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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Edyth Lostetter, Arcuul Cyborg
May Merriweather
The White Mage!
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Character Information

Species: Arcuul

Occupation: Priestess of the New Temple, Agent of the White Hand

Alignment: Neutral Good

"Time to un-kick some butt!"
Feb 23 2015, 10:27 PM Quote

Edyth Lostetter


Other Aliases: White Rabbit, Queen of Spades, Eddie/Ed
Age: 17
Species: Arcuul (Lunus Cahali Majora Solios auspice. Born in the high moment of the eclipse of the moon across our sun, Arcuul born under this auspice are foxes or rabbits blessed with brilliant intellect, and cursed with the Fading, a neurological disease for which there is no known cure that gradually devours all motor function, eventually leaving the mind fully conscious while the body languishes in a vegetable state. At the end of their life, they are blind, helpless, and absolutely alone, with a vast intellect for which there are few matches, yet no means of expressing that brilliance. Trapped. They usually die before their 20th birthday.)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pan
Moral Alignment: True Neutral, with a slightly lawful and slightly evil bent. She's got principles, she's got virtues, but she's something of a monster.


Height: 5 foot and small change
Weight: 180lbs (Metal is heavy)
Eyes Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Face Claim: Erikka (Dragk, from FurAffinity's character)


Description: Edyth is an itty bitty person, just an inch or so maybe over five feet tall, petite, with a mop of black hair that hangs over her snowy white furred lapine (rabbity) face and half-conceals the pale blue eyes that never quite seem to focus when she talks to you. She dresses in a sweater, even mid-summer at the height of a hot day, usually in muted colors or stark black despite any appearant heat. In winter, or even in the coolest days of spring or fall, she bundles up hard. You'd be hard pressed to find her on a really cold winter day. Ed isn't what you might call an outgoing individual. She doesn't raise her face often to peer into peoples' faces, she shuffles her feet, she hugs herself or folds her arms in front of her body as if trying to protect herself, and generally seems to try and take up as little space as possible. White Rabbit usually dresses pretty casually - a too-large hoodie with flared sleeves is almost a guarantee, as are gloves and khakis, and a pair of sneakers.

She weighs way too much for a girl her size though - nearly 70% more, in fact, considering her tiny, willowy build. Truth is, she's over 75% cybernetic - both arms, both legs, her face, her abdomen, every inch of her skin... only her heart, lungs, brain, eyes, spine, and some glands remain of her biological physiology - all custom made and lovingly installed. By her. She's a highly sophisticated cyborg, an apparently perfect physical simulacrum of her own original flesh and blood body - except for the part where she lies on a bed and drools.

Personality: Edyth's a study in contrasts. Put her in a social situation, face her with a spitting bully, and she'll buckle in on herself - recede into shyness in seconds. But if you put her in a workshop and that same bully got in her face about, say, robotics, and she'd lay down the law. She has spheres of influence - she's savant, and that's all there really is to it. Some things interest her - robots, cybernetics, ergonomics, robots, cybernetics, and oh! Cybernetics! No wonder, I suppose.

There's more to her though than social anxiety and savant brilliance with machines. There's an iron-hard core of determination in her soul - a ball-bearing of carbon steel that drove her not only to endure the trauma of replacing first her limbs, then most of her body - but to defy her family, her parents, even the gods themselves in order to do so. She was willing to step over what she thought, at the time, to be the ultimate be-all, end-all line and damn herself in order to keep from suffering the fate of her auspice. It takes a certain kind of person - and not necessarily what you'd call a 'good' person - to do something like that. To not only step over that line, but spit defiance at the people she loved to do so, and deny everything she ever believed in at a stroke.

There is a word for people like her in Rodina. Sparks. People of brilliance who, in the presence of their craft and in pursuit of their goals, go mad. They become разваливающийся - haywire, insane, berserk, and create terrible, wonderful things. Sparks have shaped Rodinan history. In fact, one of the Seven Stars is a spark - Mr. Mecha. But where Mr. Mecha stands for truth and justice, for protecting what he loves...

... Edyth, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Spades, does not. She sells her creations to the highest bidder. Uses her talents for the pursuit of wealth, to pursue a forbidden power. Does that make her evil? No. But no matter how gentle natured she is, she is dangerous. She is a dark spark - using her powers for definite personal gain. A criminal - a monster. That iron hard ball in her soul is made of these - that knowledge, that defiance, that void in her heart. When her spark manifests, when she is making a weapon, when she is operating a Combat Proxy... it shows. Some part of her hangs on - some part hasn't totally surrendered to the dark though - there's joy in her heart. She isn't a killer - she hasn't yet done so, and though she is without doubt a powerful dark spark capable of terrible things, inside there's still that crying little girl who doesn't want to die, who wants someone to understand for once, and is angry that nobody yet has seemed to.

