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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Kaiser Aekar, Power Incarnate
Kaiser Aekar
Feel the Pressure!
Those Of Malicious Intent!
App Plotter Tracker Kaiser Aekar has 16 posts. Offline. played by MKULTRA

Character Information

Species: Human

Occupation: Crime Lord

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Now, repeat after me: I'll never take on a God again!
May 12 2016, 12:01 AM Quote

Kaiser Aekar


God (wryly; in refrence to himself)
The King (usually by his subordinates; also an alias)




Isysia, Cilencia

Crime Lord
Philanthropist (as a cover)

The man known as Kaiser Aekar, head of Aekar Industries--one of the largest and most prolific companies on Eden--has a surprisingly obscure history and background. Little is known about the man's early childhood, save that he was born in Isysia, Cilencia to a low-income household nearly 40 years ago.

At around the age of 24, Kaiser was employed by a company which had just sponsored an archaeological dig somewhere off of the coast of the Cilencian mainland, with researchers having apparently discovered something of "utmost import". Seeking a chance to cash in on the "find of the century", the company--named Freeland Archaeology and headed by Mr. Gerald R. Freeland--quickly jumped on the opportunity and pledged a number of both resources and workers to the unearthing project taking place within Tunis.

After about four months of hard labour, the fruits of the worker's toils finally began to bear fruit as a structure was uncovered; not just any structure either, but a temple of some sort. All along the front of the recently unearthed building were strange symbols and words in a language that was utterly unknown to any who were involved. Regardless of this, however, one thing stood out: a depiction of a large, eight-headed serpent which seemed to wrap itself around the entirety of the temple before coming back around and preparing to devour what looked like an archaic depiction of Eden itself.

Fascinated by what they had found, the researchers, instead of waiting to send word back to their superiors on their recent discovery, decided to instead push on ahead in search of what lay inside. To that end, they brought a small team of diggers along with them, just in case they encountered any caveins that needed to be cleared.

As it so happened, the young Kaiser Aekar was one of those diggers.

What transpired inside is still a mystery, though residents of a nearby village reported seeing strange, purple lights flashing from within the direction of the dig site, as well as a series of tremors that struck the area soon thereafter. What happened after this is also a mystery, save for one thing: all of the workers at the dig site vanished without a trace, while the temple collapsed upon itself, leaving barely anything left of the site or what had apparently been found deep within. There was only one confirmed survivor of this apparent "disaster": Kaiser. He had apparently suffered severe trauma to his right eye, and he seemed notably shaken...but after only a few hours, he was seemingly fine.

No less than five months later, Freeland Archaeology was plagued by yet another disaster when their president and founder, Gerald R. Freeland, died of "natural causes". While many of the details are sketchy and are, likely, conjecture, one figure emerged as the lone head of the company: you guessed it, Kaiser Aekar.

In the years that followed, the company was rebranded "Aekar Industries" and branched out into a variety of other fields...namely robotics, bioscience, weapon R&D, and a variety of other fields...though the company still maintained a notable focus on archaeology, and tends to pursue any claims with a fervant interest, especially if they're nearby the original Tunis dig site.

There are also claims that Aekar Ind. have been selling weapons illegally for decades now, but these claims tend to go uninvestigated and the claimants usually drop their claims very quickly...or tend to simply wind up missing.

Now at the age of 39, Kaiser is one of the wealthiest and well-known businessmen on Eden, and with a reputation of philanthropy to match. Still, there are some out there who claim that the company is not all that is seems...




Neutral Evil

On the surface, Kaiser seems like an all-around decent, but notably charming, individual. He speaks in a calm and polite tone, and always seems to enter a room with a smile on his face. Once one factors these aspects together, along with the fact that he regularly donates to various charities and organizations, Mr. Aekar would easily come out looking like a truely virtuous individual. However, not all is as it seems...

When crossed in any way, shape, or form, the false curtain over Kaiser's true face comes down and he bears his full weight upon any who would stand in his way.

Kaiser--the real Kaiser--is a cruel, egotistical, and selfish man who is always looking out for 'number 1' first and foremost. His primary goal in life is to sustain his own way of living by any means necessary. Racketeering, extortion, blackmail, arms dealing, and even murder mean little more to him than just another way to earn money and expand his "kingdom". Those who would seek to stop him or his plans would be dealt with--severely. Usually, that involves a bullet in the back of the head.

While seemingly polite and relatively tame at first glance, Kaiser is, himself, a belligerent and wildly aggressive figure, especially in a fight. He takes great joy in defeating opponents, even going so far as to call the feeling of victory the "high of combat". He tends to enjoy causing his opponents as much pain as possible, especially if they've crossed him in any way, and shows absolutely no mercy to any who would dare challenge him.

