a crude fist--it looked like one of those cartoon hands a three year old would draw on a stick figure to be precise--and flew directly into the warrior. The collision bathed the rooftop in a blue and purple light before she followed up with a solid axehandle strike to the man's head and helmet, the force of which sent him hurtling down toward the streets below.

The man was only dazed from the strike, but would be out of it for the time being. That still left the club wielding lady, who took advantage of Soranna's distraction to pounce and strike her in the shoulder blades from behind and using superior leverage to drive the Brench into and through the roof into the building maintenance room below.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Oct 8 2016, 01:51 AM
Ryden had decided back at the temple that it would've just been best to go with Android Pi's team, given the fact that the "Lightning Girl" (as Ryden had taken to calling her) and the blue-haired woman seemed to have been hitting things off prior to his arrival on the scene. Besides, like the android said, there wouldn't have been much--if any--point in having both of their fastest people on the same team, especially if their intended target wasn't where they both were. It was a completely logical sentiment, and he wasn't going to argue with it.

It also had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the robot's appearance was somewhat intimidating to the teen, by the way.

All that being said, Ryden's confidence with his decision was seemingly shattered as the world became tinged with a blood-red hue and a large wave of energy came racing towards the currently assembled group on the rooftop, the youth having been so surprised by the sudden attack that he looked like a deer stuck in headlights, his body frozen in place as the blast came closer and closer to their position. Then, almost as soon as it had appeared, the android unleashed an attack of its own, the blast powerful enough to redirect the previous one back to whoever the hell sent it.

Of course, that was the signal for the real fight to start!

Almost immediately, between the android informing everyone that they needed to try and clear the area, and the dark-skinned woman taking to the skies, Ryden drew his vibrosword from its sheath and went running as fast as he could towards the edge of the building and dove off of it, a loud, thunderous crack filling the air as he began to soar through the air and headed for the first barbarian he saw. Taking the offensive, Ryden immediately began locking blades with the axe-wielding, airborne foe, the boy launching a rapid assault of swings with his blade as he pushed his foe back, both combatants fighting at a slight tilt in the air.

This exchange of weapons continued like this for a few more seconds, with the barbarian's attempt at creating an opening being halted at every turn by a powerful downward swing, the force and speed of the blow posing too great a risk to take any chances with, demanding that the barbarian abandon any hopes of counterattack if he wanted to keep his hide intact, and pushing him back on the defensive. Then, directly after a lightly-powered downward strike, Ryden twisted his wrists around and used his powers to propel himself up a bit, using the added momentum to strengthen an upward blow the forced the barbarian's axe over his head and left everything from his abdomen up, open for attack. Taking full advantage of the opening--and of his slightly elevated position above his foe due to his previous attack--Ryden quickly swooped in and delivered a swift, damaging horizontal cut to the burly male's stomach. The results of the attack were, obviously, quite gruesome, but Ryden ended the encounter with another slice to the male's neck, causing his body to fall limply to the streets below as his blood trailed behind him.

A loud crashing sound was heard by Ryden then, and when he turned his head towards the source of the sound, he saw Soranna being driven into the building like a nail by a female assailant, the woman taking advantage of the fact that Soranna had been distracted in order to catch her by surprise. Ryden, seeing an ally in danger, tightened his grip on his sword as he turned around and took off flying back towards the building, though he found his path suddenly being blocked by two more Kazgran opponents, a man and a woman.

Both warriors were dressed in the typical attire of the horde, and they both seemed to have been ready for a fight, but they weren't Ryden's goal right, he had better things to worry about right now! He needed, no, wanted them out of his way! Now!

"Move it!" he roared out, his eyes taking on an almost uncharacteristic fierceness to them as he continued to rush towards the building at full speed, though the barbarians seemed unwilling to comply with him, and instead rushed towards him! It'd be their mistake, as they would soon find out.

Without any sort of hesitation or warning on his part, Ryden--while still moving at breakneck speeds--rose his blade chest-level, and tackeled the male Kazgran with his sword drawn, the blade going deep into his chest, splitting through his spinal cord, and erupting out the other side. Then, as the male had begun to go limp and fall back, Ryden used the still-imbedded sword as leverage to push himself up and give a swift kick to the half-dead, half-unconscious barbarian, using the momentum from the swing of his kick to help rip the blade out of his chest. Then, following through with his movements from when he had extracted his sword, Ryden swung wide with a one handed backswing and cut through the woman's neck, just as she raised her claymore in an effort to strike the boy down. Perhaps she would've managed to strike the boy down, had the weapon not been so heavy. A few pounds less, and a half a second faster, and Ryden would've been dead...much like her, at the moment, really. Still moving in a 360 degree arc, the young Prolae used his free hand to aim at the woman and release a powerful, and extremely forceful wave of pressure at her, forcing the heavily bleeding woman to fly dozens of feet away at dizzying speeds, her body a mere blur before crashing into the side of a faroff building.

Immediately after dispatching the woman, and at the end of Ryden's 360, with his free hand still open, the boy quickly charged up a yellow ball of pure Z-PE and threw it at the impaled male, the ball crashing into their bleeding chest as it sent them careening towards a car down below, exploding upon impact with the ground.

And then it was done. In one swift, fluid motion, both of the Kazgran opponents now lied dead...or, at least, the closest thing to death that they could get, assuming that they got back up like before of course. It was strange cheerful and childlike as Ryden tended to be, right now he seemed like a completely different person. He fought like a man cornered, his movements wild and unrestrained, and with not a single ounce of strength being held back as he brought his full might to bear against his opponents. Honestly speaking, if you looked at Ryden and the way that he fought these people, you wouldn't think that he was fighting for any particular cause or reason. No...with the way that he was fighting, it didn't seem like revenge or desperation; anger or fear... was just violence; simple, bloody violence. He didn't have to kill them, or, at the very least, he didn't have to go so far with it...and yet, for whatever reason, he did. He was a swirl of bloodshed at the moment, with his clothes already dotted with traces of the enemy's blood, and his eyes filled with a wild, almost frenzied glare as he repositioned himself and continued to fly back towards the building that he had arrived on.

Almost immediately after landing back on the building, the boy took off sprinting towards the hole that the Brench woman and her attacker had just created, his body becoming surrounded by a golden-yellow aura as he jumped down the hole in an attempt to save--or assist--her. Ryden was surprised by just how far down this hole had gone, but after a few seconds of falling, he finally would've come across the barbarian woman who had pounced upon the dark-skinned girl from earlier...and, with his sword raised over his shoulder, and with that manic look still in his blue eyes, Ryden swung out towards the base of the woman's neck at a slightly tilted horizontal angle.

His aim was to, clearly, decapitate the woman as he was coming down from the hole, but perhaps the dark-skinned woman would handle her beforehand? If not, then she'd be in for quite the sight...

Posted by: Seth Karma Oct 8 2016, 09:24 AM
Being perfectly honest, Seth hadn't really chosen his portal for any particular reason. Perhaps he just thought he'd be of more use here. But he'd been expecting combat, as displayed when he burst from the portal in flight and burst forward at an enemy. And the moment his fist slammed into their body, Seth realized something. Perhaps it would have been better to have gone through the other door. Because as soon as his fist impacted, and then smashed through something like a chestplate, bone, and what Seth really hoped wasn't a heart before coming out on the other side; he was punted.

There was no other way to rephrase that in his mind, someone kicked the barbarian and Seth along with them, sending the pair hitting towards a building a good fifty meters off. As they slammed into the side of the building with significant force, Seth could actually feel his bones creak with the impact. Not a pleasant feeling. So, feeling more than a little dazed, Seth flew to what we left of the rooftop and let out a sigh. Something piqued his interest though, even from here he could see it. Ryden, tearing through a oak of the horde like paper. No particular rhythm or style to it, just kinda.... hacking away at them. Still, what he lacked in style and grace, he more than made up for in speed.

He hadn't seen Soranna's display, but he didn't think it would be quite as savage as what Ryden was doing. And then he lost sight of the other teen. Seth took one more second to gain to bearings, and thank whatever deity existed that he hadn't been attacked while trying to figure out what was going on. He leapt off the side of the building and flew towards another member of the horde. Third Art: Comet! He was immediately surrounded by a field of vibrating ki. Then he was betrayed by the deity he'd thanked.

A hammer, around the size of a motorcycle, slammed onto his back and sent him spiralling toward the pavement below. Pain was most certainly a thing as he plunged into a six foot deep Seth sized hole. He was already beginning to hate this horde. The other one was better. Less troublesome. But there was something about this one, a challenge! He flew up to meet his enemy, a brute well above seven feet with a large hammer made from what looks like cracked stone and their ki constantly flowing from the cracks. He could feel the burn along the base of his back where he'd been hit.

Not fun. "Well, now. Seems like you caught me off guard... won't happen again, I promise." Much as Seth would have loved to converse with his enemy, they didn't share the sentiment, opting to instead rush forward with another swing of that damned hammer. Seth wasn't planning on letting that connect. The instant the hammer dropped he moved in, bringing his hand forward and aiming for a strike to their throat rather than trying to block.

He remembered being told once that it was better to duck under the strike than try to block it. If your opponent is quick enough and evades something like that, then they're pretty much screwed. He'd gone in for a hook that time. His opponent had ducked under it, taken a half step in, and then knocked the breath from his body. That wasn't what he was going for though. Seth's hand met with the invaders neck, pushed through it, and was then violently ripped out in an upward motion, splitting the skull of his enemy and sending up a spray of red and white dust and mist.

The young warrior found he'd grasped the attention of a few more, and they were closing in fast. It seemed that the time to rest and plan was over, and with that in mind he flared his forcefield and rushed headfirst towards the threat...

Posted by: Camelia Oct 13 2016, 05:02 AM
"Search and destroy. Got it tin man." A flanged voice buzzed into the air as something shot past Pi like a blur of copper and black. It was of course, the one and only Camelia in full combat regalia. And she was squaring up for a fight. The purple haired woman was all soldiered up, gauntlets wielded and a hot fire burning in her eyes as she clapped them together with a bang, an orange lattice of energy flowing from finger tip to the 'shield' plates as she drilled into one barbarian like a cannon ball. The woman grabbing the enraged man by the head as she swung him around like a club made of flesh, bone, and unbridled hatred.

Her plan here was simple in that she was simply going to beat a motherf*#%er with another motherf*#%er and hope to god the bastard's body withstood the impact and force she was about to impart upon him.

On one side you had brutality, on the other, you had insanity and right in the middle of it all? Camelia utilizing a barbarian like a living club with all the ease of someone swinging a tennis racket about. Sometimes it just felt cathartic to just forego some strategy, throw caution to the wind and proceed to lay a brawler beat-down on some people. Which was attracting a lot of attention, mostly because she was using barbarians like melee weapons and mostly because she was doing a bang-up job of it too.

"And of course, make a really big scene." That was her ultimate goal, basically focus the most aggro on herself as she whipped the barbarian towards an approaching group, like a screaming cannonball made entirely of hatred and rage. "Alright boy's and girls. Step up to the plate. Brennen Pfeil." Ki surged and rolled across her legs, turbulent and raw, but seemingly lacking substance until she added a second ingredient to the mix, the ki erupting with heat and fire as the half halo behind her glowed with faint activity.

Then she damn near vanished into a blurring streak of light orange energy, a literal missile that drilled into the now stabilizing barbarian, her foot sinking into the man's stomach as he crumpled in half almost. A foot sized bulge forming at his back before he was shot forward again, a burning missile of ki in his gut that threw him into a small horde where he exploded with amazing force. It was like a tiny sun had just gone off, a small dot of condensed energy that quickly expanded into a billowing sphere of intense heat and light. With just a simple kick, a simple little empowered attack, she had made them into ash.

And then she got slammed into the ground. The ground gave way, caving in as she bounced and felt the same hammering blow drill her into the hard blacktop, chunks flying up and around her as she was quite literally, no pun intended, hammered into the ground with unrelenting fury, rage and hatred. She didn't scream, protest or yell out, merely bounced and flopped then twisted around and drilled one of her gauntlet-ed fists into the bludgeoning device, a massive flail, with a grunt. Her fist emitted that same flash, less intense overall, but more focused and controlled as she returned fire.

Her teeth were clenched tight, and she felt the pain of the blows. Her body would hold together no problem as she met blow with blow, bursts and flashes of energy erupting from her gauntlets as deflected and bounced the human child sized wrecking ball away from her. "Nice sneak attack. Looks like you learned a few things!" She exclaimed with a bark, apparently amused by this barbarians actual use of rudimentary tactics to get a few cheap hits in on her. She almost wanted to applaud their usage of a few brain-cells, there was a niggling desire to clap her hands, but the barbarian wouldn't have shared the sentiment.

There was, after all, only a desire to murder in that pitiful brain.

So when that flail came out again, a blur of gunmetal grey and furious, all consuming rage, Camelia grabbed it. Her gauntlets flashing bright orange as she channeled the energy of her Mächtige Wache barriers into the metal, slagging the brutish weapon in short seconds and leaving nothing but a red hot chain behind. Which she grabbed, wrapped about her fist and yanked the Brobdingnagian monster of a scale flecked monster in. Grabbed him by the head and squeezed as hard as she could until his head went crackle crunch pop and the body went as limp as an overcooked strand of spaghetti, blood and viscera dripping and oozing from the crushed skull.

Then and only then, did she incinerate the bastards head like a matchstick. "This is sort of cathartic in a violence fueled sort of way."

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja Nov 3 2016, 06:16 PM

Don't ever let anyone tell you that getting punched in the face while your spinal cord was used to fracture and sever things it had no right to be trying to destroy in the first place. If they did, they're either crazy or a jerk. Regardless, the sensation of becoming a high speed battering ram wasn't all that comfortable, even with the surge of Renzani ki flowing through and reinforcing her body. The Kagzran woman used the leverage of her mace to keep Soranna's arms pinned in place and continued to hammer away at her face.

A handful of the strikes, the Brench woman managed to worm her head around and avoid, but the bulk of them, she simply had to suck up and take with the hope that at the very least that she'd be in a better tactical position as soon as the invading woman shifted her position. Whenever that happened, of course.

Granted, it probably would be sooner or later now that there was a glowing teenager coming to her rescue.

"My hero!" is probably what she would've shouted had her wrists not been shoved into her throat by a heavy, spiked bludgeoning device. The Barbarian woman could barely turn her head at the arrival of the teenage swordsmen came down with his weapon with the clear aim of cutting this Kagzran woman's head off.

And getting blood in Soranna's mouth, of course! Jackass!

Her eyes wide with damn near nothing she could do in the situation, the Brench thief looked in on dramatic suspense as the sword came down on the woman' s neck, doing....absolutely nothing. At most, the force of the strike caused the woman's chain mail to dig into her flesh enough to draw some blood. All in all, not enough force to take her head.

Once the realization washed over the woman that her head was not going to roll along the floor any time soon, she chuckled and laughed; her Rage spraying from her mouth as if it were saliva. "Nice try!" And with that roar, the Kagzran woman unleashed a massive wave of ki toward the glowing teenager, with the aim of blowing him away.

That act just so happened to provide Soranna with the opening she needed to shift her weight and roll out from under the warrior. And in one fluid motion, she arc'd upward and mule kicked the woman in the side of the head just as she unleashed her ki attack, sending her following the course of her attack through the hole in the wall it no doubt would create in its wake.

"Kid, I hope you moved out the way of that blast!"

Trying to save her and getting burned to a crisp would've been a bad look for him, after all.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Nov 3 2016, 11:03 PM
Needless to say, Ryden was quite speechless at the sight of the barbarian grinning back at him like a madwoman as a negligible amount of blood flowed from her neck, with the boy's attempts at a swift conclusion to the encounter having been dashed in an instant. By all means, the kid had fully expected the strike to have cleaved right through her neck as smoothly as it had done for the others up until now, though it was clear that this particular woman was a bit of a cut above the rest in terms of raw power.

In other words, it meant that she'd be trouble.

Of course, once the warrior realized that she was no longer in danger of losing her head, she did the most logical thing that one could do in this situation: she counterattacked. After mocking the boy's attempts at ending her life, the barbarian quickly turned around and unleashed a massive and rather powerful wave of ki at her assailant, obviously intending on vaporizing him just as quickly as he had tried to behead her/ Even with the dark-skinned woman's sudden attack at the onset of the blast, Ryden was simply too close to the barbarian to have any realistic hopes of successfully dodging out of the way of the attack...though that didn't necessarily mean that he was defenseless.

Just in the nick of time, at the first sign of attack, Ryden managed to erect a Z-PE barrier around his body before the crimson ki could do any serious harm to his body, though this didn't mean that it negated the force of the blast itself. Because of this, Ryden was--rather forcibly--blown back-first into a nearby wall, the impact itself causing dust, plaster, and various other materials to scatter into the air and envelop the area immediately around the point-of-impact, effectively hampering the visibility of anyone who would've been trying to scan the area for signs of Ryden's current condition...namely, the Brench woman.

For a few moments, there was nothing but silence to be heard from where Ryden had gone flying, with nary a response to the other woman's comment as dust continued to cloud the area. Suddenly, as if though to break the silence, a harshly low, jarring sound could be heard coming from within the dusty area, followed by a sudden flash of yellow as the smoke was forcibly cleared from the area, the cloud being pushed upwards and through the large hole in the ceiling that had been caused by the barbarian's previous attack on the dark-skinned woman.

Once everything had cleared, you could see Ryden standing there clear as day, his sweat-dampened hair covering his eyes and his arms showing signs of fatigue as he panted softly, his yellow-gold aura blazing around him like a flame and illuminating the area, just before dying down and fading away harmlessly.

"You don't have to...worry about me...!" he panted, tightly clenching his free hand as he gritted his teeth, the boy turning his head to the side as he glared over at where the Kazgran woman had been previously thrown. Now that his face could be seen, it would've become quite clear--especially given the lighting--that Ryden's right eye iris had turned from blue to a vibrant shade of yellow, although that manic, wild look was still quite present within the boy's gaze.

"Nothing these freaks dish out is gonna be enough to stop me!" Ryden proclaimed, standing straight up as he swung his blade out to the side with one hand and bent his legs a bit, stooping just slightly forward as he faced the location where his foe had been kicked, the boy taking on an offensive stance as he readied himself for another fight.

Before either party could act though, a strange sound began to fill the area, the noise going from a shrill, grating bass, to a whining, high-pitched treble within the span of about five seconds, with the sounds only becoming harsher as time went on until, at last, the sound reached a frequency undetectable to human ears...well, "normal" human ears, anyway. Soon thereafter, Ryden gave his sword a swing before returning it back to its previous position beside him, the sword producing a sharp, shrill sound as it moved through the air.

This was, to make things simple, a result of Ryden's vibroblade being activated by his powers, with the sounds and noises from earlier being a result of the blade beginning to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies. Typically, as is the case with most swords of this kind, the blade has a built-in vibro function...but Ryden's sword was a bit different when it came to this. In his case, the sword's vibration technology was actually fried beyond all hope of repair, likely having gotten that way prior to him "acquiring" it at a young age. What this essentially meant was that Ryden would have to supplant the weapon with his own energy in order for the vibro function on the blade to actually work, which typically would become a drain on him the longer he used it. That being said, since he was using his own energy to make it work, it also meant that it was more powerful than the average vibrosword, though he had never fought anyone else with a similar blade to see if that were actually true.

"They may look tough enough, but stab their heart or cut off that empty head of their's, and they'll die just like anyone else! Just because they can get up after taking a beating doesn't mean they don't still follow the same rules as the rest of us!" Ryden struck the ground with his blade then, sparks flying as the sword connected with the stone floor and effortlessly left a smooth, deep scar in its stead.

It was hard to believe that the boy who was speaking now was actually Ryden, especially given his words and actions so far, but the truth was...this is how he always acted during a fight. It didn't make the change in personality any less shocking, however. Regardless, he was clearly ready for a fight, his aura beginning to flare up again as a low hum began to wash over the area.

The battle was about to start in earnest now!

Posted by: NPC Nov 10 2016, 08:40 PM
The Kagzran!!!
Violence Personified: The Barbarian Horde! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!
NOTES: These Ones Can't Be One-Shotted
Plumes of smoke and ki trailed off of debris, off of the bodies of the Kagzran warriors who made their move to fight the defenders of the city and were put down. As with before, they did not go down lightly. As long as their bodies burned bright with their Rage, they would never fall. They would fight until the end of everything, until their enemies were nothing but the forgotten remnants of corpses, tales spun into the mighty myth of the everlasting Kagzran! So, those thought to be dead or defeated ended up proving that they were neither; wisps of crimson ki exploded from their bodies as many of them began to return to their feet. Holes in their bodies began to fill and clot with energy as their injuries stitched together.

And then there was a handful, who, not only regenerated from the damage they sustained, also began to absorb the Rage that trailed off of the bodies of their dead or dying comrades, absorbing more power into themselves, fueled by their rage of battle. One such individual sucked the Rage directly out of the body of a warrior who seemingly had his head ripped off from his body. This Kagzran fought unarmed up until this point, but instead picked up the massive hammer wielded by his fallen.

That fallen happened to be his brother.

"You dare!" The warrior boomed as his power exploded from his body, growing in intensity due to his anger and the power he gained from his brother. That energy was then imbued into the hammer itself and then hurled with great force toward the dark haired teen, seemingly distorting the atmosphere as it flew. And along the way, each distortion caused the hammer to suck up more ambient ki and rapidly increase in speed while locking on to the kid as if it were a heat seeking missile. He could run, but the hammer would follow.

As did the barbarian, who flew in the wake of the hammer, scooping up a sword along the way.

And then came the revenge force for the heavily armored woman with the big fists.

The woman's tactics were clear--attack with a chaotic flurry and reckless abandon--and they were effective. Momentarily, at least. Two Kagzran, their bodies scorched and covered in the burnt remnants of constructions, vehicles, and their own allies, claimed their way out of the debris pile the woman had buried them under; the plate metal of their armor either ripped off via sheer force or bubbled and melted due to the heat of he previous attack. The surviving woman gritted her blood soaked teeth as she began to pull the shrapnel of her helmet out of her neck, and then crumpled the jagged piece of metal with her hand, squeezing and shaping it until it began some sort of makeshift dagger.

Her blood began to pool on the ground beneath her hand as she did so, her pain fueling her Rage. The woman and her companion moved further into the battlefield, operating similarly to others by absorbing the lingering and remnant Rage from their dying and already fallen into their bodies. "You talk as if we are nothing when it is you who is nothing!" As the woman boomed, auras of pure and unrestrained Rage began to flare, shattering the ground beneath the Kagzran Two warriors took flight toward the purple haired, armored woman, ready to engage her in melee combat.

She wanted to aggro, so the Kagzran would oblige her. In droves, other Kagzran began to join the fray, swarming her as they unleashed a flurry of close combat strikes, and all of them were powering up along the way. So was the Kagzran who remained on the ground, with her newly made dagger. As her ki swirled around her, she took her stance--arms down by her left hip and legs spaced--as she began to dump her power into an erratic sphere. Six pulses of power later, the small sphere consumed entire woman's body as she threw her arms forward, one palm on top of the other as she unleashed a massive wave of Rage, the pressure of which immediately sunk her six inches into the ground. And as the ki blast flew, the barbarians continued to throw blows toward the armored woman, with no intention of getting out of the way in time as long as the woman remained distracted.

And immediately after getting blasted through a hole from inside of a building, the kagzran took one massive leap from the ground and back into the skyscraper, punching through more of the wall and ceiling as she came down from her arc and back into the room containing the teen and the Brench woman. "Freak, huh?" The woman proclaimed, with far too much lucidity and calmness for one of the Kagzran. And then she wiped the blood from her face, smirked, shrouded her body in Rage. "That's awfully presumptuous of you, isn't it?" The woman then swung her arm multiple times in rapid succession, flinging arcs of ki toward the Brench woman and the teenager. These arcs weren't simply stylized ki blasts, no, they were pure, flying corrosion, aimed to cut and burn through any and everything in one swoop, including their bodies.

It was dodge or die.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Nov 10 2016, 11:52 PM
Ryden didn't really say anything to the Kazgran woman once she started to surround her body in her ki...or whatever that corrosive stuff was. Rather than offer a retort to the woman's words, the teen merely shifted his right foot back and gripped his sword with both hands, the tip of the blade pointing towards his opponent as he held the weapon close to his body. He wasn't sure what she was going to do, but the barbarian seemed poised to attack, and Ryden knew exactly what to expect when they started flaring that energy of theirs around their body.

He was unsure about the specifics behind it, but the energy that fueled the barbarians was highly corrosive and volatile in nature, so much so, in fact, that it seemed more like acid than any sort of ki that he had ever encountered. So potent was this energy, that it nearly killed the teen back in Diamond City, the crimson ki having nearly eaten away at the boy's shield within a matter of seconds before Seth's timely arrival. Needless to say, had the other boy not arrived, it was very likely that Ryden would've met a pretty gruesome end at the hand of the barbarian horde, so he knew to avoid that ability of theirs at all cost.

With that being said, Ryden was quite unsure of what it was that the woman was planning on trying to do this time. Despite the close quarters, the woman wasn't really within range to make effective use of that weird mouth-thing that the barbarians did last time, when they all shot their corrosion out through their mouths. Taking into account the distance in feet between both Ryden and this woman, it wouldn't have been hard for the former to dodge the latter's attack, should she have chosen to perform it. Not only that, but this woman seemed to have a bit more going on up in the ol' noggin than the others. What was she planning...?

With a quick flash of red, Ryden would get his answer as a wide arc of blood-red ki came flying at both himself and the dark-skinned woman, the boy's facial expression immediately contorting into one of sudden urgency as he hastily dived out of the way of the attack, coming out of the dive with a roll as he came to a stop and glanced back at the objects and the wall behind him only to see that they had all been neatly severed in half by the crescent-shaped ki blast, with the wall bearing a long, deep cut that served to illustrate the attack's power. This wasn't something that Ryden could try to stave off with his shield for any length of time, that much was clear to him. It was bad enough that it was made out of that corrosive crap, but the sharp curvature that the attack bore made it all the more lethal to him and his companion. Even taking cover wouldn't have offered any reprieve from this attack!, the only way to survive this onslaught would be to dodge and weave through the waves, otherwise both Ryden and his companion would be done for!

So, that's exactly what the boy did; but rather than wait for the woman to either tire herself out or grow frustrated with her inability to hit the pair, Ryden decided to immediately take to the offensive and go towards her, the boy coming out of his brief crouch with a quick dash as he raced towards his assailant with his blade at his side, quickly sliding under another arc of corrosion as he continued his race towards the woman.

The boy's path towards the barbarian was anything but easy, with multiple jumps, hurdles, slides, and dives being performed in an attempt to avoid certain death at the hands of the Kazgran. For the most part, Ryden was actually doing fairly well, the kid making effective use of his speed in order to avoid the sharpened arcs as he drew closer to his assailant's position; but the closer he got, the harder it was getting to dodge them as successfully as he had when he was farther away. The arcs were going fast enough as it was, so it made sense that as he got closer to the one casting them that they'd get progressively harder to avoid, but he was beginning to have some close calls, with the last arc nearly taking his head off.

After the last blade of ki whizzed by, Ryden found himself lying face-up on his back, with the previous arc having caught him off guard with its speed. After realizing what sort of predicament he had just found himself in, he pushed himself up to get a look at what was in front of him...and lo-and-behold, there it was: another arc of corrosion, coming right at him! He managed to react to the sudden appearance of the blade in enough time to--just barely--roll out of the way of the attack, the teen making it back onto his feet at the end of the maneuver, but he knew that it was do-or-die time now!