Weapons and Equipment:
--Mobivan ™ custom shipping van (A flying vehicle made for shipping goods from one city to the next in relatively small quantities. She's made it her 'mobile base of operations', with an armored hull and ports for dropping Combat Proxies via pods.

--Proxy Pod (One of her own creations. These pods allow her to drop proxies from her Mobivan at high altitude into the field for her use.

--Various Workshops and Supplies (It can safely be assumed that unless you've got her under lock and key, she'll have or obtain what she needs to ply her craft - one way or another)

Special Skills: Edyth is a Savant. She's brilliant, and has studied medicine, robotics, and the hybrid field of cybernetics as her focus. She's designed magnificent engines of engines of human destruction on a napkin on her tea break. With lists of numbered parts.


Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Black Market Weapons manufacturer / black market cyberdoctor
Family: Her parents and siblings (Four elder brothers, one younger sister) live in Rodina.
Place Of Birth: Rodina, Kostra province.

History: The tide of children surged into the shaman's house at the prescribed time, huddling through the doorway. The shaman wasn't in, but he was the teacher, the one who guided the children on their path to wisdom. One day, that would be his apprentice's job, so he'd left her in charge of teaching the young ones today while he was out bringing medicine to his ailing friend. So today, she decided, she was going to teach the little ones a story that would not only help them grow, but was true. She'd rehearsed it all day in preparation, and as the little ones sat obediently before her on the shaman's couches, chairs, and plush carpet, the apprentice drew the story together in her thoughts.. and began.

"Today" she intoned "I'm going to tell you the story of the Bunny and the Light." she said, and folded her hands in her lap. One little boy in front, a human boy, raised his hand "But the Shaman was gonna tell us the end to the story of the Skanth!" he protested, without waiting to be called upon. But the shaman put up with that sort of thing - she would too. She smiled at him and replied

"Of course! I wouldn't want to ruin it for him, would I? I love that story, but he tells it better, doesn't he?" she said, and the boy lowered his arm, considering this... then nodded. Good. He'd come a long way since his family moved here a year ago. Thoughtfulness was one of the Teachings. The others nodded as well.

Without waiting to be called on, a particularly tiny fox girl said "B-buh we've nevuw heard tha' stowy befow... The Bunny story" she added, and the apprentice nodded gravely.

"No, little one... it's a new story. A good one too. Maybe someday, it will even have a happy ending." she said, and as the kids' interest piqued, and they readied to ask more questions, the apprentice giggled and soothed them with both hands, hushing them down. They obediently relaxed again.

"Hush, now, lemme tell the story, alright?" she said, and they nodded asynchronously.

"Once upon a time... there was a bunny born with a wonderful gift; She could see the light in all its splendor - not just see, but understand. She reveled in what she found, taking interest in everything she discovered and taking joy in everyone she met, for the gods had given her the gift of understanding.

"But such a gift, it was not without a price - as all gifts - and it was a terrible one, for though the bunny could see the light, her body was frail, weaker all the time. For a time, that was enough. The bunny came to class, she sat before her teacher, and she was good. But she stayed after class had ended, seeking to share what she'd learned from the Light with the teacher. He would listen, and he would smile as she did

"You grow in wisdom, Bunny! To be so bright for one so young!" he would say as he made up her medicine each day. She watched - and one day, she even started to help him.

"I want to be like you one day, Shaman!" she said, but the Shaman would never acknowledge those words - he would just shoo her off to see her parents. For the Shaman was wise - he knew what else the gods would want from the girl in the end. For there was more she would need to give them.

"But she kept asking. The medicine was helping, and soon she was the one making it herself as the Shaman looked on. He looked on in sadness - for one day, the Bunny would be gone. That was what the gods would ask in the end, for her light to join their own. She could not be his apprentice - she was too precious to the gods for that.

"But the Bunny didn't know. She should never know - that was what her parents had demanded of him, for if she knew, they feared she would be afraid, or sad, and not spend the precious time she had. But the Bunny was a kind girl, and grew on the Shaman's heart. Every time she made her medicine, or helped him in his home he felt a pang of terrible guilt and sadness.

"One day, he begged her parents to be able to tell her the truth. To be able to tell her the truth so he might feel free of his pain - so the girl would stop asking him this, for it was driving him mad... so he could help her prepare, inside, for the journey... but he could not convince them. They forbade it.

"Though the girl was good, she had done a bad thing that night. She had listened at the door when the shaman visited her parents and asked, and the next morning after lessons, the Bunny, troubled by what she had heard, only had to look into the Shaman's eyes to know he'd not been telling her the whole truth. Have you ever had someone keep a secret from you, children?" the apprentice asked.

