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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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Ice Queen (to those who fear her)
Jacknife (on a trading card series?)



Brench-seijin are humanoids who live on Planet Brench, a planet which was renamed Coola No. 98 after Cooler took it over. Members of this race appear as humanoids of varying skin and hair colors. The very high gravity of their planet makes all the Brench-seijin fast and agile when visiting a planet possessing lesser gravity.




Born to a wealthy family, Boreale was born and raised to be a slave of the planet trade. She never knew her father or mother, really, but she was raised with her twin sister to be deadly soldiers, guardians for the honor of the Arcosians.

They were quickly noticed by an arcosian noble by the name of Farenheim, and snatched up for a significant bounty from her family. All she'd ever known were refined pursuits, endless training, and polite silence, and these served her well at Farenheim's side. He was an unusual arcosian - one who did not favor overt displays of force. He would appear to worlds as a merchant, as a benefactor, and by degrees they would trade themselves into oblivion with him, racking up more and more debt until their planet was his. Once in his possession, he would give the denizens new purpose - he would take their world from them, and they would thank him for doing it.

Sometimes there would be a rebellion. A trading shuttle would get destroyed, and the Ghost Dancers Aurora and Boreale would be sent to deal swift, irreversible justice to the offenders, but Farenheim was opposed to more direct measures to control his subjects. Most Arcosians would slaughter a continent without a thought to make their point. This frustrated Aurora and the other henchmen, who were working at the end of their leash to do everything they could, and while they plotted bitterly against their master, Boreale grew closer to him.

Love isn't something Arcosians really 'get'. There are exceptions to every rule... but he wasn't one. No, they weren't in love like that... but this intelligent girl, loyal and beautiful, efficient to the nines and fond of him, became Farenheim's friend, his confidant, his most trusted servant, and she vouched for her sister, and so he believed her. How was she to know?

When the coup happened, when another arcosian was sent, it was Aurora who was the agent of Farenheim's demise. All too aware of her loyalty, the new boss made Boreale watch as her friend, the man who trusted her, was tortured to death by the sister she'd vouched for to him. He spared her... because she was still useful, and because letting her live was crueler than killing her.

Boreale cut off his head, in the end. She served him faithfully, ever cold, ever efficient, ever silent until he let his guard down, and ended him. Then, she turned and in one swift motion, removed the head of her sister. The others didn't have a prayer against her - and their deaths were quick and clean. Nobody on that ship survived to see her leave - three hundred souls in total, all dead, and her in a drop pod, heading off for the furthest known habitable world.


She stopped several times on the way, as well. She's seen the galaxy a bit, stopped in many different solar systems. Stardust dried her tears. A meteor shower on an alien world gave her renewed will to live. A race called the Urcee helped her remember that there was more to life than pain - taught her to laugh again, to smile again, that there were things worth fighting for.

And here she is, still hurt, still damaged, still a killer.





Professional, polite, refined, efficient, but also vicious, twisted, a killer, Boreale learned to be a knife's edge for her arcosian master Farenheim, when trade broke down and things became violent. She's waded through seas of blood, and did so without an ounce of pity or compassion, with about the same level of care and concern as one might show as they muck out an animal's pen or clean a stove. She never had to do that much, but she has done it.

Under that icy shell is someone in grief, grieving her traitorous friends (whom she killed, but still misses), and her late boss (her friend, her confidant, her leader, for whom she did awful things, whom was murdered while she was forced to watch, helpless), even her twin sister, from whom she was inseparable for her life up to this point, but slew as she had so many, many others. Her family, everyone she ever loved, is gone, either murdered by the organization she once served, or by her own hand. She's no angel, she's a killer, but she's not heartless.

She's had time to cope, time in a pod to recover from the injuries to her heart, but she's damaged goods.

At her finest, she is brave, determined, and adamant in what she chooses to stand for. Those who find an ally in her can depend upon her professional approach and devotion, and a quirky, unusual young woman who writes poetry as a hobby, and meticulously remembers birthdays, special occasions, and things like that. Her whole life is a series of neat little boxes, and she reacts with panicked distress when the unexpected happens! Her rare smile is misshapen and awkward for how infrequently it happens, and a laugh from her is particularly exotic and lopsided!

