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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Valzaria Malrazz, Champion Of The Kishinkei
Valzaria Malrazz
Avarian World Knight
Sikai Kishin Of The Kishinkei
App Plotter Tracker Valzaria Malrazz has 9 posts. Offline. played by Cypher

Character Information

Species: Avaria

Occupation: Sikai Kishin

Alignment: Good

Dec 18 2016, 09:13 PM Quote

Valzaria Del'Quis Malrazz


Quis-Quis, Val, Zari, Malrazzo

Female by technicality


The Avaria are a monogendered humanoid species, generally approaching the same size and stature and other humanoid species such as the Humans or Saiyan, though they generally lack hair aside from faint eyebrows and eyelashes. Instead of hair, Avaria possess semi-flexible, cartilage based scalp crests that grow into shape, which do not "flop around" as some believe. Though they tend to age into maturity much like similar species, they begin to age far slower once they hit physical maturity. Some Avaria are noted to live several centuries. As they are monogendered, all members of the race appear female similarly to the all-male Namekian species.

Mallos, Rubaha, Jalhessia (city, country, planet)

Sikai Kishin of the Kishinkei

Valzaria graced the presence on the universe on the planet Jalhessia, a world on the far end of the galaxy; the "developed side" in Valzaria's words as it's a place far more technologically advanced than the area of the milky way that Eden resides in.

Though not possessing any sort of extranormal potential in regards to ki use, Valzaria proved to be an exceptional in the use of the eezo driven biotics, a quasi-psionic phenomenon that involves the soft manipulation of dark energy induced gravitational anomalies via another energy source (ki in Valzaria's case). Her above average potential and technique is what attracted her into the Juscassa, a legion of warrior monks millennia old that pledged their service to the Patron, the Guardian of their home planet.

Within the Juscassa, Valzaria's talent and power grew exceptionally to the point where she was recruited to the Palace of the Patron where she was further drafted into the ranks of cosmic stewardship of the Kishinkei. As a Sikai Kishin, Valzaria has traversed the galaxy, fighting foes and saving entire planets in the name of the Kaiō's.

And it was this service that lead her into conflict with the Kagzran. The cosmic band of barbarians were off pillaging a backwater planet when she arrived in time to save a woman and her monk assistant. This woman, named Keya, had taken an item from the Kagzran when they arrived on the planet, something that was said to be the source of their power. Valzaria, sworn to protect Keya and defeat the Kagzran, went off to fight them on her own and was swiftly defeated by the Kharn and his forces and would've been killed had it not been for Keya, who took the Avaria woman, and fled the planet.

In time, the trio would arrive to Eden and split up, meeting occasionally to exchange information. The three of them would plot, knowing eventually that the Kagzran would come, with the hope that they could either pull off their defeat or another escape for Keya and the Kagzran's item of power.





Valzaria is a warrior, but doesn't really act like it. Sociable and friendly are all words used to describe the Avaria; sometimes a bit "too friendly", sometimes awkward, but never overtly offensive or oppressive. When it comes to shifting her focus in terms of combat as a Sikai Kishin, she becomes a stern, sometimes overbearing woman, and people immediately remember her stature within the ranks of the organization. Valzaria is a warrior, but doesn't really act like it. Sociable and friendly are all words used to describe the Avaria; sometimes a bit "too friendly", sometimes awkward, but never overtly offensive or oppressive. When it comes to shifting her focus in terms of combat as a Sikai Kishin, she becomes a stern, sometimes overbearing woman, and people immediately remember her stature within the ranks of the organization.


5' 9"

150 lbs


Blue, taking the appearance of wisps and plumes of distortion and refraction creating energy versus a solid, fiery or wavy aura.

Treeya Nuwami/Assorted Asari (Mass Effect)

In terms of of human and Saiyan standards, Valzaria is above average height for a woman, though for a species that barely sees anyone shorter than 5'8", she's painstakingly average. Not only average in height, but average in build for her people. On appearances alone, Valzaria isn't all that intimidating.