The kids were wide-eyed. This story... wasn't like the others. They weren't afraid, but they were intensely interested. The little vixen in the back nodded, thumb in her mouth.

"How did it make you feel, little one?" she asked, and the girl's brow knitted in thought as she picked her words.

"It made me sad, made me angwy." she said, and the apprentice nodded.

"That's just how the Bunny felt, too. The Shaman was her friend - how could he be her friend, and not tell her this secret he was keeping? The truth was... he couldn't. He knew in his heart that it wasn't right. She had only to ask him once before his promise to keep the secret... broke." the apprentice said, and swallowed.

"But... he promised" the human boy said in a hushed tone. "... that's a rule... you can't break promises." he said, and again, the apprentice nodded.

"You're right - you must never break a promise. But... he did, and told the Bunny the secret." she said, and her jaw hardened as she shook her head.

"What happened then?" the boy asked, and she had to collect herself before answering. "The Bunny... was afraid. Everything she knew had been predicated on the secret's truth being hidden from her, and she fled the Shaman's hut. She demanded the truth of her parents, tears in her eyes, anger in her voice, and they knew what the Shaman had done."

"The girl's father was very angry. He was furious with the Shaman, the girl's one true friend. All the other children had been warned away from the Bunny after all - the other parents knew the secret too, and they didn't want their children to know what would happen to the Bunny." she continued.

"Oh..." the vixen said, and her elder sister hugged her close. The boy tilted his head. "What did the father do?"

"He talked to his friends, and they became angry too, for anger is what, children?" the Apprentice asked

"A disease!" they replied

"That's right! It is! They went to the Shaman, demanded of him why he'd done this. But Bunny's father knew why. So he picked up his sword, and..." but there were some things you didn't say to kids, however mature this group was proving. She didn't need to.

"... Oh man... he killed the Shaman, didn't he?" the human boy said. The other children gasped, but the Apprentice nodded. She couldn't lie to them. Not for this story.

"He did." she said, and frowned a moment before continuing. "And his friends, though they had been angry... had never thought their friend would do this. But there had been enough blood that night, and as the Father returned home, they buried the poor Shaman who had done a terrible thing.

"What happened became a secret that night. But the other children never saw Bunny again, because the Father forbade her to return to the Shaman's home ever again, ashamed of what he had done. Bunny was heartbroken though. Everything she'd ever known was called into doubt in her heart, and she was inconsolable - terrified of the looming spectre of the unknown in her future.

"But Mother encouraged her to continue gathering her medicine's ingredients, for the girl could now make the medicine well enough that she could do it for herself. So, one day she was in the gentle forests that surrounded her home gathering the herbs she needed - a bit of Scybb root, a clump of Morri moss, a few Lylia flowers... when what should she happen upon but a great hole, bigger than an animal burrow... with a glint of something below, deep within, something that shone.

"Perhaps it was the gods' will. Perhaps it was not, that she found a metal ball the size of a melon in that hole, one side of it pierced and broken to reveal many metal hairs within, a glass eye nearby the broken machine. Bunny cleaned the muck away from the ball, and saw that the pieces she'd found near it would fit well, if only they were put together right. But she couldn't work in the dark of the hole she'd found it in, so she brought it up into the light where, once the pieces were replaced, the ball lifted from her hands and spoke!

"It thanked her for saving it, and, delighted in that, she felt a flutter of real joy - the first she'd felt since that one morning months ago when last she'd seen her friend the Shaman. The little machine helped her gather herbs then, and even helped her find a few that it said would help her medicine work even better! Astounded, the girl tried them out in the medicine as the machine described... and it did work better!

"Her friend was still hurt though... but she promised she would help him, so he followed her home to be introduced to her parents, her brothers, and sister! Father feared the machine, but it had helped his girl make her medicine better. Perhaps it was a providence of the gods that this should happen? The light in Bunny's eyes was enough to make him overlook his fear.

"Bunny worked long and hard to fix her new friend, and as she did, it told her of a place far away, of a city of light, a town many times the size of her own, and how it longed to return there. It told her things she'd never guessed - helped her discover new things about the Light she'd always known, and she vowed to help it return home, where she could learn more too!

"She begged her mother, but mother was with child - she could not make the journey. Bunny asked her father if he would go with her, but he refused, and told her to take her medicine instead, to focus on making better medicine. Her brothers would not go - they feared the things that lived outside their forest. Would no-one go with her? But Bunny didn't know what her father had done months ago. Surely the Shaman would go with her? If he wouldn't, she could not make the trip herself, she knew, so she lived in hope and sought him at his hut.