He has a rather condescending, wry, and snarky sense of humor that he typically shares with his foes whether they like it or not (usually the latter). Oftentimes he'll insult or taunt someone who he's holding the advantage over, sometimes even going as far as to offer them a "free hit" if they manage to recover from a particularly devastating blow. Much of this snarky wryness also manifests in his sense of "godhood", an aspect of himself that he takes about as seriously as most others do...which is to say, not at all. Usually, he will only refer to himself as "God" to make a point, typically to a downed and wounded opponent as yet another way of degrading and taunting them.

Never a man to accept defeat lightly, Kaiser has few, if any, qualms regarding the fairness of his fights with opponents. Cheating, hostage taking, even threatening someone's loved ones; as long as victory is achieved, it's a victory that he's happy with. He would even be willing to put his own life in danger, so long as it meant that his foe would not be leaving the battlefield alive...even if it meant that he would have to die as well.

In combat, Kaiser is a hyper-aggressive fighter who will use any and every skill and technique at his disposal to his advantage. He tends to fight with overwhelmingly powerful blows and attacks, making use of his own physical strength to utterly crush his opponent's defenses before dealing a powerful blow with one of his own moves. Because of this, he is truly a force to be reckoned with.


6' 6''

227 lbs

Blonde, with some edges beginning to turn white.

Blue (the left eye)
Red (the right, artificial eye)

Purple and black

Rugal Bernstein (The King of Fighters)

Reference 1 | Reference 2

Kaiser Aekar is an imposing man to behold, standing at a solid 6'6'' and weighing in at over 220lbs--most of which is pure muscle. He has blonde hair as well as a trimmed mustache.

As was previously stated, Kaiser is a rather intimidating man, to say the least. He possesses an athletic frame with finely trimmed muscles all around from head to toe, though they're somewhat well hidden under his traditional clothing. His clothes consist of a finely-made, dapper orange suit and a simple pair of brown dress shoes. It's clear, upon close inspection of his garb, that the suit was custom-made specifically for him.

Under the shirt and tie is a black, stylized vest that he usually wears into battle. Aside from this are a pair of black, fingerless gloves that he wears at all times.

Other notable features on Kaiser include his eyepatch and the noticeable whitening of his hair towards the tips. The former is to cover up his blood-red, artificial eye; while the latter is not a sign of premature aging, but rather a side effect of the Orochi Ki on his body.



Hybrid Martial Artist
Kaiser is a master of many different forms of martial arts, though he finds it best to mix up different moves from different styles. As a result, rather than conform to a single, solitary form, he has decided to instead incorporate everything he's learned into a single, hybridized art. His Genocide Cutter is a product of this new style, and perhaps the most powerful thing to emerge from it.

You don't get to build an entire empire and amass a fortune by yourself. Whether one would like to admit it or not, not everything can be done or accomplished solely through the strengths of one man; which means that, every now and then, you're going to need a little help. Kaiser realized this important lesson early on in his "career" and has acted upon it accordingly.

Kaiser has quite the charming personality, able to swoon and flatter anyone he meets as if though it's as natural as breathing. If neither of these methods work, then he's also very effective at intimidation, given his reputation and physically imposing stature. Because of this, he's built and successfully maintained a sturdy wall of allies and supporters...though it's no small secret that some of them were forced into such a role.


Orochi Ki Manipulation
Kaiser possess the ability to utilize a special type of Ki known as Orochi Power, a very dark and characteristically malicious Ki that feeds off of its user's own negative emotions and evil heart. The more corrupt and vile the host, the more power they will, ultimately, have access to. For all of its power; however, it is not without its risks. Overuse of the power can have severely negative effects on the body, due to the sheer amount of energy being exerted. These effects can range from severe bodily degeneration to, at worst, death. Because of this, it is not recommended for the user to use 100% of their power for any length of time; though, with enough effort, one could train the body to use more than 50% for extended periods of time.

Also, due to its overtly malicious nature and the way in which it feeds off of its user's own hatred and evil soul, Kaiser is, essentially, unable to mask his own Ki in any way. While this doesn't necessarily mean that he can't lower it, it does mean that he can never truly make it disappear.

Under most circumstances, Kaiser uses approximately 20% of his maximum power at any given time, though this amount can be raised or lowered at will.

Rapid Movement
By charging his body with a brief surge of Orochi Power, Kaiser can transport himself over short distances at breakneck speeds.

Sense Ki
Due to Kaiser's Orochi Power, his ability to sense Ki is limited. He can only sense out the energy of those with evil or malicious intent in their hearts, or those who have the capacity to become or commit evil. Those with truly good hearts, or those devoid of evil intent, are utterly undetectable to him via their energy signature. This is, obviously, problematic if he was to fight someone with a "pure" heart, seeing as how they could easily launch a sneak-attack against him.


