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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Incar Nadine, That One Guy...
That One Guy
General Populace
App Plotter Tracker Incar has 25 posts. Offline. played by Incar Nadine

Character Information

Species: Juin/Human Hybrid

Occupation: Great Buy Retail Guy!

Alignment: Varying Alignment

Dec 19 2016, 08:15 PM Quote

Incar Nadine




Juin/Human Half-Breed

Cilencia, Raverita

Great Buy Employee

Uncle Jess (a Juin man his mother dated for a brief time before her death to whom she entrusted her son and other assets)
Aunt Beth (a Generican immigrant to Raverita and Jess's wife)

It was said once that the stronger one is, the more gentle that can afford to be. From the moment he came into this world, that was exactly what was preached to him. His father dreamt of him growing up as a great warrior, a hero of the people, reminiscing of his days in Juin's military; while his mother thought of her baby boy as a protector. But plans changed when dad started leaving and coming back later in the evenings, always smelling of wine or some other womans perfume. As Incar grew, he started to notice the behavior more and more. He didn't really understand it, and his dad did his best to be there for the young boy, but it didn't change the noise of shouting matches between them through his bedroom walls.

Then one day his dad just didn't show up. It was around this point that Incar was in his fourth year of schooling, but he made friends to fill the void left by his old man. And his mother moved on to the man he would begin referring to as Uncle Jess within a few months of his father's departure. It was obvious even to Incar that his dad wouldn't be coming back. Not for a long time. But it was all good. Uncle Jess always had time for him, he had friends to hang out with, and he had plenty of hobbies at that ripe age of 11. He was starting to notice weird changes though. As he grew older, he was becoming harder, and stronger than any eleven year old had a right to be. So much so that he begged his mom to take him to a doctor. And it was on the way there that a tragedy struck. Mom and Jess had been drinking at home, and anyone that knows Vargas understands that you'll find at least five drunk people out of any given group of one hundred.

It just so happened that they were on the road at the same time. Poor Incar. Kid didn't even have a chance to scream as a car ran a red light and plowed right into the drivers side of the car, the door warping and metal splitting into shrapnel that tore his mother apart, right in front of him. The cars spun together into another, this one connecting with the passengers side and wrapping around Incar. He wasn't dead. Far from it in fact. But he wasn't concious until several days had passed. His mother had been pronounced dead on the scene, and he was considered a miracle, released back to Uncle Jess, and life resumed.

Or at least, it resumed as much as it possibly could. He never really got over the initial shock, and as he continued through school his grades fell to the point where it would have taken a miracle for him to pass. That miracle came in the form of a tutor (Beth) his Uncle hired as an attempt at helping Incar get back on track mentally. At first she didn't do much teaching, but acted as more of a therapist and homework assistant than anything else. As time went on though Incar developed a bond with her, less that of a child and their mother, but he did consider her close. And like his mother she only wanted to see the boy succeed. So he did just that. He was in the eighth grade now, almost at the point of what some might consider a lost cause, but with some effort he brought himself back to the level the other kids were at and even beyond it. In freshman year he was talking about college, in sophomore year he was already taking college level courses. The year after that he slowed down a bit, to try and reestablish a social life of sorts, and actually managed to do that between maintaining the grade and working a part-time job. Which sucked, he would add.

It was around summer of junior year before anything else really interesting happened in his life, that interesting thing being a new addition to his little family. Uncle Jess had married Ms. Beth who was now, expecting! He was ecstatic. He'd always wanted a younger brother or sister, but with his uncle's dating habits. Well.... hit it and quit it wasn't exactly what women wanted out of a father for their kids, and Incar wholly agreed with that sentiment. He even got to pick the middle name! Not that it would matter much.... a name was, in fact, just a name. But still, it was exciting to him. The child was born in February of the following year.

Laura Jane Nadine. It seemed pretty to him, and he was highly involved with the child. He fed her, changed her, took care of her as much as he could, made her laugh. As senior year came to a close he found himself with a dilemma faced by all students after that last bell rings and they move on. What next. He had a younger sister, and strange things happening that he couldn't understand. In the years that had passed, his strength had never really stopped growing. If anything it actually grew at an accelerated rate, something he'd noticed running home one day after school. It was normal really, almost considered an absolute must in to daily routine, but that afternoon he'd moved in front of oncoming traffic. Maybe he just hadn't seen it, maybe he had seen it and knew exactly what he was doing. Either way the result he was expecting when he heard the horn screaming out wasn't what happened. Rather, he simply took the impact and was flung away (mostly unharmed save for some scrapes).