... but it was empty. Cleaned of his things, bereft of life. She asked other children - but they didn't know. She asked anyone who would look at her, but they turned their faces away from Bunny. Where had her friend gone? She looked everywhere except... one place. The cemetery. Upon the grave of her old friend... rested a bunch of Lylia flowers, growing strong. She remembered her father's rage. His stern command never to return to the shaman's hut...

... And knew what her father had done. Bunny didn't cry though. She clenched her fists. Why, children?"

"Cuz she was angwy?" the vixen said, and the apprentice nodded once more.

"That's right. And what's anger?"

"A DISEASE!" the children parroted again.

"Just so, children. Just so. And so, Bunny did another bad thing. She gathered the food she thought she would need, made the medicine she would need, got a few of her favorite things together, and left with her friend the machine that very night.

"Over hill, under valley, and over the rushing brook she strode, the anger driving her on even as her legs burned and she grew weak. She would rest, and then keep going, her friend leading the way. For three days and three nights they traveled like that until at last they reached the city of light, as the machine had promised they would.

Bunny was weary. She'd eaten the last of her food, used the last of her medicine, and felt very, very weak, but she followed her friend to his home, and when she met the man who owned her friend, he was so very pleased that his machine had returned to him in one piece, impressed with the little girl that made this come to pass!

He introduced himself as Lance, and told this tired, hungy, sick little bunny that he would grant her any wish she desired for what she'd done for him.

"Teach me!" she said. "I want to learn. I want to learn everything I can! Teach me about my friend the machine!" she said, and he agreed. HE took the girl in, and gave her everything she needed, helped her get all the knowledge she could stand. He recognized the gift in her... the gift the gods had given to this frail little bunny, and his heart was filled with raw desire, that this talent should be his own to use. He envied her Light.

"So, when he learned about the price the gods would exact from her, he was furious! Not with the Bunny who had told him, but with the gods themselves. He had an idea though... and told her that there was a way she might survive. He told her there might be a way she could defy the gods... that she might be able to defy her own destiny to merge her light with their own.

"He showed her a hand made of metal. He told her that there is a way that she could become more like her friend, his machine, that she'd found in the woods, that all she needed to do... was figure it out. He'd seen it done before.

"Lance gave Bunny hope, and it was more than her father had ever given her, in her mind. She was still furious with what her father had done... and so she accepted his word, and sought the secret. Through the fall and into winter, she worked. She learned more and more, at a fantastic pace, but her eyes went dark on the day of the longest night." the apprentice said, and the boy raised his hand again

"What do you mean? HEr eyes went dark?" he asked, confusion and skepticism apparent in his voice. "You mean Bunny went blind? wouldn't that stop her from seeing the light?"

The Apprentice nodded again. "Yes. It did. Lance wouldn't help her if she couldn't advance further, discover the secret, if she couldn't use her gift to help him in turn - for that was his price for this knowledge. So, Bunny with the help of her friend from the forest came up with a way to teach her ears to see, to teach her nose to see, and to teach her body to see, instead!" she said, and the look of confusion only grew on the boy's face.

"I get it... like how I can smell stuff" one of the other boys said. The kids glanced at him, but many nodded. There were a lot of sensitive noses in this room, after all! The Apprentice beamed. "Just so, little ones! She made something that let her nose, ears and body see for her, now that her eyes had gone dark, and the world became... beautiful again. Dancing colors pulsed with the music's beat as it echoed through her teacher's home. The scents of her medicine, of metal, of food in the house all mingled and moved as clouds of mist, and everything she touched was visible to her again.

"Lance was so proud, and as winter broke and the snows melted, Bunny had lost the ability to walk anymore - the light was even then claiming her, bit by bit, but she'd unraveled the secret she'd toiled so long and hard to discover... and she was nearly ready. But one day... her father found her, when she was in the market gathering the things for her medicine she'd need for the day, he came upon her.

He was of course furious with Bunny for leaving, but he despaired that she could no longer walk, and demanded that she return home, where she was loved, where she was missed, so she could go to the gods in peace. He missed his Bunny so... but she would not look at him. Lance's friends turned him away, drove him from Bunny's presence.

Father tried again and again to see her, to talk to his precious daughter, but time and again Lance's friends drove him off, and he never even got close enough to glimpse his little girl again. Distraught, he sought the counsel of the Great Elders, who by their authority and wisdom determined that he did indeed have a right to speak to his daughter, and forced Lance to allow him access to her.

"Come home, Bunny." he pleaded then. "Come home to us. You are fading, Bunny" she was - every day she was weaker "and you deserve to return to the gods around those who love you." he pleaded "Please! Come Home, bunny!" he was begging, weeping as his daughter refused to even look at him.

... Then, she smiled. And stood." the apprentice said, after a dramatic pause.

