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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Jericho, The Vagabond
The Outcast
Capable of Varying Alignment!
App Plotter Tracker Jericho has 24 posts. Offline. played by MKULTRA

Character Information

Species: Kagzran

Occupation: Wandering Mercenary

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"Sorry, but I've only got one life, and I don't plan to waste it on things like 'honor' or 'chivalry'."
Oct 17 2017, 07:02 PM Quote



The Outcast
The Dragonslayer




Kazgran-occupied planet, unknown name

Wandering Mercenary


Jericho began life on an unknown planet, the son of two relatively undistinguished members of the Kazgran horde. The boy didn't have what one would even qualify as a "childhood", as most of his early life was spent being raised into the perfect killing machine, with only the instinct to murder, maim, and conquer his foes driving him forward. As such, he very rarely, if at all, got to see his parents, and over time, any memory of them faded away. Their voices were replaced with the sounds of clashing swords, their touch being replaced by searing pain of all the cuts that young Jericho had received during training. If you showed him his parents now, he wouldn't even be able to recognize them, assuming they're still alive.

Even from a young age, Jericho showed an amazing aptitude for combat that surpassed that of his peers, so much so that those above him had begun to take notice. The boy's skill with the blade was impressive, and his Rage was a powerful thing to behold, far exceeding the level of power that could be considered the "norm" for someone of his age. Because of this, special attention was given to the child's training, and at the age of 14, Jericho was given the opportunity to prove himself alongside the main body of the Kazgran horde, participating in one of the last major battles against a planet's indigenous populace. Needless to say, Jericho made it out of the battle alive, and had taken down a few of that world's warriors as well.

The battles didn't stop there. Year after year, conquest after conquest; with every new battle, Jericho distinguished himself in the eyes of his brothers and sisters more and more, and he quickly earned a reputation as one of the best warriors the Kazgran had to offer. When he wasn't fighting, Jericho was constantly training, honing and refining his Rage as he strove to master the power that resided within him. Over time, Jericho became extremely prideful and overconfident, his hubris only being bolstered by his impressive power and exemplary record. It was at this time that Jericho, his mind having been overtaken by his own pride, made a direct proposition to the Kharn himself.

Jericho's proposal was that if he were able to conquer an entire world with naught but a small band of warriors and his own might, that he might have the honor of serving as the Kharn's personal guard, or perhaps even his champion. If he failed, he proposed, then he would be punished accordingly. And so it was done, and the proposal made...

But the mission ended in failure.

Even with Jericho's own incredible might, and the might of the small band of warriors that he picked, the world that he had attempted to conquer in the Kharn's name was simply too large and had more than its share of powerful warriors, and so the mission was forced to have been abandoned. Jericho returned to the Kharn alone and disgraced, his own pride having been the very thing that led to his downfall.

As a result, Jericho was punished accordingly. His right eye was gouged out, his left arm was severed, and he was banished, now bearing the title of "Outcast". As an Outcast, Jericho was forbidden from ever serving with the Kazgran in any capacity from that moment forward and, if ever seen again by a member of the horde, was to be put to death on the spot. He was given a ship, and was sent off to a randomly programmed area in the far reaches of outer space, his wounds still fresh as he was loaded into the cramped shuttle and blasted off.

Jericho landed on Eden a short while later, now a warrior without a purpose or a home. Now he wanders the vast lands of the planet working as a mercenary, never staying in one place for very long and always on the move, silently hoping for the day that he might find a purpose to serve once again.




Chaotic Neutral

Jericho is a very cynical man, and tends to see both situations and people as such. He has a very distrusting nature about him, and will rarely place his faith in anyone else but himself. As such, he has a hard time making friends or forming any sort of meaningful bond with anyone, and actually has shown no outright interest in doing so. He's a very "do it yourself" kind of guy, and tackles many situations with that same attitude.

Despite his distrusting nature, he's not necessarily unfriendly. He'll gladly share a conversation or two with someone, and--if paired up with someone on a job--won't go out of his way to be a source of contention or conflict, but one should keep in mind that he is, ultimately, going to look out for himself first and foremost. While it's certainly not impossible, per say, for Jericho to be friends with someone, it would be difficult to form that sort of bond with him.

He has a snarky sense of humor that he will oftentimes share with those he is on a job with, and will oftentimes do the same with potential opponents, though the latter instance is due more to his inherently overconfident nature than anything else. Indeed, Jericho can, at times, be a little goofy, especially when he's under the influence of alcohol.

As far as the Kazgran go, Jericho has no feelings of animosity towards them, despite the harsh treatment that he has received at their hands; after all, it was at his request that he be punished if he failed in his mission. With that being said, because of his status as "Outcast", he will almost invariably find himself in conflict with those he once saw as his comrades, forcing him into a situation of "kill or be killed". In these situations, Jericho shows no hesitance in doing what needs to be done, and treats his former allies as nothing more than a few nuisances.



