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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Hioshiro Hashi

General Populace
Twenty-Six YEARS OLD
App Plotter Tracker Hioshiro has 8 posts. Offline. played by Glennard

Character Information

Species: Half-Oni

Occupation: Bouncer

Alignment: Neutral

Feb 18 2017, 07:50 PM Quote

Hashi Hioshiro    


Other Aliases: Cherry, Big Red, Bitch.
Age: 26
Species: Half Oni
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Moral Alignment: Neutral


Height: 7'4"
Weight: 400lbs
Eyes Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Aura Color: Reddish yellow with a touch of blue at the core.
Face Claim: Random oni chick.


Description: Tall, that's one good way to describe miss Hioshiro but still, relatively average compared to the variety of creatures and people of Rodina, is a smidge above seven foot four, maybe three fifth's of an inch, though she's built sturdy, sturdier than most guys and definitely sturdier than most women, an amazon in the truest sense of the word. At a glance one would assume her to just be gifted in height, just a really big girl, but there are some discrepancies. First off, she has horns, two in fact that jut proudly from her brow that start off coal black, but gradually shifts to a rich crimson red as they near the points and are kept clean and free of marring and damage. Similarly her eyes are a bright shade of red, lively and haunting, captivating with a sort of otherworldy charm that can hold at a glance. Simply put, she's a demi human.

She has a head of raven black hair kept short, tousled, left to it's own devices really. Her choice of clothing could be described as east meeting west, blending a little bit of one with the other in that she can be seen frequently in a black spandex shirt worn underneath a sleeveless, shortcropped haori, hakama that borrow from the idea of western chaps worn over either some hip hugging black cargo jeans or a pair of black shorts, usually with the emblem of her place of employment placed someplace. Hashi frequently smells of sake, motor oil, sweat and, usually, grapefruit.

Personality: She's not what most people would think, of when they consider a rough and tumble brute that works full time as a pub bouncer, scaring the patrons into compliance and loving a good old fashioned brouhaha. She's a practical lass, a real down to earth type with a nonchalant outlook at her place in life, a relatively happy camper for the most part, with what she's attained in her time being alive. She's well-adjusted for the most part, intelligent, grounded in the present because tomorrow, well, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. So she lives each day to the fullest, like each today is her last today on the face of the planet.

Her virtue is Diligence. Hashi loves her job, hell she loves working and it shows! Being a bouncer isn't glamorous, it isn't glorious, it's kinda shitty actually, having to card people at the door, refuse entry to already intoxicated people and occasionally, having to crack a few heads together. But it's her job dammit, and one she shows great commitment to. She knows the bartenders on a first name basis, she's energetic, comes to work with a smile on her face and a can do attitude. Her only goal is to do what's right, and do what's right to the best of her capabilities.

Her vice is wrath. When rubbed the wrong way, or when her buttons are pushed, Hashi explodes, erupting at the focus of her ire. It's not really hard to get her angry, disrespect, betraying her trust, ect, ect, but her anger in most instances is like an explosion - loud, hot, intense, and sudden, but ultimately something ephemeral in duration; and if her anger was misplaced, her wrath channeled towards the wrong person? she'll apologize and admit she was in the wrong. Simple as that. When driven to the usage of force, Hashi goes the extra mile, to ensure that not only do they regret crossing her, but that they'll fear the thought of crossing her or god forbid, anyone she associates with, ever again. Hashi has learned that Rodina isn't a nice place, scratch away the glitz, the beauty, the civilized nature and you're left with, well, a place that's savage and dangerous, downright scary even. So she's learned to be scary herself, vicious and cruel even. She's a nice girl, little too friendly most times, but even she needs to bare her fangs from time to time. Sometimes proactively, and what better way to show you mean business then by making an example of one or two trouble makers?