"But you said she couldn't walk anymore!" the human boy blurted, outraged! The other kids agreed, murmuring nodding, brows furrowed. The apprentice frowned sadly.

"You're right. But she stood anyway. Her father was as surprised as you all. The girl's weak hands shook, but she just managed to clench them into fists before her father.

"I won't." she said, anger bleeding into her words as she glared down upon the man who had sired her. "I will not, father." she said, denying him as tears flooded her eyes, as anger took control of her tongue.

"How can you stand, Bunny?' her father said, then he noticed the bandages around her hips, noticed the blood soaking through, and saw... the gleam of metal beneath his daughter's clothes.

"What have you done..." he breathed, tears welling down his cheeks.

"I have defied the gods." Bunny said, and though she was furious... her voice was bereft of emotion. "I have no use for them. I have outgrown them. And I have outgrown you, father." she said, in that same deadly calm. He rose to stare into his Bunny's eyes... but though she was there, he saw no love for him in them - only anger.

"You have defiled yourself, my daughter. Turn away from this... please, you must. I love you, my daughter. Your mother does as well- you must not--"

"Damn myself?" Bunny hissed, and spat into his face. She'd done many things to learn what she had, to learn the secrets she had. And she didn't regret them. Bunny had turned from love, and her father saw that in that simple, vile gesture of defiance. He recoiled as if struck.

"That isn't something you can say to me, father. Not after what you did." Bunny said, and again Father recoiled as if injured by what his daughter said. "Not after you killed my friend for telling me the truth!" and he slumped to the floor under her vicious, truthful words.

"You are a liar! The gods are a lie! I have washed my hands of them." she said, then her voice dropped into a whisper that cut like a knife. "And I wash my hands of you, father. You and everyone else in that town who wouldn't look at me because of the fate they decreed for me. Leave, and never return."

"And so, heartbroken, he did." the apprentice said, and then sit back, silent.

"... and then what happened?" one of the kids who hadn't spoken up yet asked.

"I don't know." she replied, but shook her head. "Anger... is a terrible disease, children. It is a flame. Though it can be used to do good things... in the end, children, it destroys what it touches. And this... is a story that is true." she said, and the children exchanged glances.

Thoughtfully, the children shuffled out. The Shaman strode from the back room, and sat across from his apprentice. She looked shocked - he was supposed to be visiting his sister!

"T-teacher!" she stammered, and the old horse smiled, nodding.

"Got done early today" he said in his warm basso rumble. The two sat there before the fire in companionable silence... before eventually, the clydesdale shaman rumbled

"... That wasn't a story I would have chosen to tell the little ones, true though it may be, and though it may teach a valuable lesson." he said, the slightest smidgeon of reproof in his voice. "That... is a dark tale, one not likely to have a happy ending." he added.

The apprentice nodded sadly. "... I know."

"How did you know it, may I ask? I never told it to you..." he asked, tilting his head.

"I know the family." she replied simply, with a shrug. The old shaman grunted an affirmation.

"We all remember the death of Brokenbrow the shaman. I had not heard that much of the story however... surely Thoma, the father, didn't tell you as much as he did, child. How did you learn of this?" he asked, and his apprentice sighed softly, shaking her head.

"It's... not important." she said, but the clydesdale horse shook his head in return

"Please tell, girl. It will bother me for days if you do not." he said, in his slight accented voice. She knew him well enough by now to know that the old shaman was being totally honest about it.

"I know her." she said, after a pause. The old shaman focused his eyes upon her, but said nothing. "I had to... my brother needed... needed a hand after the sawmill accident, Shaman. You know the old ways... but the wound was beyond magic, and his family was languishing. So I..."

"... I see." the clydesdale said, and nodded in understanding and compassion. "Met you the girl, did you? How fares she?" he inquired, pulling an old pipe from his clothes and filling it from a black pouch.

"She is... well. She told me the story. She... she's not working for Lance Standerr anymore, I do know that. They... had some kind of disagreement. She wouldn't go into details, but she was no longer welcome in his province - a criminal in his eyes now. Her... her payment, what she wanted for me to give her in exchange for my brother's hand, though, she asked me to put Lylia on Brokenbrow's grave, once a week and keep it clean for her." she said, and that took the Clydesdale by surprise, eliciting a grunt as his eyebrows rose.

"Yeah, I was sort of surprised too. Teacher... I think she might have succeeded." she said, and the old shaman grunted noncommittally.

There was another silence before... "... do you think her father was right? That she's damned? That... that it was her destiny to die from her auspice?" she asked, and the Shaman smiled at her, eyes full of approval.

