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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Camelia Markov

General Populace
30 (24 Physically) YEARS OLD
App Plotter Tracker Camelia has 44 posts. Offline. played by Glennard

Character Information

Species: Pariahim

Occupation: Soldier

Alignment: Good

Apr 21 2016, 06:34 PM Quote

Camelia Markov




30 (Physically 24)


Aquarius Nebula

Soldier and Jack-of-All-Trades

Tobias Schmitt (creator, father if you wanna get technical)

The one known as Camelia was born, or more accurately, created within the confines of a small colony station located with the Aquarius nebula. As a soldier unit she was purposely built to guard and safe-keep other pariahim, keeping them out of trouble and of course, dealing with dangerous elements and threats as they popped up. And sometimes they popped up a lot! But it was all a days work for someone like her, after all she was built for these kind of tasks and difficulties. Even if she didn't have a creative bone in her body at the time.

But her awakening was...interesting to say the least, the point where she did become the being known as Camelia Markov, the praetorian. For one, she didn't stick fully with her job as a soldier! She tried a little bit of everything in her relatively short, at least for her, life. She liked getting her hands dirty and so, she spent the longest time working as a mechanic and handy-person, learning all that she could, which gave her insight into things other -than- being good at punching and blasting things into monatomic vapors. But she ultimately enjoyed her original designation the most, enjoying a brief stint as a scientific aide the least. (though she did learn some things about the table of elements!).

Of course her odd little ricochets, bouncing from being a soldier to a mechanic, a singer, an artist and so on for maybe ten years of her life and than back again, garnered her some attention. She was arguably one of the liveliest soldiers around and certainly enjoyed the social aspects of things instead of just being all stoical and serious about her job, or in short, a total party pooper. She got to know her charges on a more personal level rather than being content with them being something to protect. She developed emotional attachments and an increased drive to see to their safety, acting as something of a mother to the younger pariahim she was put in charge of.

Camelia loved being a soldier and a guard and somewhat of a matron more than she enjoyed fixing a camshaft or a broken engine bearing. She enjoyed what she learned mind you, but there was a certain joy and euphoria to be had when it came to protecting others, ensuring their safety and continued existence was a reward unto itself as she worked to better and improve herself, seeking out ways to make herself a better guard and soldier. To evolve and ascend beyond her own parameters. So whenever she wasn't called upon for a task, she'd spend time, days, weeks, months even working on herself; training and even experimenting with ways and thoughts on how to alter her own fundamental nature even a little. The results of her work were moderate, maybe not in the realm of what she wanted, but satisfying nonetheless.

And before she knew it, she was called upon again for a very particular mission. She was to be the guard and escort for a young pariahim, one who barely even had their own ghost, on a planet called Eden. She thought it strange really, but she was the one tasked with keeping the young girl safe and saw no reason to question her part in the mission. Besides, a new planet someplace yet to be seen by herself? She was admittedly giddy and relished in the prospect of interacting with the alien species that called this planet their home, for better and for worse.

This planet, this so called paradise - if the name was anything to go by, may hopefully contain the key or keys to expanding and improving upon her abilities in ways she never thought possible. Of course, she's made this fact and thought known to her charge and has placed it as a secondary objective to whatever the young one may need, or require in her own pursuits to gain a better understanding of the world around her.





Camelia is a gregarious woman with an altruistic streak a mile wide. Friendly, warm, and thoughtful of others, Miss Markov adores socializing, being a regular chatterbox that can't help but impart what she intends with as many words as possible. She see's the world as colorful and interesting, each corner, each turn, revealing something new to her that makes her want to dig deeper and deeper with each new discovery with a near insatiable zeal and zest for life that makes her seem positively manic! But she's really just a goofball, she's silly in most instances, naive even and seems to go out of her way to make herself as non-threatening in appearance and stature as possible. (Unless you're a prude who hates revealing clothing)

That's not to say she's harmless though, god no. She will speak up and defend herself and others when someone steps over the line, puff out her chest and act big and mighty when it's needed. But she mostly goes for low-key in those instances, a more subtle approach to get things to settle down, she's sneaky like that. But outright hostilities? she'll lay the smack down so hard and fast, you'll suddenly know how to solve quantum mechanics problems in your sleep and all of it with a smile on her face (service with a smile is, as they say, the best).