At this point, it'd have been foolish to continue charging at the woman. The blades were getting progressively harder and harder to dodge with each step that Ryden took to close the distance between the two, and if he got any closer to the Kazgran woman then it'd have literally become impossible to dodge anymore of her attacks. That being said, he couldn't exactly stop here to rest either, nor could he take the time out to charge up an energy blast that'd be strong enough to do any significant damage to the, with her still throwing out arcs at him, he'd be unable to dodge them and focus his power at the same time; but that didn't mean that he was out of options. No, quite the opposite in fact!

After the woman threw out one more arc, Ryden dodged it and set his plan into motion, rolling to the side as he placed his blade on his shoulder with one hand, and aimed an open palm at the woman with the other. He might not've had enough time to gather his energy for a concentrated blast, but he was close enough to the woman now that he could use his Zero-Point: Attract ability with positive results, the boy clenching his once-opened hand at the woman as he then pulled it in towards him, a burst of pure vibrational sound flooding the area as he did so.

Since Ryden had closed the distance between both himself and his assailant, the ability would've had a much greater pull on the woman than it might've if the boy was still farther away. To her, it would've felt like some invisible being had wrapped its hand around her form and then violently dragged her forward with enough force to make it feel like her skeleton was about to be ripped from her body. Needless to say, it would've been a rather unpleasant feeling on her end, and it was about to get worse...

Once she had arrived at her (assuming she hadn't managed to break out of the initial pull) predetermined destination--directly in front of Ryden--she would've been met with the boy's sword coming directly at her in an upward diagonal arc, with the blade easily slicing through the ground beneath them as it careened towards the woman, the sword poised to strike at the lower-left side of her ribcage as it whirred through the air with a high-pitched whine.

Ryden's eyes were intensely locked onto the Kazgran's, his one golden iris bearing a faint glow as the teen gritted his teeth and put his own weight into the upward strike as well. The woman had managed to take his strike before, but could she really afford to do the same now that Ryden's own power was coursing through his blade? It was something he would find out the answer to soon enough...

Posted by: The Hero Force! Nov 19 2016, 08:24 PM
Android Pi
The Machine Man: The Hero Force AI! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!

A barrage of vicious energy volleys pelted the force field of the mechanical Hero Force member, but Pi was far too entrenched for it to do any noticeable damage. Though these Kagzran warriors were putting up far more of a fight than the ones did back in Generica, the machine man had a fairly decent handle on them, especially with the sizeable amount of backup.

These people may not have been the Hero Force, but they knew how to handle themselves.

Momentarily dropping the field, Pi unleashed a sizeable wave of ki from his arm cannon, ripping directly through an oncoming wave of Rage. The Barbarian behind the assault was swept up in the attack, but there plenty to bumrush the machine and drive the Android straight into an overturned bus. As Pi grated against the fractured and torn steel, the Hero Force Android was able to get an arm free and deliver three powerful blows to the face of one of his attackers, which caused her to loosen her grip. Afterward, he unleashed a series of taser cables on another, and the howl he let loose echoed throughout the city.

From there, it was only a matter of getting to a standing position, using one Kagzran to bat the other away, and cycle power reserves further. While standing, the scanners within its system began to go crazy, registering energy signals that were off the charts. Confusion wasn't really a thing that plagued Androids like it did organic individuals, but it did take awhile for Pi, and the scans to come together in unison to determine the cause: the Font or Keya were beneath his feet.

Once cycle of power later, Android Pi ripped through the street with a single energy blast and immediately dropped down into the subway system, coincidentally, not too far from where the others had gathered, and was close enough to see the Kagzran woman, Shala. He mentioned the warrior--Vaska Pi immediately recalled his name was--mention him, and it was fortuitous that he was already there.

"I am the tin man that he has mentioned," Pi exclaimed rather casually, "Though he jests, for I am not made out of tin. We do need to get out of here, however."

Posted by: Seth Karma Nov 20 2016, 06:44 AM
Seth hadn't even glanced down to his previous victim, currently locking arm with rage fueled blade. The comet technique was proving less useful than before, with his ki coated arms no longer tearing through flesh and steel as though they were paper. It seemed these warriors were much not competent now than the previous ones. Some even displayed a prowess for tracking his movements like the wolf man back at the lookout. Had he simply gotten lucky with with hammer wielding savage? He felt a blade pass through the vibrating field of energy and lightly graze his side. It startled him. Enough that rather than retaliate he bolted, straight up.

What was he thinking coming through that portal? Had he expected this to be as simple as it had been before? That the horde would be as easy to handle as a common man? He'd torn a hole in one of his enemies chests, and they responded with fists of iron against his face. A broken cheekbone and some torn skin. It was painful. But he healed. He had the stamina to fight, but he was running out of ideas on how to go about it. Truthfully, he'd never really had to use his mind. He hadn't encountered anyone more powerful than himself, so his fists had always been enough.

Now wasn't then. He went over his inventory of skills. He had the five arts, a basic knowledge of medicine, those fruit pieces in case he needed some emergency rejuvenation, and a hammer tailing him. Wait. What was that last part? He glanced back again and saw that, while he had escaped from his previous situation, another had followed him. The hammer he'd removed from the first barbarian he'd slain was now pursuing him, and behind it was another member of the horde. He was fairly powerful as well. Definitely stronger than the one he'd darted away from. It was time to stop running though. He didn't know what came over him, but the sense of fear was beginning to cease.

He started gaining speed, flaring his aura as he ascended higher and higher with energy beginning to form along his arm. Soon enough he reached the peak height, and just in time as the hammer was nearly upon him. Seth took a deep breath before turning back and flying down, corkscrewing to build velocity quicker. Within mere moments he met with the hammer, and he met it with force, driving his ki filled arm against it with power the teen wasn't aware he had. The hammer seemed like it wouldn't give way at first, but within a few short seconds of Seth's connection, the cracks that had formerly been pulsing with energy split wider; before the hammer shattered. As did the bones in Seth's hand and the joint in his elbow, but that was alright for now.

Except for the part where he recoiled in pain, letting loose a choked cry of agony. For all his big talk on the lookout when Vaska had threatened the breaking of his hand, Seth couldn't really say it was much more than that. Talk. This hurt like a mother fu- No no. This was manageable, just calm down, stop thinking about it and focus on healing it. He thought he was out of the woods, having forgotten about the Avenger coming after Seth for his brother. But that was remembered very much quickly when the Barbarian came swinging at Seth with the sword. Not cool. Seth moved to evade the Barbarian, blasting back down towards the city. If he wanted Seth that badly, he'd have to try harder than that...

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja Dec 8 2016, 03:07 AM


As the Kagzran began to fling arcs of her corrosive energy, Soranna hesitated. Through the entities within the ring, she was able to get a vague sense of the power behind the ki attacks, and the power she felt scared her. The casual bursts were far more powerful than what she expected for the effort that seemed to be given in their creation, and it took her off guard.

Block you baffoon!

The voice rang within the Brench woman's head--she flinched of course--and then tensed as she drew Renzani ki from the stone and pushed it out of her body to create a haphazard construct of a haggard and misshapen shield to protect herself from the assault. Her protection in place, Soranna braced for impact while her companion made effective use of speed and agility to dodge the assault. It immediately became clear why he did what he did when the Kagzran's attack punched clear through her shield as if it were nothing.

And it took far more ki than necessary to make up for the former thief's lack of reaction time in this instance to shove her body to the side in order to avoid a likely death right then and there. She just barely got out of the way, sustaining a a very damaging scorch mark along her torso and thigh, tearing through the materials of her clothing and leaving an intense burn on her leg and stomach.

She'd live, but it hurt like a bitch!

Unfortunately, she had several more of the powerful arcs heading her way. And with defense not being an option, she followed the example of the teenager, utilizing speed and agility to bob and weave around the attacks in an effort to get closer to the barbarian that the two were combating. And then, the kid did.... well, she couldn't really explain it.

All Soranna knew was that there was some sort of annoying noise, and then the barbarian woman showed signs of discomfort and then began to fly toward the teen, seemingly against her own will. Soranna stopped as she watched the kid basically summon their opponent right into his sword. the blade entered her with comforting and almost disturbing ease.

Opting to take advantage of the situation, she mustered up her ki into two solid masses, shaping them into comical, cartoony fists, both of which were then sent toward the woman to come at her from her sides, crushing her under their force while she rested on the teen's blade.

But it didn't work.

Not because the attack fizzled out, but because getting stabbed in the stomach wasn't enough to stop the crazy lady! With no more effort than throwing her arms out to her sides, the Kagzran woman halted Soranna's attack and began to laugh, crimson ki and her own blood spewing from her mouth as she did so.

"Good effort," The woman stated as she spit, or damn near threw up, a significant amount of blood to the floor, "This might be useful though." And right then, Soranna's constructs began to flicker before being seemingly absorbed into the Kagzran woman, the blue and purple toned ki of the Renzani stone mingling with the exotic, almost neon red Rage, dancing around her body in unison.

As the tri-colored ki sprang to life around the woman, she blasted it outward in a massive, all consuming, yet harmless wave through the whole room, bathing Soranna and the teen both in the light. Confused, Soranna attempted to focus, as if to reclaim the own power that she used, but it was to no avail.

And then the energy solidified into a ball, not only drawing from the Kagzran woman, but what energy Soranna was also actively generating.

'I think I'm going to borrow this." And then, the fringes of the ball began to pulse, ripping through the plaster and concrete of the floor they were on, threatening the foundations.


By time Soranna could hear the voice, it was already too late. The Kagzran woman had already utilized the Renzani ki she hijacked to turn the construct inward on the three of them in some sort of makeshift pressurized dome that began to fill with Rage.

A split second later, everyone's stomach was in their throats.

or at least, that's what it felt like as Soranna's stolen power was used to punch the makeshift ball through countless floors of the building at high velocity, suspending the three in freefall as the barbarian's blood--she was still on the sword after all (and the movement probably wasn't doing her organs any favors)--and pure corrosive ki floated around, making the bubble a very hostile trap for all of them.

And then, with yet another laugh, the woman pulled herself off of the blade, once again using the hijacked Renzani ki. "This is going to hurt, I'm sure. I'm not staying for it." Leaving Soranna and the teen trapped in the ball of death, the Kagzran woman freed herself from the bubble and took flight just mere moments before the deadly construct collided with the building lobby, exploding with barbarian and Soranna's own energy with enough force that the entire structure rumbled with damaging force several stories up.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Dec 10 2016, 10:53 PM
Ryden's strike had--much to his satisfaction--managed to strike true, his blade plunging into the Barbarian's side with a sickening stabbing sound, like a hunk of meat was being cut up by some impossibly sharp cleaver. Blood had begun to flow down the blade and towards the pommel, pooling up around the guard just above Ryden's own hand as drops of the crimson liquid began to freefall to the ground underneath them, a subtle dripping sound breaking the silence of the room as the teen held his blade in place, his eyes locked onto the woman's with an unmoving, unsympathetic glare.

As previously mentioned, Ryden felt oddly...vindicated in this. He felt...satisfied in having managed to plunge his blade into this woman's torso, with not even an ounce of pity being present within him. Perhaps he was just being cruel but...well, he had never taken satisfaction in lashing out at someone like this before, no matter how much he had been slighted by the assumed party or parties. It was a strange feeling to him, but not one that was entirely unwanted. It disquieted him to admit it, but something inside of the boy actually liked this feeling of catharsis, this feeling of a vengeance that had been fulfilled. He wouldn't mention it out loud, not here, anyway, but it was something that he'd likely need some time to understand; but that would come later. Right now, it was time to take out the trash...

Then the woman began to speak.


That's all that Ryden could say as he was forced to come to the realization that not only was the woman still alive, but that she was capable of still moving and speaking as well! Ryden had figured that she'd still be alive, even after a strike like that, but being able to speak and move as well? No, that shouldn't have been possible, even for someone like her! The blade had entered just under her left ribcage, meaning that it would've shredded up one of her lungs, filling it with blood. Clearly this was the case, seeing as how the warrior was practically vomiting up her own blood, but that should've rendered her unable to move, the woman choking on her own blood! The teen knew that these Kazgran had regenerative capabilities, but was this just a result of that...or was she just pushing through with sheer willpower? The answer was unclear, but one thing was for certain: this woman wasn't done just yet!

Ryden wasn't sure what she was planning, but there was no time to bask in his own satisfaction! He had to drive the blade in further, and quickly! But before he could do anything, two violet-purple fists came flying at the woman, both constructs poised to crush the woman while she remained skewered on Ryden's blade, but the boy knew that something wasn't right. No, if the woman could still move and talk, even in this state, then...

"No! Stop! Don't hit her with--!"

Too late, it seemed. With a mere gesture of the hands, the woman caught both constructs with alarming ease and quickly began to drain the power that was fueling their creation, absorbing the dark-skinned woman's power for her own as she released a wave of tri-colored ki from her person, the energy brushing harmlessly by all objects in the room and bathing everything within sight in an ethereal light. Soon enough, the warrior's intentions became clear as a brilliant, thrice-colored orb of ki surrounded the trio of combatants, shattering the ground beneath them as they all began to rapidly fall towards the bottom floor of the building, the Kazgran's corrosive ki filling up the large orb--now more like a prison--as she began to fly away from the death trap that she had just created, apparently confident in the attack's power and it's ability to finish off both of her foes.

As much as Ryden tried when it came to halting the woman's escape, he was ultimately unable to prevent her from prying herself from his blade and leaving the two to their apparent fate, though it wasn't an easy escape. The teen's blade had struck both deep and true, and their violent descent through the building certainly wouldn't have done the Kazgran any favors when it came to her wound. In fact, ripping herself away from the blade probably would've made things worse than they already were, especially when you factored in the fact that the sword was still subtly vibrating from Ryden's energy. Regardless of how bad her injury was, the fact of the matter was that she still managed to escape her own attack, and now it was up to the other two heroes to try and survive the inevitable impact.

With that being said, Ryden was clearly none-too-happy about the fact that she had decided to escape when she did, the boy openly gritting his teeth as he ragdolled through the air, his skin noticeably beginning to bleed due to the corrosive energy surrounding him. With one loud, furious shout, Ryden clenched both of his fists and scrunched his body up, his other iris changing from an ocean-blue to a golden-yellow as he brought his force field up around his body, the boy using it as a means to protect himself from both the corrosion and the eventual explosion that would soon follow once the orb crashed into the ground. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that once this glorified bubble popped, all of the energy stored inside of it would have to go somewhere.

Ryden had experience with this corrosion before, and while his force field did eventually succumb to the sheer potency of the crimson ki, it managed to hold out against it long enough for help to come and bail him out of the mess that he had gotten himself into. He didn't understand why or how it was possible, but something about the energy that he used seemed to be naturally resistant against whatever it was that these barbarians were throwing at him; or perhaps it was simply that, because they had never encountered an energy like his before, they didn't know how much power was needed to actually breach his defenses? Whatever the reason, it was a blessing, and it seemed like it would save his life, at least as far as the corrosion itself was concerned. The explosion itself would likely be a different story...he'd survive it, if he was lucky.

But what about the other woman?

In the midst of one of Ryden's twists and tumbles as he freefell through the air, his eyes briefly locked onto the dark-skinned woman's form, golden irises momentarily lingering on his companion as he suddenly remembered that she too was trapped in this sorry situation. Much of the woman's power had been absorbed by the Kazgran warrior just moments ago, and what's more was the fact that they had been surrounded by her own energy. What if she was unable to summon a barrier around her while she was in this trap? Could Ryden really just let her take the full brunt of the impact like that? Sure, he might still get injured by the explosion, shield or not, but he still had the benefit of added protection. This girl had...well, nothing.

At the end of it all, and without thinking much about it, Ryden made his choice.

With a kick of his legs, the boy rushed towards the dark-skinned woman with all due haste and wrapped her up in his arms, essentially giving her what amounted to a bear hug as he tried to concentrate as much as he could on his shield, using every fiber of his being in an attempt to expand the barrier as much as possible. His energy control was, honestly, quite lackluster in comparison to everyone else's, but the kid was making due as best he could, and you couldn't fault him for that.

It took a great deal of effort, but in the end the kid managed to do it...somewhat. What once started out as a fairly compact, human-sized orb that surrounded him, ended up turning into a larger, misshapen, and unevenly distributed barrier, with the majority of the protective energy surrounding the woman, and not Ryden himself. In essence, Ryden had made himself more vulnerable in order to give his companion the protection that she needed, though this wasn't entirely his intention. He had intended to evenly distribute the power between the two, though he simply wasn't proficient enough with his own powers in order to pull such a feat off.

Regardless, a few moments later the tri-colored orb violently smashed into the ground floor of the building, and detonated with catastrophic force, the shockwave from the explosion spreading out in all directions with such power that it even managed to cause damage to the rest of the building itself, with many of the windows of the building shattering at once and causing a shower of glass to rain from the sky and pelt the streets below.

Ryden had been forcefully catapulted from the epicenter of the explosion, and, by extension, the woman as well, the teenager having been brutally embedded into what was left of a nearby wall that was directly opposite of where the blast had just occurred, the boy clearly in a terrible state directly following the forceful detonation.

The blast had, as mentioned previously, taken quite a toll on the teenager, with the boy's shirt having been utterly scorched and disintegrated from the left sleeve to the chest, with the rest of the article bearing many burn marks or tatters in the cloth. His pants were in no better state, with the right pant leg missing everything knee-down, though the left leg was, comparatively, in a much better state. There was also a great deal of blood present on the boy as well, with many patches of skin on his arms and chest bleeding profusely and showing clear signs of corrosion damage. Blood could, just like back in Diamond City, be seen flowing from his head as well, though most of the bleeding seemed to have been originating at the back of the boy's head, with the crimson liquid flowing around to his face and forehead. Judging by the spatter mark on the wall in which the boy was currently embedded, one could infer that he struck his head on the concrete directly following the blast.

At present, Ryden's head was pointed downwards, with his body stuck in the wall in a half-sitting, half-standing position; with some blood flowing down his arms and towards his fingertips, the liquid slowly pooling up around his nails and then gently dripping down from his fingers and onto the broken floor beneath him.

At present, it was hard to tell whether the boy had perished in the explosion, or if he had simply been knocked unconscious due to the force of the blast and his subsequent collision with the wall. This was, of course, to say nothing about his companion's well-being, despite his efforts to shield her from the blast. One could only hope that Ryden's efforts to protect her hadn't gone to waste, despite the cataclysmic power of the Kazgran warrior's attack.

Posted by: Shala The Inquisitor Dec 18 2016, 04:04 PM

While the cacophony and insanity of the Kagzran horde raged on above ground, there was a similar sense of dread two and a half stories below the skyscrapers and footsteps, buried beneath asphalt and concrete. As scores of people attempted to huddle inside of the sprawling, winding paths of the of Peltraea's subway system, their momentary and relative safety was disrupted by a series of explosions from the subway tunnel. A few seconds later, the remnants of a train car tumbled out into the opening, causing a stir among the survivors of the Kagzran attack that sought refuge.

A flutter of some sort of blue energy and a faint trail of crimson came into view immediately following the car, followed by what could only be described as some sort of rippling distortion in the air that headed into the tunnel proper. Whatever the distortion was, it immediately came into contact with a multitude of arcs of electricity, and was promptly snuffed out of existence. "Run all you want. I can do this a lot longer than you."

Through the haze of energy and plumes of detritus, the Kagzran Inquisitor came into full view of hundreds of people. As one would expect for such a situation, plenty of people pulled out their phones and began to record footage as the A'Liot woman casually walking through the wreckage. After all, what else was there to do other than document the occasion? If Shala were in the tunnels, there was the possibility that other Kagzran were as well. And where would these people go? To the surface? That was certain death at this rate.

At the very least, she had no intentions of striking out against these individuals. Now, should they die during the conflict, so be it. But she had other things to concern herself with. "Just step away, Avaria, blue women are my favorite. Encountering your kind on this backwater side of the galaxy is quite rare, and I'd much rather keep you around. Leave the monk and I'll make sure no one kills you."

"I'm not going anywhere!" The apparent Avaria boomed as she stood in front of a heavily injured robed man. The Avaria began to summon her energy once more, dousing her body in what could only be described as blue wisps of energy that seemingly distorted the air and atmosphere around her.

"Valzaria, what are you doing?" The monk cried, tugging on his current protector in an effort to get her to start moving.

"I'm saving your life!"

"Preparing to die is more like it." The blue manifestation of energy grew quite large and immediately flashed with a green spark of energy before shooting forward, redshifting in flight as it headed toward the Inquisitor. Shala paused and smirked as she stared down the attack, and simply reached out and pointed at it with her index finger; her intent was to poke the attack and destroy it without any harm coming to herself.

Unfortunately for her, she misunderstood the nature of the energy and was immediately engulfed by it prior to it exploding. The resulting concussive force, along with the massive explosion on the surface, damaged a significant portion of the subway tunnel, causing it to collapse and bury Shala under several tons of debris.

The Avaria woman--Valzaria--took that as her cue, and took off running further down the tunnel with the monk in an effort to escape.

Bemused, Shala ripped herself free from the pile after about half a minute, and simply began to chuckle. "You can run all you want, Avaria, but you can't keep that monk and the Font from me forever."

Posted by: Vaska Dec 30 2016, 03:53 AM
"No, but can delay long enough for more reinforcements to arrive, gray skin." A voice perked up from behind, gruff and soft-spoken, almost mechanical, with a metallic tinge. But it wasn't a machine, it was a man, a tall man in black armor that pulsed violet purple like the steady beating of a heart. He had come to the tunnels of the subway system not to escape the chaos above, but to search of his own accord and report back on whatever he may find. Be that it was a total flop, or that the font, unlikely as it may be, was down here.

The font was down here, bad news, one of the kagzran horde had found it, them, first. Now he had to get a message out, somehow, as he kept his focus on Shala and gave a soft snort. "You two! Find large tin man, he looks like statue of gold, likely fighting barbarians while looking for you. Find him and you'll find the others I'm with. We're here to find you before they do." He drew his sword and snorted, thin wisps of dark violet energy, like smoke, roiled off his body as he slid a foot forward, the arcuul man adopting a fighting stance as the ground rumbled, shook and a chunk of it shot forward like a bullet train made of twisted pipes, track and stone, infused with a twinge of ki and shaped like a razor sharp wedge.

Surprise ground gladius aside, he began to rapidly compress ki inwards, forcing and spreading it through his flesh and fur beneath the armor, and even into the armor and sword themselves. Making good use of his stone hands, Bastion form. The general strategy here was pretty simple. Boost defense and provide ample distraction before regrouping with the others and hopefully the font, if she took his words to heart. But if he could injure Shala, even a little, enough to slow her down even a smidgen, he'd mark that off as a small victory.

He was experienced enough, thanks to his experience in fighting actual battles in the arena and even against bandits as part of his father's training, to realize she was someone he shouldn't fight head on without others as back up. But sometimes you had to tell your gut instinct to run away, to shut the fuck up, bite the bullet and take one for the team. Didn't hurt that he had two slices of that senzu peach from the lookout to help him if he screws up. "Can't let you go after them fish eyes."

He growled softly, hackles raising as he prepared for a fight. One he wanted to hopefully walk away from.

Posted by: Incar Jan 18 2017, 07:34 PM
Incar was a great many things. Upset, with the lack of a hotel reservation even though he'd called the day before and they'd told him he explicitly had a reservation, room 2003, pool view. Disappointed that his intended vacation was now sidelined because he would have to get back on a plane to go back to Vargas and back to classes and his job. Brightside about going back though, he'd get to see his younger sister again. Oh, and lastly he was peeved because a little while ago all of the peacewas shattered and things began going wrong in all meanings of the word.

Now, he was running through the streets, a little girl in his arms and a few people close behind him. He remembered the location of a subway tunnel he'd seen on the way to the hotel, he'd intended to take it back to the airport when he got done at the hotel, but well. Now it was going to serve as somewhere for these people to hunker down and weather out the horde. Hopefully they would keep combat above ground. Hopefully.

Incar rushed down the steps into the underground, leading his group of seven to safety. He was just about to breathe out a sigh of relief when a sound rumbled out from deeper in the terminal. He set the girl down with the others to rest and looked for anything he could swing at someone. Fortunately some people had abandoned their luggage and Incar was able to spot the one thing that could very well save his life. A baseball bat. They could stop bullets. He'd seen it on TV once. From there he pushed and shoved through the crowd, activating his telekinetic barrier just in case.

The scene he came across was some crazy woman with an older gentleman hiding behind her. It really made him feel proud of the people of his generation. Stepping up to defend their elders. At least, she looked like she could be his age. Maybe a year older? Best not to say that one at the moment. He whipped out his phone and took a few pictures for himself. No point in just wasting a good opportunity, right? He then watched as the blue skinned woman released some burst of energy.

He thought for sure with the look on the other.... woman(?)s face that she could and would take the hit with no harm coming to her person. Fortunately for everyone, that seemed not to be the case, as when it came into contact with the woman she was immediately hurled backward and subsequently buried under enough rubble to probably even hold him down.... And then the blue skinned chick ran. Like, bolted. He couldn't help but let his eyes linger for a few seconds. Until something interesting happened. And by frightening Incar would of course mean "ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLY HORRIFYING" And he'd stared down his aunt when she was mad.

Incar was about to step in when some guy in purple and black armor. Black and purple? Yeah, black and purple armor came into the scene with an apparent intention of fighting the gray skinned woman. Incar took another pic of the armored man before putting his phone away and pushing out of the crowd, slugger at the ready with his barrier around it to reinforce the durability of it. As it was now, it could possibly handle a tank shell from decent range. Decent meaning several hundred yards. He watched as the man in armor opened up with an attack that reminded him a bit of telekinesis. The ground itself seemed to rip itself up and hurtle forward at his command. Which was more than a little interesting.

But he had come down here with a purpose. To protect those who couldn't protect themselves. He didn't doubt that this man couldn't defend himself, but he couldn't do this alone. So, with hopes that he could be able to get in under her radar, he surged forward with speed in an attempt to get behind her.

And then swung for the fences with a telikinetically reinforced bat at the back of the woman's skull.

Posted by: NPC Feb 10 2017, 12:45 AM
The Kagzran!!!
Violence Personified: The Barbarian Horde! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!
NOTES: These Ones Can't Be One-Shotted
The remnants of the stolen power wore off swiftly for the Kagzran woman immediately after her escape, barely lasting long enough to protect her from the explosion that she caused. The force tossed her backward herself, plowing into a handful of her associates before skipping along the shattered concrete sidewalk. With the grace of a lumbering, injured warrior, the woman flipped back up to her feet and chuckled at the sight of some shrapnel deep in her shoulder.

She left it in for humor's sake.

An updraft of ki allowed her to take flight back toward the heavily damaged building and her two opponents that lay buried under a mountain of rubble. As she landed at the base of the pile, a handful of other Kagzran arrived, their Rage burning with the intent to blast the two to hell and back, but she halted their movement.

"No, these two are mine," She proclaimed as she shrouded her arm in her ki and then siphoned off some Rage from another barbarian. The combination force was used to punch through the debris and reach in, where she then grabbed the Brench by her neck and hoisted her out into the open. "That's no fun," she stated, "Doesn't look like you took the full brunt of the attack; that kid's effort no doubt. Guess I'll have to make up for it..."

"Fight me you coward!!!!" The barbarian boomed as the teenager he pursued took off running. Crimson ki poured out of his eyes and mouth as his own Rage wrapped around his body; the fool may run, but the Kagzran would chase. And chase he did. the armored man took flight after the teenager, bobbing and weaving around his Kagzran while he chased the kid.