But what makes her so special, the raison d'être, is that she's chill. An easy to get along with juggernaut. Each person she meets, the chance encounters, those little random happenings that just pop out of the blue, she cherishes them. Because each person met is another potential friend, "beneficial" or steadfast, it doesn't matter to her because you, yes you, are special, and she wants to share in what makes you special. The girl is a social butterfly which, while hard to believe at first, isn't all that surprising, or maybe it is, but the girl is as diligent and hardworking with her friends as she is with her work, loyal and steadfast, a shoulder to carry your burdens and pains. Absolutely selfless and compassionate and always, always ready to get your back. Be you in Rodina or some other part of Eden, Call on her and you can be certain she'll come running. That is her way, the hioshiro way and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Weapons and Equipment:

Special Skills: Mixer: Hashi may just be a bouncer at a local pub, but she's watched the tenders mix up drinks plenty of times. From something as frilly as Amaretto & Pineapple to Blackberry, Pomegranate & Ginger vodka shooters. She knows a few simple drinks and a few of the more complex ones she can throw together. Still prefers straight whiskey.

Brawl fighting: Hashi is...she's not trained in typical fighting techniques, never found anyone strong enough to really teach her so she defaults to brawling, to get in close, grapple and pummel. To some she might seem like an easy opponent because of this, but she's strong, determined, a wall of iron that utilizes bone crushing blows and an aggressive, no holds barred method of fighting to terminate her opponent with extreme prejudice. She's a tactless fighter, all she knows really, but with her insane strength, durability and near legendary levels of stamina she can take a beating and give out a beating in kind.

Guard: Hashi is surprisingly good at protecting people, her employers and the patrons she works with, sticks to them like gorilla glue. It's a talent she's picked up from breaking up many a bar brawl, to keep an eye on the trouble makers and to step in when prudent.


Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Bouncer at the Stog head's pub, cagefighter on the weekends.
Family: Yorozu - father, Asuka - Mother
Place Of Birth: Rodina, Volkgorod

History: Rebellious in her youth, Hashi was the type of girl who wanted freedom for herself, a problem child who hated those in a position of authority, the rule makers and those who profited from them while the poor and down trodden got stepped all over. She was a thug, a crook, a common criminal from a poor household. She never even knew her father growing up, abandoned when she was young, the bastard, so all she had was herself and her mom and life was tough. She was different to everyone else, taller, built sturdier and it put people off, scared them, discouraged her from trying to get a job.

So she turned to cage fighting, a way to not only vent her anger, but make some relatively dishonest cash on the side. She learned here that fear and respect can go almost hand in hand, beating people bloody, the thrill of the crowds cheers, the sheer catharsis of being...respected and adored. It called to her like a fine drug, a potent ambrosia. She was like a shark in bloodied waters, all she knew was that she wanted more and more. The women had almost become legend in the underground, the bitch, some called her, others, big red. It was hard, brutal, intense and her brutish way of fighting brought in people from all walks of life, from different corners of Eden. She grew up fighting, struggling, to keep her mother with a roof over her head and a warm, crackling hearth and slowly these little responsibilities, they changed her. She matured, growing a jaded, albeit realistic view over the course of her teens that changed her into a woman, a woman willing to do anything it took, to keep her only anchor in normalcy safe.

But sometimes you slip up, sometimes you fall under the strain and pressure. Hashi's slip was in the ring when she was cheated. The match was rigged, the owner was bribed to turn a blind eye to what happened next. Hashi had her leg broken at the knee. Her opponent had cheated, used a power to reinforce his blows and it shattered her leg. She learned hatred that day, no doubt about it and of sorrow. Everyone she'd drawn in left her, either disgusted she fell so easily, or through despair themselves at watching a giant fall. But she was alone, beside herself and had nothing else to do.

Bad things happen, but, so does some good. Hashi had received a letter some months later, it's contents where about discussing possible legitimate employment at a local pub/nightclub. The owner was, is, still a big fan of her fights and so he sent out the offer sometime down the road, requesting her, not only because of her prowess, but because, well, she's a giant woman with horns. Perfect for keeping rowdy customers in check.

And this is where we find her, a women in her prime with a second chance at life, love and the awesome little things life can throw at her. Of course, she still loves a good scrap, what woman worth her salt wouldn't want to throw down with the best of them. Not a very good one at all that's what.


Basic Abilities:

Air walking: Hashi lacks the ability to fly like some others, instead she focuses and condenses ki into her feet, creating stable platforms upon which she can walk, run and stand on, giving the impression that she can walk on air like it were a solid structure.