But underneath all of that zest, that zeal and vigor and chipper, skittish excitement, Camelia has a very determined will. The woman is hard headed, refusing to give up on someone for any reason. Possessing steel nerves and courage that could be called excessive, she won't back down from whatever she's doing for any reason; good or bad. She's the type of woman who just doesn't understand the words or meaning of giving up, continuing to push through even if it's detrimental to her own physical and or mental health. And that in of itself is a terrifying quality to have.


5' 8"

185 lbs



Light Orange

Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

Camelia is of an average looking build and height for someone her apparent age. She's delicate looking, petite even with loose, luxuriant neck-length hair, dyed purple with thick bangs that cover her brow, bringing attention to her striking red eyes that twinkle and shine with curiosity, excitement, and a little bitta spunk!. She has a bold sense of fashion, wearing things that reveal flesh in a somewhat risque manner; form-fitting, body-hugging suits, short shorts, loose fitting tank tops that show off and call attention to her assets on occasion and t-shirts that seem a size too small for herself, you know, stuff that'd make a mother cover their children's eyes. And boots! anything to express herself and make herself feel unique. More than she already is really.



Kampfhandschuhe (battle gloves)
A misleading name, the Kampfhandschuhe battle gloves are not gloves per say, but a pair of very large (and heavy) powered gauntlets. Designed with a balance between offense and defense (but with a slight lean in towards offense), the gloves utilize Camelia's plasma projection unit, channeling and focusing the energy for a variety of defensive and most importantly, offensive techniques.

The gloves are pretty distinct in that each one is about wide around as her torso (when uncollapsed, collapsed they're about as big a pair of 16-ounce boxing gloves) with a curved section extending along the outside portion of her arm that functions as a shield. Each one is extremely heavy and comes with an HDG-ATD (High-density gravity Anti-theft device). Long story short on that thing? It makes them weigh as much as a couple mountains for anyone that isn't her.

Weighted-knuckle gloves
Also known as sap gloves are weapons that consist of a pair of ordinary looking gloves usually made of leather or a synthetic material, with powdered lead or steel sewn into a special pouch covering the knuckles, and often the backs of the fingers and the back of the hand. Used primarily by Camelia when she doesn't want to hurt someone 'too badly'.


Master of hand to hand combat
Master of hand to hand combat: Despite her young appearance, Camelia is a veteran master in hand to hand combat and possibly one of the best. Her knowledge extends from law enforcement, military and even traditional styles, with an emphasis on simple motions, intense force, unabashed aggression and brutal strikes to such an extent that her strikes can come out of nowhere as fast as a snapping whip.

Mechanically minded
Camelia is surprising astute when it comes to machines, having spent a few of her years exploring and trying her hand at repairing, fixing and building machines. She's no master mechanic, or some wunderkind engineer, but she's almost a savant when it comes to the simpler machines and an okay person when it comes to things of a slightly more complex nature.

Jack of all trades
Camelia is able to many different types of work but isn't really good at them all or any of them really. With the exception of working with machines and the like.


Using your energy to lift and propel you through the air.

Flash step
Utilizing a surge of ki to rapidly shift the users body into another position; often mistaken for teleportation. This ability is short range and can't be used for long range travel.

Sense ki
Detecting the natural energy of a person in order to determine their relative level of power. Certain users can even sense the intent of people, determining whether they're good or evil just by how their aura feels.


Soldier up!
A transformation or more accurately, a release on her limitations in human form. Camelia is for all intents and purposes, a soldier unit with a unique passive mode that inhibits her fearsome prowess to a large degree, enabling her to pass as a normal flat scan human. She can still punch a steel plate hard enough to leave a fist sized indentation and she's certainly a fair bit tougher too, but she doesn't have access to all of the bits and bobbles that make her really dangerous. The stuff that really makes someone like her an elite.

When she does release the limiters, she undergoes a bit of a makeover, her body getting enveloped in an exoskeleton of sorts that looks like some kind of highly advanced suit of armor with the appearance of burnished copper, pale gold, and sleek black obsidian as she gains four wing-like apparatuses on her back, the structure and shape of insect wings.

She gains the ability to utilize ki and something she refers to as the ppu or, plasma projection unit to those in the know as she goes from what looks like a simple human with super strength and moderate durability, towards her official designation as a specially built bodyguard-soldier unit.