As he flew, the man began to unleash a series of ki blasts toward the teen. He was going to hit him and he was going to get him to stop. Then, he was going to kill him.

"No one flees from Müll!!!!!!"

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Feb 20 2017, 12:01 AM
It was very, very cold...

A dark, silent, motionless sea of unconsciousness. That's where Ryden found himself floating now, his body hovering mutely within the emptiness of his own subconsciousness. While floating here, he felt a chill wash over his body that he had simply never felt before, a cold that resonated throughout his entire being and froze his very core. It made movement impossible for him...or perhaps it simply made him not want to move? It was...well, it was hard to tell what was what anymore, honestly.

But alongside this chill was also pain; a deep, searing, white-hot sense of agony that ran alongside the cold that was mentioned above, and combined with it to produce something that the boy had truly never experienced before. The sensation pervading the teen's body was truly indescribable, and try as he might, there really was no way to accurately explain exactly what it was that he was feeling right now.

The only word that would truly come to mind right now would be "death".

Perhaps that's what this feeling was...perhaps he was dying? He had always heard stories about how when people were dying, they would tend to find themselves in places like this, surrounded by total darkness, until a light eventually shone through, beckoning them forward and towards the--supposed--afterlife. 'Were those stories true?' Ryden would wonder, eyes slowly moving around as they took in the vast, all-encompassing void that now held his limp body in place.

Is this really what death felt like? This unshakeable, brutal cold; this unending, all-consuming pain...was this what it was like to die? There wasn't even some mystical, ethereal light at the end of it all, it was just a deep, unpenetrable darkness. Was this where Ryden would spend the rest of eternity? Unable to move, unable to even see what would become of Eden? Would he be...trapped here?!

No...not that! Anything but that! He couldn't, no, wouldn't take it! This cold! This pain! He had to get out of here, he had to!

He yelled, he shook, and he struggled, but try as he might, he was unable to move even the slightest from his position. The only thing that he could do was look around and blink, and even that was starting to become a strain. This was the first time that he had ever felt so



A voice...! One that he didn't recognize at that! Who...where...?!

A few moments after hearing this voice, Ryden's eyes immediately shot open, with the first thing coming into the teen's sight being his own badly damaged and still-bleeding body. Many of his other senses started to come in slowly after that, starting with his hearing and working their way back up to his sense of taste...specifically of the blood in his mouth.

The sounds of battle could be heard off in the distance, and Ryden could feel the blood leaving his body, along with a splitting headache and a faint ringing in his ears. It was difficult, but he was able to at least pick his head up to try and get a better look at everything that was going on, though he was forced to blink constantly to get rid of the blood that would find itself streaming into his eyes. Any attempts to move the rest of his body--hands and feet included--resulted in no response whatsoever, and, in fact, most of his body felt numb. He was, effectively, immobile, and he could feel his consciousness starting to fade again...

Well, until the barbarians showed up again, with one of them--the one responsible for Ryden's current condition--punching through the rubble and digging out the very same woman that Ryden had just saved, the woman appearing to be in no better condition that Ryden himself .

Seeing that certainly seemed to sober the teen up a bit, with his shimmering yellow eyes focusing in sharply on the scene before him as he lightly gritted his teeth and shook his arms, trying to break free of the wall that he was half-embedded in. Given his bloodied and beaten state, it was clear that he wouldn't have been going anywhere anytime least, not with this level of strength.

A light-headed feeling started to come over Ryden again, and his eyes started to grow dim as his eyelids began to close. He was slipping back into unconsciousness...but who would be waiting for him on the other end this time?

Posted by: Seth Karma Feb 21 2017, 09:39 AM
Coward. Well, Seth certainly had heard that one before. It wouldn't be the last time he heard it either. Not if he could help it. He was up against an enemy he had little to no information about as well as a slight power disadvantage against, it only made sense to try and stay out of his reach for the moment. The teen glanced behind him to see the barbarian dodging and weaving between the other members of the horde with ease, startling ease. But Seth had an idea to counteract that.

He sent out echos, feeling his surroundings as he started building up an array of seekers. One, two, three, four, fi- Something nearby exploded. Seth took a sharp right around a corner and looked back to see blasts of energy being hurled about. He imagined their intended purpose to be knocking him from the air. And honestly, he really didn't like that idea. But he was close to his desired area. A lovely little stretch of land with what looked to be a developing skyscraper, roughly sixteen stories into the air.

Seth was going to drop it, he finished up his seeker cluster and made an abrupt halt above the building, turning to face his enemy with a tight stance. He wanted to be able to take off again if the need arose.

"Alright, you want a challenge, come at me then, die fast, I've got a quota to meet!" With a thrusting motion of his arm, the seekers presently gathered went on a high velocity beeline for his pursuer. Seth just hoped things were going alright with everyone else.

Posted by: Gash Feb 21 2017, 04:20 PM
Gash came upon the scene of this momentous battle. He didn’t particularly hide his presence, he stood out in the open. His power signature was not hidden either. Gash was a frightening looking being, an unholy union of undead and demon. His body lacked any kind of flesh, it was all ivory bone. But it was no frail looking skeleton, his body had bulk to it. You could not see through him like a stripped skeleton. His body had a skeleton appearance but it was more like his flesh WAS bone.

He wore a fabulous black fedora on his head, the feather proudly swaying in the air. A matching black and red cape wore on his back flapped elegantly in the wind. The Lady Veronica, his trust rapier stayed sheathed on his left hip. On his right was a strange sack that appeared to shift every once in a while. The skeletal demon didn’t join, either side. Instead he sat back and watched. In his hand a rose played, a rose that he found at some point on his journey here.

He slowly lifted it up to his face to take a sniff, even though he lacked a nose… Gash let out a sigh, “Oh boy, what have I missed during all these years of sleep?” he let a small chuckle escape his lips and he watched from the sidelines. He wondered what situations led to this moment. But it seemed clear who was good and who was bad. These barbarian types seemed impressively strong, he wondered if this band of goodie two shoes had what it took to stop them. It all seemed like fun, he kind of wanted to get involved. But for which side? The barbarians certainly would provide an entertaining challenge. But it was always so much fun to put the boot to the good guys. Decisions, decisions… He slowly made his way forward, closer towards the fray.

Posted by: Camelia Feb 26 2017, 06:06 PM
Camelia looked onward with a plain expression, one that was as nonchalant as they came. The woman was right, she was nothing, a speck of dust on the cosmological scale of the universe at large and she was okay with that. "You're right and wrong, we're all nothing if you look at the big picture. As individuals, we're alone, fragile, new born infants." She began to float back, pulsing her energy to zip and zag along erratically. "But you picked the wrong goddamn planet to throw your emotional temper tantrum on, you genocidal pack of psychopaths!"

And that's when she revealed something else about her. Despite all the close quarters fighting that she was so fond of, Camelia could still fight at range as the halo on her back began to glow and a faint shimmering ring of mist appeared between her hands as she continued to fly backwards. Camelia lacked the general focus for precision beams, that or she couldn't be assed to do them, but she could make high yield explosive rings that were like a ki blast on steroids thanks to her unique energy combination and she was busy making and tossing several right now towards the approaching barbarians. Basically her 'basic' ki blast was like a super hot ball of explosively condensed plasma, a bit like thermite, if thermite could cause a diamond to sublimate to vapor with about the force of an exploding hand grenade.

Which she used to good effect, severing a limb here and there, maybe vaporizing someones head if she got lucky, which she did at least once or twice.

But there was no sign of them stopping as she found herself pushed back into a corner, pushed into a tight spot with that roaring beam after her and everyone pounding at her from all sides. "Don't get your hopes up you bitch!" Camelia focused and surged energy into both her legs, more and more and yet more still, her legs erupting with a roiling cascade of energy. If she couldn't dodge, she'd go straight through as she exploded downward with a Brennen pfeil, her foot had burst through a barbarian's torso with a brilliant burst of heat and fire as she launched herself straight at the ground like a missile streaked in a raging inferno.

Hit the ground like one too as the area erupted, kicking up dirt, dust and debris as something flashed through the cloud of smoke, breaking free with a growling roar. It was a second Brennen pfeil, charged alongside the first and shot off like a screaming bolt of fire, aimed right for the women's exposed torso. "Cause I don't fancy dying here today."

Posted by: The Hero Force! Feb 27 2017, 06:18 PM
Android Pi
The Machine Man: The Hero Force AI! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!

A barrage of vicious energy volleys pelted the force field of the mechanical Hero Force member, but Pi was far too entrenched for it to do any noticeable damage. Though these Kagzran warriors were putting up far more of a fight than the ones did back in Generica, the machine man had a fairly decent handle on them, especially with the sizeable amount of backup.

These people may not have been the Hero Force, but they knew how to handle themselves.

Momentarily dropping the field, Pi unleashed a sizeable wave of ki from his arm cannon, ripping directly through an oncoming wave of Rage. The Barbarian behind the assault was swept up in the attack, but there plenty to bumrush the machine and drive the Android straight into an overturned bus. As Pi grated against the fractured and torn steel, the Hero Force Android was able to get an arm free and deliver three powerful blows to the face of one of his attackers, which caused her to loosen her grip. Afterward, he unleashed a series of taser cables on another, and the howl he let loose echoed throughout the city.

From there, it was only a matter of getting to a standing position, using one Kagzran to bat the other away, and cycle power reserves further. While standing, the scanners within its system began to go crazy, registering energy signals that were off the charts. Confusion wasn't really a thing that plagued Androids like it did organic individuals, but it did take awhile for Pi, and the scans to come together in unison to determine the cause: the Font or Keya were beneath his feet.

Once cycle of power later, Android Pi ripped through the street with a single energy blast and immediately dropped down into the subway system, coincidentally, not too far from where the others had gathered, and was close enough to see the Kagzran woman, Shala. He mentioned the warrior--Vaska Pi immediately recalled his name was--mention him, and it was fortuitous that he was already there.

"I am the tin man that he has mentioned," Pi exclaimed rather casually, "Though he jests, for I am not made out of tin. We do need to get out of here, however."

Posted by: Valzaria Malrazz Feb 27 2017, 09:06 PM

She could hear the sounds of the Kagzran woman, taunting her after her attempts at putting her down were laughed off. Common sense told Valzaria to take the monk and keep running, try to get as far away as she possibly could and create some significant distance. She couldn't allow allow the Font to fall into the wrong hands.

But common sense was defeated by the sounds of the battle that raged on overhead coming down to meet her. A casual glance behind her lead the Avaria to see a massive mountain of a man--an Arcuul, the people on this planet seemed to call them--tackling the barbarian woman. A flutter of speed told her that someone else was joining the fray as well.

And then, not even a moment later, a mechanical man came down from above, opting against fighting Shala and coming to her aid instead. "Thanks," she exclaimed, taking what moment provided by the intervention to actually catch her breath; it seemed like an eternity since the last time she did.

"Which one of you is the woman named Keya?" the Android asked, and before she could respond, her companion monk answered in her stead.

"Lady Keya is elsewhere," The monk chimed, "We thought it best to split up. We knew the Kagzran would come for us eventually, and being away from each other meant that we had a greater chance of keeping the Font away from them."

"Yeah, funny how that turned out." Valzara glance back at the others battling Shala; her training told her to stay and fight, but her duty told her to flee. "Let's get out of here while we still have a chance."

"Agreed." The machine man stated prior to the three of them taking flight and hightailing it out of the subway tunnels as fast as possible.

Posted by: Shala The Inquisitor Feb 27 2017, 10:40 PM

The A'Liot chuckled as the mountain of a man moved into her line of sight, very clearly attempting to block her from her true objective. The other Kagzran would be writhing in anger at this point, brimming with hatred over the fact that someone dared to not only stand in their way, but not already be dead. Shala on the other hand, she really didn't care less. One man, two men, none of it really mattered to her.

In the end, they'd all be dead.

"You think I care how many people you have with you? You're dead all the sa---" Shala was interrupted by the dark furred man unleashing some sort of indiscernible attack that blasted toward her like a rocket. She didn't have enough time to actually figure out what the hell it was, but it was still plenty of enough time to actually react.

Her sword was snatched off of her hip and held out in front of her body with both hands, acting as a makeshift shield during the collision. The force behind the impact caused her to move backward a significant distance, her feet digging a trench through concrete and severing the steel of the tracks as she was thrust back. Most people would've been concerned by the sudden turn of events; the last time she fought this planets warriors, she managed to defeat them with nary an effort, and now they're unleashing flurries of attacks. To be fair, the Inquisitor hadn't encountered this man before, but still.

And as she prepared to counter the attack, someone else appeared behind her and struck her in the back of the head. The strike didn't hurt nearly as much as it caught her by surprise, and of course, she dropped her focus on the initial mass she was resisting.

A matter of seconds later, she, and the massive chunk of debris disappeared down the subway tunnel. The sound of an impact and the bellowing of dust followed not too long after that.

And then, just like that, the mass came flying back, in chunks. The woman wasn't aiming at anything or anyone specifically as she parted the dust obscuring her sight, she was just showing off the fact that she was relatively unscathed. Scuffed up and a gash across her forehead, but she enjoyed that part.

Even as the blood dripped into her right eye and down her lips.

Shala's body radiated with teal colored ki as she casually floated back into few, eyeing the man who attacked her from behind while splitting her focus to her initial furball attack. It was around this time that she noticed that the Avaria, and the Font along with her, fleeing from the tunnels. And as much as she wanted to enjoy killing these two in front of her, she did have something to do.

Losing the Font was not that thing.

"Let's continue this upstairs," she said with a smirk as her left hand began to be pumped full of ki. A few seconds later, she unleashed her Zenon-Sha. The ki blast wasn't aimed at the two warriors, but toward the streets above, carving away steel, soil, concrete, and asphalt with little effort, threatening to crush and bury any civilians nearby along the way.

She then went topside, utilizing a sudden surge of ki flooding into her body for a boost of speed so potent, she practically vanished from sight. Even with her skill, it still took two uses of Flash Steps to get to the surface through the hole she created, and in the position to spot the Android and the Avaria fleeing the scene.

And curious enough, there was a....skeleton in her line of sight?

Odd. Though she'd been to many places in the galaxy, her experience with magic or seemingly magical entities wasn't that vast, but she chalked up the walking sack of bones to being sort sort of magical incarnation. She shrugged though, he was in her way and he was already dead--or looked it--so she went about her business.

Shala's ki boomed once more as she unleashed yet another Zenon-Sha down the street in the form of a massive, jagged, arcing wave of ki.

The Hero Force Android and the Sikai Kishin weren't going to get away with the Font, that much was for sure.

Obliterating a pile of bones was just a bonus.

Vaska Incar Gash

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Mar 1 2017, 03:36 PM
Darkness had fallen and, once again, Ryden found himself floating amidst a deep, black void in what he could only assume was his own mind...or maybe it was somewhere in-between this life and the next? He didn't know, and maybe he didn't want to know, but this was where he was, much to his own displeasure. At least he was able to move around this time, so there was at least that.

He immediately recalled the last time that he was here, paralyzed and helpless, when a voice rang out over the otherwise silent darkness, the shock of having heard such a sound being enough to snap the boy--albeit temporarily--back into consciousness. It was a voice that he hadn't immediately recognized; dark, hollow, and most of all...cold. Cold like the darkness that currently surrounded the boy, like the person behind the voice had gone through a lifetime of hell so bad that he had hardened himself because of it. Still, Ryden had no idea who the voice belonged to, nor did he know why they were here.

Just what was going on here? Confusion was slowly beginning to give way to frustration as the teen struggled to comprehend everything that was happening to him, while also being aware of the fact that the dark-skinned woman's life was in danger as he was stuck here! If he thought it'd get him out of this mess faster, then he would've just shot a couple of energy blasts out at the darkness, but he couldn't seem to muster even a fraction of his powers in this place!

"See? That's why you're in this position now. You're always so damn hasty..."

There it was again, that voice! Ryden swung his head around in an attempt to find the source of the speech, and, much to his surprise, found himself laying eyes upon someone else in this impenetrable darkness! They had their back to him, whoever they were, and wore a white, tattered-looking t-shirt and white denim pants, with the pants looking to have been in much of the same condition as the shirt. Their sneakers appeared to have been white as well, though the soles appeared to have been covered in dirt. One of the most curious features of this person was their snow-white hair, which bore a light, wind-blown appearance, and the ethereal glow that seemed to have surrounded their body. Whoever it was had their arms crossed over their chest, and they didn't appear to have any intention of turning around to face Ryden.

"You wouldn't be here if you had just let that woman handle the blast herself. You would've had enough power on your own to at least survive the explosion and stay conscious had you just kept your shield to yourself. Now you can't move, and that woman's going to die anyway. You let yourself get hurt for absolutely nothing."

"Hey!" Ryden called out, quickly dashing over to the anonymous individual as he spun them around and grabbed them by the collar, pulling them in towards him as he gritted his teeth. "Watch your--!"

He stopped himself short once he got a good look at this stranger's face. As it turned out, this person wasn't so unfamiliar to him; in fact, it was quite the opposite: he knew this person very well. The face was what gave it away, obviously, but there were other things too. The golden irises, the pendant--albeit rusted--hanging from his, there was no mistaking it. This was...

It was Ryden...although, this version of him bore the changes listed above, most notably the white hair.

"Wh-what is this?! What's going on?! Who are you?!"
"You don't need to worry about that right now. What you do need to worry about are the barbarians out there getting ready to kill you and that woman. But first--"

Suddenly, Ryden felt his alternate's hand press against his chest, and then, in but a mere moment, he was forcefully blown back well over a dozen feet away from his doppelganger, his body ragdolling for a little while as he struggled to stabilize himself in this empty space.

"--get off of me."

Slowly but surely, this "copy's" voice had begun to sound more and more like Ryden's, though it never lost that cold, callous tone behind it. Not only that, but this copy seemed to have had the same powers as Ryden himself--he could tell right away that he was hit with a Zero-Point: Repel--while also being able to use them in this empty void. Once he finally managed to stabilize himself, he merely looked on towards his doppelganger with a scowl on his face, the teen debating whether or not it'd have been a good idea to attack the copy. If he was the one keeping him here, then that would certainly leave Ryden with no choice but to attack; however, it was readily apparent to the boy that he was, effectively, powerless in this place, while his copy apparently had all of his power perfectly intact.

Thankfully, the alternate Ryden showed no signs of any further aggression.

"You shouldn't be here, you know. In fact, I'm not altogether sure how you got here in the first place, but I'm willing to bet that it's due to the grave injuries you've sustained. Some sort of 'defense mechanism' I guess. It doesn't really matter, though. Those barbarians aren't going to kill themselves, and you've been here far longer than you should be." The alternate Ryden rose his hand then, a wave-like distortion appearing around their hand as they did so. "Time to go back to your own world."

"And just how am I supposed to do anything?!" The boy called out, bawling both hands up. "I'm dying out there! I don't even have enough power to hurt any of them anymore! That lady's gonna die, and all I'll be able to do is watch!"

"You must have a bad memory," the alternate began, using his free hand to mockingly tap the side of his head, "because I seem to distinctly recall the old man giving you something, no? I believe he mentioned that it would restore you to 'perfect health'. If I were you, I'd make use of something like that...but the rest is up to you. I hope I don't see you here again."

In an instant, a loud, thundering sound filled up Ryden's ears and he immediately found himself back into the fray in the real world, the feeling of fresh flowing blood trickling down his face doing a surprisingly good job of keeping the boy lucid as he sluggishly looked down at himself. To his pleasant surprise, he found a simple little piece of cloth tied around his belt just as his doppelganger had mentioned, and he also found himself remembering the old man's words regarding the objects inside of the pouch as well. They were "Senzu Peaches", weren't they? Whatever they were, if they could get Ryden back into fighting shape, then he had to take one, now!

Moving his arm hurt. A lot. Something must have broken in it after the explosion, and it didn't help that it was becoming increasingly difficult to see due to his blood getting into his eyes, but after a few seconds of feeling around he finally managed to grab ahold of one of the peach slices that the old guardian had provided for him. After lifting the slice up to his mouth and chewing on it, he was surprised to find that the beach tasted rather bland, but after swallowing it, he started to feel...well, something.

It felt warm and fuzzy at first, and then it just hurt. It hurt an astounding amount! His muscles expanded rapidly and locked up, his stomach started to ache, and his heart was beating so fast that he thought it'd explode! Then, almost as if though nothing had ever happened, he went back to normal: his heart calmed down, his muscles returned to their normal shape, and his stomach felt like it was full...surprising, but certainly not in a bad way!

But this was no time to marvel at the powers of the peach...he had some barbarians that needed killing!

With his injuries healed, Ryden's hair quickly began to spike upwards as a wave of pressure fell over the entire area around him, his irises shining a brilliant golden color as his aura flared up around him and blew away the concrete that he was trapped in, the teen letting out a defiant roar as he broadcasted to all present that he was, in fact, still alive...and in good condition at that.

With anger--and a distinct bloodlust--in his eyes, the teen stood tall and reached for his blade, only to find that it wasn't sheathed in the scabbard on his back. After taking a few moments to look around, he discovered the blade deeply embedded in a nearby wall. He reached his hand out towards it, and, with a sufficient application of his powers, the blade rose out of the concrete and flew towards Ryden, the boy catching the sword by the hilt as he furiously swung it down by his side and--in the same motion--pointed the blade towards all of the barbarians present, a high-pitched whine coming from the blade to indicate that Ryden was supplanting it with his own powers.

"Put her down." He demanded, eyes filled with hate and pupils contracted to illustrate just how furious he was at this point. After a brief silence, he pointed his blade directly at the Kazgran woman. "You're not thinking about runnin' away again, are you?"

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja Mar 6 2017, 11:26 PM
Breathe...she couldn't breathe.

The Brench woman groaned and attempted to gasp for air, but it was clear that she was unable to; she had a vice grip on her neck. Vision blocked by debris, Soranna reached out, aiming to grab something, anything, and ultimately found her hands resting on an arm. Didn't take long to realize what was going on from there.

"Yeah, just like that," the woman exclaimed as she smacked Soranna in the face, clearing the dirt from her eyes before tightening her grip, "I can see why Shala loves doing this so much. The way faces scrunch up while they're being strangled is quite enjoyable."

As the air quickly began to leave her lungs, the former thief did everything she could to get free; kicks, scratches, punches. None of it was effective, largely because the rapid decrease in her ability to breath kept her from being able to concentrate and muster up ki from her stone. And without the power of the Renzani, she was no better than the average person of this planet.

And that meant she was worse than defenseless.

But sudden, there was a massive surge of energy, throwing debris all over the place. Soranna's attacker, as well as the Kagzran surrounding her, generated their own ki as a means of protection, and spared the Brench woman from receiving concrete to the face.

She also noticed that the grip around her throat weakened, allowing in some air. And with the threat of strangulation out of the way, she began to rapidly inhale and exhale while her attacker was distracted, only to scale it back as a means of relaxation. If she could relax, then she could focus. And if she could focus, then she could summon some Renzani ki.

And once she was able to see that her teenage companion was the source of the display of power, Soranna was relieved. And he was no worse for wear, either; she would've been confused had she not recalled those weird fruits the Guardian gave them. She was glad to see that they worked.

The Kagzran warrior, however, was not impressed.

"Child, I have no reason to run from you,' The woman exclaimed as she smirked and hoisted Soranna further off of her feet. "I have no reason to drop her, either."

The Barbarian began to strangle Soranna once more, and she wasn't anywhere near prepared to gather all of her power as a defense. So, instead, with what air she had in her lungs, she turned to the teen. "Don't hold back, hit her now!" The Barbarian turned toward the Brench thief, only to receive a foot to the face with what power Soranna had managed to draw from the Renzani Stone.

The opening created for the teen was small; hopefully he took advantage of it.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Mar 12 2017, 01:24 PM
There was a slight twitch in the boy's eyes as he saw the barbarian hoist the woman up further from the ground and apply even more pressure to her neck, with the warrior utterly unfazed by Ryden's previous words. He had to give it to them, when it came to threats and demands, they weren't ones to be easily intimidated by force, which only added to their ferocity. Still, now there was a hostage situation, and Ryden was trying to figure out the best course of action right now.

Despite his outward appearance, he was actually in perfect health, just like the old man had said earlier. Any blood that was on him--and there was quite a bit--either wasn't his, or was simply left there after his previous wounds had healed, so any hindrances on his end were pretty much taken care of by the fruit. To add to the barbarian's list of advantages, if they had all attacked Ryden now then it would've been a 6-on-1 fight, counting the warrior who was currently choking the woman out now. Ryden was doing a surprisingly--even to him--good job of holding his own out here, but he didn't think he would last long against six of them, healed or not. Plus, that woman, the one strangling his companion, was trouble; she seemed like she was able to absorb other people's energy and use it against them, which was to blame for the sorry state that he was in just a few moments ago.

The teen lowered his sword and bawled his fist up, a straight expression on his face save for his previously-mentioned eyes which were practically full of anger and frustration, both with the situation he found himself in, and with the people he was facing. His aura continued to vibrantly surround him, bathing the area in a regal, golden-yellow hue as his own yellow eyes remained fixated on the dark-skinned woman's writhing, choking form. He felt like he could just explode right now, with all the pent-up frustration inside of him desperately looking for some form of release, but if he charged in now, he'd only get his companion and himself killed. If he couldn't charge in directly, then perhaps he could attack with a ranged move?

Firing off a blast would certainly work, but then it was entirely likely that the dark-skinned woman would've been caught in the blast too, and that wasn't something that Ryden was willing to allow to happen. He wouldn't give these bastards the satisfaction of having to make a choice like that...

Then, almost as if though to give the boy yet another 'push', the Kazgran woman applied further pressure to his companion's neck and rose her up even higher, taunting him all the while as she took full advantage of the fact that she had a hostage. Then, that was it: the boy's aura flared up and rippled outward, face lighting up with anger as his body tensed up and he prepared to charge in, regardless of the risks present to both he and the other woman; but, before he could even take a second step, his companion--who, mere moments ago, he assumed was helpless--firmly planted her foot in the Kazgran warrior's face, using her position to provide Ryden with an opening that he could use to bring the woman down! It was small, but it was enough!

The boy stopped moving, turned to the side, and then extended two fingers from his free hand and aimed them at the barbarian's chest, eyes silently locked onto the woman's form as they seemed to mercilessly drill into the black abyss that she might've called her "soul". If he rushed in any further, then it was likely that her lackeys would jump in and stop him, but if he used a typical energy blast then he would've ended up catching his companion in the blast as well. He wasn't willing to let either of those things happen, as previously mentioned, and he felt like he had enough malice in his heart for what would come next anyway...

In the span of just a few seconds, Ryden's aura began to forcefully shift and warp around him, the golden hue quickly moving from around his body and instead towards his fingertips as a bright yellow light began to shimmer vibrantly from his hand. The process was surprisingly quick, and in just a few brief moments, Ryden was completely without an aura and, instead, now had an energy sphere the size of a golfball at the tips of his two fingers. Despite its tiny size, the orb was bright enough to force a normal person to have to squint due to its luminosity, though it wouldn't have been too much of a problem so long as you didn't look directly into it. Aside from the lack of an aura, one of Ryden's irises had also reverted back to its usual ocean-blue color, although the other eye still had a noticeable golden iris.

