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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Vaska Kuznetsov

General Populace
App Plotter Tracker Vaska has 9 posts. Offline. played by Glennard

Character Information

Species: Arcuul

Occupation: Mercenary

Alignment: Neutral

Mar 22 2016, 07:25 AM Quote

Vaska Kuznetsov


Lightning joe (Because of how he fought. Joe was sort of an after-thought since Vaska didn't roll off the tongue as nicely)
Baby Blues



Lunus Rahu auspice
The auspice of war. Long story short, he's a dog o' war, he doesn't fight for good, and he doesn't fight evil. He just fights and he fights well!

Zvedzigorod, Rodina

Ex-naval NCO

Borislav Kuznetsov (Alive, father)

Vaska was born in Zvedzigorod and for as long as he could remember, his life was hard, vicious and utterly brutal. You see, his father, Borislav is a monster hunter and a former naval marine and he comes as tough, as tough can come. The man was no nonsense and a bit of a bastard, he raised Vaska in the ways of fighting and being a warrior, pushed him and to say the boy growing up had no comforts was an understatement; his was a spartan life bereft of creature comforts and luxuries afforded by most others. But he grew up tough as nails, tough as his father in fact, who put him through all manner of trials and tribulations with one end result in mind. Making a fighter out of the boy.

He joined the Rodinian navy at the bare minimum age, a young, but by no means, fresh-faced lad of sixteen and he quickly proved to be a cut above the rest with a drive to succeed. He stuck with the marines for more than the required mandatory amount of two years, rising from a lowly pfc to corporal, then sergeant. He got to see some of the world, fighting and trading, training and meeting exotic people and seeing exotic new places. They were the best years of his life that made a boy into a man as he worked his way from being a humble sergeant to gunnery sergeant, from sixteen to twenty-eight.

He left the military a little while after, a year at the least following his promotion. For what reason he won't say, but this is where we meet the man now in his early thirties, a warrior in the prime of his life, a living bulwark of steel, flesh and bone, seeking the life of a mercenary to see the world, meet even more exciting new people, to see what the whole world of Eden has to offer him. And what he has to offer them in return...




Vaska is a surprisingly quiet man mellowed by his age and experiences in the military. That isn't to say he's mute, he just rarely speaks for any length of time preferring a laconic approach to conversation that almost makes him seem more intimidating than he really is (which is still quite a bit). In reality, he's a great guy to be around, friendly and compassionate with a heart of solid gold that cares for family and friends and is usually ready with a (relatively dark) joke. The man is surprisingly calm and cool-headed with a collected nature that speaks of maturity and rarely if ever raises his voice in anger or gets angry for that matter.

But he isn't an emotionless puppet, rather he shows emotion when he feels it appropriate; laughing with mirth and glee at a good joke, mourning with sorrow and gloom at someone's passing and he rarely does it half-assed. He's a man in that aspect and regard. But for someone like him, being from Zvedzigorad, he also has a certain distaste for people who always smile or laugh without having reason to do so. The fake plastic people that put up a veneer of false truths and lies over what they really feel. It disgusts him and the disgust shows through as clear as crystal on his face because he isn't plastic, he's a thing of savage emotion, tempered by the years of training and service to his country in the military.


6' 6"

240 lbs



His aura is unique in that it starts out as a dull dark violet and slowly changes to a bright magenta color.

Original Art

Vaska is a very large man, imposing and built on the scale of a professional basketball player mixed with the physique of a mixed martial artist with muscle compact and dense, sleek, yet, scarred and powerful - the body of a man that has spent countless hours, days and years wielding a sword and honing his body. The man gives off a fierce air, not regal, but proud and savage, with a vitality to match and a steely, uncompromising confidence that garners attention and hints at a military background. He's a well-kept man (handsome to boot!), however, proper in a manner, hair short and slicked back, fur trimmed and clean, a neat little goatee meticulously cared and a medium length tail that hangs behind him as calm as death.

Vaska's choice of attire further perpetuates his tenure in the merchant marine navy which is largely practical and consists of cargo jeans and polished black leather combat boots, tank tops and casual, loose fitting jackets all of them in a myriad of different colors, styles and flavors.



Military Bowie knife
Sheathed vertically along his right shoulder is Vaska's Bowie knife. A substantial blade measuring a full fourteen inches in length. This bowie knife is of a single-edged design with a sawtooth serration along the back is made with black carbon steel and is located in a place and a position to be swiftly retrieved in the off-hand chance he were to be stripped of his sword.