At her worst, she is ice cold, compassionless, all emotion shut tight from her. It's very hard to get her riled, but you can tell you're getting to her by how quiet she gets, how much self control she's demonstrating. The colder, the more remote she becomes, the closer to decisive action she becomes. A lifetime of service has made her control herself like this - she doesn't scream in fury, she plots. She doesn't subtly off you or kill you slowly after monologuing about how weak you are - if she does it, you'll die with a minimum of fuss and pain - you'll just cease, and in short order. If she's decided you're dead, no plea for mercy or justification or excuse will save you from her. She murdered her own twin sister to avenge her last boss (whom her sister and their allies betrayed for a reward), and she loved them dearly - imagine how little she'd care about butchering some hick from a backwater planet?


5' 0"

115 lbs




Shanoa (Castlevania)



Farenheim Custom Edition Body Armor No. 4
Offering superior style and self-cleaning systems, blood doesn't stain this suit of armor he had custom made for his right hand, Boreale. It is indeed elegant, but as protective as the latest body armors in circulation.

Space Pod Mk. 9
A standard space pod's Mk. 9 variant. It has a synthethizer unit that can process local biomatter and materials into useful items or foodstuffs. It can remake her armor, for example, or synthethize a chemical compound for a medicine for example if given the formula and materials. It is capable of interstellar travel, and compression from a pod unit into a capsule and back again. She has a hardened case for it over her heart, curved to fit the contour of her breast.

Brench String Hammer
A native musical instrument, very like a guitar, played with metal pads on the fingertips of one hand, tapping and sliding on the strings to produce notes as she other hand guides tone. Has a sound somewhere between a harp and Spanish guitar.

Advanced Scouter
Her father was a scientist, and this is his invention. It doesn't blow up when overloaded, and implants as an augmented reality hologram screen projector.


Dancing Blade
A brench art of swordplay. Ki swords aren't that unusual in brench society, but they have roots in actual swordplay long before those techniques were ever perfected. She can use an actual straight sword as well as her sword technique - she was raised holding one in her hand, and she is more than a good swordsman - she is amazing.

An educated woman, she has a love of poetry, both reading and writing it. Her late boss developed a taste for her works, and when they arrived at a new world, he would often ask her to comment upon it, to give him some words. She has a way with words - maybe in another reality, this was her calling? She has a surprisingly golden voice - hardly professional grade, but she can sing passably.

Brench String Hammer
She can play a musical instrument very like a guitar, played with metal pads on the fingertips of one hand. She often plays in private moments, or when thinking. She's pretty good.


Exo Implant
An advanced technology that gives her protection from myriad environments, letting her survive in airless voids or the bottom of the ocean, or just about anywhere. A highly expensive modification, but it was a price Farenheim had been willing to pay for her service to him.

Flash Step

Afterimage Attack


Ki Manipulation


Boreale Blade
A sword of brilliant ki, incredibly sharp and composed purely of violent energy. Its exact shape is sort of up to her, and she can turn it into just about anything, so long as that anything is a blade, and in either hand. Being what it is, it's hard to stop a blade like this - it isn't even slowed down by ship alloy or stone or steel, let alone a human body - just too sharp, so sharp it splits oxygen molecules, leaving an electric blue trail in the air and a smell of ozone.

Boreale Hailstorm
She forms many lesser Blades, and hurls them as a storm of daggers or kunai. They don't last more than a few moments, but that's more than enough time to put bleeding holes in someone. She can form a... LOT of blades this way, and control their trajectories to an extent, making the attack more like a rain of arrows than a kunai strike sometimes.

Aura Lance
An overcharged piercing edge, like an old world lance. She can brace it against someone rushing her since a pokey object pointed at your eyes is an instant danger to anything with a head, stopping the charge dead, or use it as a fantastic piercing strike.

Phoenix Dance Tempo
With her blade giving off vapor, flickering like sharpened flame in her hand, she makes a deadly rush, striking at her foe, dashing back, and striking again in highly accurate, overpoweringly rapid succession, moving like a dancer as she flash-steps so fast that there are literally several of her in the assault, striking with gattling ferocity.

Disembowel The Wind God
A technique she hasn't fully mastered yet, but that allows her to create a force field on the tail end of her strike with her sword, forming a wedge that lets her literally block a ki attack by cutting it in half, spreading it past her. She must use both hands, as this requires mane physical strength and endurance, and puts a great deal of stress on her boreal blade.


Fenris Blade
A superpowered version of the boreal blade, charged with the mark on her back. She's literally putting herself into it, fueling it with her own blood and life force. With this runed, terrible sword manifested, she is faster, stronger, flying on wings of adrenaline as her body's safety limiters switch off, and that sword's cutting edge extends well past the tip of the blade itself. Clouds split when she swings it. It doesn't last long - she isn't strong enough - but a bit has been enough to let her survive when the bullet hits the bone and her back is to a wall. Last resort - after, she can barely stand.


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