Ki sense: While not as good as her ability to hide her ki levels, Hashi can detect a persons ki, the direction it's coming from and get a general idea of how powerful they are.

Ki hiding: Hashi is pretty good at hiding her ki level, enough so that she can come off as borderline human, albeit one that's abnormally huge.

Eat anything: Pretty self explanatory, Hashi has a pretty hardy digestive system that allows her to just about break down anything edible, and even somethings that could be considered inedible or harmful. Like man-made poisons and even stone and sand, glass, ect, ect. She's also capable of imbibing record levels of alcohol.

Flash step: Hashi can utilize a burst of ki to rapidly shift and reposition herself from one fixed area to another.
Advanced Abilities:
Fiend shroud: Hashi can do something pretty special with her ki, something she figures not many others can do. Through precise ki control, she can expel her energy around her, a swirling mass of raw force and condense it, shape it to her will, create a shield, a barrier, a wall and will made manifest. This is where her strength shines, a shroud of her ki, hardened and linked to her own movements, an armor that is also as much a weapon as it is a defense.

The fiend shroud is literally just that, a mass of condensed ki that acts as an extension of her will, acting and attacking on her behalf. This connection and the density of the ki used allows it to shield against physical attacks and ki, while that same density gives it physical substance and power, reach, that far exceeds her normal and because of this, blows from the shroud come out like shots from a naval cannon. The fiend shroud is an ugly thing, brutish, an image that invokes fear, surprise and does nothing to hide this from whoever bears witness to it.

Energy Cutter: Hashi can create blades of energy with a flick of her fingers and while it seems casual, packs enough punch and power to cut into hard materials and enhanced humans/beings with relative ease.

Firestorm vulcan: Hot. That's one way to describe this fiery onslaught as hot, and as explosive as a volcano. Firestorm vulcan is a rapid fire, multi-directional bombardment designed to encapsulate/trap the target in an ocean of ki with just a little bit of trickery on the side. Hashi begins by lobbing super dense spheres of ki into the air, disregarding accuracy and containing no actual intent on hitting the enemy, her target, the focus for her general annoyance. Hashi utilizes her excellent control of Ki to suspend the spheres all around in a wide radius, a sphere made of spheres even, specifically around her target before signalling the energy to activate as the blue becomes red and the orbs begin to spin and rotate, before they inevitably collapse in on the target in a flash of blinding light and power.

Convergence Cannon: usable only with fiend shroud: Hashi uses her fiend shroud as a focus point, channeling her energy into the armored constructs hands for a heavy attack that is far more focused and controlled than a standard attack. Convergence cannon hit's like a surging water fall, an avalance of raw power, crushing and pounding anything unfortunate enough to be caught in it's cascading path to dust.

Armageddon Field: A roiling field of fiery energy that spins around Hashi when summoned, is a nasty little thing that acts as a secondary over-shield of sorts to her fiend shroud. Armageddon field is an offensive empowerment combined with an aura shroud that stretches out for four meters in all directions. The empowerment comes from ki enhancement to the legs, increasing her overall movement speed, while the shroud itself weakens anyone caught in the field by disrupting ki flow to a mild extent, making defensive and offensive moves a little softer, a little weaker and allowing her to hit harder in return.

The weakening effect persists a little when leaving the aura's effective range, about two posts.
Ultimate Abilities:

Yokai Form: An ability innate to Hashi and one that allows her to, you guessed it, transform albeit temporarily into a full on red oni. Hashi assumes the form by forcing ki into a dormant part part of her chakra system and giving it a sort of wake up call. The changes are readily apparent with Hashi growing over a foot in size, her skin turning blood red, hair turning pink, her eyes becoming pitch black with yellow irises as two additional horns grow from her head.

Hashi in her oni form is a monster of physical and to a lesser extent, spiritual proportions, possessing strength and durability that rivals even the largest, fiercest, beasts of Eden. All that strength and power is, however, a bit much for her to take in at once, it causes her morals to decay, drags her into a berserk frenzy of excitement that, overtime, makes her act like the largest, fiercest beasts that inhabit Eden. So she has a sort of timer in place it restricts her to no more than ten minutes of continual usage of her yokai form. But those ten minutes? She can make good use of those to easily level a playing field.

GlennardOOO PM

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