Strapped across his back is a long sword. Fifty-one inches (four feet and 2 inches) in total length made with Zvedzigoradian steel and sporting a small blue gemstone in the ricasso. An otherwise plain looking sword save for that one accessory. Sharp as a straight razor.

chernyy bezumstvo bronya
A suit of armor like no other, black as night and made with a combination of leather, steel and the thick, black as night exoskeletal plates of a creature known as the black frenzy. Surprisingly light despite its appearance each plate is lovingly shaped and manipulated, enchanted even, by the lunadomoy druids to reshape and resize itself to fit whoever dons it as well as making the suit far more durable than even the renowned steel of his home, Zvedzigorad. It was a family heirloom passed down from his father to him and contains within it, a portion of the will and spirit of the creature it was made from.


Monster hunting
Long story short, Vaska learned how to hunt from his father, a man who absolutely knows everything about anything there is to know about the pamyati of Rodina. As well as what they are in reality.

Survival specialist
Vaska's father is a real bastard the kind of bastard that made bastards seem like angels and of course, Vaska has him to thank for giving him the survival skills required to thrive outside in places like the forest of mists or even the harsh, violent, unforgiving wastelands of Janwald by literally subjecting him to these environs (albeit he did watch him so he didn't die, you can't learn if you don't live).

Master swordsman
Vaska is a trained swordsman, but not through the usual school and learning. No, Vaska learned how to fight by fighting in the Arena and in combat zones, hot spots against smugglers and bandits, a veritable crucible that forged a young boy into a monster of a warrior, a master of his chosen arm; the sword.

Hand to Hand combat
Vaska isn't just an amazing swordsman, he's an amazing hand to hand fighter too. The scope of his knowledge and expertise, while it doesn't extend far beyond the styles of what law enforcement and military organizations employ, he is an incredibly proficient fighter and employs all of his knowledge with precision and lethal ferocity.


Flash step
Utilizing a surge of ki to rapidly shift the users body into another position fixed position faster; often mistaken for teleportation. This ability is short range and can't be used for long range travel.

Using your energy to lift and propel yourself through the air.

Sense ki
Pretty simple and straight forward, Vaska can sense a person's ki, the strength and amount they may possess if they aren't hiding it.

hide ki
The opposite of sensing ki, Vaska can subdue and hide his ki energy to appear as nothing more than a normal man, albeit a normal man with a sword and evident military training.


Stone hands emphasizes body hardening techniques allowing practitioners to exert their ki, their energy, against the world around them. Vaska is just a little better at it than some people as he can harden parts of his body with ki to such an extent that they gleam black with veins of dull violet. By hardening his hands he could deflect a ki-blast or grab a sword blade unharmed, but it's not limited to just that, for example, vaska is attuned with his sword and armor to such an extent that he can harden those as well increasing the blades hardness and edge allowing him to cut into and through targets that have enhanced their bodies with stone hands or some other body hardening technique while making the blade capable of withstanding enhanced attacks.

Cannonade slash
Vaska sometimes needs to put someone off guard at range to let him get in close and that, is where this comes into play. Cannonade slash is a literal barrage of razor sharp, rapid-fire blades of ki energy that while they look light, carry the weight of his sword in each slash, battering and gouging steel with ease and pushing targets around with cannon-like power.

Blitzleistung (flash output)
Some more of that inner ki mumbo jumbo. Long story short, Vaska can dial up his strength, his physical strength even further than normal by concentrating and pressing his ki into the muscle, tissue, and bone. Vaska can safely boost his strength and speed to fifteen times and four times the normal amount and can even push himself to twenty-five times and ten times that, but at a risk of breaking his bones, tearing ligaments, rupturing tendons and damaging the muscles (even when hardened), but at that output, even for a short time, he is a one man blitz as his eyes and flesh crackle with the raw energy he's storing inside himself.

Ground gladius
Vaska stamps his foot into the ground and then slides it forward to launch a sharp, gigantic spire of stone with the appearance of a sharpened blade (he can also make it blunt actually, like a battering ram!) towards his target and depending how much energy he puts into it, it can be as small as a street lamp to something as big as a skyscraper is tall and generally comes fast enough to be a surprise attack of sorts.

Brilliant broadside
Vaska can focus and channel an immense amount of energy into his blade volatile and fiery, accumulating as a massive cluster of what he calls flares. The attack is simple and straightforward as he discharges the attack straight up, the puffs of violet energy escaping in a column before bursting apart and subsequently raining down on the target in a bombardment of explosive projectiles.


Vaska may have the worst ability when it comes down to fighting against a single opponent that uses powered attacks, as it enables him to reflect the attack back onto the user with more power than what it originally had as he "pumps" his own ki into it. Due to its counter nature, Vaska can't initiate any attacks himself, nor can he redirect indirect attacks, or an attack that he cannot read the timing or nature of and above all, it has to have power behind it to be counter-able. He couldn't counter something like a stonehands empowered punch for example, but he could certainly launch that tasty looking energy ball of death right back at you with nearly fifty percent more power. So long as it has energy in it and it isn't a strictly physical attack he can return it to the original sender, with a to whom it may concern vibe to it.

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