"No, girl... I do not." he said, and when another response wasn't forthcoming, she asked, impatient


"Girl, what maybe ends up damning her be not the metal body she wears... but the dark in her soul, the corruption of that light her gift by the anger that has poisoned her soul. The anger at her father, the terrible machines she's built, the madness that thrives in such pain. She in a lot of hurt... and that could damn her. Her father be wrong about that, and maybe that damn her too. But it's out of his hands now, mm? Our of yours, out of mine. She'm in control of her own des-tin-y." he said, voice slipping into a thick accent as he spoke his mind on the subject.

He pointed the mouthpiece of the pipe at her. "The teacher can learn too, girl. That be a lesson worth learning. Anger is a blade... but a wound of the soul festers as well as any other if left untended."

They spent the rest of the night in silence together.


Basic Abilities:

    Synesthesia (She is totally blind, but Ed has designed and installed an implant in her brain that lets her 'see' sounds bouncing off surfaces, scents lingering on objects or in the air, and things her body is feeling or things she is percieving by touch. The world she lives in is a strange, beautiful place of shifting colors on surfaces, hanging clouds of scents, and scillating patterns of light and darkness.

    Rocket Jump (She can't fly as such, but she can leap via boosters in her feet and back. They heat up if used continuously, but she can use them in combat as improvised concussive and fiery weaponry to accent a kick, for example.)

    Integrated Weapons (She's a weapons maker - it's part of how she makes money. It makes sense then that she'd give herself some tools to work with, if things get hairy or a deal goes south or she otherwise has to defend herself. There are ports that open on her back and shoulders where guided micro-rockets can

    fire from. Her wrists conceal light machine guns, alternating barrels to prevent heat build up, and on the underside of her forearms she can extend laser welders for short ranged attacks or, you know, actual welding.)

    Holotool Generator (In addition to being able to produce almost any tool she could need with her hologram projector (mentioned later), it could be used to make really decent melee weaponry - swords, axes, hammers, etc)

    Flatline (Her body is almost completely artificial now. Eddie doesn't have a power signature - she doesn't even register)
Advanced Abilities:
  • Combat Proxies (Edyth can call down different combat proxies she's built ahead of time, kept track of in her character tracking thread. Normally, she can deploy but one at a time, and she can have three more in reserve, ready to go. Proxies have low-end artificial intelligences, and are controlled directly by her as sort of high tech puppets. Combat proxies, while quite powerful, are not nearly as resourceful as player characters, nor as powerful. They can stand up to another character on their own feet, but~
      Fire (Pele): Blaster type. user posted imagePele is heavily armed, though a bit slow-moving. It has no appearant gender, but its stocky frame and brilliant red armor are something of a trademark for this machine. It has the following abilities:
      Advanced Sensors (All combat proxies have advanced sensor systems. Sorta like detect ki.)
      Flatline (No proxy appears to ki sensing abilities)
      Rocket Jump (As Edyth's ability)
      Integrated Weapons (as Edyth's ability)
      Targeting System (The Pele proxy can designate targets for its guided weaponry, and keep track of them through advanced motion prediction software. If it manages to target a person, it is much more accurate against them.)
      Missile System (In addition to its micromunitions, Pele has an twin integrated missile banks fit with short and long range missiles that are many times more devastating than the micromunition rounds.)
      Pyro Rounds (Incendiary weapons ability. When this ability is active, Pele produces much more heat, but its attacks are that much deadlier, augmented by fire.)
      Mortar (Pele can render itself stationary to fire an especially heavy mortar round over great distances (several miles) to devastate a foe.)
      Heat Sinks (Used in conjunction with Pyro rounds, the heat sinks allow it to cool down quickly by venting excess heat. This proxy can use that in melee to cook enemies with blasts of thermal radiation that can flash-cook meat from bone.)


    • Earth (Juggernaught): Tank type. user posted image Juggernaught is a beast - well over twelve feet tall and weighing in at over a ton, this behemoth is a monster of melee combat and staying power, with the thickest, stockiest plating she could make and a suite of deadly tricks to make it a nightmare to fight close up. Its black and burnt silver armor is distinctive, as are its massive forearms and the dull blue glow that surrounds it.
      Advanced Sensors

