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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Adessa Infernia
Adessa Infernia
Hell's Janitor
General Populace
Twenty-Three YEARS OLD
App Plotter Tracker Adessa Infernia has 34 posts. Offline. played by Culaco

Character Information

Species: Hell Guardian

Occupation: Guardian of Hell

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Dec 15 2016, 06:28 PM Quote



Guardian of Hell
Hell’s Janitor
Keeper of Chains



Hell Guardian
Hell Guardian
Hell Guardians are not born, they are chosen. They resemble the species they once were with no real change in biology. They can breed like their old species just as well as they could before the change. Their only advantage is that they no longer age, leaving with much longer to watch over hell.


Guards hell, hunts for sinners on Eden

Lucas Galmoss (Father)
Teresa Galmoss (Mother)
Zhi Galmoss (a single sister that she hasn’t seen in years)

Adessa wasn’t always an Infernia. She was born Adessa Galmoss, second daughter to Lucas and Teresa Galmoss, who ran a family owned engineering and blacksmith’s shop out in the country of Generica, not too far from the coastline itself. The family grew content and happy, Adessa’s birth only bringing them more joy and prosperity. She grew up as a happy and healthy child with an interest in both history and the supernatural.

As she studied history, learning things about humanity and their arrival at Eden, she began to see a word that kept popping up whenever she did a little more research into the subject: Ki. This Ki, life energy or whatever it was, made return appearances at many of history’s most pivotal moments and Adessa grew more and more curious as she kept running into the word. Studies into the energy revealed that some people were a little bit more vocal about the energy and the path to it, so she made a decision that would change everything. Teenage Adessa decided that she wanted to use her own Ki.

In truth, it wasn’t as hard to figure out as she’d thought it would be, which made her wonder why it wasn’t a common thing to do. Nevertheless, she had her Ki, but no real experience with it. That meant that the only solution was to practice with it, as you would do with any sport. She picked up martial arts and sword lessons to supplement her Ki tutelage, having learned that Ki grew as you grew stronger and more powerful in body and mind.

During one particular training session, a couple of years after she had discovered her own Ki, an exhausted Adessa was taken by a man dressed in pure white clothes, dragged into a burning hole in the ground before she could even scream. It was almost impossible to not know where she ended up, the flaming plains of hell, where the man revealed himself to have been an escaped sinner, who had brought her as a hostage to use to bargain for his entire gang’s freedom from hell.

Only the guardian of hell that was dealing with them decided that he could fight them all and rescue Adessa. He managed to free Adessa from the sinner’s clutches, sustaining a brutal wound as he did so, causing him to eventually lose the fight and succumb to his injuries. However, he knew he couldn’t leave his duties unmanned, so he transferred the power and title of one of hell’s guardians to Adessa. The newly empowered Adessa attacked and brutalized the sinner that had taken her to hell, imprisoning him once again.

From there, she was given the choice to remain in hell and govern over the souls from hell, or station herself in Eden and send any escaped sinners back to hell. She, naturally, chose the second option, returning home. Though she remained with her parents for a while longer, she eventually had to move, as she realized that she couldn’t remain in one place and hunt for escaped sinners.

So we’re brought to the current day, faced with slightly older and more powerful Adessa than before, wandering Eden in search of any escaped sinners to send back to hell. And sending some more to hell along the way wouldn’t hurt.





Adessa practically oozes confidence and self respect wherever she goes and whoever she talks to. It is hard to make her feel negative about herself after the things she’s seen and the trials she’s been through. She recognizes herself as a rather important person in the grand scheme of things, yet would prefer that the rest of the universe does not realize that importance. At the same time, she has no problem with using her duties and job to her own advantage, loving to travel and fight strong opponents.

She loves to talk about things that she and other people have done, having no trouble mentioning in casual conversation that she is a Guardian of Hell and will almost causally display her powers, mostly because she finds the fear of other people rather amusing. You can’t take in a part of hell’s power without it having some sort of effect on your mind, even if the effect is minor in the grand scheme of things.

One of the things she hates the most are people that use their power to oppress innocent people, having been given the job to find errant sinners and return them to hell. Though technically she’s only supposed to govern souls that belong expressly to hell, she has no problem with sending fresh souls to hell if she sees people committing wrongdoings.

