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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Layla McRorey
Layla McRorey
Welsh Dragoness
General Populace
Twenty One YEARS OLD
App Plotter Tracker Layla McRorey has 38 posts. Offline. played by Culaco

Character Information

Species: Human / Demi-Dragon

Occupation: Unemployed

Alignment: Good

Nov 19 2016, 02:43 PM Quote

Layla McRorey


Welsh Dragoness
Gentle Dragon



Human - Demi Dragon due to Ddraig being sealed into the Boosted Gear



Christa McRorey (Sister of the same age, location is currently unknown after moving)
(OOC: Am open to people wanting to play Layla’s sister, PM me if there is an interest)

Layla and her sister were raised in an orphanage by the nun Bertha Nguyen, who strived to teach them the value of humility and wished for them to take after her in their beliefs and ideals. Though she never truly believed in the religion that Bertha did, Layla grew to admire and appreciate the ideals that Bertha taught. In time, the two sisters grew to see the woman as their own mother and adopted her ideals, becoming kind of heart and willing to help others in any way they could.

Layla in particular adopted the idea of pacifism and that violence never truly solved anything, until a run in with a group of thieves on the way home from the market. At the time, it had been confusing and frightening. It had been hard to figure out what was going on, before a voice broke through to her, coming from her left arm. It asked her if she wanted to protect herself and her sister from the thieves. She’d barely had the time to respond before a bright light had shrouded her vision and she regained consciousness in bed.

Her sister explained what had happened, about how a strange gauntlet had appeared on her arm and she’d been engulfed in what looked to be an ethereal green fire, before attacking the thieves and beating them easily, slamming one through a concrete wall. Bertha had been disappointed in her for hurting the men, but had been understanding that she’d done it to protect herself and her sister.

The voice from her arm was silent for two months and just when Layla had started to wonder if it had been real at all, until it spoke up again finally. It revealed itself as Ddraig, the Welsh Dragon, who had been sealed inside of a gauntlet known as the Boosted Gear, which was a Sacred gear and one of the 13 Longinus. Ddraig revealed that it was he who helped her and would continue to help her, as long as she chose to accept his help, which she did grudgingly. She had no desire to hurt anybody and much to her dismay, most of the Boosted Gear’s abilities were offensive in nature.

But she learned anyway, slowly over the years. A lot of her training was physical endurance training, with a few actual fights scattered across the time. She would be out running laps of the city whilst carrying heavy objects such as buckets of water or backpacks full of bricks. Beyond physical endurance training, she was taught to wield the energy that she could use, a strange draconic magic that she only had in enough quantity because of Ddraig and her ability to boost.

Over the years, she became a juggernaut of endurance, capable of physical activity for a long time, even if the activity was strenuous. She was fast and strong, but she didn’t like to hurt, even after Ddraig granted her the ability to use the Balance Breaker. It took a fight that she had to take part in, one that broke into the orphanage that she and her sister were working at after they’d grown up, to make her activate it.

The fight was intense and she’d had to join in to protect the children and her sister, but she’d been batted aside by the two fighters. It came when a bean struggle had been directed into a group of watching children that she’d achieved the Scale Mail in her desperation. Through the fight, one of the fighters killed the other, but was held off by Layla until he had to flee, vowing to find her and kill her for interfering. It was then that she chose to leave the orphanage and wander Eden, so that the man didn’t return to the orphanage to find her.

And that’s where we find her in the current day, wandering Eden in search of a home for herself and some nice company whilst trying to make life as nice and happy as she can possibly make it.


Demisexual (Only feels sexual attraction to those she has a strong emotional bond with)



Layla is a kind and gentle person, above all else. She is gentle and doesn’t like to hurt, despite her powers being tailored for offense. She shies away from combat whenever she is able to and dislikes it when people raise their voices in anger or argue with one another, especially when they are angry or upset with each other. She’s very emotionally sensitive and empathetic as a person, being sensitive to the general mood of an area, trying her hardest to make people happy.

She’s a very merciful fighter, sparing even the most evil of opponents and never resorting to killing an opponent, holding back in order to knock them unconscious instead. She’s all but incapable of telling people bad things and would rather tell a happy lie rather than give somebody an uncomfortable truth, as bad of an idea as that might be later down the line.

Her personality around friends doesn’t differ much than her ordinary nature, retaining her happy and kind nature, but also possessing a lot more affection. She’s happy with making physical contact with her friends, often being very touchy and will often sit in a friend’s lap or happily hug them in public. Physical affection is quite a large factor for her and she can get rather upset if somebody denies or is against it, though she isn’t so selfish as to not understand.


5’ 6”

109 lbs



Emerald Green

Hijiri Byakuren (Touhou)

Layla is pretty well developed for her age and definitely has an air of what might be considered regal beauty, though she could be considered other kinds of good looking too under the right circumstances. She has beautiful amber yellow eyes that could be considered cat-like in appearance, along with purple hair that fades into brown and then blonde at the tips. Her skin is very fair and unmarred, giving her an almost ethereal and pure glow.