      Personal Force Field (the Juggernaught gives off a constant energy field that is damaged first before anything else by energy and ranged attacks.)
      Impact Melee (Hydralic impact plates on Juggernaught's shoulders, elbows, fists, knees, and feet allow it to make especially deadly melee attacks via unarmed combat)
      Flash Step (It's faster than you'd think.)
      Power Plating (Juggernaught is aptly named, with armor plating that is energized. While it has energy (visible as blue cel shading on its form), it is nigh-impervious.. Power plating is passive, and can withstand a few awesome blows before collapsing. Only electric attacks can ignore this from the get-go. Power plating restores itself if the machine survives a fight and has a chance to recharge.)
      Mountain Stance (Juggernaught can widen its stance and engage stability arms to become an immovable object. While rooted down, i power plating and personal force field are boosted, rendering it as close to indestructible as makes little difference. Trick is, it can't move or fight, either while doing this, and getting into and out of the stance is a full turn.)
      Hammerblow (Ever seen 'Big O'? It's a compressed air weapon occupying the entirety of its forearms, rending a single straight punch into a devestating force of nature. It's showtime.)
      Self-Repair System (Juggernaught can activate a self-repair system by shutting down every other system, deploying a small swarm of several miniature repair drones to work on it. It cannot move, fight, or use any of its passive defenses when doing this - meaning its especially vulnerable.


    • Air (Sylph): Scrapper type. user posted imageThe Sylph is Fast. Crazy fast. That was the whole point of the design - its armor is near-nonexistant, but it's the only flight-capable direct combat proxy in her arsenel. Filling the role of scout and 'kite' tank, the sylph's white and gold armor, its needle-like feet, and the radiant 'halo' of its thrusters are distinct.
      Advanced Sensors
      Flash Step
      Integrated Weapons

      Sonic Boom (By blitzing past an enemy, it can use its own sonic boom concentrated past its feet as a deadly weapon by breaking the sound barrier just as it passes the enemy, unleashing terrible sonic and kinetic destruction that blasts what it hits in two glowing, white-hot rings of energy.)
      Heat Sword (A longsword built specifically to rend armor and mighty defenses, the Heat Sword is white-hot, very nearly a lightsabre in its destructive capabilities. And like a lightsabre, the magnetic field that keeps it contained and prevents it melting makes it hell on wheels for -cutting- energy strikes.
      Mag-Ray system (A heavy laser machine gun integrated with its wings, the Mag-Ray fires barrages of beam plasma in magnetic fields that bend (only gently) to track enemies (or projectiles!) at its direction.)
      Defensive Targeting System (Sylph can accurately target and analyze attackers, analyze beam trajectories, or projectiles as small as a bullet to project evasive paths it can follow. It's primary defense is just not to get hit - and as long as it's not getting overwhelmed or pressing an attack, it's a ghost and a shadow in the air.


    • Water (Undine): Stalker type. user posted image The Undine was made to be a scout, an assassin, and a thief - though she rarely deploys it in the last two roles. It is a stealthy weapon in her arsenel, distinctive for its midnight blue armor and sleek, almost biological profile that nearly resembles her own body. It is the smallest and most unassuming of her proxies.
      Advanced Sensors
      Flash Step
      (Undine's frame and inner workings are absolutely silent, failing even to disturb the air as it moves)
      Hidden Arsenel (The Undine proxy is equipped with a number of silent-striking weapons, ranging from melee weapons like needle launchers to wrist mounted katars and surprise blades situated in unexpected places on the Undine's sleek form, including a particularly deadly blade on the end of its whiplike tail.
      Cloaking System (Undine's armor is quite thin, but it's capable of projecting a field that distorts space, allowing it to become not only invisible, but insubstantial, allowing it to pass through walls or solid objects with ease. The system is simple to use when the undine is still, but moving or passing through objects consumes a great deal more energy. It is best employed in short bursts or when still.)
      Remote Mines (The Undine is equipped with a tiny manufacturing core within its body, allowing it to make certain kinds of objects in teh field. One kind of 'undine egg' is the remote mine - a potent explosive that can be remotely detonated.)
      Hunter Drones (The other kind of 'undine egg' is the Hunter Drone - a tiny flying robot using its props as blades both to fly and to attack by running into enemies. When destroyed, they can be made to explode or simply immolate.)
      Vibroblades (Undine's most deadly weapon is arguably the ability to make its Hidden Arsenel vibrate at incredible velocities, breaking its silence with a melodic hum, but making its attacks incredibly deadly, able to shear steel like a hot knife through butter.