It was the first time he had done something like this before, and he half-expected it to fail, but he still found himself surprised by the end-result of his efforts. All he had to do was think about how much he wanted to kill the woman in front of him--well, one of the women, anyway--and then everything else just sort of fell into place. So, without a single word, and with a grin on his face, Ryden fired off the beam of energy that he had just created, with the beam itself being slightly smaller than the orb that it was being fired from. Despite its size though, it was clear what its intended purpose was for.

You could tell by the dizzying speed of the beam and by how you could literally see it cutting through the air itself, a high-pitched whistle accompanied by the low-pitched bass of the energy itself as it did so, that the move was created for the sole intention of killing whoever Ryden fired it at. You could almost call it an "assassination"-type move, juding by the attack's outward appearance and properties, but even Ryden didn't know what the true impact of the move would be. Honestly, he was eager to see what sort of damage it would do.

And maybe that statement said a lot about the teen right now.

Posted by: NPC Apr 2 2017, 08:19 PM
The Kagzran!!!
Violence Personified: The Barbarian Horde! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!
NOTES: These Ones Can't Be One-Shotted
An eternity seemingly began to cascade into mere moments; the Kagzran warrior had the Brench woman by the throat, slowly draining the life out of her. The teenage boy, somehow surviving all he'd been through, was at a disadvantage in approaching the situation, likely without any realistic way of saving his ally from being caught in the crossfire. Not to mention, he was grossly overpowered and outnumbered. All signs pointed to things going wrong for him.

That was, until she received mighty kick to the face from her captor with far more force than she could've anticipated the woman having. "How did you--" The woman was confused as to how the Brench was able to muster up as much strength as she could in her condition, especially with very little air in her lungs. The woman recoiled from the strike, and her grip loosened as she shook her head violent as a reflex from the blow.

"You damned bi---UGH!!!"

The Brench went into freewall as the Kagzran gripped her chest, holding the gaping, partially cauterized wound created by the energy discharge from the teenager. Her eyes bloodshot, the barbarian turned to the teenager and growled in rage as she dropped to a single knee. "I'll kill you for this..." She muttered as she took a deep breath, or at least tried to. The whole time, she wondered where the boy got his strength. His was power she couldn't detect, but she'd manhandled the two warriors the entire time they fought, and now, all of a sudden, he was at an advantage in terms of power? It didn't make much sense.

The woman flexed and growled some more, igniting her aura while attempting to rise back up to her feet. Crimson wisps of ki seemed to seep into the room, an obvious sign that the Kagzran was attempting to draw in and absorb the ambient power of her allies to recover. Unfortunately for her, the Brench woman she attempted to strangle today was surging her power as well; two toned violent/teal ki bathing the area in its light.

"No, you're not doing that damn trick again!"" A vicious kick rocked the barbarian's jaw, causing her to stammer backward as her mouth began to spray blood. And then, in a single, fluid motion, the Brench aimed and unleashed a torrent of her two-toned ki in a dazzling wave of concussive force, scooping up the Kagzran woman as it shot upward and outward with breathtaking speed, taking any number of other barbarians with it as it flew.

The teen and the woman could catch their breath at the very least.

Elsewhere, the Kagzran attempted to swarm the armored woman; warriors attacking her from all directions. The words she spoke did nothing to deter them, and instead caused them to fight harder; their Rage rippling off of their bodies with increased intensity with every movement, every swing. For them, their efforts weren't enough.

As hard as they fought, the woman fought harder, putting down Kagzran with her attacks. Those that didn't die as a result of the brilliant, blinding explosion scrambled back up to their feet, carried only by their Rage. The lead woman was one of those who pulled herself up out of the soot and debris generated in the wake of the blinding and powerful attack.

Gripping her midsection, the woman snarled as her aura flared, encompassing the power of the three barbarians that stood beside her. "That's where you're wrong! You will die today! And with your dying breath, you will recognize your weakness and inferiority to the Kagzran!!!!!!" In unison, the woman and her allies lashed out, letting loose a combined stream of ki toward the armored woman. Their aim was to kill her in a single blast.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Apr 5 2017, 10:49 PM
"So, that's what that does, huh?" Ryden asked aloud, directing the question to no one in particular as he lowered his fingers and proceeded to stare at them, the grin from earlier disappearing from his face and being replaced by a curious expression. After staring at his fingers for a few more moments, the boy shook his head and then balled his hand up into a fist, swinging it to his side as he stared out at the woman who, only a few moments ago, had been on the receiving end of his most recent attack.

The teen was honestly a little surprised by the level of damage that he had managed to inflict on the woman, though he could certainly classify this as a "pleasant" surprise, rather than an "unpleasant" one. To be honest, the fact that the barbarian on the receiving end of the attack could still breathe, let alone talk, was a testament to her fortitude; but, even still, the woman was on her last legs. She wouldn't last for too much longer, not in these conditions, so it'd have been best for everyone if both Ryden and his companion finished off the woman now. That last attack had taken quite a bit out of the boy--as evidenced by his current lack of an aura and one now-blue eye--but he felt like he should've still had enough energy to finish off the remaining barbarians here, provided that the dark-skinned woman lent a hand, of course.

"Then why don't you just get up and try it?!" Ryden responded with a venomous tone, the young swordsman addressing the barbarian's mumbled proclamation that she would kill them for the injuries that she had sustained. After issuing this challenge, the woman began to rapidly draw in energy from her other Kazgran allies, apparently attempting to use the energy to either heal her wounds or give herself enough power to end the current fight as quickly as possible. Either way, this had gone on for far too long, and Ryden prepared to charge in, sword at the ready!

Until his companion rushed in and gave the barbarians a few licks of her own, with her assault culminating in a massive display of power as the woman used her ki to send the Kazgran warriors flying right out of the area!

It was an impressive feat, especially to someone like Ryden, so once the barbarians had been blown clear, the boy let out a heavy sigh and leaned back on a nearby piece of rubble, his tattered clothes and drying bloodstains--blood that wasn't all his--giving him a rather unsightly appearance. While it was apparently true that eating those peaches restored one's body back to full health, that same principle did not apply to clothing!

"You wouldn't happen to be able to do that, like, fifty more times, would'ya?" Ryden asked jokingly, already figuring that he knew the answer. "I know it sounds bad, but I think that last attack took half of my power with it. I guess there's a catch to everything, huh?"

As the boy continued to lean up on the concrete, a thought came to him, as evidenced by the suddenly-aware expression on his face.

"You know, I never did get your name, did I? You might not've gotten my name either, now that I think about it. Kinda weird, now that I think about it; we've been fighting together this whole time and we don't even know each other's names...guess that's just what happens when you throw people together like this. Oh, it's, uh, Ryden, by the way."

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja May 30 2017, 11:51 PM

As the Barbarians were blown away, Soranna damn near collapsed under the stress, but managed to catch herself on some rubble. The last time she had a power outburst like that was... Well, to be frank, the Brench never unleashed that much power before. And if anyone asked her just how she managed to do it, she wouldn't be able to explain how.

Her eyes drifted down to her ring hand as the swirl of Renzani ki began to die down into a dull, skin tight glow. She could sense just how much power she just used, how much power she had been using up to this point, but unlike other warriors, she couldn't tell just how much more she could take. After all, none of the ki she used was actually hers, the strain on her body was different than theirs. The mental exhaustion was several fold, and she wasn't even sure if she'd be able to muster enough concentration or willpower to pull something of the sort off again, even though she was fairly certain that she had the same level of access to the power.

Sure, there were always those peaches that the Guardian gave them, but he said nothing about curing mental strain. And to be honest, part of her wanted to save them for later --for herself or for someone else, someone more useful.

"Fifty more times," Soranna replied in between deep breaths as she floated down to the same level as the teen, 'I don't even know if I could do that again two more times."

The sounds of the battle still raging in the city distracted from further answering the teen--answering Ryden. Though a lot of the barbarians were out of the skies, probably after being disposed of, but there were still enough of them roaming around for them to still be a threat, largely congregated around a significantly larger source of power, who was probably that Shala woman.

Soranna took this moment to take another breath before she turned toward Ryden. "Name's Soranna."

Posted by: Incar Jun 11 2017, 08:19 PM
Move. That was Incar's first thought process as the woman was blown down the subway tunnel. Something just told him that wasn't enough, and as a wave of dust was blown back down the tunnel he turned to the crowd, hoping the blue lady and the old dude had gotten away. Of all the stupid decisions he'd made in his life, this was probably in the top five or ten. As Shala came back into view, blood dripping down her face, he decided it took the number three spot, next to putting sugar in his uncles beers to mess with him at number four and talking back when Aunt Beth told him to take out the damn trash for the third time at number two.

Then the crazy bitch went to blast away away the ceiling. Steel, concrete, asphalt, everything that was formerly restricting this demon to the underground was carved away, but Incar stood in place, staring in awe. He was... shocked. The amount of power she released made his knees want to quake, but he was stuck stiff, rooted in place even as the tunnel she carved out was completed and she'd exited the underground. Time for another bad decision.

Incar dug his nails into his hands and shook himself out of his stupor before flaring out his barrier, and moving to where Shala stood moments before, blasting upward at breakneck speeds, rebounding off the edge of the hole at the top, just in time to spot the psychotic woman aiming down the street. He didn't care about the target, he shot in the direction of her aim, propelling himself faster, farther, and moving directly in the path of the Zenon-Sha.

The young man quickly spun around, feeling his barrier cling tight to his body as energy surged through the bat clutched tightly in his hands before he swung it, the object colliding with the energy blast before vanishing, becoming energy itself with force enough to compact a steel and concrete bunker. And then he blacked out, his body going numb for a moment as it continued to fly onward, crashing hard and digging a trench in the street.

He was definitely going to be visiting the doctor if he survived the next hour or so. The right arm of his jacket was missing, burns trailed along the limb, blood dripped down the side of his face as a large scrape from the cheek up to his temple seemed to have been dragged off upon his entrenchment, he was pretty sure he had a cracked rib. And then there was the massive headache that was starting to build behind his eyes. This officially took the top spot on his list of bad ideas. Aunt Beth be damned. Sorry Aunt Beth.

"Urgh.... Don't wanna.... school.... today. Hurty facey...." Good news though, he wasn't among the deceased. Er. Yet. Someone better get up here and cover my ass....

Posted by: Valzaria Malrazz Aug 8 2017, 02:31 AM
Upon arriving on the surface, the Avaria didn't have much time to catch her breath before the Kagzran horde continued their assault; a fist collided into her jaw and launched her into the side of a building. Even though the strike had significant force behind it, she was certain that she would've been less staggered by the attack had she not been fighting with Shala in the city tunnels.

Granted, this entire affair would've been a lot easier had it not been for the woman who deemed herself an Inquisitor. Hell, based on the amount of warriors that seemed to have assembled to address this conflict, maybe they could've already achieved victory if it wasn't for the fact that the Kharn had someone like Shala to assist him.

Fat chance that was, but the woman could dream.

Then again, when you had people hell bent on murdering you rushing toward you, there wasn't enough time to dream anyway.

The Android that assisted her in the tunnels had his fair share of things to deal with himself, especially with Keya's monk in control of the font, so either Valzaria had to keel over and die or she had to rescue herself, and she didn't travel half way across the galaxy to die. Even with as banged up as she were, the Kishinkei warrior had more than enough power to generate a series of telekinetic pulses on the barbarian that rained down on her. As the blue, ripple like distortions shot outward, the first Kagzran was launched toward the street. Those behind him that attempted to dodge soon saw the blue woman gesture and shift the pulses back toward their directions, and they too were blasted away and out of sight.

The next warrior that came her way lunged with a long sword, but after surrounding herself with her ki-induced eezo, the blue woman blasted away from the building and toward her attacker before she seemingly flickered out of existence, utilizing a surge of speed to practically reappear to the side of the warrior. A solid kick to the jaw sent the man flying, and Valzaria immediately went on the pursuit before she delivered one hell of a haymaker to his jaw and continued along with it until she slammed the man several stories down into the ground with her fist.

And then right after that display, she had to jump out of the way as a body came careening down the street and into her path, cutting a trench through concrete and asphalt before it made an abrupt, and quite painful looking, stop. "Dammit!" she proclaimed as she took flight toward the injured man as the Kagzran set their sights on the easy target.

Once she landed, the Avaria woman spun to face the oncoming crowd and quickly mustered up enough energy to generate a Singularity, which was thrown far enough away to keep her and the downed man from being drawn in, but close enough to where it would offer some level of protection against the barbarians as they approached; their bodies getting sucked in and flung around as if they weighed nothing underneath the force. And those fortunate enough to not get caught within the trap were hit by stray attacks from their own allies, which deterred others from getting close or even attempting to free them.

"Okay, I know now seems like a good time to catch your breath, but that thing is only going to hold them for about twenty-five more seconds if we're lucky," She exclaimed as she extended an arm out to the dark haired man, "So please get up before we all die!"

Posted by: Incar Aug 8 2017, 03:26 PM
He had to have been a masochist or something in his past life to have thought that was a good idea. Well. He didn't actually think it was a good idea. It was really a pretty damn terrible one in fact. Still. He'd gone through with it. So there wasn't exactly any room to go back and rethink his decision, but he could make sure he lived to regret it more later. With that in mind, he shifted his body, trying to get it into a position from which he could get back on his feet.

His eyes opened and took in the shape of the world around him, chaos. Complete, and utter chaos. He was probably lucky he'd gotten as far as he had trying to stop the blast. "Okay... you're fine... don't die... walk it off..." Despite his mutterings, he wasn't making any serious strides in getting up. Honestly felt like going to sleep.

That changed very quickly when his world was filled with color and the view of distorted space and bodies suddenly being tossed through the air. Incar opened his mouth as though to inquire with the space warp, fully believing it to be a sentient creature for a moment until the blue woman from earlier appeared. She was saying something, shouting it really. Kinda hurt his ears. And his head.

Everything hurt his head right now. Felt like something was trying to claw it's way out of his brain.

Still, even though he couldn't understand her words the meaning got through. He took her hand and pulled himself up, his barrier pushing out slightly as it reestablished itself and he regained his senses. "Just walk it off..." He flared his aura and felt the ground gave slightly beneath him, dust and dirt blowing away from his body and a slight push applying itself to Valzaria before vanishing as the force coiled around his body, preparing to launch him as soon as it became necessary.

"I'm up, now what? He'd been trying to keep others out of the way up until this point. He was a little lost on what was supposed to happen now.

Next time he got the opportunity to come to a resort destination, he was gonna just stay home where it was nice and quiet...

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Sep 1 2017, 11:29 PM
"Not even two? Oh boy..." Ryden responded, a sullen expression coming over his face as he said so. Needless to say, with his own power having been significantly drained, listening to Soranna say that she wouldn't have been able to pull off a stunt like that again certainly wasn't the most pleasant thing he could hear, especially considering that the horde of enemies she had blown away might not have necessarily been dead. It would only be a matter of time before they escaped the corona of energy they had been blown away in, and then they'd inevitably be back for revenge.

Considering the state of the two, it might've been a good idea if they were out of the area by the time that happened. Besides, they didn't come here just to kill some space invaders, though that was clearly what it looked like. No, they came here with a specific goal in mind, and now that Soranna's attack had made an opening for them, perhaps it was time to get back on track with that goal.

"Well, Soranna, we should probably get outta here before those freaks show back up for some payback." Ryden stated, pushing himself off of the concrete slab he had been leaning on previously, one eye gleaming with a yellow light as he did so. "By the way, I might not've mentioned this before, but when it comes to sensing out 'ki', I kinda...well, I suck at it. Or maybe I just can't do it? Either way, do you think you could spot me a bit and see if you can 'feel out' whoever or whatever it is we're looking for?"

As Ryden made his request to Soranna, he could visibly see that many of the invaders were congregating around a single point in the city, though due to the boy's aforementioned lack of any ki-sensing abilities, he wouldn't have been able to discern on his own why exactly they were there to begin with. If what they were looking for happened to be there, then it'd certainly be an issue making their way there. If they couldn't help the others get what they needed to, then maybe they could serve as a distraction? He at least wanted to be of some help.

Posted by: Camelia Sep 4 2017, 05:39 PM
"Here's the thing ma'am, you're wrong. Rage and anger can only get you so far. It's strong, yeah, you're living proof of that and hey, be proud of that. But I have people I need to keep safe."

There was a pulse, a thrumming of raw power that rolled off her form in thick waves as power gathered into her hands as she spoke her piece, the air crackling as a pair of swirling azure and crimson orbs formed in her hands and the surge of power that came off them was intense and...strange, alien even, as she looked down at them gathering their own power. They wanted a pissing match in strength, well, she was going to give it to them as she redoubled her efforts, put her heart and soul into the attack as it grew in size and scale with wisps of vapor getting pulled towards the heavy orbs of condensed force as her helmet peeled back revealing those normally soft red eyes, now glowing with focused determination and raw power. "So I'm not gonna die here, not by your hand and certainly not by the hand of your leader."

As the orbs solidified, she looked at the woman with a flat expression, even with the sound of fighting raging around her, even with her back-up dancers pooling their power with hers. She showed no fear, no hesitance, just an iron hard core of will and the desire to remove one more threat from the fight."So, for that which you are about to receive, I. am. truly thankful." She hurled both orbs, one after another, towards the trio. The thought of unleashing a pyroclasm against three people was distinctly a waste, it was overkill and somewhat unnecessary. But she wasn't going to try and cherry tap them either as the orbs came into contact with one another a handful of feet away from the blast.

There was a certain stillness, an odd lull in the noise of battle as the orbs fused together. It was a sound like a roaring dragon, a deafening rumbling like a great fiery god had exploded forth from nothingness, all for the sole purpose of purging whatever was in it's path as the orbs exploded, erupting in an incandescent show of pyrotechnics and ki that spread out for some distance, crushing and immolating anything unlucky enough to be caught in it's path.

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja Sep 21 2017, 07:00 PM
The Brench woman stared off into the distance after Ryden spoke, her focus off toward where she could see a handful of the barbarians move toward. After taking a few deep breaths, Soranna gripped the Renzani Stone, releasing a fresh surge of amalgamated ki into her body and bolstering her current level of power. The teen was right, it was doubtful that they would be left alone for any significant period of time, and even though she just pulled off an amazing feat of power, she couldn't let her guard down yet. Even the constant bickering voices in her head agreed in unison with that.

So, with the consensus, she went on to act on the teens request. In spite of what he may have believed, Soranna couldn't actually sense ki, though there were beings within the Renzani Stone who could, and they transmitted that sort of ability into the alien women when they were available. But at best, that was more of a vague fog that she was able to "feel" rather than anything significant or precise. Even with those limitations, she could detect the haze of the Kagzran as they congregated, with one heavier feeling source of ki remaining relatively static and unchanged.

"I can't..can't say for sure that I'm right, but if I had to guess, it's all over there," She exclaimed as she pointed in the relative direction of the ki source she felt, "I think the Shala person is over there. If she's there, then what we want is probably there too." The Brench could only think about how not too long ago, if she were stuck in a situation like she, she would've simply fled.

Countless armed warriors, powerful mystical items, planetary conquests; these were things typically out of her scope and concern. She was a thief after all, if it didn't involve stealing or hiding, it wasn't really her forte. But even she realized that there was no running from this mess and there was no conceivable she could find something that could get her off world in time, anyway. So, as the faint glow of dual toned ki pulsed around her, Soranna drew in more power from her Stone, which caused her aura to flare and dance wildly. She may not have been in the best condition, but she could still fight.

"Might as well stop delaying; we have to go toward it." And with that, she took off toward Shala and her assembled crew of Barbarians.

Posted by: NPC Sep 22 2017, 02:14 AM
The Kagzran!!!
Violence Personified: The Barbarian Horde! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!
NOTES: These Ones Can't Be One-Shotted

For the briefest of moments, it was like the world ended; the immediate vicinity of the armored woman and the three Kagzran was washed over in a brilliantly blinding white light as the two opposing forces of ki collided with each other in dramatic fashion. The collision of the two opposing forces immediately crumpled the asphalt beneath the two attacks and blew out windows as far as the eye bothered to pay attention to.

In the beginning, the two attacks were relatively equal in power, with the three Kagzran, in spite of their injuries, maintaining a decent hold over the situation. They didn't give or waver, and through the might of their own rage, they were able to hold the ki orbs at bay, resulting in a match of power that was pretty much dead even, and likely would've stayed that way without the armored woman throwing in another burst of energy or outside intervention.

That is, until one of the Kagzran began to slip; the power they added into the blast of pure Rage began to wane, and the orbs began to push forward. The sudden movement was jarring and swift, and in turn, became too much to bear for the secondary Kagzran,, leaving the woman behind to handle the brunt of the attack. She gritted her teeth and let out a bestial roar before letting out a sudden surge of her Rage into her blast and toward the orbs, providing a momentary reprieve. But what she was able to gather was not enough.

Nowhere near enough.

"Argh, Damn you, woman!" The Barbarian exclaimed as she was blown bback as her power began to wane and she buckled behind the force of the spheres of energy. "The accursed will feast on your souls! The Kagzran will stamp on your grave! You will not prosper! You will end he-------"

And then, there was a sudden void as the air pressure shifted; the blast of crimson ki was beaten back by the overwhelming power of the spheres, and what remained of it collided into the assembled Kagzran forces, orbs in tow, before bathing the entire area in a dazzling light show as the block was rocked by the explosive forces of ki.

In its wake was nothing but a long trench along the street, and plenty of Kagzran bodies.

Posted by: The Hero Force! Sep 26 2017, 08:20 PM
Android Pi
The Machine Man: The Hero Force AI! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!

Android Pi couldn't help but recognize how fortunate, if that word could even apply to a machine, to not have been an organic with a set supply of stamina. The constant starting and stopping and physical exertion against the Kagzran forces would've no doubt worn the machine out had that been the case. Sure, Pi did have a core that was used as an energy source, but that core didn't necessarily deplete like a person's stamina would. Getting attacked and engaging in melee combat wouldn't lead to a defeat after fighting sixteen individuals in a row.

That was Pi's advantage, and it was one that was immediately exploited by the return to the surface.

The blue woman, Valzaria, was immediately attacked and was forced to aid in another who was battling the Barbarians, which left the Hero Force Android alone to guard Keya's assistant and the keeper of the Font that everyone on Eden seemed to have been after. And so, once the enemy forced turned on the machine, Pi reacted appropriately. Metallic grip around the arm of the Font keeper, the Hero Force member bolted to the ground almost immediately and constructed a force field to deflect any wayward energy blasts.

From there, Pi lunged forward toward an oncoming attacker to deliver a massive punch to the Kagzran's face. The warrior attempted to retaliate with a kick, but the blow was blocked and Pi followed up with another shot to the barbarian. Likely sensing the defeat of their compatriot, another Kagzran unloaded on the android with an energy rifle, peppering Pi with a series of blasts that began to drive it back. The bulk of the volley didn't do any significant damage, but as Pi moved backward, it became closer and closer to the attendant, leaving the monk vulnerable to harm.

"Get back!" Pi boomed before he expanded yet another force field to deflect the shots. Giving Keya's assistant a few moments to find some cover, the machine dropped the shield and unleashed a massive wave of energy down the street that engulfed all in its path. With the barbarians blown away, Pi took to the skies once more, and that's when the android saw her.

Saw Shala.

Servos roaring to life and energy cycling through the construct, the Hero Force member shot toward the Kagzran woman like a rocket. she didn't entirely expect the Android to shove her into the ground and punch her repeatedly in the face, but it wasn't enough to take her out of the fight entirely. Once she regained her bearings, a single blow launched Pi through the air, though the Android returned to its feet with as graceful of a flip as one could've expected the machine to pull off.

Letting out a slight chuckle, Shala climbed her way out of the hole in the ground and stared at Android Pi. "Ready to get dismantled again, I see," The Inquisitor stated as she caused her aura to flow around her body, "Well then, I'll be glad to make your wish a reality."

"You shall do nothing this day but suffer defeat!" Without another moment's hesitation, the two charged each other, with Pi delivering a vicious left hook to Shala's face. The woman staggered from the shot, but was quick enough to dodge the follow up and send a spinning back kick into Android's Pi upper core. As the machine slid backward, the Inquisitor unleashed a volley of punches and kicks against Pi before she ended her combo with a powerful uppercut.

"Looks like you were wrong, Android!" Shala boomed as she took flight after the machine. Unfortunately for her, Pi stopped on a dime and simply interrupted any of her future plans with a tremendous axehandle strike. And just like that, Shala was cratered with enough force to send vehicles flying, some of which flipped and landed on top of her.

And if that wasn't enough, Pi began to unleash a series of powerful energy blasts down against Shala, the sound of which being comparable to machine gun fire was the sound echoed through the city.

The assault only ended when Pi flew down into the crater and dropped both knees into Shala's ribcage and then kicked her through a nearby building. One would've hoped that the combination of attacks would've slowed the woman down, but as Pi returned to the surface, Shala was right on top of him with a knife edge chop backed by a point blank execution of her Electric Judgement. Though Pi was able to deflect a significant portion of force, the Android was still thrown back into a building with a decent dent in the upper left portion of its frame.

Pi may have done better in a consistent volley with Shala than anyone else had up to that point, but it was clear that the Android was still a ways away from being able to defeat her solo.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Sep 27 2017, 11:13 PM
"Huh? Boob-lady's over there?!" Ryden exclaimed, eyes wide and mouth agape as Soranna mentioned Shala by name, stating that she was likely the source of all the commotion going on in the distance. If she was there, and the thing that they were looking for was over there, then it made sense that everyone else would probably be over there too. If that were the case, then they didn't have any time to waste, now did they?

If Shala--or 'Boob-lady' as Ryden affectionately called her--really was there, then this would've been the perfect opportunity for the kid to make himself useful. He came here because of his speed, after all, so he figured he'd serve as a decent-enough distraction if nothing else. Part of him wanted to take the grey-skinned woman on in a fight, but between the sight of that guy from earlier having been skewered on her sword, and the fact that he pretty much had a job to do, he didn't think it was such a good idea right now. Besides, 'annoying pest' was something he found himself to excel at being.

Maybe it was time to show the barbarians why that was the case?

"Welp, if she's over there, then the thing we're looking for is over there, which means that I gotta be over there too!" The boy said to Soranna, taking off from where he was standing and flying beside the woman as he stared out at their destination. "I'm gonna go be a little delinquent for a while, maybe buy everyone some time while they get what we're here for. You should probably help 'em out. Or you can help me! It's up to you, but try not to get choked out again, alright?"

With a stifled sort of chuckle and a playful salute, Ryden momentarily fell behind Soranna as she traveled through the air, slowing down as he began to build his energy up all around him. Then, only a few brief seconds later, a deafening *boom!* rang out through the air as Ryden, now bathed in an aura of gold, blurred past Soranna, heading straight towards the fireworks that were happening right up ahead.

Between Ryden's speed, his distance between the two fighting parties, and the dust that had been thrown up from the massive barrage of energy, it was pretty hard to tell who exactly was fighting who. By the time the kid had gotten to where he could actually distinguish one body from another, whoever was fighting Shala had been knocked out of the sky and the aforementioned woman was the only other person in the air. Ryden had no idea about the other guy's condition, but if they were still alive then maybe the teen's arrival would've helped them out. Or it'd be fruitless and only result in the boy's death.

Those details would probably work themselves out.

But Ryden didn't have time to worry about the little things. Once he was within range of Shala, the kid decided to make his presence known by uttering a war cry that only he would've been crazy enough to come up with...


With that, the teen continued to make his way towards with woman, corkscrewing towards her as he aimed both of his legs directly at the side of her face. He'd hoped that there'd be enough force in the sudden attack to at least knock the woman away, and that his unknown energy would've been enough to camouflage his approach, but he wasn't going to hold his breath.