In the first semester of junior year he snuck off to a concert with some friends. It was just supposed to be a relaxing night out, but somehow he spilled his drink on some guys girlfriend, and even after numerous apologies he had an encounter with him and two of his friends in the parking lot. It seemed like things were going to be all good, at first. They started off just talking about what happened, without any real mention of the actual happening, but then they "asked" him to "lend" then some cash to pay for the shirt. That, was not going to happen. And Incar even told them it wouldn't. So they assaulted him. Fists, feet, knees, elbows. It was a surprise to him that when he awoke in the parking lot the next day with only a few bruises and a mild concussion. Oh, and his wallet was gone, so there was that. With how long they were at it he was definitely more curious than anything else, maybe a little upset with the loss of his wallet.

If he could take beatings like that though, and keep running, what else could he do? Well, he answered that question himself throughout the year, slowly learning more and more about the possibilities available to him. He could jump off a two story home, take a small car to the everything, lift the same aforementioned car, and that was just as a junior! It was amazing! But he still wanted to know what it was exactly he was doing. He wouldn't get that answer until almost three years later. He was now a freshman in Vargas Community College and a part time employee at a local electronics place. Great something.

A friend from high-school started really geeking out on science fiction, like, really geeking out. If you wanted a characters first, last, and middle names as well as their abilities and potential uses for them then he could give them all and more. So he sorta became Incar's secret study material. And after several hypothetical questions and dozens of caffeinated beverages, he had a name for his power and a direction to take it in. Tactile Telekinesis.

He's now in year three of college and runs the club scene regularly while training his skills in his spare time. They've since tapered in growth, but he's working on expanding his skill set rather than powering up what he's already got a handle on.




Varying Alignment

• Adventurous! - He'll try anything at least once, and the fun things several times after the first. If it seems like it'll provide at least a little entertainment then it's a go. Granted, he won't do anything life endangering without proper reason, but everything else is fair game.

• Affectionate - If Incar says you're important, he means it. And he'll go to any (reasonable) lengths to show it. Random gifts can and will show up at your doorstep every now and again, provided he knows where you live because a random gift can be really frightening if someone doesn't know where to find you... totally.

• Upbeat - You could drop a piano on the guy, throw him into the mud, and tell him his check was cut short (okay, that last one might get him a bit), and he'd keep on grinning. He's the one that dances with a stranger in the rain, the one you see dragging a friend into a club by their legs, the one who just doesn't shut up and can't help it. He lives and enjoys his life daily, no matter the circumstance.

• Oops - He tries, he really does, but his screwups are quite famous among the highschoolers of Vargas. There are even a few rules that were made expressly because of his screwups. Don't park your car in the cafeteria, do not play with liquid nitrogen, the gymnasium is not an animal shelter for homeless animals. If you were to ask him what he did to make these rules happen, he could tell you, what he couldn't tell you is how he managed to do them. That said, he intentionally did things that were much worse.

• Anger - While it isn't all that easy to put a dent in his happiness, it is quite easy to make him angry. Lie to his face, break his trust and cheat him, steal from him knowingly, try to pin the blame on someone else, say something horrible or rude about someone he cares about. His anger is short-lived, but quite explosive. Still, when he gets it out of his system that's it. Life goes on and he relaxes.

• Gentle - Incar knows he has power, knows he could easily hurt someone if he isn't careful, so that's exactly what he is. He regulates his power through mental exercises and keeps himself in a sort of lockdown state, but that power calls itself forth in an instant when it's needed. When it isn't he just doesn't use it.

• Nosy - Yep. He's that guy. The one that has their nose in everyone's lives even when they have something better to focus on. But he knows where the limit is, knows where people's boundaries are (and where they live), so he backs off pretty quick if he feels like the atmosphere is getting a little too... tense.

• Kind - Above all else, no matter what else is said about Incar, he is one of the kindest individuals you'll meet in this life. He'd give you his last dollar, the shirt off his back, and willingly take you into go home all in the same day and then make you dinner if you seemed like you needed it. He regularly visits the homeless shelter to help out in their kitchens between work and home, and when he isn't at home, work, or school, you can bet he's out somewhere doing something.


5' 11"

178 lbs


Soft Red-Brown

Incar exhibits no visible aura, but when he powers up an invisible force actively radiates from his body, kicking up dust and pushing small objects away from his person.

Izaya Orihara(Durarara!)