    • Metal (Hephaestus): worker type. user posted image(The Hephaestus combat proxy is an odd duck - it wasn't made for combat, for one thing! It's a support proxy, entirely created for triage and support roles. Able to act in defense of others, able to heal both machines and living beings, and able to deploy a number of support technologies to the field, this black and yellow striped proxy resembles little more than a large bee crossed with a wasp.
      Advanced Sensors
      Holotool Generator
      Diagnostic Sensor
      (Hephaestus is able to discern not only damage at a glance, but analyze material composition, energy types, and structural weaknesses. The analysis occurs at high speeds - around a second or two for a person, maybe a bit longer for an object or structure)
      Medicalmechanical Scaffold (Hephaestus's flagship capability. Its abdomen opens up, exposing a powerful diagnostic - repair array making use of an advanced form of 3d printing to repair objects or living tissue with equal ease, myriad holographic tools to enact surgery or mechanical action, and synthesized chems to ensure speedy recovery. A repaired object with moving parts will be choppy at first - the construction process leaves behind a bit of residue. This goes for living tissue as well - a limb would be numb (like having your arm fall asleep!). While dead tissue can be restored, it cannot bring back someone from the dead.)
      Containment Field (Hephaestus's Hologram generator has larger, more potent projectors than Edyth's own, but they're focused solely upon forcefield generation. These containment fields are powerful projections intended specifically for defensive purposes, able to hold back anything from solar radiation to molten rock or ki beams with efficiency and grace.)
      Advanced Printer (Hephaestus can synthesize objects and tissues via an advanced 3d printer in its abdomen region, able to both break down objects into energy, and recombine them into new things at high levels of efficiency. 'Sufficiently advanced' indeed! It must, however, have an example to produce, and simply making new things from old things is hugely time and energy consuming, even at its level of efficiency. It must work slowly.)
      Hologram Generator (As Edyth's ability)
  • Personal Proxy (Its me! Kinda.)
    An exact replica of herself, in both powers and appearance, but for most of the time, it is but a mindless doll. These 'personal proxies' are exceedingly expensive. Seriously. They're totally lifelike and can even feel - just like she does, when she's 'piloting' one. That kind of utility doesn't come cheap. A personal proxy not in use appears to be asleep. While piloting a personal proxy, she is indiscernable from the real thing - it's made to her own exact specifications, except for one critical difference - there is a bomb hidden in a proxy's construction, made to seem exactly like her own still-living flesh and blood heart. The explosive device is incidiary - its entire stated purpose is to almost instantly destroy the proxy with little to no explosive muss and fuss. The death of a proxy while she's piloting it is... traumatic - she would feel everything, as if it were her own body. Similarly, anything that happens to her real body, she feels when she's in the proxy. If she were to die while piloting a proxy, the connection would be lost, and she would fall lifeless to the ground - instantly.

  • Hologram Generator (How do you define real?)
    She can make holograms with physical substance - temperature, weight, and solidity. The use of this ability to make weapons is covered under her class I abilities. She can create areas of effect in about a 50 foot radius around herself, and generated holograms not only appear and feel real, but behave realistically as well - a holographic sword will cut, a holographic fire will be hot, etc. Trick is, she can't do anything REALLY complicated (like a person) without serious concentration. She could manage about four people for a few seconds, but the effort would drive her to exhaustion of her energy reserves)

  • Cartographer Drones (I see stuff. With my ears)
    She usually wears a coat of some kind if she's expecting trouble, and this is why. She can wear a harness no larger than a police style holster and belt which launches tiny drones the size of marbles, flitting and flying about, emitting soft pulses of white noise, music, sound effects, whatever. While they fly about, she puts on headphones. The little drones give of pings, and recieve the sounds taht bounce back. A computer unit that is part of the harness interprets it, and puts it to her as detailed sound input - to which she listens with her headphones. Her synesthetic senses then let her percieve the immediate area in great detail, and in three true to life dimensions. It's not the same thing as vision - it doesn't let her see the color of something, nor would it let her see through, for example, a pane of glass the drones couldn't get around, but it's invaluable in a fight. She can spread enough drones to let her see an immediate area of a couple hundred feet in great detail or a couple miles in general detail. They can also recieve sounds from things other than their 'ping' noise - letting her 'see' them as well. In a pinch, the drones can be made to kamikaze bomb something (dealing damage roughly equal to a concussion grenade), but they avoid people by nature unless instructed to do otherwise.

  • Medical Drone (heals people, heals machines)
    The forefather of Hephaestus's design principles, the Medical drone is a flying robot about the size of a small dog, equipped with a huge library of medical knowledge, a snarky bedside manner, and a miniature medicalmechanical scaffold, very much like Hephaestus's own. It's got less bells and whistles, but it's better at what it does - works more quickly for the focus it has on its sole point and purpose.
Ultimate Abilities:

Dance Puppets Dance (Dual-Proxy)
The REAL Edyth can control two proxies - be that two combat proxies, or a Personal proxy and a combat proxy, or two personal proxies. In theory yes, she COULD control two personal proxies controlling two combat proxies... but I can think of NO situation in which that would be terribly useful. She doesn't tend to do this much though, for two reasons: One, it would involve her actually being on the field. She's not an adept warrior - she's not even terribly good at fighting! If she's on the field herself, at risk, she's already in trouble. Two, her Personal Proxies cannot do this. If she used it all the time, it would be obvious as a ninja wearing orange which one was the REAL her.

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