Posted by: Shala The Inquisitor Oct 29 2017, 04:03 PM
The A'liot casually hovered in place as she let her arms drift to her sides in her relaxed state, smirking as she watched ther Android pull itself from the building. The speed at which Pi was able to recover from the shot would've been impressive had it been an actual person instead of a machine, though it was clear from the sizable dent that the Inquisitor did some damage. "I take it you're still in the mood to get torn apart," the woman exclaimed. Pi responded by unleashing a ki blast from his arm cannon.

With minimal effort, the Inquisitor deflected the blast, but was immediately caught off guard by a rampaging Android who cracked her in the jaw with a decent elbow and then delivered a solid roundhouse kick. Shala went into a spiral and was unfortunate enough to then catch a knee to her ribcage.

Mid-groan, the woman latched on to Pi's leg to not only brace herself, but to provide herself with leverage to reposition herself upside down, where she then proceeded to drive her right knee into Pi's face multiple times. That was then followed up by a sizable wave of ki, and off the Android went.

with a slight cackle, Shala righted herself in the air and flared her aura a bit as she panned her surroundings; so many people were still contending with the Kagzran, though she knew in time that all of the focus would be on her.

The parade of gunfire alerted her to it being far sooner than she thought.

Several shots belted her in the face and abdomen, rounds unleashed by what appeared to be a hastily assembled milita; some law enforcement, general building or store security, and some regular armed citizens. Somehow, these people managed to survive or even probably killed some of the weaker Kagzran, and now they were focusing their attention on Shala, attempting to shoot her out of the sky. Unfortunately for them, it barely caught her attention.

"Looks like you all are next to die!" As her voice echoed off of concrete and glass, the alien woman's power began to swell as ki focused into her left hand, more than enough to be overkill several times over for this lot.

Her power began to arc, and she took aim to annihilate the feeble humans who thought it better to attack than to run for their lives, but she was interrupted. Interrupted by a vulgarity. Interrupted by a fool.

Interrupted by a powerful drilling kick that rocketed her through countless buildings and down several city blocks.

For now, the humans would be safe. In a matter of seconds, her attacker would not.

Posted by: Valzaria Malrazz Nov 6 2017, 08:23 PM
To be quite honest, the Sikai Kishin was taken aback by the young man's response. "What now?" Really? As those words echoed in her head, the woman turned to scan the environment of chaos all around her. Allies and enemies alike lit up the sky with radiant displays of power, ripping through man made structures that could withstand the forces of mother nature herself, monuments to societal ingenuity and creativity in a matter of seconds. Gorges carved alongside buildings, craters and trenches in the ground. Vehicles ripped in half.

Rampaging alien army with all manner of melee and ranged weaponry waging war on a human population that had next to nothing in its arsenal that could help them fight back.

Maybe it was the fact that she had been doing this, this fighting thing for a long time: fighting off the forces of evil and maliciousness and protecting the innocent was something she'd been doing for years now, even before being inducted into the illustrious ranks of the Kishinkei, this was her life's work. So, while the invading army of the Kagzran rampaged across the landscape and as local police and civilian forces attempted to fight back fruitlessly with what weapons and items they could find, figuring out what came next was fairly easy to her.

In Valzaria's opinion, it should've been fairly easy for anyone in her position, in their position, with the abilities that they possessed. And as the street was rocked with an explosion --one not caused from an energy blast, but by a random citizen plowing a school bus into a barbarian at the risk of their own life-- the Avaria slapped the man in the face.

"What's next is you going on the offensive." By this time, she could feel her Singularity on the verge of winding down, the blue woman turned and unleashed a burst of concussive force via her telekinesis, generating a distorting pulse that, when in contact with her Singularity, set off a violent and dazzling explosion of blue-violent energy and seemingly spatial distortions.

With Singularity winding down, her Biotic Detonation was nowhere near its full power, especially with such a low effort Concussive Burst, but it was enough to disperse the barbarians for now and provide herself and the man cover to go jump into offense.

"This is your world after all, not mine. Fight for it like you own it." With that, Val took to the skies to jump back into action.

Posted by: Incar Nov 6 2017, 09:21 PM
What were you supposed to do when all you knew was changing? Incar must have understood that he was in on this battle and invasion thing from the moment he'd taken a home run swing at shark tooth earlier. He must have known that leading those citizens underground had put him in such a position to begin with. Even further than that, from the moment he'd discovered his powers he should have felt obligated to use them for something like this. But right at this moment, he didn't. For just a moment.

He was back in the car. A normal child. Living a normal life on his way somewhere with his mother. A woman who loved and cherished him with all her heart. Singing along to a radio song with not a single care in the world except their destination. He didn't really remember where they'd been going. Just that they were.

As long as they kept moving life was alright. It was an adventure. And with her at his side they could take on anything. But that adventure had halted when he watched as the other vehicle plowed into them. He watched her crumple in, and up against him. He felt the red.

Suddenly he wasn't in the car. He was outside the concert being beaten into the pavement. Hit after painful hit raining down on him from someone looking for.... something. His vision swam with red, with white and green and purple and blue. His life rolling by moment after moment. Aunt Beth, Uncle Jess, little Laura. He could see them at home, watching a broadcast of events on the local news channel showing the attacks, the devastation these outlanders were dragging through the cities. He saw the home blasted apart by invaders, and as these visions kept flaring through him and his fear kept building and his breathing got heavier and heavier and heav- SMACK His eyes dilated as pain stung his face.

She'd slapped him. Incar blinked as she spoke. Go on the offensive. Fight back against these invaders who were taking his world for a spin through a hell it didn't deserve. Hurt people who were just trying to live their lives and were now trying to keep hold of them. He blinked, and felt his body creaking a little bit as a pulse of energy shot through it. He was not some scared child in a car. She sent a blast of power at the distortion in the air. And the barbarians were launched away by an explosion. He was not a teen being beaten with no chance.

The barbarians were away for a moment. And he felt his barrier tightening, tensing up against his skin, now crackling quietly with electric current. He was a warrior now. She told him to fight. Told him in no uncertain terms that he had to fight for his world. So with her now moving away, he twitched. And vanished. The ground that formerly was beneath him shattered as he blitzed past Valzeria, a shaking rumble of sound following in his wake as he impacted a Kagzran with crushing power.

They had been wearing a helmet, he reversed that with a heavy kick, his foot caving the metal in, their skull in, their brains and eyes and teeth all meeting that metal in short order as he continued full circle from his kick into a Psycho Press which he then followed up with a Psycho thrust, kicking off the still floating corpse to the next savage. He was not a child. He was not a victim. His next target was faster than their ally, holding a shield and reacting with a bash to Incar's face. He spun through the air, but quickly recovered and shot back at them from behind.

The barbarian was less prepared for this attempt but repeated their motion to strike, this time with their fist. Incar was more resilient this go around, gripping tightly to the monsters throat, and cutting loose with his voltage. As the shook under his grip, he tightened it. As they reached to grab at his arm to burn at his skin with that corrosive energy, he upped the current. And as they feebly gasped and screamed for air, he let out a roar of his own, snapping their neck and releasing a flash as his entire body came alive with electrical energy, cooking his enemy from the inside out.

Incar released this one just in time to be shoulder rushed through a building by two more of the Horde and out the other side to land square in the hotel he was supposed to stay in.

"Ugh.... C'mon is that all you got!?" A quartet of energy blasts entered the room and blasted a large hole in the side of the hotel as they detonated. That was definitely not all they had.

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja Dec 5 2017, 12:28 AM
The kid was a fool, a god damned fool.

It wasn't his continuous and somewhat offensive use of "boobs" that lead her to that conclusion, but rather the fact that he ran off with no battle strategy toward the single strongest being around for miles. Even if he consumed one of those Senzu Peaches that Zam gave them prior to setting out, the two of them just barely finished a fight with several tough enemies; it wouldn't have been a bad idea to take a breather for a few more minutes before running back into the fight.

And the way he blasted off without a care in the world; Soranna could barely keep up. In fact, she didn't keep up, having to command her ring to provide her with enough ki to boost her flight speed in the same manner as the teenager took a lot longer for her to pull off than someone naturally using their own power, so she didn't arrive on the scene until the Shala woman was rising back into the air, clearly angry over the sneak attack Ryden delivered to her.

Allowing the Kagzran woman another moment to counterattack wouldn't have been a good thing for Ryden, or for the makeshift team in general; one person down was one person down.

"Dammit Ryden!" The Brench woman boomed as her two-toned aura flared to life as she mustered up a tremendous amount of ki, absorbing it from the Renzani stone and cycling it through her body and into a focal point in the palm of her left hand. As she gathered and channeled the ki, the aura around her body grew increasingly erratic until the ki around her body literally exploded into concentric shockwaves around her body as she unleashed a massive, rolling wave of energy toward Shala.

The barbarian barely had enough time to glance up at Soranna's Renzani Cannon before the attack engulfed her body entirely before erupting into a series of explosions that rocked the city for several blocks.

The downside was that Soranna was completely unable to channel ki for several seconds and dropped out of the sky. Fortunately, she was able to regain her focus before she crashed and broke both of her legs on a rooftop. She impacted with significant force, but with the ki reinforcing her body once more, she was unharmed. The other downside was that she would have to power back up where she was at previously, and with her Renzani Stone being what it was, that would take longer than what anyone wanted.

"You better hope that keeps her down, because that last attack broke my concentration! I'm going to be out of this one for a bit while I refocus!"

Posted by: Seth Karma Dec 17 2017, 09:14 PM
The streets in the area around the building the Kagzran blood monger had come to rest in were clear. If that weren't the case, Seth wouldn't have considered his next actions sane. But the caliber of opponent coupled with the convenience of the tactic both fit the circumstance of the moment. So, Seth dropped a building on Shala. Which was not nearly as simple to do as it was to say. The buildings structure was already somewhat dilapidated from years of wear and tear, coupled with the damage it had already suffered in the initial attack of the horde. All it took to finally bring down was a liberal application of the penetrating power from several dozen shredding orbs of condensed aki.

The weakening of the supports, combined with it's own weight, and then that detonation from the brench? Well, if that hadn't done it then there was little in his mind that would have. The upper portion of the former office building toppled to the side, dropping several hundred tons of steel, concrete, and give or take ninety seven desktop computers crumbling down to land on the shark faced woman. Had he expected this? No. Was he damn fortunate that this had occurred? Oh hell yes.

With the monster buried however Seth quickly rushed toward his allies, intending to see if either of them were injured, of not then he was going to bestow upon them some of his power, to amplify their own. If yes then he was going to offer them a quick patch. Because Ryden was a decent guy and the lady.... well, she didn't exactly seem in full control of her power, and that meant she may have incurred an injury and that took away from the group as a whole. They needed her just as much, if not potentially more than anyone else. He really didn't know.

When he neared them he stopped, hanging in the air and waving. "Yo! You two good? Either of you need medical attention? I can give you a quick fix, try to conserve the mystic fruit the old dude gave us?" He was keeping the majority of his focus elsewhere though, namely on the horde that was still raging all around them. They were slowly thinning, far as he could tell, but that didn't mean they weren't a danger.

Posted by: Vaska Dec 18 2017, 07:11 PM
"I'll keep her busy. You are to be getting your breath."

Like a knight in shining armor, a large man strode forth clad in black armor that pulsed with a violet glow like a heart beat as he twisted his neck to one side with the soft crackle-pop of tendons and joints. The smell of blood was thick about him as he tested his sword arm a few times, a flow of energy creeping from hand to grip and from grip to blade, as he tilted his head to one side, looking back at the woman, at Soranna through a helmet that lacked slots for eyes, yet he could see her clear as day thanks to the magics ensorcelled into the plates of hide and steel.

The energy culminated into a bright sphere at the tip of the blade and it shone with a corona of purple, bright as can be. "Was evacuating people." That was the only answer he would give to a question that yet remained unasked. And likely would remain unasked as he thrust the blade up, discharging the energy in a column of cotton soft looking puffs of energy that looked reminiscent of dandelion fluff. Yet, anyone that could sense energy would have been able to feel the raw force radiating off each little puff of energy.

"Hey, fish eyes."

The energy reached a plateau, eighty or ninety feet up, before it split apart and came back down towards the A'liot woman in a barrage of twenty or so spheres of raw energy not to dissimilar to an artillery strike as he channeled his energy inward next, hardening his body from flesh to bone until it was like a thing unto iron with his bastion and further supplemented with blitzleistung as he channeled ki into himself again. But this time, it was like how a flash step enhanced ones speed as he let it suffuse itself into his muscles and pulse through his veins until the armor and the man inside, crackled with raw power.


Posted by: Camelia Dec 18 2017, 11:24 PM
Huh, People are dog-piling up on that one barbarian.

This was her initial thought after dealing with her own problem minutes earlier. The carnage was still fresh, a punctuated end to a large gathering of barbarians of which only molten metal and earth, twisted into molten glass remained. It was complete and utter overkill, but it bought herself and a lot of people a brief respite. Just long enough for them to find shelter and for Camelia to take to the air once again as she surged her power with the intention to add her clout to the dog-pile. "Well. I don't see any other barbarians around, but I can still feel that one. Safe to assume I should help roll out the red carpet.""

So she rose and rose, the purple haired woman rising through the air until she was as high up, if not higher than that flashy bombardment created by the man in the suit of armor. It was there she began to gather her energies; diverting and surging it all the way to the bottoms of her feet.

As she shaped and sculpted it, altering it until the aura that enveloped her was fire, flame and raw force; the stuff of raw stars made manifest. It took her mere moments to activate her brennen pfeil and an even shorter moment to divert and once again, surge energy through her arms, shaping and twisting the vibrant spark of raw physics to mix and mingle it with the ki energies contained within until her body crackled with raw lightning. The hallmark of her Blitz Schwall. It was then and only then that she dipped back down to the earth, body twisting round and much like a coiled spring finally let loose from it's bindings, shot down towards the a'liot woman like a bullet, a meteor of raw force wreathed in fire and further sheathed in lightning. All of which was aimed for the shark faced woman's body.

"Pardon me. Coming through."

Posted by: The Hero Force! Dec 27 2017, 07:26 PM
Android Pi
The Machine Man: The Hero Force AI! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!

Android Pi could say that things were going according to plan, but that would've been a lie. As the machines servos roared to life, mechanical limbs began to dig the Hero Force member out of the debris that the Kagzran woman placed him into moments earlier. Based on a system diagnostic, Pi wasn't severely damaged or impaired, but it would take a moment before gears churned fast enough to return it back to a decent combat output.

The others he arrived in Konsorhaven with did well to pick up the slack, picking up where the rowdy teenager left off after he managed to successfully dropkick Shala and put her down. Apparently, the kid's earlier comments about him being difficult to detect by the woman had some truth to it and provided the group with enough of an advantage for others to come in, one after another, to deliver their own brand of destruction to the woman after managing to dispatch the other barbarian forces. Those individuals may have been down, but they were not out of the fight completely. If they manage to put down Shala with those attacks, they would be able to finish off the rest of these individuals, secure the Font, and then aid the others in rescuing Keya before they fought the Kharn.

If it wasn't for the fact that the last twelve seconds came together by sheer luck, this probably would've been an expert strategy.

Android Pi, while the bombardment of Shala went on, finally freed itself and touched down on the ground with a vicious, metallic thud. The sidewalk fractured beneath its body while Pi looked around. in the confusion of the Shala attack, a significant number of people emerged from their hiding spots that were now far too close to the fight or too unstable to remain in, and went off in search for some shelter. The option to return to combat was there, but the Hero Force member opted to remain groundside to protect the civilians.

And it was a good thing, too, as some Kagzran opted to take the opportunity for some easy kills. Though Pi was not powered up completely, the android didn't hesitate to lunge into action, palming the face of a smaller warrior before they were driven into the middle of the street. "Move faster, please!" Pi boomed as it deflected a sizable ki blast from another Kagzran. The one it just finished attacking recovered and hit Pi with a vicious uppercut. And as the machine staggered back, the barbarian and their friends moved in for a follow up attack.

Then there was a loud, hollow It was a single shot that echoed for blocks, and it was a single shot that sent the Kagzran flying from away the Hero. Curious, Pi shifted its attention to the right, witnessing a marvelous sight: The Konsorhaven National Guard. Though much of its military forces were privatized, the nation did have a sizable force, and from the sounds of it, both sides of that defense structure were rolling in. Tanks and APCs were slowly moving into the battle zone, along with other ground forces.

The sound of assault weapons fire began to echo across the city. For the most part, these things would serve as a distraction; rifles and grenades wouldn't put down the majority of the Kagzran, and especially not for long. Those that used ki would either be able to shrug off or recover from those sorts of attacks, but the lower level ones would no doubt be killed. Pi could also surmise that the Konsorhaven military and PMC forces would suffer massive losses, and quickly at that. They were cannon fodder; a distraction for the distraction so that Pi and the others could fight Shala with less of an interruption.

The Android would notate their heroic sacrifice as it took to the air and unleashed a massive blast of his own toward where Shala was buried. "The military is providing support for the weaker Kagzran, but they will not be able to hold them off for long! We need to end this as quickly as possible!"

Posted by: Shala The Inquisitor Dec 27 2017, 09:43 PM
At some point, Shala stopped recognizing, well, anything. Time seemed to dissolve as events bled together, forming one cacophonous, debilitating pressure wave. And it all started with a kick.

The words of the idiotic teenager barely registered to the Inquisitor before his feet cracked against her jaw and turned her into an organic rocket that plummeted to the earth, creating enough seismic upheaval that caused walls and vehicles; masses of concrete and steel, to fall and lay on top of her. She couldn't decide which, out of all of it hurt more. Was it the kick that did all of the hurt, or was it her body blasting off at hundreds of miles per hour through building after building, all sorts of materials scraping across her body before something she hit slowed her to a complete stop.

Or maybe it was the piece of shit human who managed to not only sneak attack her once today, but twice.

As saliva and blood, and a bit of her tooth, blasted out of her mouth while a literal ton of debris was being lifted off of her, the A'Liot couldn't decide on a single thing. None of it truly hurt, but it pissed her off plenty.

Just like the next attack would do the same.

Buried under urbanized detritus, Shala couldn't see much but the massive amount of light bleed; an odd glow of teal and lavender that illuminated everything around her, inside and outside of the makeshift cavern she made herself as she attempted to dig herself free.And though she couldn't exactly see what came for her, the A'Liot could sense it, unlike the bastard of a teenager. It was an odd sensation, a muddled sense of tangibility that she couldn't exactly describe. But it was ki, and it was powerful.

And then it was around her.

And then the teal and lavender washed away, overcome by reds and oranges and beige's and grays as the world exploded around her once more. Shala's body was carried by the current of ki and the pressure wave created by the detonation and was buried deeper and deeper into the city, as more and more structures began to collapse on top of her. At some point, you would think that a person would become numb to a mass pushing down on your chest and inhibiting your breathing, but that's never the case.

Because more shit could always come tumbling down.

The collapse of a building, on top of everything else, damn near crushed the woman as she felt her ribs bend and give in ways she hadn't felt in years, decades even. That pressure was swiftly relieved as a barrage of energy bombarded ground zero where Shala lay, ripping apart the landscape and generating more than enough explosive force to toss her up and down in the air like a child's ragdoll.

The white hot explosive force of someone, something overcame her while she was mid-air, held aloft by what remained of a blast wave, and then was cratered into the mess her body rested mere moments before, and worse for wear.

Insult to injury came in the form of yet another energy wave, and once again, the A'Liot Butcher was blasted across the city for several blocks, limp, bloody, bruised.

Most people would've been finished after that onslaught, if not dead. Instead, Shala looked like she'd been through a blender; her headpiece was shattered, shoulder armor fractured in half. What palty amount of clothing she did wear looked as if some massive beast gnawed at the fabric. As she tumbled end over end, Shala planted her left elbow into the asphalt to correct her orientation as she went into a sort of cartwheel, her right, now ungloved hand snatching her fish-hook sword off of her person.

The moment her body pivoted and the tips of her feet touched the ground, she ceased her slide, teal energy engulfed her body as she flared her aura to life. The inquisitor's power began to rise sharply, and then she vanished from sight.

Not teleportation, not even a ki induced Flash-Step or any variant of that technique, just fluid speed. The dust generated by the constant bombardment of the Kagzran fighter parted as her body took her toward her first victims. No specific order, but these two were near each other, and that was more than enough for her.

Shala didn't know that her first victim was the one responsible for nearly breaking her ribs, nor did she care. All she saw was another carcass, and as she slipped the loop of her sword into his abdomen, another carcass is what she set out to make.

Her movements were fluid as she shifted her momentum toward the bastard with the weird energy, her kick aimed to send him toward the ground. This very same kicking motion was also used to fling the would be corpse off of her blade and, well, anywhere. "Today, all of you are going to die."

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Dec 30 2017, 04:51 AM
You know, watching everyone beat the living shit out of somebody bad was pretty satisfying to watch, even more so when you realized that you were probably the person who enabled them to do that. Well, alright, to be fair, anyone could've probably done what he had just done, but the fact of the matter was simply that no one else had! That's how Ryden thought, anyway. And you know what? As the boy watched person after person layer one move on top of the other, he couldn't help but feel an immense sense of accomplishment for kicking the "boob-lady" in the face.

Who knew, maybe he'd get a medal from that old guy for having created such a stupendous opening for everyone? "Ryden Prolae, Boob-Kicker" did sound like a pretty badass title, and the kid figured it'd look even cooler printed out on a medal, especially if it had his face on it. He'd probably ask the old man about it later, once all of this had been wrapped up.

The thought put a smile on the kid's face, with the boy grinning stupidly as he crossed his arms and folded his legs up while he continued to float in midair. Soon afterward, the guy with the black hair, Seth, came up to Ryden and offered him some medical attention.

"Hm? Oh, nah, I'm good. I ate one of those peaches a while ago, so it's fine now. If you had offered about five minutes ago, I prolly woulda taken you up on that offer though. Oh well..." The boy responded, shrugging as he did so. "I mean, it's not like it matters anyway, right? That chick down there's deader than a doorknob, so it's smooth sailing from here! Just relax and--"

At that exact moment, a teal flash from down below caught Ryden's eye and caused him to shut up for a moment, the boy's eyes widening a bit as he leaned to the right a bit to get a better look at what was going on down there. He wasn't able to sense energy at all, as a result of his strange energy source, so he wasn't able to distinguish exactly who it was that had just produced that strange, blue-green light.

Then he heard a sound...a familiar tearing sound. Something got on his face then, some sort of liquid. He moved his hand up to his cheek and wiped some of it off, looking down at his hand with a shocked expression on his face as the blood on his hand seemed to stare right back at him.

"Blood? But where...?"

He looked up then, right at where he had heard that tearing sound come from...and, upon seeing what had produced it, knew exactly how it came to be.

There was Seth, completely impaled upon the sword of the very same woman that Ryden presumed only moments ago to have been dead. That explained both the blood and the sound, and as she looked directly at the older teen, he couldn't help but instinctively back up a bit. The woman's expression was as foul as ever, and it didn't help that there was blood coming out of her mouth too, courtesy of a broken tooth. She could thank Ryden for that one, and, in fact, she did. Just as the boy had gone to reach for his sword, the woman delivered a seismic kick to his side and sent him flying straight towards the ground, the teen ragdolling and tumbling this way and that as he struggled to regain his balance before crashing into the ground below.

Luckily for him, he managed to get control of himself just before crashing into the debris-stricken pavement below and activated his flight mere feet from the ground, his form coming to an immediate stop for a brief moment before his flight deactivated and he fell flat onto the ground, clutching his side in pain as he gasped for air and attempted to stand. After looking up, he saw Seth's bleeding form being thrown somewhere nearby, and immediately attempted to go towards wherever the younger teen may have been thrown. That woman's kick had done something to him, likely giving him a broken rib or two...whatever damage had been done, it was incredibly difficult to breathe, and each time he did it, it hurt more and more to do so.

In hindsight, he could've just eaten a peach, rather than shakily attempt to stand and go out to find someone to heal him, but something told him it'd be best to save those peach slices. Regardless, once he had managed to get to his feet, the boy clutched his side and tried to stick close to the rubble, attempting to stay out of the woman's sight as he tried to reach Seth's location. As much as it might have annoyed her, Ryden was at an advantage when it came to his energy, so as long as he was hidden the barbarian woman wouldn't have been able to find him.

Regardless, once Ryden got to wherever Seth was, he'd take up the teen's offer of healing and maybe attempt to devise a plan with the guy...assuming, of course, that he was still alive. As he neared the teen's location--or rather, where he thought he saw the kid land--he hoped that he was, indeed, alive.

Posted by: May Merriweather Jan 5 2018, 03:52 AM
The battle was not going well. This... Shala woman was remarkably resourceful, and more than that, she was a brick shithouse backed up by a horde of monsters that happened to people. And it couldn't wait. The die was cast, and May Merriweather stepped into the engagement.

Suddenly, using Ryden as a beacon, May Stepped, and his world was filled with an abundance of goat lady. Very suddenly! Like, Ryden was staggering along through the rubble, trying to be discreet, and suddenly WHUP! GOAT MOTHER!

May almost immediately flowed her mind into Ryden's, already crouching down in front of her son, strong, capable hands grabbing him and pressing a surge of cool water energy into the boy's broken side. Almost immediately, pain was just... Gone. The familiar sensation of Clarity washed through Ryden, and his dented side pillowed outward on a cushion of swelling and healing magic, pulling a snapped rib out of his lung and patching him up in the process.

May didn't stop there either. She pressed more energy into her son - and a dull blue outline suffused his form - a Radiant Flicker.

"Hello, my son." May said, panting from the sudden and intense healing magic she'd thrown into the boy's body, rapid enough to bring him to fighting fitness in seconds. "Let's get to... your friend... quickly now!" she said, and bustled through the rubble towards the kid. If Ryden let her, she'd lead him by the hand!

Posted by: Tysel Jan 5 2018, 04:18 AM
A voice cried out over the chaos, curiously loud, a clarion call that cut through the chaos of war and death around the defense workers.

"Ακτινική λεπίδα!"

Just imagine the shock a barbarian felt as, when he came down on the head of one of the Defense Forces, when he was at his most triumphant, shrugging off a fucking rocket to the face, he found himself being parried by...

A glowing sword of blue and white energy, its edge flickering with a fiery orange color. His axe sparked as its edge was blunted, then snapped as his whole weight came crashing own on it. The highly surprised man the barbarian had just attempted to butcher was holding it too, fingers locked on the grip; he'd had a rifle in his hand moments before and he had noooo idea where it had gone. Both of them were equally surprised when the blade flicked out, slashing a radiant line through the barbarian's chest cavity, and sending him flying into a wall twenty feet away. The defense fighter wasn't alone either. Other people near him suddenly found themselves holding similar swords - identical in fact. And these weapons...

These weapons hurt the barbarians where assault weapons had completely failed to do so.

Seven paramilitary soldiers, no, seven heroes brandished their newfound power, their radiant swords, and an eighth person, an especially short, fuzzy, round-eared little person, stood among them, knuckles tight and creaking on The Rod of Roslin, her red cloak billowing in the breeze, and the lot of them charged. The seven cried out as one, for vengeance, for victory! And Lady Tysel Bellamy, wizard heir of the Circle of Seven Secrets, cried out with them.