Average, Nonthreatening, Generic, and above all else, Unassuming. One would never guess that this young man could do any damage, and he does his best to keep it that way. Keeps his hair combed straight and his bangs on the right side. He keeps a light tan, not enough to be immediately recognizable, but enough to make himself look healthy. Pale and shaky is not something he wants to come across as. The one thing Incar does go for noticeable in is his choice of clothing. No matter where he is, no matter the temperature, he will always be caught wearing a silk dress shirt, a black jacket with a furred collar, and jeans. At work he wears a blue shirt, keeps the jeans, hangs up his jacket, and forces a smile because let's face it; retail makes even the brightest of people consider jumping off a bridge.



Personal Possessions
Generally Incar avoids weapons, but he will resort to anything nearby in case of an emergency. As far as equipment goes, he has a phone, keeps a flask of water on his person at all times so as to keep hydrated, and lastly, he always, always! Keeps a bag of candy. It's for the kids.


Tactile Telekinesis
Incar's body is surrounded in a thin barrier of Telekinetic energy at all times, exerting a normally unfelt force on the world around him. The force is mostly key in defense, capable of withstanding forces that would normally kill other people. It's incredible, really, what the body is capable of. On a more concious level Incar can use the field to a enough force to hold off a car compacter for a brief period of time. Outside of this he could and does use the field to alter the flow of electrons in the air around him to create bursts of electricity. By focusing on an object connected to his person, he is capable of expanding the telekinetic to strengthen their durability.

Psycho Thrust
Not an attack, but more Incar's method of attaining flight and when activated at max thrust, his rapid movement technique. At low thrust it forms a spherical barrier around Incar and gives off enough power for him to attain and maintain flight for prolonged periods of time. When more power is cycled through it the barrier becomes more streamlined and tightens around Incar's body, producing a powerful burst of energy that propels him in the opposite direction of the burst.

Human Level Read
No matter how much Incar powers up, no matter how much energy he exerts, even at his peak strength, he will continue to read out as a base level human. Though, when he starts using the Tele-Shock the amount of electricity he produces can be measured.


Psycho Press
This is him taking the limits of his tactile telekinesis and pushing past them for just a moment. In a series of two movements Incar unleashes a built up short range blast of telekinetic force capable of punching through a steel and concrete bunker. In the first movement all of the invisible barrier shifts around the arm being used for the press as he pulls it back, readying himself for a palmstrike. In the second he pushes every ounce of power built up in his hand outward with a cry of exertion, a flash of blue-green energy and a sound akin to that of a 500lb bomb.

Psycho Flash Stroke
This is a technique that requires an object to channel it through; because if Incar were to use it with his hand alone, it's likely he'd have to go to the emergency room to repair the damage. The use of it forces all of his energy into the weapon to be released against the next thing it comes into forceful contact with. It hasn't been fully tested yet, but the power output is theorized at around ten to fifteen times that of the psycho press.

Through his tactile telekinetic abilities, he is able to produce both non-lethal and lethal charges of electical shocks at close ranges. Doing so requires a concious effort, and an even larger amount of focus so he doesn't accidentally let loose and fry someone. He's working on producing actual long range blasts of the energy, but the closest he's gotten to that is the 130,000,000 Volt Canon, which is still pretty badass. While conducting electricity, his own resistance to the force becomes quite powerful, allowing him to withstand several dozen times the amount it would take to kill a normal human.

TK Shell
A defensive move that hyperdensifies the telekinetic barrier around Incar's body to the point of being able withstand much greater forces than he could before, even becoming able to tank some energy blasts with the fields assistance. The use of this also increases the power of his Psycho Thrust technique, by way of denser and more powerful energy being released during the thrust.

By making contact with another person Incar can extend his shell to encompass them as well, protecting the entity with the same level of power he'd be able to protect himself with. He can extend the ability to several people, by his limit is about seven depending on their size and the amount of stress he's under. While people are under his shell, and he activates his teleshock ability, it protects them against electrical currents as well as physical force.


130,000,000 Volt Canon
Through intense concentration Incar can hypercharge the ambient ions in the atmosphere within ten feet of his person with a massive surge of electrical energy, creating a dense blast of lightning that fries anything caught in it's range. The technique is close range, but mobile, so long as Incar can maintain his focus on the charge, he can actively pursue his target in order to release the blast when he gets in range. The good news, is that those fast enough will be able to evade him. The bad news? Detonation is near instant, meaning if he gets in range and unleashes it, you're fried.

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