Most would find her attractive--most within the galaxy find Avaria attractive to be fair--and seemingly passive in her appearance. In terms of fashion, Valzaria tends to adorn herself in whatever is considered top of the line fashion in any given part of the galaxy she currently resides in, just as long as it isn't completely ridiculous.



Combat Specialist
As a member of the Kishinkei, Valzaria is well trained in a variety of melee combat, be it hand to hand or with makeshift weapons. Her expertise lies within her telekinetics, slipping in and out of CQC and her abilities fluidly.


Energy Manipulation
Along with ki, Valzaria is capable of internalizing and manipulating an exotic form of energy through the utilization of particulate matter known as eezo to create a variety of effects, including her physical enhancement. The vast majority of Valzaria's power is due to the manipulation of this eezo based energy, and is known as biotics.

Flash Step
Valzaria is capable of of surging her power for a short term boost of speed, but Valzaria's more reliant on short term distortions as she moves from point A to point B versus a sheer speed increase.

Valzaria is capable of lifting herself through the air to levitate or produce flight at a variety of speeds. Unlike ki and other such energy users, Valzaria's power and refracting distortions are always present regardless of the speed of her travels, with the wisps increasing in intensity as she increases in speed.

Sense Potency
As a member of the Kinshinkei, Valzaria has been trained in sensing the potential and power of various individuals. She's fully "fluent" in detecting ki and has a general feeling in regards to magic, and she's fully capable of detecting the prescience of reishi and the detection of Hollows.

Valzaria is capable of telepathic communication between herself and up to six other individuals simultaneously, while utilizing herself as a relay to facilitate the communication between individuals. In order to do this, she must engage physically--usually via a hug or kiss--in order to impart herself on the individuals to essentially quantum entangle their psionic states to produce the communication link, otherwise the connections would sever based on distance and the amount of people attempting simultaneous communication.


Valzaria is capable of manipulating physical matter via the energy manipulation of the eezo particulates within her body. Unlike traditional psionic telekinetics who are essentially expending their mental energy to produce enough force to move, lift, or throw objects, Valzaria instead is utilizing her biotic energy to create a phase-density field that essentially warps and shifts the mass of the object she's manipulating, thus allowing her to achieve the same effect. She can push, pull, lift, and throw with the best of them. All displays of telekinesis are signified by the flaring of her aura not only around her body, but the object she's moving.
Concussive Burst
By focusing her mass shifting telekinetic abilities on to a single focal point, demonstrated by the tightening of her aura around a specific area of air, is capable of essentially hardening the air in and around the energy field, which can then be flung out as a pure, kinetic and concussive force. This is more like a distant punch versus an energy attack, just with the ability to be far larger and several times more potent. A bonus is that the ability can be curved and arced around people and objects to better ensure that Valzaria hits what she wants to hit.

Zoning Carnage
Similar in function to the Concussive Burst, but is made up with encapsulating ki versus compressed air. Valzaria produces a pulse of ki which is immediately then wrapped up within the biotic energy she manipulated, producing an erratically pulsing shifting plume of pure power of varying size and stature based on the amount of effort Valzaria musters up. Though she's seen unleashing the blast one handed, Valzaria most often unleashes Zoning Carnage by thrusting her arms forward, launching the blast toward her target. The biotic energy field then begins to redshift in flight thanks to the introduction of the ki, amplifying the power of the amount of ki inside of the blast by several fold, thus allowing for greater levels of concussive destruction via the overlapping energy exploding on each other following impact.