The line had to hold. These brave men and women had to distract the Kharn, and if they were annihilated, they would prove a poor distraction indeed. And these seven warriors, each wielding a blade conjured and empowered by her Arcane Assault, backed up by a literal honest to god wizard, were a hell of a distraction. They fought tooth and nail, and Tysel brought her power to bear like the fangs of a wolf, brilliant spellfire and displays of raw arcane might lashing out to support and protect each of them! With shocking ferocity borne on the wings of vengeance, the balance of power shifted!

Posted by: Seth Karma Jan 5 2018, 08:48 AM
Seth had actually been feeling confident in their ability to defeat the shark woman for a good few minutes. After his building drop, several others carried on with that assault, including the wolf man who had stopped his punch back at the lookout. As Seth watched the events unfold, he felt as though they'd won. After all, compared to Shala, these other barbarians were small fry, weak news. Things they would be able to clean up with and then move on from to the leader. And though Seth was feeling wary of facing off against the leader of these forces, he still had a small spark of confidence that they could win. And as the smoke cleared in the end, and Shala seemed to have ended, Seth was prepared to celebrate.

"Heck yea-- HRK!" Pain. Seth felt blinding pain. And suddenly he was weightless, a blade of suffering hooking into his body, through his stomach. He felt as the hook buried itself into him, and the motion of the swing as it's wielder went to kick Ryden away. And then with the sound of his stomach being torn asunder, and a noise akin to a water balloon splashing against something chunky, alot of his blood, and he was thrown from the roof as well, breathless the whole way down, but still conscious.

And as he soared off the blade he saw his assailant. Shark-Snaggletooth, and his confidence was crushed. Seth flew down through the aforementioned pile of rubble, actually a very interesting sight as the boy landed with no small amount of precision into a hole barely as big around as he was tall and gored himself on a piece of rebar. Still, managing to survive. He'd had worse, he screamed in his mind while forcing himself to ignore the fact that half of his intestines were probably still on the roof on the woman's blade. Ignore that he could see his stomach right now and it was very much becoming empty.

Ignore that he felt like death. And begin healing. Fact was, he couldn't move. Not really, but he still could watch as his stomach quickly sealed itself up and his blood destroyed any of the acid that had leaked into him, it also began reconstructing his intestines. Each cell burning into creation as Seth tried to bite back the screams. He looked away from the wounds as they slowly healed, and glanced at the senzu peach. He realized then, they'd been in his jacket pocket. It was a miracle they'd stayed with him, but now the baggie was hanging on the tip of the rebar speared through his chest.

Just out of his reach.

Seth wanted to scream as he lay there. Fortunately, May got there. The rubble was blasted away, and though Seth mentally wanted to berate the goat for possibly almost burying him! He instead coughed up a little blood in a show of thanks. Awesome. There was a hole in his lung.

If May were to observe him, she might actually find that his more major injuries had been taken care of. All that was really left was the gaping hole in his body and the fact that there was a few foot long spike of rebar that was going through his ribs and barely missing the lung. Every part of him hurt. His mind was just a little bent up, he didn't even feel like throttling this Ryden kid at the moment. A first since he'd properly met the boy. Still, he may as well try to greet them.

"Horraaaaay, caval--HRK!" Another spew of blood from Seth.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Jan 7 2018, 03:29 PM
"Huh?! M-May?!" Ryden exclaimed, his world suddenly having been filled with an abundance of one part goat and the other part mother. It was a rather strange experience for him. One moment he was staggering through the rubble of what once was a prospering and well-to-do city, and the next his mother was standing there right in front of him, her gentle embrace and warmth a welcome respite from the brutality of the conflict that he found himself in. He hadn't expected to see her here. fact, he didn't want to see her here! She shouldn't have been here, it was much too dangerous!

He was just about to ask her what she was thinking in that sweet head of her's when he felt May's Clarity begin to wash through him, the goat-mom's technique repairing the damage that had been done to him by the red-haired woman's kick from earlier. Needless to say, Ryden preferred this form of healing significantly more than whatever the hell it was that Seth guy did. When he healed you, it felt like a hot iron was being shoved into the wound, and you could actually feel the skin stretching and regrowing itself forcibly; with May's Clarity, it was like a gentle wave of energy washing over you. It wasn't hard to choose between the two, honestly.

But maybe he wasn't giving Seth that much credit. After all, the guy did help him out back in Dimond City.

Once May had finished healing Ryden--and then some, judging by the blue outline currently surrounding him--the plump little lady greeted the boy properly in between pants, the healing having obviously tired her out. Ryden could do little more than send a gentle, genuine smile her way, now understanding what it was that brought her out here in the first place.

"Hey there, ma." The boy grinned, feeling his hand being taken up by her's as he was led through the debris and straight towards Seth. As the two dashed across the ruined battlefield, Ryden made sure to keep a close eye on the sword-wielding woman currently hovering above them, watching for any sudden movements in their direction. Although the teen's energy signature may have been undetectable, that didn't mean that the woman couldn't still use her eyes. Regardless, the two still reached their destination without incident, and were greeted with a gruesome sight as Seth's terribly damaged body was laid bare before them.

For a moment, Ryden thought that the fellow teen had actually been killed, given the sheer level of damage to his body, but that turned out not to be the case when the boy actually attempted to greet them. He sounded pretty happy...sarcastically happy, that was.

After gazing over the sight with a mildly disgusted look, the brown-haired teen gently broke away from May's grasp as he went over to where Seth was currently stuck and pulled his sword out of its sheath, readying the blade behind his shoulder as he prepared to slice the rebar as close to his body as possible.

"Alright, now, don't panic! Just hold still and I'll--"

Ryden stopped himself then, a somewhat embarrassed look coming over his face as he looked off to the side a bit. Why, exactly, was he asking Seth to "hold still" again? As if the guy had a choice right now!

" know what I mean. May's gonna heal you up as soon as I get this metal crap taken care of. Maybe you can get a few pointers from her when it comes to healing, yeah? I can't imagine how much it'd hurt to have to heal yourself up from all'a this..." The boy continued, making sure to snag the pouch of senzu peaches from the tip of the rebar as he spoke. With that having been done, the boy then made one quick swing with his sword and severed the metal rod right in two, cutting it down just above Seth's chest so that it'd have been easier to pry him off of the thing.

Getting onto one side of the boy, Ryden then looked over to May as he silently requested her assistance. They still had to unskewer the boy before they could properly heal him, painful though it may be. Perhaps May could use her Clarity on him to dull the pain as they did so?

Posted by: May Merriweather Jan 7 2018, 06:45 PM
May covered her mouth a moment and a look of empathic pain washed over her gentle features. She didn’t skip more than a beat though. The nun moved over to Seth with the agility of a billygoat over the rubble, bounding up and beside him, by his head. She met his eyes, smiled comfortingly at him and cradled his head...

... then her mind flowed into him. Suddenly, and with the sound not appreciably changing, but nevertheless becoming clearer, the red shift of pain faded into a calmer blue as pain, fear, anger, all flowed away as if the tide was receding. Seth could still feel the spike in his chest, but it wasn’t painful anymore, just a pressure. It was like a cold shower when you were used to it already - refreshing, the cool waters of May’s Clarity technique giving him succor.

<We’ll have you up in a jiffy, don’t worry about a thing. Just relax - and remember, hold on to life as if you were a small child desperately holding onto a balloon, okay?> she said into his head, and then moved beside Ryden.

The nun smiled at her son - he was a good nurse, and a capable young man. She was so proud. She took position on seth’s other side, gentle, strong hands gripping seth by the core of his body, hands around his wound.

”And one! Two!” And before the third count came, so Seth wouldn’t have a chance to tense up properly, she said the last count came, she spoke into Ryden

”Three! Lift!” and up seth went with a hideous SCHLORP. She set the boy right on his feet and was already repairing him with a surge of blue energy that washed into the lad like the tide coming in again. May exerted a lot of energy, and gave it all at once to Seth. His back, his chest, his organs, all were repaired fully in moments, and his body glowed blue with a Radiant Flicker, leaving May to pant like she’d just run a marathon, leaning on a bit of rubble. Her magic had left the boys better than peak condition. The Flicker felt good. May connected to both of them, and suddenly, they didn’t need to speak anymore.

<This woman that did this. Where is she?>

Posted by: Seth Karma Jan 7 2018, 07:36 PM
Seth felt some relief as Ryden came over, honestly, he was happy that the boy cared enough to spare a glance of horror. He'd had bigger things shoved through his chest though. As per his previous training regimine. Although, he did feel a stroke of fear as the older teen suddenly drew his sword. "Wait, wait no, I feel great, no stabbing!" And then Ryden said perhaps the dumbest thing he'd ever heard in their time together. Hold still.

Fucker. Seth cut a glare at the boy that could carve steel. "Oh yeah, how about I get up and start riverdancing you son of a-- AGHH!!" When Ryden cut the bar it jumped to the side, tearing into the flesh he'd already fixed and caused even more pain; something Seth really wanted to attack him for, even if he was currently holding the younger boy's secondary healing source. Still, he relented only because he didn't want to further ruin his jacket. He was already going to have to patch up several holes in the damn thing. So with that in mind he just lay there, teeth clenched. This wasn't the worst pain of his life. But dear goddess if it didn't make the list.

And then suddenly he couldn't feel it. He couldn't very well feel much of anything. It was like... the ultimate numbness. But there was a downside to this numbness. The anger. The rage. The bloodlust that normally hid in the corners of his mind, until it was brought to the forefront, the fury that fueled the powers he used. It was gone. That was a problem. But one he could solve when it came to.

It wasn't long before he was pulled up, with a sound that honestly made him think of a half frozen soup being dropped into a bowl. It wasn't pretty.

But what was awesome was that his wounds didn't stay long. The hole that had been in his stomach sealing completely and the one in his chest soon following that. It was.... amazing. Nothing he couldn't have done himself, but still amazing. He'd have to ask how she did this, it was so much more painless than the suture technique. Hah. Eat that Dr-- Seth flinched, his blood ran cold. Very bones chilled themselves. He saw blue skin soaked in the red of innocents, the eyes of a being beyond any comprehension snapping people into horrifying positions. And yet he couldn't find the anger. This was wrong, this clarity. It felt wrong. He wasn't supposed to feel this peace. This.... relaxed. Not when he thought about those things. But he couldn't just shut it out. It wasn't right, but it wasn't entirely unnatural.

So he narrowed it. Seth broke his focus on the monster and focused on the events. The anger. The feeling of what he'd had before. He focused on how his abilities worked and narrowed his connection to May, until all he felt was his own power, and all he heard was her voice. He didn't know if she'd seen it. If she had seen Dramae, seen the monster that haunted his many nightmares. But if she did then he hoped to the goddess that she wouldn't mention it.

"She's up. Up on the rooftops. But I can't let you go up there. We can't let you. Here, take one of my peaches, it'll replenish your energy and gramps didn't give you any, to my knowledge. And, for the record, I'm not taking no as an answer here." Seth plucked the peaches from Ryden and removed one, holding it out to May.

Posted by: May Merriweather Jan 7 2018, 08:51 PM
May felt Seth push her out of his head. It wasn't dramatic and sudden, and she let herself be removed - it wasn't entirely her place to impose after all, she'd only wanted to make him more comfortable while she healed his wounds, but now that was done with and the cool water receded to allow Seth's base anger, the font of his strength it seemed, to reignite.

Offered the peach, May opened her mouth, but he said he wouldn't take no for an answer. She shut her mouth, and smiled radiantly at the young man before her.
She could use strength back. She wasn't done, not by a long shot, and the peaches...
she knew only bits and pieces of their power, but gathered they were major magic,
stuff of legends. It wouldn't be proper to just accept right now and gobble it down,
so she took it, wrapped it in a piece of cloth, and tucked it away on her person securely.

"I'm fine... believe me, but I'll accept. It will come in handy later." she said and looked around at the carnage. Her kind smile faltered, and she looked... sad, more than anything, gently, sincerely saddened.

"But I think I'll be able to help you boys out against this... this barbarian woman. Don't worry - I won't go up there. Not alone. No, all three of us are going up there. This... this cannot be allowed to continue. You needn't worry about me. I am far, far from helpless." the nun said, and her eyes glowed faintly from within, her ki like the sea rousing in a storm, normally quite gentle... but capable of capsizing the mightiest battleship. Gently, just gently, she began to levitate off the ground.

<And now, we defend our home not as a series of individuals she said, directly into their minds, the clarity given to neither one, but the connection remaining between the three - communication at the speed of thought, pure and unbridled.

<But as one.>

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Jan 10 2018, 08:02 PM
"Heh, dickhead..." Ryden mumbled to himself, a wry smirk on his face as Seth's smart remark was cut short due to the pain he was in. Served him right. Ryden had made an honest mistake; shame on Seth for grilling the poor kid! Still, all hostilities aside, the older teen was somewhat relieved to have been able to save at least one person in the midst of all this chaos.

After he was healed up by May, Seth informed the woman of where they could find the red-head who had just impaled him and kicked Ryden down to the ground; namely, up on the rooftops. To be completely honest, the older teen wasn't really looking for a rematch against the barbarian chick, but at this point it was the only way that they could possibly hope to quell some of the madness going on around them. Still, Ryden wasn't a complete idiot, and he knew that he couldn't just go up there and take the woman on as he was now. His energy gave him an edge when it came to sneak attacks, but something told him that those wouldn't work very well anymore, not with the woman the way she was now. She was done playing around, anyone could see that.

That didn't mean that Ryden didn't still have a few tricks up his sleeve though. Despite the fact that sneak attacks were no longer viable options to him, the boy's energy was still an anomaly to these warriors, so it was unlikely that they knew the full extent of the teen's capabilities. In that regard, he still had an advantage over them, however small it may have been.

After taking a few moments to look up at the sword-wielding woman, Seth had recovered fully and then began to insistently offer one of his senzu peaches to May, stating that he--they--wouldn't allow the goat-woman to go up with them and fight the barbarians. Having had the peaches plucked so rudely from his grasp, Ryden merely planted his foot atop a slab of rubble and then looked at Seth with a somewhat annoyed expression, though he quickly nodded in agreement with the boy once he told May what he needed to tell her.

"He's right, ma," Ryden said, turning his attention to her now, "we don't want you gettin' hurt out there. We'll handle this, don't you worry!"

After saying that--and listening to May's subsequent response--Ryden then began to hear the Arcuul's voice in his head, being familiar with the technique that she was using to telepathically speak to him. He assumed that she was doing the same for Seth as well, since it allowed them to communicate with each other almost instantly, and without actually speaking at that!

But as May began to levitate off of the ground, Ryden, instead of taking off towards his foe, stood his ground and flared his aura, his eyes focusing directly on the grey-skinned woman as he did so. "May, Seth; I ain't goin' out there just yet. There's something I've gotta do first...something that might help us out while we're fightin' her!" The boy thought, his aura flaring outward and bathing the area in a golden glow. "I was gonna do this back in Diamond City, but I never got the chance to do it! All I need is a minute or two, and I'll...we' able to go out there and kick some ass!"

At this point, Ryden's aura had begun to take on a much more unstable and jagged appearance, the energy appearing to shift between varying shapes and sizes as the boy continued to gather up what appeared to be a large amount of power in his body. It was clear that he was attempting to use his Enhanced Blows technique for this fight, but he needed a little bit of time before he could fully utilize it. The only thing he could hope for now would be that the red-haired monster up above would be too preocupied with other things to notice him gathering his strength.

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja Jan 11 2018, 09:44 PM
Oh god, she just watched someone die!

Soranna had been resting, catching her breath after her previous stunt against the Barbarian woman took far too much out of her. Her nerves were shot and she had a massive headache, but she was fine. In time, her body would calm down and her headache would subside, and she would once again join the battle against the forces that sought to burn this planet to the ground. They were winning, at least they were from her perspective, and it was a mantra she repeated to herself multiple times, until the sickening slushing sound of a sword ripping through flesh informed her that they weren't winning in the slightest.

One of the teenagers, one of Ryden's friends, was casually ran through right before he was taken down by the vicious Shala himself. The Brench woman couldn't even mutter out a cry of worry as the two teenagers plummeted to the ground, and she damn near froze once it became clear that it was only about thirty feet between her and Shala. It was a space that could be cleared by either one of them before the majority of the planet could even take a single step, and she'd just watch someone die.

Her fear was to be expected. But instead of remaining frozen, her body flared with her two toned ki that emanated from the Renzani Stone. Her senses, as flimsy and faulty as they were, flared to life, and she took flight. At that moment, Soranna Metsanja was well aware of what her body was doing, but she was not the one driving it. Not entirely.

This was a sensation that she'd experienced maybe twice before; the first time was when she first encountered the power, ancient artifact that she wore as a fashion item, and the second was when she made her great escape that ultimately lead her to this backwater planet in some forgotten corner of the Milky Way. Both times occurred when she was under significant duress, which she was at that moment. And in those times, the spiritual entities within the Renzani Stone took her body for a joyride.

Just like they were now.

The sheer amount of ki she output was far in excess of what she had before, in excess of the amount of power she put into the blast mere moments before. Of course, that rapid and dramatic rise in power was more than enough to catch the attention of Shala.

"You're not doing this again!" The Kagzran woman shouted as she wound up in order to unleash a ki blast at Soranna in retaliation. The Brench, her body on mostly autopilot, blasted off of the rooftop with a speed Shala hadn't expected and caught her with a ferocious left hook. The Barbarian was staggered, but immediately responded with a right hook of her own and a quick swipe of her sword.

Soranna boomed, though her voice was not her own, not entirely. The ki powering her immediately solidified into a construct that halted the sword in its place, and Soranna followed up with her legs being flung upward for two tremendous kicks to the side of Shala's head.

Posted by: Seth Karma Jan 12 2018, 11:46 AM
He nodded to May, acknowledging her comments about the usefulness of the peach as he folded his own little pouch up and stuffed it up his sleeve, into a secondary hidden pocket. It was one of the reasons he liked this jacket, all sorts of nooks and crannies to put things in. He had another one like it in one of his resting places somewhere on the coast of Generica. At least, he did if no one had discovered his little stone hollow. He'd carved a place into a small cliff side and covered it up with more rocks, but there was always a chance that someone could have discovered it.

As Ryden went on to try and reassure his goat mom, Seth closed his eyes and built up his own power, forcing it through himself, faster, faster, faster-- And then the bottom dropped out. Seth exploded in a flash of red as he activated the possession technique, eyes opening and pupils now glowing brightly with the color of his aura. He looked to Ryden, smiling, and he directed the possession toward the other boy, the red energy flowing from him and wrapping around him, sinking in and amplifying Ryden's own power. The possession technique didn't override Ryden's abilities though. It just made them stronger and a bit easier to handle.

Then Seth turned to May. 《I know you can handle yourself, but I would like to offer you the same boost I'm giving Ryden. It will increase your durability, and enhance your energy. And, no, you won't be effected in any negative way. The bond you made makes this easy to maintain, and if you can connect more people then I can do the same for them. You said we should fight together, so this is my contribution to that.》

Seth felt he was at a high enough level now to at least stand somewhere within a survivable range of Sharkface McSnaggletooth of the Krag-stains.... He would have to use that. That could be a fun one to use.

While he waited for Ryden and May, he felt higher, trying to sense how things were going. And was pleasantly surprised. There weren't more dead people. Not yet at least. Which meant they had a chance. He just hoped that chance would last and that others would be able to keep the woman occupied for long enough for the three to rejoin the fray. "Just please don't die...." A silent request mouthed by a boy tired of having to see dead allies.

Posted by: May Merriweather Jan 12 2018, 07:21 PM
May regarded Seth’s energies as her son spoke to her. Her son Ryden too was gathering power, mustering for the fight ahead. She couldn’t help but be a bit proud of the two young men. That’s what they were, not boys - they were men in bloom, strong, vital, and brave.

May just had to keep up with them. She wasn’t ashamed to admit it - in the strictest sense they were a good measure stronger than she. Of course, she knew well that this was not the only venue of power. Knowledge was another - and she had considerable knowledge. Other warriors were in strife, too, some warriors she’d not met before then, all fighting their own battles. Magic was flying, the orange skinned woman fighting Shala on high was in distress, and others were lost in the rubble, hurt, or fighting barbarians.

May tried not to let the scale of this conflict, the loss of life, get to her. People were dying and there wasn’t a whole lot she could do about it right now but put a stop to the shark-faced woman, and do it fast. Perhaps without their leader, the rest would buckle - she could but hope.

So, May called her own strength, nodding to Seth. Hers wasn’t a display of terrible power or might. It was a stormy sea, and she focused on that image. A terrible storm where a dragon dwelled, a fearsome gale where something angry resided.

When Seth’s power entered her, when she accepted his offer wordlessly, the presence of that red rage took greater prominence. She almost lost her concentration it was that intense, that frightening. It was a font of power she’d never touched before, and it took her a few moments to gather herself enough to ride the bow wave of it. Her blue aura went dark and deep, and she felt as if she might just fly apart if she lost control. It scared her, just a little... but she quickly piled her iron will, layer upon layer of it, onto the bestial nature of that raw strength. In her mind’s eye, the terrible storm dragon danced and swamped coastlines, and there a little sailboat sat in the heart of the storm. The calm center, detached, but part of it just the same.

That’s where she was, where the contact she had with the others was. When May opened her eyes, purple light poured out, and she nodded to Seth, a heartfelt, professional’s salute. The power. It was certainly something. The boy had a real talent here. Palms up, mist rising, she levitated in place in a martial stance straight out of her grandfather’s training in the gentle way, muscle memory. She would borrow this strength, learn from the experience. And if she got the chance, she’d be a rock in this Shala woman’s happy little river of violence ride, to put a big damn hole in her boat.

Posted by: Valzaria Malrazz Jan 17 2018, 04:04 AM
It wasn't everyday you got to literally slap some sense into someone. It was one of those posturing things people tended to say in the heat of the moment, but things always calmed down and nothing ever came of it.

Until today, it was probably something legends were made out of. And if it hadn't been under the veil of an entire planet being razed to the ground, backwater or otherwise, the Avaria likely would've drawn far more satisfaction from it. Instead, she drew a moments worth of satisfaction as the dark haired man was renewed with a new sense of vitality and fight, fight that he used to protect his home as he went back into conflict with the Kagzran. Though she did have momentary feelings of congratulations, the Sikai Kishin opted against running over to give the young man props for returning to battle. Fighting for their own collective survival seemed to be more important.

Especially now as she was viciously tackled into an SUV.

The warrior let out a groan as the metal frame buckled beneath her spine, and groaned once more as a follow up blow packed more than enough force to shoot her straight through the vehicle and into the ground. Smiling, the Kagzran warrior began to build up her ki just prior to unleashing a wave of energy toward Val at nigh on point blank range but that attack itself was countered by Val's ki/biotic hybrid blast. The two crimson waves of energy quickly collided into each other, breaching a distance of barely six feet with a significant amount of power behind them. Valzaria's body was driven into the street about seven inches just from the force of releasing her attack alone, the collision of the two ki attacks dropped her another half foot.

The barbarian she currently fought was nearly tossed through the air like a ragdoll had they not managed to brace themselves in an shroud of their own Rage. "Enough of this!!!" the alien boomed as she began to power up; plumes and trails of spatial distorted energy leaping from her body as she upped the power behind her attack. It didn't take too long for her to completely overpower her attacker, and even less time for the barbarian to be blasted straight into the air. Her power still growing, the blue hued woman shot into the air and caught the Kagzran woman with a sharp elbow to the jaw and then snatched her by the foot.

A quick twist and a throw launched the woman into her comrades. The lot of them were then taken out by a thrusting of her left hand forward and a single utterance of her Zoning Carnage, consuming them in a massive wave of energy that bathed the streets in a bright red light before the yellows and orange of the ensuing explosion lit up the skyline. "Stay dead!"

Her power still growing, Valzaria turned her attention to the clashing of fists and ki in the sky; the Brench woman was fighting Shala solo. Valzaria was completely unaware of the near death event that transpired, though she detected the fluctuations in ki signals that alerted her to something terrible happening,, so she was a little taken aback by only seeing one person tackle Shala alone.

The woman seemed to be doing fine, but it was still risky as it was very unlikely that the Brench would be able to keep that up for long. Just before she rushed off, she caught a glimpse of someone running swiftly down a side street. Not a human (a baseline one anyway) as they were moving at a clip well outside the human norm, but they were still a bit too slow for the Kagzran giving chase

It was Keya's monk, and they still had the Font in their grasp. in all the rush, he got lost in the shuffle. "Mobei!" the Kinshinkei warrior's flight path was quickly redirected as she blasted through the air, leaving a contrail of energy and visible light in her wake as she sped toward the man who was fleeing for his life. Leaving nothing to change, she even utilized her Flash Steps to cover the distance even quicker, leaving her final sudden rush of super-super speed just prior to one of the barbarians laying a hand of Mobei, the monk.

That action was interrupted by a kick that launched him down the street. Valzaria immediately lunged into a roundhouse kick aimed at another Kagzran and used the force of that blow to springboard into another who was taken out with an axehandle strike to the forehead. "Get down!" she shouted as a barrage of blasts came her way; they were all deflected as the monk hunkered down, clutching the item they all were practically fighting for. Once she had an opening, Val reached down, grabbed the monk by the collar, and chucked him into the air and hit all of the Kagzran surrounding her with a TK burst as they looked up in confusion.

she didn't even bother to track where they went, she just went up to catch the monk.

Unfortunately, another Kagzran damn near beat her to the punch. The man's sword was held high before he aimed to cut the monk clean in half, and with no way to reach Mobei in time, the Avaria blasted him away with yet another telekinetic burst. The sword missed flesh and caved through some power lines.


Unfortunately, Mobei, as he flew back toward the rooftops, lost his grip on the Font.


The Kagzran warrior witnessed this fortuitous moment and reached out for the item, seeking favor with the Kharn no doubt. In doing so, the man's sword smacked the severed lines straight into the item of power and Rage.

Almost immediately, the surge of electricty, in contact with the Font, let out one of those horrible, screeching, annoying noises that electronics tended to make, though roughly sixteen times worse; a sound that immediately echoed across the city to disturb all who were in earshot.

Then came the shockwaves; waves of ki rippled out, flattening against solid surfaces while traveling in the open in air in an omnidirectional pattern.

it all seemed to occur in slow motion from Valzaria's perspective, but in the same beats of existence, all of the Kagzran within eyesight of her let out painful howls as their auras flared into overdrive before flickering out of existence. Some immediately fell to the ground or collapsed, others were immediately vaporized in a plume of ki. In the span of fractions of a second it took for a power line to touch metallic canister and then not, dozens of enemy fighters lot any semblance of power.

She, of course, caught the Font as it fell and flew up toward Mobei on the roof, taking a moment to stare in awe at all of the bodies that now littered the streets. Bodies that they no longer have to fight. Or, in regards to those who still maintained some sort of ki abilities, were no longer enhanced by their Crimson Ki.

"By the Goddess...."

Now, they just needed to figure out how to do that again to take out the rest of them.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Jan 18 2018, 04:16 PM
It wouldn't have been too much longer now. In a few more seconds, Ryden's Enhanced Blows technique would've finally been completed, and he could finally go out there and kick some righteous ass alongside Seth and May! But as the ground began to crack underneath him, and as his aura began to take on a much more chaotic appearance, he couldn't help but look up into the sky and notice a most peculiar sight...

...the sight of Soranna going in and attacking the red-haired woman.

<S-Soranna?! What's she doin' up there?! She needs to get outta there before that chick gets her with that sword!> Ryden thought, speaking mentally between himself, Seth, and May. The boy was under the impression that Soranna had used up the majority of her power during her last attack against the sword-wielding woman, and needed time before she could launch another assault. Perhaps she thought that Ryden and Seth had been killed by that last attack, and was hopelessly attacking the woman to avenge the two? It was possible, but either way, Ryden had to get up there, and quickly!