She’s confident, secure and intensely driven to do what she deigns is best, willing to go to significant lengths in order to secure the win, though those lengths don’t include dragging innocent bystanders into the fray. Despite that, she will take what she wants if something catches her eye and will rarely, if ever, take no for an answer.


5’ 9”

132 lbs


Orange when using her powers at a higher level

Orange, wispy like fire

Rixia Mao (The Legend of Heroes)

Adessa stands tall and proud, though rather unassuming for somebody of her station, being rather new to the job in the grand scheme of things. Her eyes and hair are matching shades of striking purple, which seems to be theme for her entire appearance.
She wears a Qipao, or a type of chinese dress, with a curtain in the front and one in the back, leaving the dress open at the sides, showing off her upper thighs. She wears armored boots that end just above her knees and scaled, armor gauntlets that are silver at the hands and forearms, yet purple at the upper arms. She ties her hair back with a long ribbon that trails behind her in the wind in two long strands.

Her body is built very deceptively, being slender and attractive, hiding the strength and power that it holds. She has an ample, larger than average chest and fair, healthy looking skin that seems to glow in a lack of light. When calling forth her power, her eyes shift from a calming purple to an angry orange.



Brimstone Lady
Adessa’s sword is a rather oversized cleaver of a blade, with an ornate golden hilt and crossguard, decorated with a single red jewel. The blade itself has a purple center with a silver edge on either side, making both sides a cutting edge. At the tip, the blade widens out and has a pair of inwards facing spikes framing the tip. Despite its great size, Adessa has no trouble wielding the blade with even one hand.


Adessa is a great swordsman, being skilled at using any blade handed to her, though vastly improving when she wields a blade about the same size as her. She is also rather proficient at both hand to hand combat and surprisingly, performing arts, being talented at singing and acting.


Ki Manipulation
Adessa can weaponize her Ki energy in the form of blasts and beams that can come from her hands, eyes or mouth.

Hellfire Manipulation
Adessa can summon and control the flames of hell at will, creating fireballs and other such manipulations of the energy. Hellfire deals particular damage to those that have sinned excessively or take pleasure in sinning, such as enjoying the ending of a life or even indulging in carnal pleasures very often.

Hell’s Chains
Adessa can summon and control the chains of hell to use against her enemies. These chains have barbed, pronged tips that can stab and impale enemies. The chains can move at the same speed as Adessa and she can summon and control 4 of these chains at once. When somebody she deems a sinner is completely incapable of fighting back anymore, thousands of these chains emerge from the ground beneath them, cocooning them and dragging them to hell (NPCs only).

Burst Warp
It’s less high speed movement and more of a short range teleportation, Adessa travels instantly from where she’s standing to a place in her line of sight, appearing and disappearing in a burst of smoke and embers.

Environmental Adaptation
Hell is a dangerous place and its guardians are altered in a way that allows them to survive in practically any environment without issue. Anything from active volcanoes to deep space is not an issue for Adessa.


Typically the signature technique of a Hollow, Adessa grew fond of the technique after seeing the hell guardian that saved her use it and reinvented it with her Ki. Cero creates an orb of power at the user’s outstretched hand or fingertip which, when fired, explodes upon contact with a solid surface.

Flare Rotation
Adessa creates three orbs of hellfire that orbit each other around her clenched fist. These orbs then slam into an opponent after she punches them, carrying them further away before erupting into a violent, twisting explosion.

Hell’s Assault
Adessa launches her opponent away with the flat side of her sword before teleporting alongside them, launching them into the air with the flat of her blade before finally appearing above them, slamming the bladed edge of her sword into them and launching them into the ground.

Flare Cutter
Coating the edge of her sword in hellfire, Adessa launches a wave of the flames at the apex of her swing, which travels very quickly and retains the cutting edge of the blade, losing the more explosive capabilities of hellfire.

Chain Assault
Hell chains manifest from the ground in front of Adessa, thrusting through a wall of hellfire and catching ablaze as they slam into her opponent, exploding upon physical contact with anything and launching shrapnel everywhere.


Cero Ardiente
Adessa forms a Cero in the outstretched palm of her hand, before coating the outside with hellfire and also infusing hellfire into the center of the Cero. When fired, it explodes upon contact as an ordinary Cero would, albeit with far more power than before, and also spreads hellfire in a sphere from the point of the explosion, burning most things around it and catching almost everything on fire.

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