Ki-plasma (ppu)
Camelia's Plasma projection unit gives her the Ability to manipulate her energy, the ki of her particular race of beings known as the pariahim. Normally it creates a halo of light behind her, comprised of condensed and charged energy she can use but Camelia was never much for blasting her targets with searing hot precision beams of condensed plasma, so she experimented and tested the limits, the scope and scale end of her abilities, making tweaks and adjustments to fit her own particular style. She deviated from it's original purpose a little, it's still as much a weapon as a gun or, say, a ship's cannon but she can manipulate the energy to generate protective barriers and of course, carnage inducing enhancements to her physical attacks. People with the ability to sense ki can and will pick up on it, but it'll feel strange, alien even to them. In much the same way a normal persons ki feels strange and alien to her.]Placeholder

Mächtige Wache (mighty guard)
Camelia can surge and focus her energies into her gauntlets giving them an orange hexagonal lattice covering of high-density ki-plasma. The result is a massively protective energy barrier around a pair of already incredibly durable gauntlets that can block, deflect and, in case the barrier is breached, react in a manner not to dissimilar to military explosive reactive armor by expelling a burst of ki-plasma to damage or slow the attack down. As a byproduct of the barrier, she hits a whole helluva lot harder due in part to the hardness and even due to purposely rupturing the barrier on contact with someones face to lend an explosive touch to her blows.

Brennen Pfeil (burning arrow)
What looks to be a straightforward wind-up for a simple lunging roundhouse kick becomes a weapon of destruction when used by Camelia. In combination with her surprising strength, she can surge massive amounts of ki into her legs and feet, in addition to energy from her PPU to generate a surging bolt of incredibly focused fire that explodes against whatever it hits with massive force and power that bashes, burns and pulverizes whatever is caught in the chain of explosions that follow.

But wait, there's more! Camelia can also surge her ki to give herself a surprising burst of speed, enough to catch even a master of the martial arts off guard, to launch the kick on a more personal level allowing her to put her impressive physical strength directly into the kick on top of that wave of ki infused plasma.

Blitz Schwall (Lightning barrage)
Camelia is not a distance fighter, she prefers her encounters up close, fast, frantic and most importantly, brutal and hair-raising. To that regard, she devised this lovely little number to generate what she calls ki-plasma to create among other things, focused electrical energy. Add in a little burst of pure, unadulterated ki to speed up her movements and she unleashes the charge in a massive stream of close range electrical blasts that pummel, zap, fry and bounce her target around like a rag in a windstorm.

Every so often, maybe one in every million, a soldier unit breaks through an unseen barrier, intangible to all but themselves as they raise above their own set limits and become the embodiment of battle, a living muse of warfare and combat. The Panzerjäger is akin to a saiyan's transformation into a super saiyan, but different in that there is no flare-up, her aura stays the same but takes on a sandy beige hue and she undergoes a 'make-over', her body growing and losing it's feminine edge, becoming more androgynous as she gains a marked increase in height, going from her modestly average five foot eight to a staggering Eight feet two inches, her new form weighing in at an impressive half ton as she becomes enveloped in a new form that resembles a powerfully built bipedal feline with a tail that can split itself down the center, each tail tip ending in two sharp prongs each.

When transformed, Camelia's techniques become altered, gaining new functions and capabilities as she releases the limiters on her body, her energies surging and growing exponentially as she becomes a literal engine of destruction.

Mächtige Wache (mighty guard)
Now envelops her whole body in that orange hexagonal lattice sheath of high-density explosive reactive ki-plasma

Brennen Pfeil (burning arrow)
Can now be discharged into the ground throwing the energy outwards from the point of impact as a massive erupting wave of energy and hazardous debris.

Blitz Schwall (Lightning barrage)
Now possesses the cability of being discharged as rapid fire, long ranged bolts of plasmatic devastation.


[appability=Pyroclasm]Camelia gathers an immense amount of ki-plasma into her hands, collectively condensing and crushing it into a pair of spheres no bigger than a pair of beach balls that roil and swirl with tongues of blue-orange energy and is chiefly considered her biggest, flashiest and quite possibly, singularly devastating attack she can generate. Fully conceived, she throws the two 'mini-suns', one after another, at her target, one behind the other with no effort made to intercept if they dodge. Because she doesn't need to intercept, the spheres are highly unstable, made so because of how much energy she packed into each sphere and what happens when she suddenly adds one more sphere of raw energy to another?

Ka-boom!, the spheres combine and subsequently explode with unrivaled force, like a massive fuel air bomb going off that expands quickly and rapidly, scorching and slamming everything with crushing pressure and immense heat.

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