A gust of pure force spread out across the ground from where the teen was standing then, his yellow aura calming down a bit as a multitude of heatwave-like distortions seemed to surround Ryden's arms and legs. Looking down at himself, the teen straightened his posture out as he made sure to look for any signs that the technique had failed; fortunately, he had found none.

That was good.

The boy's hair was noticeably more spiky in appearance now, and much of it was pointed back, like he had come into contact with a very strong wind and had his hair blown back as a result, with his forehead now more visible than it was before. In addition, both of his irises were glowing a bright yellow color, and his aura was much rougher in appearance, like it could cut you if you tried to reach out to it.

Speaking in terms of what the technique itself actually did, Enhanced Blows essentially did the same thing that Gokan's Kaiō-whatever did, enhancing the strength and speed of the user at the cost of their own stamina. Having witnessed the latter male's technique firsthand, Ryden could certainly say that while the effects of their respective moves were extremely similar, the execution was very different. All Ryden had to do with "EB" (Enhanced Blows) was simply charge himself full of energy until he couldn't hold anymore, and then direct all of it through his whole body. With that Kaiō-technique...well, he didn't know what was going on with that.

One thing that Ryden noted, however, was that his EB technique put a bit more emphasis on his speed, rather than his physical power, but the boost was still there.

Regardless, now that his powerup was complete, it was time to--


Something was...wrong! It felt like something was making Ryden's power...jump!

Now levitating in the air, Ryden looked down at himself as he saw a red aura begin to overlay itself over his yellow aura, one of his irises turning red while the other maintained its golden color. Just what had happened?! No, no...he couldn't let this power go out of control; he had to focus. Focus...

The boy breathed in then, both auras stabilizing as he blinked and began to examine himself. A yellow aura surrounded by a red one, huh? It was odd that they didn't merge, but the more he looked at it, the more Ryden started to like the look of it, to say nothing at all of the feel of it! While he had certainly been startled at first, now that he had stabilized himself a bit, Ryden actually felt...good! Better than good; in fact, he felt amazing! Like he was on cloud 9! He'd never felt this amazing before!

This level of power was...intoxicating!

He looked around then, attempting to find the source of this newfound energy. Upon looking to his side and seeing Seth smile at him, he immediately knew where it had come from. The boy smiled back then, hopping and dancing around as his double-aura surrounded him and followed his every movement.

<Man, I don't know what the hell you did, but whatever it was, don't stop! I feel better than ever!>
Ryden mentally spoke, grinning at Seth as he then crouched low, preparing to leap into action against the barbarian woman up above.

<Ready when you guys are!>

Posted by: The Hero Force! Jan 20 2018, 10:29 PM
Android Pi
The Machine Man: The Hero Force AI! Never Fear:Time To Save The World!

Two of the teens were down, and were dispatched without hesitation or remourse. It was clear that Shala was no longer holding back. The orange hued woman unleashed some sort of power up and began to fight the barbarian woman solo to some success, but everyone knew that she wouldn't hold out for long. Android Pi had to get to her, it just had to bypass the rampaging Kagzran first.

The local military and paramilitary forces were doing a decent job holding off or distracting the bulk of the horde, and the mystical assistance from the magical Tysel helped them aid the Hero Force machine and the hastily assembled ragtag group of allies. If they fell here today, it was likely the rest of the world would go along with them. To make sure that didn't happen, Android Pi had to break through the wall before it.

Blasting off at full speed, the machine unleashed several taser cables that latched on to the Kagzran in its path, delivering the maximum voltage of electricity its body could muster. Their howls echoed through the city before Pi slammed the lot of them down into the ground and launched into the air immediately after, dropping a volley of energy attacks directly into them in its wake. Just as Pi was aiming toward another batch of Kagzran, there was a sudden loud hissing noise that washed over everything before shockwaves of ki ripped out in all directions.

Immediately, Pi attempted to block one of these shockwaves, only to discover that they were harmless. Or at least harmless to Pi. A quick scan showed that Kagzran caught in the blast were either immediately vaporized or collapsed to the ground, weakened or unconscious. Pi pivoted in the direction of the source, noting the blue woman holding the Font. It was clear that she discovered a way to put them down.

"What? How?!" The Android shouted out to her.

The woman glanced up at the Android and gave a confused shrug. "No idea!!!" She replied, "It touched a power line and then it just happened!" It didn't take long for Pi to figure out what happened.

"It's the electricity! We need electricity!" With Pi's last stunt, it would take a few minutes before its taser function would recharge, so there was no way to take over. "Someone capable of producing an electric current, assist the woman with the Font! That is our key to winning this battle!" After punching a surviving Kagzran in the face, Pi immediately crashed into Shala's ribcage, joining the jaundiced woman in the battle against her.

Posted by: Camelia Jan 21 2018, 03:11 AM
Camelia was paying attention. That is to say, the second that screeching whine had hit and passed, she had witnessed how it happened. All because she was keeping her attention focused on everything at the same time while she was waiting for a good chance to strike the shark woman after her...display of barbaric sadism.

But this revelation was...well, it was much better than putting her fist down that arrogant cunt's throat. Oh so much better.

There was a reason she was part of the Jaeger's, the special forces of Pariahim soldiers that were only called on for high risk assignments. Which is why she was on Eden in the first place in fact. She was, if you will, a veritable badass in that regard as she fluttered from view and within a few seconds, mere inches from Valzaria with a grin on her face that was....well, chilling. The kind of grin that spelled out bad news, but it wasn't aimed at her or Pi. It was more directed at the realization of how bad the kagzran had fucked up.

Because she was there, mitts outstretched as she positively amped up her PPU with the mother of all shit eating grins. "This is gonna suck for them isn't it?" Her voice was barely a whisper, mirthful, but quiet as she kept ramping it up until her gauntlets were a crackling maelstrom of what one could only describe as handheld fury with nowhere to go but wherever she put her hands and in most instances her blitz schwall would have been in someones face a multitudinous amount of times. For now she was holding her hands out, cupped as it where. "Don't hold onto it, just drop it in my palms. You really don't want a zap from this right now because." She paused for a second, the grin growing wider, almost manic as it reached her eyes with a cruel light. "Does lightning storm in a bottle mean a thing to you?"

The purple haired woman licked her lips. "Now, let's show them just how lukewarm the hell they came from really is."

Posted by: Bitta Jan 27 2018, 04:02 PM
Bitta had basically hit the ground running as soon as he'd arrived on Eden, making his way through battlefield after battlefield as the hoard seemed to march onwards, forgetting about the smaller fry for now. There was no point in getting wrapped up with fighting wave after wave of minions when taking out the boss would probably do more damage. What was the old saying? Something about decapitating a Usbeldian King Worm or something along those lines? Ah, it didn't really matter now, to be fair.

He leapt from building to building, wincing as he heard the sounds of combat getting closer and closer, along with shouts and crackling sounds. The battle, it sounded like it was truly hectic in this direction. Somebody powerful was here, fighting off multiple opponents, as far as he could sense. It could only mean that the barbarian master, or somebody high up, was here fighting multiple resistance fighters.

And as he leapt over another building, he saw her. The female barbarian that had been fighting, causing so much death and destruction. For a moment, he saw an image of her overlapped with the terrifying visage of Carina, the monster namekian, before his vision cleared and he saw clearly again. He could see the other fighters gearing up for something, but Shala was probably actively watching their approach. But if he was undetected, then that meant he had a shot to strike and give everybody a chance to hit her hard.

With that in mind, he launched forwards, telekinetically heating up the air around his left arm until a blade of flames engulfed it, as he leapt for the woman's seemingly unguarded back, wordlessly slashing down in an attempt to sever one of her arms through the use of a sneak attack. Hopefully, no matter what, the other fighters would capitalize.

Posted by: May Merriweather Feb 4 2018, 04:38 AM
May shut her eyes. In this scenario that might have seemed like madness - but she actually could see despite the lack of visual acuity. In fact, she could see better. Not the world around her, but the people in it, the beings that lived here. She could see the flows of energy, she could feel the heartbeats of her son and his friend Seth. She could feel their connection, and others who even now were fighting so desperately for their survival and for the lives of the people caught in the crossfire. So much pain... So much death. It was staggering. In the thick of it like this, she had to fight again for her center, for courage, for peace, for insight.

The caprine arcuul nun's long, downy ears flicked, and she reached out... Out towards the others. There was a Brench woman. There was a strange, alien power source - Cammy! There was an Arcosian - an alien she'd never encountered before. There was a little monk, and a blue skinned alien who wielded some kind of... Telekinetic power. There was another Arcuul, the forces of arcane power dancing around her... And into several other humans with far lower power levels.

There were people frightened and wounded, scared and hiding. She flicked her ears, and fought for clarity, for focus... As she connected them.

All of them. All the warriors and the civilians, the resistance fighters and the aliens. A quiet little 'HOOM' of psychically propelled air expanded outward from May as she extended her mind... And took their hands, all at once.

Things were not hopeless. Their city, their world was not lost. The barbarians were many, and they were strong, but they were not helpless to their onslaught. May opened her eyes then, and began to rise towards the battle, into the air above the city, trusting her sons to follow her.

The civilians needed to leave. Already people were aware of each other now - their relationships in space, and where the danger was, even though they could not see it. Barbarians were revealed through May's perceptions, and through the eyes of those connected. People were pulling each other out of rubble, taking cover, and starting to move towards people who could protect them, but May had to take some control of the scenario.

For everyone May reached out to, it was like the world had been given a tactical overlay. Barbarians were highlighted in red auras, resistance fighters in blue, civilians in green. Relative states of health she could perceive were estimated and put into perspective.

To the civilians, she said
<You are not safe here. They are targeting population centers. Take nothing with you - simply bring whoever you can, and leave the city. We are watching over you - stick together. Remain calm.> she said, and sorely wished she could give Clarity to each and every panicked mind. All she could do for now was partition the civilians' psychic presence in this great link she'd established between the courageous fighters. Make clear their presences, so the innocents could be protected.

To the pair with her, she nodded, and began to pick up the pace. She intended to confront Shala directly, to back up the Brench - and she let Soranna know as much. <We're coming to assist you! Please hold on!> she said into the Brench woman's mind, highlighting the trio in the woman's perceptions, but also the Kagzarn woman's.

Posted by: Tysel Feb 4 2018, 04:54 AM
The world changed. Suddenly, a clusterfuck became... Well, understandable. Simple, in a way she never knew it could have been. Her mind felt something brush against it, felt a sensation like cool water lapping at the iron sides of her mental fortress, and information was offered.

The voice that came, that reassured her, it took away the chaos. The barbarians were highlighted. Her allies were highlighted. Her chosen seven were revealed to her, even through the smoke and chaos. Fog of war was just... Gone.

The tiny wizard daintily lifted off the ground and set atop one of the wrecked tanks, and the seven paramilitary soldiers she'd empowered moved closer to her. She took the opprotunity to renew their blades of Arcane Assault, and click her Rod on the wrecked tank. She checked its reserves, what it had taken ffrom each spell she'd cast so far and it was rebuilding its charge, slowly but surely. Good - she'd need it.

"They just... Freaked out and fell over! What's going on?" A mahogany giant of a man, one of the seven, said as he stood at ready, blade crackling.

"Yeah thats cool - and whats up with these swords and this mouse lady?" Another of the seven, a woman just barely an adult by the look of her. And still older than Tysel, she reckoned.

"She's helping us. Focus, private!" Another said, the pip on his shoulder marking him a sergeant. Tysel nodded, and said into their minds, using the psychic link she now had with them.

<Yes, exactly. We need to cover the civilians - they're our top priority. she said and knew she sounded like a kid compared to these warriors. A little girl. She grit her teeth, wishing she could sound so much cooler than this, be tall like everyone else. This was communicated as well and the tall man, the first who spoke, grinned a bit.

"AND SHES JUST THE CUTEST!" The woman said,more like a war cry than a cry of squee. She roared it!

Tysel flushed and glowered, clearly not pleased, but shrugging it off.

"Yeah you heard the lady - let's move, people!" Sarge said, and the eight of them set off at speed, moving to help the civilians, taking advantage of the chaos and loss of the barbarians' numbers.

Posted by: Valzaria Malrazz Feb 13 2018, 03:02 PM
Purple eyes darted back and forth as Valzaria held the item that had consumed her life for Goddess knew how many years at this point. Everything she'd been fighting for, everyone she'd been fighting for, it all came to a head at this very moment as she casually held what could be considered one of the most powerful items in the cosmos to her knowledge. This Font, she hadn't seen anything like it before, and she hoped that she wouldn't see anything like it again following this traumatic event.

But to get to that point, she had to figure out what exactly to do with the thing.

The golden Android seemed to surmise that utilizing the Font in such a way that would harm the Kagzran would require electricity and that the thing with the powerline wasn't just some one off event. That was fine and dandy, but where was she going to get that much power? Val couldn't just go around, slicing through infrastructure to get a momentary amount of what she needed in order to do some damage; that was nothing more than wasted motion, and would put her in jeopardy almost immediately. She recognized that even now: Kagzran that survived the initial blast wave were returning to their feet. Those without the Rage bubbling inside of them still had their natural ki potential to survive off of, and they likely wanted what power they lost back.

And those that were only stunned, well, they recovered long ago, and the Avaria was already in their sights. Not just because of what she did, but because of the item she held in her hands.

Thankfully, a woman arrived --with either ridiculously large hands or obnoxiously large gauntlets, she might add-- made her way over, and it was clear by the expression on her face that she had a plan, something made evident by her request for the Font. Considering what everyone was going through, it was hard for her to trust someone she'd never met with such a powerful artifact, even if she'd caught glances of the woman fighting the Kagzran as she had. But with no other option, she did what she had to do.

"It's all yours," the Sikai Kishin warrior said as she handed the item over. After, she took yet another glance around and noticed that there were a large amount of enemy warriors flying their way, hell bent on capturing the Font and killing them. Far too many for Valzaria to fight solo while the woman did her thing, at least not without proper application of technique.

So, in between her hands, the Avaria formed a navy colored sphere of spatial distortions and ki, powerful enough to begin to tug on the clothes of the two women and any small particulate matter that may be present. "Do your thing, just remember to stay away from the ball!" It took a brief moment for the small sphere to be tossed into the air, where it underwent an explosive expansion. Almost immediately, the barbarians heading their way were trapped within the Singularity; their bodies now at the whim of the churning force. Those that got close were also captured, prompting the wave of enemies to pause in order to figure out another way to attack the two women.

"That thing only lasts thirty seconds, so whatever you're going to do, do it now!" She boomed.

Then she dropped to the ground, not wanting to be anywhere near the potential blast radius of the large gauntlet wearing woman's next assault.

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja Feb 13 2018, 03:45 PM
The two strikes to the Kagzran woman's head struck true, but Shala didn't seemed all that phased by the strike. And if she was, she wasn't entirely moved by it. The pale woman growled in the face of the Brench woman and immediately lashed out for a powerful punch, but that strike was blocked, caught in Soranna's hands.

"You don't get to win!!!!!"

The overlapping, harmonious echo of voices that spewed forth from Soranna's mouth were a little disorienting, largely because of how unnatural and chaotic it sounded. Being possessed by countless spirits in the heat of the moment tended to do that to a person, and based on the amount of power she was outputting, and how well she was doing against Shala, it wasn't hard for anyone near by to recognize that she wasn't entirely herself in this fight.

She seemed to be doing better because of it.

Once the punch was blocked, Soranna, or at the very least her body, lunged forward and retaliated with a vicious uppercut to Shala's jaw. The Kagzran woman was immediately rocked and went into a spin in order to build up momentum to cleave Soranna in half with her sword. Instead of blocking outright, the Renzani ki that surrounded the yellow-orange hued woman twisted and contorted its form, shaping itself into some sort of slope that not only allowed the blade to glide casually past, but throw the alien attackers balance off course. By the look of her face, it was clear that she wasn't pleased by it.

Wasn't anymore pleased when Android Pi smashed into her ribcage.

Immediately taking advantage of the opening, Soranna went into a flip and smashed both of her feet into Shala's face. The woman nearly lost a grip on her sword, but managed to catch it at the very least second. "I don't know what happened, but you have become a nuisance, woman!" Shala boomed.

"Let us take her down!" The Hero Force Android boomed; Soranna merely nodded. In unison, the two launched themselves at the woman, unleashing a flurry of seemingly coordinated punches, kicks, and elbow shots. Many of them were blocked and parried by Shala's sword being used as a shield, but enough good shots managed to slip in between her guard; the woman received an elbow to the face from Pi and a stream of ki from Soranna that blasted her into a nearby building.

"This is now over!!!!!"

Both arms outstretched, Soranna began to build up a significant amount of ki, the multihued auras of the Renzani Stone beginning to crackle and pop as she mustered up power for her Renzani Cannon in order to pull off the very same feat of power she'd told Ryden not too long ago that she wouldn't be able to do for awhile.

It hadn't been awhile yet, but the tandem souls within her sure were preparing their current vessel to do it again!

"I'll hold her off while you prepare," Pi exclaimed before he flew off toward Shala, just as the Barbarian woman headed toward the pair herself.

Almost immediately, their fists clashed, negating each others punches. Shala backed off a brief second for a downward swing of her sword that Pi managed to avoid by tangling her and her weapon in its taser cables. The Android then used the whip like weapons to pull her off balance and strike her in the ribcage three times before he unleashed the full power of the electrical weapon. And as the surge of electricity ran through her body, Shala let out a blood curdling scream.

And then she began to laugh through her pain.

"A won---wonderful ppplann!!! ....almost would've worked...." And through the pain, Shala's aura expanded as she mustered up her own ki to utilize her Electric Judgement, hijacking Pi's currents entirely. Within seconds, all of the juice from his taser cables was stolen from him, the static buildup instead dancing around Shala. "Would've worked if I couldn't control this myself!" She then sacrificed her face to headbutt Pi twice, nearly caving in its metallic face. The force of the strike still forced the head down into the body, nearly destroying the neck and what would've been collarbones had the machine been organic.

And still tangled to the machine, she then flew toward Soranna just as she unleashed the Renzani Cannon, using Pi to absorb the brunt of the attack. The force of the ki blast knocked the Hero Force machine off into the distance and severed the cables it used to bind Shala, and now with free reign, she went off to attack the Brench woman once more.

A stream of electricity was launched toward the Renzani powered woman, who then generated a shield to protect herself from the attack as she flew off to meet Shala herself. The air cracked as they collided to exchange a series of blows, both fighting practically even.

And then there was an intrusion.

Not a malicious intrusion, mind you, it was a helpful hint and a sign of comfort from one of the nearby allies using her telepathic abilities to inform Soranna that help was coming. Help was always welcome as it would see to it that Shala would fall in battle this day. Unfortunately, telepathic help had a downside: it broke concentration. Communing with countless spirits, utilizing that communion to not only synchronize their thoughts with yours, but their movements with your own took a lot of effort. Each spirit, one after another controlled a heartbeat of movement in a collaborative effort to drive Soranna's body and power. No one spirit had absolute control over this, nor did Soranna herself.

Speaking with Soranna directly simply brought her and her control to the forefront in order for her to intercept and interpret the telepathic message. Soranna went from being driven by the souls of the dead to being in control of her body. Not necessarily a bad thing, unless you were trying to punch an alien invader in the face. Combat skill and power dropped sharply in a matter of moments.

Shala went from merely being able to keep pace with the Brench to casually dodging a right hook with ease. "Damn!" Soranna bemoaned as she attempted to follow up her attack with a roundhouse kick. It was also avoided.

"Looks like you ran out of steam!"

Three sickening explosions of force reverberated off of the buildings as Shala drove her elbow into Soranna's sternum, brought it around to catch her in the temple, and then rotated just enough to use her knee to crack a rib. And just as Soranna's body began to fall, Shala caught her by her hair and smashed her face into her knee.


Afterward, Soranna's body was dragged up to eye level. "Now, it's time for you to die!" Shala's sword wielding hand repositioned the weapon with the grace of someone who hadn't yet decided on how they were going to maim and kill someone. There was kind of a shrug to it, the A'Liot simply deciding to let chance and momentum figure out how the Brench would be severed in half.

The fatal strike was interrupted by some red looking person with an energy sword of his own slashing down on Shala's attacking arm, causing her to lose her grip on not only her blade, but Soranna herself.

"An Arcosian!?" Shala shouted in surprise as she gripped her now burned and scarred arm.

Soranna, on the other hand, gracefully drifted down on to an overturned bus, cushioned by some last minute activation of giant pillow construct she managed to create for herself. She didn't lose conscious, but she'd be damned if she had to move any time soon.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Feb 17 2018, 04:54 AM
Ryden's eyes widened a bit when he looked up and witnessed the incredible battle currently raging overhead, with Android Pi and the previously-downed Soranna both facing off against the sword-wielding monstrosity that was currently laying siege to Konsorhaven. It was an amazing thing to behold, with the two heroes seemingly beginning to match the barbarian woman blow-for-blow as they attempted to--in one swift and relentless assault--bring her down for good. Just when things were looking up for everyone, however, disaster struck: the grey-skinned woman revealed that she was able to control electricity, thus rendering Pi's taser strike ineffective! What's more, it left the android wide open, and the woman used the robot's body to defend against Soranna's attack!

Unfortunately, Pi was blown clear out of the sky and landed somewhere in the distance, though it would've been safe to assume that, for now, the automaton was likely going to be out of commission for a while. Now it was just Soranna against this absolute juggernaut of a woman, although the two seemed to have been, for the most part, fighting rather evenly. Still, something about the darker-skinned woman appeared to have She was fighting with a strength that Ryden simply hadn't seen her use before, and her movements, from her punches and kicks, to her more subtle motions, appeared to have not been entirely her own. This was also, of course, neglecting to take into account the obvious changes in her voice.

Needless to say, it didn't take Ryden very long to figure out that there was more to this woman than meets the eye; but as long as she was winning the battle, then it shouldn't have mattered much, right?

That would have certainly been true...if she had won the battle.

Instead, just as the two had begun to evenly exchange a flurry of blows, Soranna seemed to have snapped back into reality for reasons unbeknownst to Ryden. Unfortunately, the teen wouldn't have had long to comprehend the reasons for very long; because as soon as the woman's strength had begun to fade, the red-headed barbarian saw her chance to strike and took it, savagely beating the dark-skinned woman down before attempting to deliver the final blow with her cruel blade...

...until a timely intervention from a stranger saved the woman's life.

With nothing to hold her in the air any longer, Soranna's limp form simply careened out of the sky and landed somewhere on the city streets below, her body--and subsequently her landing place--hidden from view due to the rubble and debris scattered across the battlefield.

And yet, throughout all of this, Ryden had been unable to do anything but stand back and watch...but not anymore! Now it was his turn to join the fray, and even if he had to die to do it, he would make this barbarian pay for all the pain she had just caused!

While May had begun to ascend into the air in an effort to meet the sword-wielding woman head-on, Ryden instead decided to hang back for a moment and bawl his fists up, his double-aura seeming to spike and ripple around him as he rose his power in preparation for the battle ahead. But, before he could go in guns blazing, he first needed to get Soranna some help. After all, he had promised to protect her as best he could, didn't he?

<Wait, don't go yet!>
The boy mentally communicated, still building his power up as he relaxed his stance and gazed up at the red-headed barbarian, a few bits of rubble beginning to hover around him as he did so.
<The woman who had just gotten knocked down--her name's Soranna! Ma, Seth...she needs one of you to help her! You can leave that big-boobed freak up there to me! She's...>

At that moment, an ear-splitting crack could be heard as Ryden rocketed off of the ground and immediately took to the skies, distinct streaks of both crimson and gold trailing behind the boy's blurred image as he made for his target: the aforementioned "big-boobed freak" herself!


With his thoughts having been properly communicated to his allies, Ryden was now able to focus all of his attention on the target directly ahead of him. With the boy gritting his teeth, he began to spin around at incredible speeds, once again corkscrewing towards the sword-bearing woman as a double-helix of red and yellow began to form directly behind him. Seth's Red Possession, coupled with Ryden's Enhanced Blows made for a rather powerful combination, as it so happened; and the teen felt stronger than he ever had before, though he didn't have any way to compare his newfound power against that of the woman's. Still, given the nature of his powers, the same must have been true for her as well...

Regardless, after about a second or two of building up additional momentum, Ryden outstretched both of his fists in an effort to deliver a punishing uppercut to the woman's jaw. Thankfully, she appeared to have been caught off-guard by the alien-looking guy's sudden appearance, so that, coupled with Ryden's already undetectable nature, should've given the teen the edge he needed.

"This's for kickin' me earlier, ya frickin' hag!"

Posted by: Camelia Mar 9 2018, 03:33 AM
"I'm gonna super charge it." The woman spoke, declaring her intent with a soft little grin as she caught the mcguffin in her hands, gauntlets clamping down around it like a vice and in a few short seconds, began to do just that.

The flash of white that rippled off her hands was nothing short of spectacular as she amped up her Blitz Schwall, really got the power flowing in arcing rivulets that reached above and beyond the roof of the building she and the of the Sikai Kishin occupied.

It wasn't enough. Not in her own mind at least.

So she stepped it up a notch.

Camelia exhaled softly as the ground beneath her feet rumbled; the air itself shaking with barely contained power. The purple haired woman's voice was the first thing to change and it sounded wrong, alien even, as the space she occupied began to glitch with fragmenting lines and geometric shapes coming out of the blue. Like an overly buggy video game.
"Releasing stage one limiters."

Needless to say, the moment she uttered those words something amazing happened.

It was a change to say the least. One that was electric in it's intensity; powerful, as the glowing corona of light that suffused her became radiantly incandescent, all to the point of being nearly painful to look at directly. But it was also beautiful in it's own little way, even as her voice, so alien now, reached out from behind the veil of light. Even as that electric whine, the same one that issued forth from the font, began to kick itself into overdrive.
"For that which you are about to receive, I am truly thankful."

The shockwave that followed was Brobdingnagian in scale, washing over everything. And Camelia, being at the epicenter of it, herself being the cause, allowed her to appreciate the one sided carnage it wrought upon the hordes of barbarians. The pained howls, the agonized screams that it tore from their throats it was frankly operatic but entirely appropriate. Just desserts as some people would say. And the purple haired woman wouldn't have argued to the contrary, rather she took them in with a cathartic rumble as she pulled herself from the light.

But it wasn't the same woman; in fact, what had yanked itself from the light, font still in hand was notably different from what had once stood there.

What stood in her stead was a, regal, yet imposing. It was a creature completely devoid of humanoid characteristics, entirely robotic and utterly large in appearance, yet, it radiated with the same strange alien ki of the woman known as Camelia.

The head turned to regard Valzaria for a moment before tossing the font back towards her in a vaguely nonchalant manner. A short confirmatory nod followed before she vanished, energy surging towards her legs as she initiated a flash step and took off towards Shala, the roof going concave from the force of her departure as she aimed to deliver a double fisted volley ball spike to the back of the shark faced woman's skull.
"Dumbass says what?"

Posted by: NPC Mar 23 2018, 12:31 PM
The Kagzran!!!
Violence Personified: The Barbarian Horde! Danger Awaits!:Fear Rage!
NOTES: These Ones Can't Be One-Shotted
Rage was replaced by pain.