An area of compressed distortion, Singularity is exactly as it sounds. Forming her energy into a dense sphere several inches in diameter, the Singularity is thrown out into the environment; the density of its energy causing it to fly out slower than one would expect from an energy attack, but the orb his highly malleable, with Valzaria able to curve its flight path and cause it to change direction with relative ease. Upon making contact with an individual or a surface, it becomes triggered and begins to create a powerful gravitational anomaly, capable of drawing in anything from dust particles, people, and even small cars. Smaller objects become prey to its forces, being suspended and flung around like a ragdoll trapped in its orbit, while heaver objects become immobile in its gravitational force. The cycling energy forces can even help to weaken collapse force fields from the pressure of the forces generated.

While resisting its force is possible, such a thing becomes increasingly more difficult the closer one gets to the Singularity, to where those weak enough or those caught off guard find themselves unable to move or barely able to muster enough movement to let out their own projectile counterattacks, of which may also fall prey victim to the Singularity. Fortunately, the Singularity itself will fizzle out within 30 seconds to a minute, but the disorientation suffered from being whipped around like you weigh nothing may not be such a good thing if you're trapped in one high above the ground.

The nature of the Singularity and the power required means that Valzaria cannot create multiple instances; the creation of one Singularity immediately causes the other to disperse.

Physical Warp
With the purpose of softening targets, Valzaria can focus her biotic energy into rapidly shifting and cycling forces that churn and grind against itself as a mass of biotic energy. Priming the biotic power with her ki, Valzaria pushes the energy outward as a moderately sized wave. Though not necessary for its usage, adding in her ki allows the Warp to become polarized, attracting itself to the ki of her opponent in order to produce a "soft" lock-on function. Without the implementation of her ki, or against someone who is not a ki user, the Warp loses its tracking effect and instead travels in a straight line in the direction she initially launched the wave. Upon making contact with her target, the energy produces a soft explosion and wraps the target in the wispy, arcing aura similar to Valzaria's own.

The rapid cycling and churning of the biotic energy has an adverse effect, causing damage to her opponent on impact and over time as the energy wraps and circulates around them. The attack, while painful, is not to the crippling extent one would expect given what it's described to do. Though weaker individuals may be floored immediately, stronger people may be able to stand up and fight, which is something that is expected. The true purpose of the Warp is to soften and weaken her opponents while the Warp is in effect, allowing her blows and other attacks to cause significantly more damage while its active, even working to nullify any sort of protective techniques and magics that would make someone harder to damage than normal. In time, force fields and body armor could fail, and those who use body hardening abilities, while not more vulnerable in comparison to someone else, would find blows and attacks working as standard for their level of power.


Biotic Detonation
Less its own ability and moreso a combination of Valzaria's breadth of techniques, the Biotic Detonation requires opposing cycles of her own energy in order to trigger, requiring the use of Physical Warp or Singularity to be in use beforehand. With an opponent encased in her Warp or Singularity, Valzaria is then capable of triggering a massive explosion through the combination of her own ki-induced biotics, the natural radiation of power from individuals, and the opposing cycling of the iprimertechnique and the followup. The resulting explosion of power is significantly more powerful than the sum of its parts, generating forces three times or more potent than the total power used to generate the priming attack and the triggering attack.

The downside to the combination is three fold; timing has to be perfect, power regulation has to be precise, and only certain techniques can set off the Detonation. In regards to timing, the window between initiating the primer and following up with a trigger attack is quite small, especially in relation to Singularity, as Valzaria only has thirty seconds or less between launching Singularity and trapping someone in it to setting off the explosion. Though Physical Warp doesn't have such strict limits of time in regards to its effectiveness, opponents that require a Biotic Detonation to begin with tend to be more powerful and would be fully mobile while she attempted the combination, giving them time to either flee or counter-attack.

In order to cut down on the wait time, Valzaria requires proper regulation of her power in order for her to initiate the primer and have enough power stored and ready to go in order to maximize the destructive power of the explosion. Improper power regulation could cause the Biotic Explosion to be no more powerful than expected.

As previously mentioned, Warp and Singularity are the primers, but not all of Valzaria's abilities can detonate. Physical Warp can be detonated by her TK Burst while Singularity can be detonated by Warp or TK Burst.


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