Kaiser Wave
A technique developed by, and aptly named after, Kaiser himself. By gathering a great deal of his dark Ki into his body, Kaiser can release it all at once via his hands in the form of a sudden burst of energy that cascades towards the opponent in a "wave-like" motion, hence the name Kaiser Wave.

The move can be significantly strengthened if charged up for longer periods of time, the physical appearance of the wave changing along with the amount of power being supplanted into it. At the height of its power, it will no longer resemble a "wave" but instead a large ball of supercharged plasma almost as tall as Kaiser himself. This Super Kaiser Wave moves notably slower in comparison to the typical Kaiser Wave, but its power is unquestionable.

God Press
One of Kaiser's most feared techniques, it requires a certain amount of risk to pull off, though the end result is usually worth it.

This attack requires that Kaiser make direct, face-to-face contact with his intended target in order to be performed. To start, Kaiser viciously grabs the opponent and lifts them up like a ragdoll. Then, after filling up the hand holding the opponent up with a variable amount of his dark Ki, he takes off with rapid speeds to the nearest object--preferably a wall--and violently smashes the target into it, timing the impact with a quick release of his Orochi Power to incite a localized explosion to deal even more damage.

The damage inflicted by this attack is highly variable, and can be influenced by a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:
  • Distance traveled (momentum)
  • The hardness of the object used in the move
  • The amount of energy gathered into the grappling hand
  • The current speed of Kaiser himself
  • The opponent themselves (due to variables such as weight, height, armor, etc)
Because of this, the damage done by God Press can range from relatively minor, to massive given the right conditions. Despite this, God Press's biggest flaw is that it requires Kaiser to physically grab the opponent for the move to be performed. If this barrier can be overcome, then he has access to a truly devastating attack, given the right circumstances.

Genocide Cutter
Another technique that was created by Kaiser, though it's not often used in the field of battle.

By concentrating his dark Ki at the base of his foot, Kaiser can create a relatively thin layer of raw Ki under one or both legs. Once this has been done, Kaiser focuses on this build-up of energy, sharpening it and refining it until it becomes smooth, almost like a blade. At this point, his foot is practically a blade in and of itself, and, with one swift, circular kick, he uses the sharpened Ki for its intended purpose: to wound or kill.

The Genocide Cutter is a swift and dangerous attack, able to easily wound an opponent in the blink of an eye. Since the actual brunt of the attack comes from the Ki itself (though sharpened and refined significantly) it could, in theory, be blocked by a force field or even absorbed if one were to act against the attack in enough time.


Bead Destructor
A technique very similar to the Genocide Cutter, but instead of focusing the Ki at the base of the foot, it is instead focused around a single hand and sharpened to--as Kaiser would say--"invisible perfection". Since it is focused on his hand instead of his foot, the reach of the attack is, naturally, much shorter than that of the Genocide Cutter.

Dark Release
Kaiser has the ability to raise and lower the amount of Orochi Power that he has access to; though, as stated above, he typically only uses 20% of his full power at any given time. This is not only because this is the level of power that he's grown accustomed to, but also because he's never actually had to use more than this for any occasion.

If he were ever pressed into a corner; however, he could easily raise his power up by any increment that he would desire...though this can, and usually will, have a negative impact on his body as a result. The effect can be lessened by having a gradual increase of power instead of an immediate one, though this would only truly delay the issues.

At present, the highest that Kaiser could comfortably go would be about 35%. Any higher and his body will gradually begin to strain itself under the sheer amount of power, leading to things such as fatigue, loss of muscle function, and even muscle atrophy. This does not mean that the sustainable limit cannot be raised; however, as with enough time and effort, the comfortable limit can get higher by sustained usage of higher levels of power.


Kaiser Press
Kaiser's most powerful move is an amalgamation of both his Kaiser Wave and his infamous God Press.

With rage and utter hatred in his heart, Kaiser lurches forward at the opponent and reaches out for them with his hand. With the foe in his grasp, he begins to gather up an incredible amount of Orochi Ki, his limit being subconsciously raised to 65% as red electricity can be seen rippling through both of his arms. With a wrathful and belligerant war-cry, he takes off at dizzying speeds before smashing the opponent into the nearest object and, just as violently, takes off once more to continue the assault and drill them into yet another object.

Once the opponent has been crushed into the second object, Kaiser releases a fully-charged and point blank Kaiser Wave upon the unlucky foe. With the assault complete, Kaiser releases whatever is left of the opponent and begins to gradually return to his baseline 20% power.

While indeed a powerful assault, the effects upon Kaiser are such that usage of the move would cause a great deal of bodily fatigue and damage as well, due entirely to the sudden and completely unexpected surge of power coursing throughout his form. Also, due to the emotions required to push him to such desperation, this move is not readily available to him at all times.

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