She typically wears a black and white dress with long strips of black fabric going across the middle and white fabric across the arms. The black section of this dress flares outwards and trails slightly behind her, only just avoiding contact with the ground, though it doesn’t seem to impede her motion at all.

She carries herself in a very upbeat, chirpy manner, often seen smiling and standing up as straight as she can with her arms linked behind her back. She stands still very often and pays close attention to people in conversation to avoid being impolite.



Layla doesn’t really carry much equipment around with her and instead will use anything she can find nearby if she needs to. Besides the clothes on her back, some spare outfits and enough money to live, she doesn’t really ever carry anything else.


Martial Arts
Layla is an amateur martial artist, which mostly means that she knows how to properly throw a punch, intercept attacks and knows one or two judo throws that she learned to defend herself.

She is also an amazing chef and is capable of making incredible meals from whatever ingredients she can find, though obviously she’d prefer to work with better quality ingredients.


Boosted Gear
The only reason Layla can be considered as anything other than an average human. The Boosted Gear is a red gauntlet with a green jewel in the back of the hand with clawed fingers and extends to the wearer’s elbow, where there are two golden spikes extending outwards. The Boosted Gear has the ability to double the user’s power every ten seconds. As a holder of the Boosted Gear, Layla is vulnerable to magic and weapons that are designed to kill dragons.

Draconic Magic Manipulation
Layla can use a certain kind of magical energy that she has built up through repeated use of the Boosted Gear. Though her natural amount of it is small at best, she can use the Boosted Gear to raise the quantity of energy to a point where she can actively use it to create attacks.

Hide ki
Layla, without boosting or summoning the Boosted Gear, appears as a flatscan to people that sense energy, because she technically is. Whenever she has the Boosted Gear summoned, she appears as just above a flatscan, but her signature is distinctly draconic in nature and all but impossible to mask.

Sense energy
The Boosted Gear, when summoned, gives Layla the ability to sense an opponent’s power and gauge whether or not she has boosted enough times to potentially defeat her opponent, though that may be thrown off if the opponent is lowering their power level deliberately.

Inside of the Boosted Gear rests the spirit of Ddraig, a dragon that was stored within once upon a time. From within the Boosted Gear, Ddraig may give Layla advice and will often announce the abilities of the Sacred Gear itself when they are used.


The main ability of the Boosted Gear, Boost double’s Layla’s power every ten seconds. Announced by Ddraig from the jewel in the Boosted gear, every ten seconds Layla’s physical and magical power double once the ability is used. Though weaker at the start of the fight, the ability to constantly boost until she hits her absolute limit makes Layla a dangerous opponent in a fight that drags on for too long.

The second ability of the Boosted Gear allows Layla to transfer boosted power to a person, object or technique to empower it and increase its strength exponentially. The transfer can be used on multiple targets, but that increases the amount of energy lost with each different target. Transfer can also be used on a specific body part, such as the eyes, to enhance that part’s particular job, such as enhancing vision by transferring energy straight to the eyes. This ability is also announced by Ddraig.

Balance Breaker Scale Mail
Balance Breaker is thought to be a glitch in the system that allows a Sacred Gear’s power to manifest in a different, more powerful way. The Boosted Gear’s Balance Breaker is the Scale Mail, which is a Red Dragon armor that covers the user from head to toe, protecting them far better. It also has a thrusted pack on the back that can be used to increase speed or fly temporarily, but can also manifest dragon wings from the thrusted pack for more sustained flight. Though it offers greater protection and nigh immunity against fire, the user is still vulnerable to dragon-slaying attacks. Whilst Balance Breaker is active, the Layla’s ten second time limit between Boosts is removed, allowing her to constantly boost until she hits her limit.

Drake Jaws
Using some of the magic she’s built up, Layla can create the head of a dragon around her body to protect her from attacks and techniques that could cause damage, with the size of the head increasing with the more power she has built up by boosting. The technique shields her from every angle and can protect multiple people if the size is large enough, but sustaining it constantly isn’t an option, as it is heavily draining to use for long periods of time.

Ddraig Requiem
Layla gathers a larger amount of power around her left fist and punches forward, releasing an ethereal serpentine dragon that slams into opponents before exploding or wraps around them and explodes. The serpentine nature of the attack makes predicting its movements far more difficult and it can weave through obstructions fairly well.


Brenhines Sarff
Gathering as much energy as she can in an orb around her body, Layla charges forward and the orb is stretched out into a large serpent manifestation. From this, she then rushes towards her opponent and lands a single punch against them, launching them backwards and letting the serpentine energy manifestation continue onwards, pushing the opponent as far back as it can before diffusing around them and phasing through them, numbing their body to the point where they don’t feel anything.

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