The moment a significant current of electricity was pumped into The Font was the moment that this fight neared its end. The surge of power created a brilliant, crimson explosion of light and energy that washed over the entire city, seeping into the nooks and crannies of everything as if it were a tidal wave. Unlike a tidal wave, everything it made contact with was not harmed. Though people by the scores attempted to flee the red light, assuming that contact meant instant death, they would soon find that it passed over them, passed through them harmlessly.

There may have been a mild sensation of discomfort, but that varied on the person. For the most part, the civilian populace was unharmed.

The Kagzran were another matter.

This red light, this power, was a nullifier, a sort of Anti-Rage. And as it made contact with them, their reactions, though varied, were immediately apparent. The first Kagzran held an axe to a harmless child, mere seconds away from cleaving them in half before they were hit. A crippling pain emanated from their chest and a howl escaped from their mouth as the Rage oozed out of their pores like a liquid before crystalizing and seemingly evaporating into the air. The Kagzran warrior fell to their hands and knees, weakened and depowered.

It didn't take long for bystanders to recognize this.

Took even less time for them to form an angry mob, out for revenge.

This repeated countless times throughout the city in varying degrees of intensity. Kagzzran in the skies found themselves immediately depowered, and now no longer able to fly, they immediately succumbed to gravity. Those deaths were quicker than those who now had to face mobs or militias who were now looking to turn the tide of the battle. Some Kagzran were far more fortunate than others; though the Rage had been stripped from their bodies, these individuals were those who possessed ki potential without it. The majority of their powers may have been gone, but they were far from defenseless like their brethren.

Those of them who died, died fighting, letting off dazzling displays of what ki they could muster before they succumbed to military weaponry.

Not all fell to battle; streaks of ki matching all hues of the rainbow could be seen blasting off from the city; depowered Kagzran were retreating. After all, they now barely had the power or stamina to fly, fighting was out of the question. And now that they were driven by reason rather than anger, they knew that continuing this battle would be a fools errand.

Within the span of a few heartbeats, the Kagzran army was reduced from numbers that were in the hundreds, if not thousands, to a single individual in Shala The Inquisitor.

Well, there was actually another.

A short, slender, pinkish purple woman with antennae on her cheeks and blue spots on her bald head.

She was a Yardrat, someone who managed to avoid the onslaught that befell the other Kagzran by the mere (mis)fortune of being blasted out of the city by the ki of one of the planets resistance fighters. She barely had enough ki to function herself, but she didn't need to function, not anymore.

The warrior who unleashed the attack that defeated her army had tossed the Font casually to the side, aimed toward one of their allies. The Yardrat woman sat above the skyline, watching, and smirked.

Then she popped out of existence. Why?

Instant Transmission.

By focusing on the ki of the blue hued woman, the Yardrat was able to teleport near enough to make a leap for the Font. The interception looked far more effortless than it actually was.

"This belongs to the Kharn!" the Yardrat boomed. The blue woman reached out to attack, but it was too late.

Index and middle fingers were pressed to her forehead, and then she was gone.

The same amount of time it took for Konsorhaven to be removed of the Kagzran threat, it took for an alien to teleport half way around the world to the one man who could bring the planet to ruin.

Posted by: Shala The Inquisitor Apr 3 2018, 11:10 PM
The arrival of the Arcosian was an unexpected variable. He, unlike everyone else in the fight, was fresh and hadn't been worn down significantly by the conflict. So when he put his power to good use, Shala felt it, and was immediately caught off guard; she didn't have an immediate response for the attack beyond shouting in shock and disdain.

And before she could go back on the offensive, she was attacked consecutively, and hard.

First came the annoying teen who cracked her in the jaw wit ha vicious uppercut. The A'Liot nearly fell from the skies herself as she clamped down on her tongue hard enough to nearly draw blood. The woman let out a low rumble as she immediately lashed out against the teen, though thanks to his apparent upgrade in strength, the blows that they managed to exchange seemed to have been met equally; the air around them trembling following each punch, kick, and block.

Much to Shala's surprise, the teen, thanks to his sucker punch, maintained somewhat of an upperhand, and the crackling of her aura around her body was a sign that she was geared to increase her power as well.

Though she was interrupted by being nearly speared out of the sky by the Hero Force Android.

As the two bodies began their descent toward the ground, Shala proceeded to unleash a flurry of punches against the machine, though those were parried and blocked by the Generican hero, much to her chagrin. "I'm going to turn you into scrap metal!!!" The woman boomed as she managed to get a solid shot in on the Android, unleashing an uppercut that knocked the robot up toward the teen.

Then she shot up toward both of them, her aura snapping behind her as she reared her sword, with the goal to cleave both in half.

Then there was a sickening crack against the base of her skull, and then Shala disappeared in a blur of dust and contrails of her own ki. Moments later, six cars and a corner store exploded after her body blasted through like a missile. After that, it seemed like the Inquisitor was fed up.

Teal ki exploded out from the pile of twisted metal and debris that covered her, sending the man made detritus airborne in all directions. the ground beneath her began to cave in under the force of her power as she powered up to levels of power she'd only flirted with at this point. Immediately after, she rocketed into the sky, electricity crackling around her body as she reached a height about a two hundred feet or so above the defenders that already filled the sky.

She looked around in awe as she reached the sky moments after the crimson wave of light finished washing over the city, providing her with an excellent vantage point to see countless Kagzran warriors drop out of the sky to their deaths. And as others were being defeated on the ground, she opted to draw this fight to a close with the only way she knew how.

By attempting to kill everyone in sight.

"This fight ends now!" As her aura swelled, the A'Liot formed a small sphere of ki in her hands; one that quickly quintupled in size and power in a matter of seconds. The entirety of her power had been condensed into the ball, and then she threw her arms forward, unleashing the full might of her Zenon-Sha.

The attack was absolutely massive and its power was heavy.

Trying to block would be foolish. Trying to dodge would leave untold civilian casualties.

Shala's aim was to kill them all and leave Peltraea utterly devastated in one fell swoop. They would all be vaporized if she had her way.

Posted by: The Hero Force! Apr 14 2018, 04:37 PM
Android Pi
The Machine Man: The Hero Force AI! Never Fear:Time To Save The World!

There was a thick wheeze of electronics as Android Pi was rocketed into the air by the uppercut; motors and gyros struggling to right the machine on its collision course with the teenager. Fortunately, the Hero Force machine was able to reroute several other ancillary processes in order to regain functional control of motor functions. As a result, Pi immediately stopped mid-flight, seconds away from crashing into the glowing teenager and sending them both flying across the city. And before Pi went back on the offensive, the others managed managed to gang up on the Kagzran woman, delivering decisive blows that sent her flying across the city once again.

And then she rose up, her anger clear as day, and floated into the sky.

It didn't take too long for the woman to begin mustering up her ki; more than enough to put Pi into a state of shock, if a machine could even experience such a thing. The Hero Force members sensors were actively scanning the amount of energy the woman was putting out, and she'd quickly exceeded anything he'd detected from anyone at any point during this entire invasion. The level of power she currently possessed could easily kill just about everyone if they stood and watched. And if not them, then huge swaths of civilians. Shala could leave a wasteland in her wake if they did nothing.

So Pi stepped up to the plate. "We need to stop her, now!!" the machine spouted as it flew directly into the path of the incoming ki blast and began to focus all of the energy it could muster into its arm cannon. The audible hum eventually resulted in the unleashing of a brilliant stream of yellow-white tinted ki with enough force to drive Pi back several feet.

Pi's attack quickly made contact with Shala's, delaying its projected path for the briefest of moments, but it was clear that either Shala's attack would steamroll the Android's, or the Android would run out of power long before the woman was defeated. Pi needed help.

Posted by: Seth Karma Apr 17 2018, 04:00 PM
When Ryden had launched into the air, followed shortly by May, Seth couldn't help but feel a bit hopeful, the blood shaded fury that bleed from every pore tinged with a faint brightness. He was confident in their ability, in their hearts. So, with a silent grin of resolution he joined them on the path to devastating the enemy. However, he took just a slightly different route. Rather than pushing straight toward the nearest fight, he instead snapped through the city, red-shifting until he was above the nearest ally instead. A small creature, not even four foot it didn't seem, but strong willed and ready to meet the world with their power to protect. Yes, she would take well to his abilities he believed. And in a single instant he was behind her, and the soldiers.

《Take this power, and feel it, hold it. It is yours, for now.》 And just like that, he was gone again, back on the move and leaving the gift of his invitation for more power, than was currently held, a small flickering red light at the corner of the mind of the mouse arcuul.

Next he appeared at the side of a blue skinned woman. Her name he did not know. Her power, he did not know. Her eyes though. Those were the eyes of someone he'd put a bet on being on their side. So to her he extended his mind, and his power, the energy once again creating a path between himself and her, a crimson blur moving on once more. And another power boost promised to it's recipient if only she would allow for it to permeate her own and enhance what already was.

He continued doing this, dancing around the battlefield. He gave it to a fur jacketed man, a few others who chose to remain and fight even after the goat prietess warning them to run, and as he went along offering his power, he heard Ryden's request. Help. Heal. It wasn't his forte, by any means. At least, it wasn't his ability to heal safely. What he did was painful, downright agonizing even. But even as the words were transferred from one mind to another, Seth felt himself already shifting toward the fallen warrioress. 《Goat mom, stay with Ryden! Keep him from doing something stupid! I got this one!》

True to his word, he was soon near the gold-yellow woman and landed not too far away. "Sorry about this lady, grit your teeth. This'll hurt." And with that Seth directed his power toward healing, aiming his arms at her as more of a guide than anything else. And with that the burning would start. Damaged cells, would simply incinerate, and replace themselves in the same motion. Bones broken would destroy themselves and restart from the healthy parts, everything tearing itself apart and putting itself back together just as fast. With all the pain of the original injuries likely paling in comparison. Still, necessity was what it was. And right now necessity was this woman back on her feet and ready to fight again.

It wasn't until right before he was almost finished that the wave of energy passed across the city. And while Seth didn't understand what the hell had just happened, he was certainly aware that it wasn't bad for them all. When he finished he suddenly hunched over, hands moving to his knees, out of breath as all the energy he'd expended thus far started dragging at him. "Oof.... here, take some of this.... too..." An offhand gesture was made, a flicker of red ejecting itself from his aura and floating over to hang in front of Soranna. "Free power-up, just... just.... sonovabitch... just grab on and give it a second to stabilize."

The boy was a little stretched out, he realized. Power being sorta pulled in all directions. Ryden, Goat lady, Mouse chick, Blue... something, Jacketed jackass, soldiers. Now this new woman. And there were still two more sources to act on. Fortunately one of them at least used Ki. The other one used something close enough. Seth let out strained breaths, blissfully unaware of the danger that was unfolding above as distracted as he was.

Posted by: Ryden Prolae Apr 18 2018, 05:50 PM
Ryden was beginning to like this newfound power more and more with each passing second, reveling in the strength that it gave him as he exchanged blows with the grey-skinned woman, following his previous attack. The Enhanced Blows technique was enough of a boost on its own, increasing his strength and speed nearly threefold by itself; but with Seth's ability in the mix? Well...the teen didn't really like to brag, but... made him feel unstoppable.

What was once a threefold increase quickly began to feel like a quadruple, if not quintuple, boost in strength and speed, to say nothing about the boy's newfound durability in the face of the warrioress's punches and kicks; and the fact that he was able to--for now--match her blow-for-blow was a good indicator of just how far his abilities had grown as a result of the two techniques. Still, as strong as Ryden currently was, he knew that he couldn't win this battle on his own. Thankfully, the bronze android that had been leading the currently-assembled heroes came in and attacked the sword-wielding woman too, followed by...another robot? It was hard to tell with that one, but whatever it was, it didn't look like something to trifle with.

Then, after having had more than enough punishment for one day, the red-haired woman decided to end the battle once-and-for-all, unleashing her raw fury in the form of a massive ball of teal energy more powerful than anything Ryden had seen before. Just judging by the look of the thing, it wouldn't have taken an expert to realize how much damage the blast would've been able to do were it to make landfall, or, worse yet, hit someone head-on. Honestly speaking, there weren't a lot of options to choose from in this situation. Either you got the hell out of the way, at the cost of an untold number of civilian lives; or, you did your damnedest to deflect it...or, better yet, reflect the orb back to wherever it came from.

Once Ryden managed to tear his gaze away from the aforementioned massive ball of energy, he looked over to the shouting android and immediately knew which option he'd be taking.

"Oh, we're usin' beams, huh? This might be a bad time, but I gotta say, I ain't really had too much practice with 'em before now..."
The boy said, speaking to the android as he pulled both of his hands back and began to focus his energy into the palms of his hands, with a red sphere appearing in his right hand and a yellow one in the left.
"I probably should've mentioned that earlier, but whatever! Time to see how far this power can go!"

And with that having been said, Ryden threw both of his arms forward and pressed his wrists together, turning them sideways as he shouted and released a powerful beam of energy directly at the rapidly-approaching teal wave. Unlike most of the teen's previous energy attacks, which were a golden-yellow color, this particular beam had a golden center with a wavy, crimson outline; and when it finally collided with its intended target, a barrage of orange sparks could be seen shooting out from where the two attacks were meeting.

With Ryden's attack now in the mix, the massive wave of energy coming at the city had begun to slow down considerably, but it hadn't been stopped completely. The teen knew that he couldn't keep this up indefinitely, and he had a feeling that the android was in similar straits. If any of them wanted to get out of this alive, then they'd need more help!

Posted by: Camelia Apr 23 2018, 08:50 PM
Camelia didn't like it and the once small woman--now an eight foot tall robot-- showed it. But it wasn't the fight or the oncoming ball of devastation either, that had her in a bother. It was the fact she was going to need to do something different. Which in most instances, wouldn't have been a bother to the android woman.

Except at this point, she came to the realization she had to use....her abilities in their original state. And the reason she hated it was because of how impersonal it felt; like it wasn't really who she was?

"I'm gonna need a shower after this.."
The large robotic simulacrum of a bipedal big cat sighed with an audible rumble; obviously displeased at what she had to do in this situation, as the air around her began to shimmer and wave with the building hot spell. The vents on her back began pulling in ambient ki, and expelling the excess heat build-up back into the surrounding area as the ground at her feet actually began to blacken and char with the building temperature in and around her body, as small bits of debris began to float up into the air and her power level spiked immensely.

Not like she had to be subtle about this after all as she lunged forward; the ground shaking, as flames now began to lick at her heels.

Her voice was a roaring growl as she took a lunging step forward, hands pushing forward in closed fists as the stream of white-hot force erupted from just in front of her; ripping through the air with a thunderous roar, like some great lion as the ground at her feet caved in; turning to glass, with the sudden release of all that stored up energy and heat as this beam; wide as a city bus, tore through the air illuminating everything in an orange incandescence with only one warning given as the beam traveled along it's course for shala's attack.


Posted by: Bitta May 6 2018, 05:47 PM
Well, that wasn't good at all. A beam like that, Bitta wasn't sure he'd ever felt so much power gathered in one place before. And people were supposed to block that somehow? Just what sort of power struggle had he suddenly found himself in the middle of? This was like everything he'd only just managed to escape from all over again.

But damn it, he wasn't the type to give up or back down if people needed saving! He growled, sprinting forwards. People were injured, the fighters that had been here for a while were winded and wounded, as far as he could see they were holding each other together. That wasn't good at all, somebody had to do something. HE had to do something. And somebody was trying to tell him to move? As if!

"You move! I'm not letting anybody else die except her!" With a grow, he pointed a finger at the beam, a death beam escaping it. The tiny beam would look pitiful, until it expanded to help the other beams combat Shala's. "I'm part of this fight now! I'll take more than your arm next time!"

Posted by: Valzaria Malrazz May 7 2018, 04:36 PM
It was a relatively simple task Valzaria had; catch the Font.

After the amazing display of electrical power put on by the cybernetic armored woman, a brilliant sheen of energy washed over the entire city. One by one, the Kagzran forces fell, stripped up their Rage or their ability to manipulate ki entirely. Those that didn't fall to their deaths or succumb to earlier battle injuries were swept up by her allied warriors and the cities own native defenders. Things were going good, but she just had to retrieve the ultimate source of their power.

Unfortunately, she didn't.

One of the barbarian warriors, one the Avaria woman recognized as an individual from Yardrat, materialized directly in front of her, scooping up the airborne cosmic item within his arms before she could even blink. Instinctively, the woman powered up, intent on damn near vaporizing the man that floated right before her, but he teleported away before she even got a shot off.

"Damn Instant Transmission!" she boomed, knowing full well that the man could've been halfway around the world at this point, and the Font could've been in the Kharns hands. If that were the case, they were all but doomed at this point. The Sikai Kishin couldn't allow those thoughts to take up too much of her time and attention, however. As she was busy dealing with the Font and the immediate aftermath of its theft, the Inquisitor rapidly rose into the skies after being bombarded by attack after attack. And from the way her ki welled up internally and externally, it was clear that she was ready to end things, now.

The atmosphere practically exploded once the Kagzran Inquisitor unleashed her attack, one large enough to potentially kill them all in one fell swoop. The others immediately jumped into action and unleashed their own competing attacks, engaging in a struggle between waves of ki that bathed the entire city in a brilliant, almost blinding light. Knowing full well that it would take a combined effort to beat the attack, Valzaria continued to power up and braced herself on the ground before she unleashed her Zoning Carnage, wrapping a wave of ki in her biotic energy. The redshifted attack expanded in size as it flew through the air to join the others in battling Shala's attack.

Her hope, more than the power she continued to add, was that the angle of her blast would at the very least provide an upward redirection so that should they fail, the results would be less catastrophic.

But if they failed, it would've been the end of the world anyway. Guess that meant that they couldn't fail, then.

Posted by: Soranna Metsanja May 7 2018, 06:04 PM
Soranna, though now comfortably out of the battle, didn't distract herself with her injuries. Her ability to sense ki may have been muddled due to the fact that it came via the Renzani Stone, but she was still aware enough for the effect to work. The viciousness of the blows exchanged in the sky above her, the rapid exchange of explosive energy attacks, none of that went against her notice.

So when Shala powered up, the woman was well aware of just how screwed they seemed to be.

Soranna's body screamed every time she attempted to move, fighting against her as she attempted to muster up the willpower to rejoin the fight. She may not have been badly broken or maimed, but pain was still pain, and there was only so much a body could take before your muscles just refused to move. Thanks to her source of ki, Soranna's body didn't actually need to move and she could've simply wrapped herself in an energy construct to achieve the same effect.

Well, technically; that was never something she'd done before. But she could do it, if only she could bypass the pain, or reach one of those Senzu Peaches.

Both were options she no longer needed to rely on, as Ryden's friend made his way over with an offer of assistance. Strange assistance since he told her to grit her teeth, and why the hell would she need to do th----


It took the entire length of the healing process for her to utter those five words; she'd been too busy howling in pain to make them flow sooner than that. By the end of the process, however, she was better off than she was before, though her body was still sore and pained. Was that from the torture she just suffered through or was it from Shala, she had no idea.

At the moment, she didn't really care, either. There was a giant death beam coming for them all; one powerful enough to end them all if they did nothing. Thankfully, the others worked together to do something, unleashing blast after blast after blast to combat against the power of the Inquisitor. Soranna, cocooned within the ki of the Renzani Stone, unleashed what power she could muster for her Renzani Cannon.

She couldn't pull off the same stunt she pulled prior, but she hoped what power she did add was enough.

If they survived, she'd have to thank the dark haired kid for healing her.

Posted by: Seth Karma May 8 2018, 05:59 AM
In his distraction, and with his power being pulled in all directions, one might be able to forgive Seth for not really noticing that there was a nightmare death wave coming straight for them all. Honestly, with everyone powering up and getting ready, he found it just a little difficult to find the attention to give to it. But with his newest charge healed and ready for combat again, he noticed as she did, that they were in quite a spell of trouble. Shit.

He reached into his sleeve and pulled out his remaining peach, tossing it into his mouth and recoiling at the taste of it. It wasn't even the taste really. Just. The tingle from it? It tasted weird. All said, as soon as it was devoured he felt the effects. They. Were. Amazing. Energy tingles through his entire body. Power he had used felt like it was returning, like he was coming back to life for the thousandth time. At least he felt pretty close to one thousand. Maybe it was only in the late nine hundreds. But still, the point stood. He felt absolutely fucking amazing. And that meant it was time to get back in gear. With an explosion of red Seth blasted into the air, moving toward the last two signatures while preparing a set of energy spheres in his hands, building them into thimble, then coin, and soon sports ball sized orbs of destruction.

He landed next to the Arcosian, but still within range of the large robot. 《You two! Accept this boost of power as thanks for fighting for this world! Push back and fuck this shark faced monstrosity!》 With that bit said, he pushed out a chunk of the Red Posession for them as well, the power ready to amplify their own as soon as it was allowed. As for Seth? Well he forced himself to boost to his max, and then launched his cluster of Blood Seekers into the opposition to Shala's attack.

If this was a last stand, he was feeling pretty glad that it was with these people.

Posted by: Shala The Inquisitor May 8 2018, 07:37 PM
There was a sound of thunder as Shala's Zenon-Sha had been interrupted by the Android's attempt at its own ki attack. The collision from the two blasts erupted several shockwaves that rocked the city of Peltrea, tossing up ki every which direction. There was a moment of resistance and hesitation from the impact, but it didn't take too long for Shala's own blast to slowly but surely overtake the machines.

And eventually, Pi's attack quickly began to be steamrolled in general. The A'liot could feel the machine ramp up its production in energy, trying with all of its might to generate enough power to beat back her own attack, but it wasn't going to work; she was sure of it. In spite of that confidence, she pused more and more power into her own blast. it increased in size and speed, and was well on its way toward demolishing the Android.

But The Android's death was postponed by the untimely assistance from that teen; the one with the strange energy. The one who continuously drew Shala's ire.

Whatever power he had, whatever made up his energy blast, it was enough, if even for just a moment, to halt Shala's blast, much to her chagrin.

"Wasted effort! You will all die here!!!!!" The Inquisitor exclaimed as she pushed more energy into her attack. Though as she did so, one after another, each of her opponents unleashed significant blasts of energy into hers, combining their efforts to defeat the woman. Where the lot of them managed to pull this power from when they should've been exhausted, she had no idea, but it was something she kind of found annoying.

And as each person added their power into the tandem attack, eventually Shala's Zenon-Sha came to a halt in spite of its superior size and power. The combining forces began to rapidly churn the air around the epicenter, letting off continuous shockwaves that fractured the glass and concrete of the buildings surrounding them. If such a thing persisted, it wouldn't take too long for neighboring buildings to begin to crumble and collapse. But could it go on? How much stamina did these fighers have?

Did it really matter? After all, Shala believed that she could win this war of attrition, no matter how much power they thought they may have had.

But then the gunshots began to pepper the back of her head.

With the Kagzran no longer a real factor in this fight, the Konsorhaven militia; police, military, and ordinary armed citizens, began to turn their attention toward Shala, using whatever they had available to bombard the woman with gunfire. Of course, nothing they did actually harmed her, but receiving assault rifle and sniper rifle fire to the back of your head was quite annoying. It was enough of a nuisance for the woman to divert some of her attention toward small volleys of her own ki toward the lot of them on the ground.

The split second attention diversion allowed the combined energy blasts to push back against her own. noticing this, the woman went back to focusing on her Zenon-Sha. Her aura expanded significantly, and based on the increase in her power, it was clear that she was damn near ready to end things within the next several seconds.

Then a tank round exploded into her back. The woman lurched forward with a slight groan and snapped her head around to take aim and fire on the tank, but then every heavy armament within the city began to be unloaded on her pretty much at the exact same time. One after another, explosions ripped across her body, reducing her focus on the real threat and allowing the allied fighters to gain ground.

"Enough of this!" She shouted as she whipped through the smoke and fire that shrouded her with another pulse of her aura; the A'Liot physically disturbed by the explosives used against her. "You are all DEAD!"

Just as she was preparing to maximize the power in her Zenon-Sha, she suffered one final interruption.

The Monk.

Keya's attendant, someone who was practically forgotten in the chaos of this battle, managed to make his way to a roof top, and although he didn't have much in the way of true power, his ability to command ki was well enough that he was able to unleash a solid wave of energy into Shala's face. Caught off guard, the woman staggered, and then the Monk unleashed another blast.

And another. Five in total. Not too strong, but just enough for Shala to once again lose her focus.

Which was enough to allow the combined warriors to gather enough power to push the combined mass of energy backward, and at a significant pace.

By time Shala recovered from the assault, there was a multi-hued orb heading her way. And at that point, there was very little to do but get hit by it.

Consumed by her own ki, Shala was rocketed into the air, pushed along by a multitude of energy attacks until the combined force as hundreds, if not thousands of feet above the city.

The resulting explosion would've been an amazing spectacle had it not just punctuated the fact that a city full of millions of people just avoided eradication. or maybe that was something to celebrate.

Regardless; Konsorhaven was safe for the time being.

Exit Stage Left: Shala The Inquisitor

Posted by: NPC May 19 2018, 01:48 AM
Ms. Jojo
Dangerous Djinn!: Jojolyne Cosmozalyz Cosmic Terror:She's Crazy!
NOTES: Beware The Pecking Order!
Moments ago, Jojo became aware of the fact that the woman known as Shala of the Kagzran had not, in fact, mercilessly murdered everyone the Guardian of Eden had tasked with defeating her. Hell, not only that, it seemed like the woman herself was defeated, her own attack turned against her by the collaboration of her opponents, sending her body flying off to God knows where. Was she dead? Probably. Was her body disintegrated? Well, if she were dead, that was almost a certainty.

The genie would have to find someone to collect it once this was all over; never hurt to have a war trophy every once in awhile. Shit might become worth something in the future.

After the battle in Peltraea seemed to be a given, the blue skinned woman decided to faux-astral project herself into Zam's battle in Ai. That conversation went about as well as anyone could've reasonably expected from what was probably the most constructive conversation the two could have given the circumstances, and now, after performing her power stunt to throw the Guardian and his team into Rodina, Jojolyne had to focus her attention to an entirely different continent and an entirely different group of people to achieve the same exact thing.

And so, she did, telepathically latching on to their minds by piggybacking off the empathic Arcuul and using her as a relay to reach the other blue, seemingly telepathic woman, to project her thoughts into the minds of everyone. At the same time, she had to hijack the body of a crippled, now depowered Kagzran that was on a rooftop near the Hero Force Android. After all, Android Pi was a machine; kind of hard to telepathically talk to a robot, so a real, audible body would have to suffice. No singular, astral projected body and voice here; she still had to maintain proper control over Zam's Door so that they all actually ended up in Rodina and not, say, in the deepest part of the ocean.

Power stunts were limited, which is why she had to borrow power from others to even communicate in Konsorhaven.

"Hey there maggots, listen up," Jojo started as she spoke into their minds, "The old bastard told me to come fetch you assholes. The Kharn, the Font, and Keya are all in Rodina now. Can you guess where you dipshits are going?"

Geometry itself began to break down into fractals and colors as Jojo stretched her reality warping abilities to their limits. Unlike those who were in Liebe, the people in Konsorhaven were far more spread out, which meant she couldn't just make one giant Door, she had to make several for each individual. Thankfully, some were grouped in pairs to make things easier, but she still had to spread out in a way she didn't have to with the others.

And at the same time, too! She better receive a pay raise.

"I hope you all still have some of those peaches, you're probably going to need them. Also, pay attention, because you will probably not land right side up."

Jojo could get both groups to Rodina, that much was certain.

Whether or not everyone was transported to the same exact point, or even on the ground in the first place; that was another matter entirely.


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