230 lbs


Brown (normal)
Red (enraged or in battle)
White (no pupils; Berserker Mode)

Blood Red
Black with Red sparks (Berserker Mode)

Guts (Berserk)

user posted image

Jericho is a rather imposing man, standing at a tall 6ft 4in, and weighing in at 230 lbs. He has short but spiky black hair that he keeps brushed back, a slightly tanned complexion, and somewhat tired looking brown eyes.

As for attire, Jericho wears a handmade black leather vest and pants, a pair of brown boots, and a black, hooded cloak that he typically wears over his shoulders. Unless it's raining, you're more likely to see him with the hood down. He carries two weapons on his back, his sword and his crossbow, and a bandolier can be seen wrapping around his front, containing a few throwing knives.

Of particular note in terms of Jericho's appearance are his left arm and his right eye. He wears a dark brown eyepatch over his right eye, and his left arm has been replaced with a metal prosthesis. Upon further inspection, one would be able to see that the hand on the arm can actually be pulled back, revealing a cannon-like hole that Jericho typically uses to fire his energy blasts out of.

Underneath his armor, a variety of scars and wounds can be seen dotting the landscape of his body, remnants of his days as a Kazgran warrior. The scarring is mostly due to his Rage's healing capabilities, which tends to leave a blemish on the body, despite having healed the actual wound.

user posted image



Jericho's mighty greatsword. He had it created for him a short while after landing on Eden, having paid a blacksmith to create the weapon with the pay he had earned off of a few mercenary jobs. The sword is far too heavy for any normal human to wield, and is even more difficult to swing with any sort of form or control. Well, unless you're Jericho, anyway. When he first acquired the sword, the blacksmith told him that it weighed over 500 lbs, and was surprised when he was able to lift it up like it was nothing.

Jericho's crossbow, used mostly in fights as a means of support or to help create an opening for him to exploit. Its name is carved jaggedly on the side, along with the words "property of Jericho".

Jericho's Left Arm
Jericho's left prosthesis is made out of extremely durable metals, and as such can be used as a parrying tool in dire circumstances. It also functions as a "Ki cannon" of sorts, making point-blank shots extremely dangerous.


Master Swordsman
Having been raised from birth to be a conqueror of worlds,
Jericho is no stranger to the art of combat, and as such has developed a skill for the blade that any swordsman would be envious of. In combat, Jericho is able to make expert use of his own inborn gifts to give himself the utmost edge in battle, using his incredible strength and experience in battle to wield his blade with a sense of form that'd make any self-proclaimed swordsman jealous.


Ki Manipulation

Jericho is, like the others in the horde, able to manipulate the energy known as Ki.

Flash Step

By surging a burst of Ki and a healthy bit of Rage through his body, Jericho has the ability to initiate a flash step over a relatively short distance.

Sense Ki

Jericho is able to sense out the Ki signature that other lifeforms emit, though he is currently unable to hide his own Ki.

Killing Instinct

Jericho, from his years as a conqueror in the horde, has evolved to become a true killing machine, and has an almost natural ability to do so. He can kill by using any and everything at his disposal, and instinctively knows which spots on the body he should be aiming for if he's looking to end an opponent's life.


The Rage, Refined
Jericho was always gifted when it came to the control and usage of his Rage, and as such was able to hone and refine his rage to a much higher degree than most of his fellow Kazgran warriors. While the principle is still the same--that is,
the angrier he gets, the stronger and more powerful he will become--Jericho's refined version of his Rage allows him to maintain a much higher level of pain and damage resistance than what you'd find in the average Kazgran barbarian. In addition, his Rage still has the same corrosive qualities that are typical of those in the horde.
Rage Infusion

Due to Jericho's enhanced level of control over his Rage, he has the ability to infuse his weapons with his corrosive fury. This is most useful when it comes to using his crossbow, Ziz, or his throwing knives, as it provides him with a mid to long-distance option in combat. This Infusion can be done on Leviathan too, though it uses up significantly more energy to do so.

When weapons or ammunition are infused with Jericho's Rage, their corrosive nature makes them much more deadly, and the Ki-infused knives/crossbow bolts also make them travel much faster.

Healing Rage

Like many of the other Kazgran warriors, Jericho has the ability to heal from injuries that were sustained in battle, so long as his Rage keeps him going. As a result of the potency of his refined Rage, Jericho's blood also has corrosive qualities of its own, though this only occurs during sustained usage.

Super Strength

Jericho possesses an incredible amount of strength, even for a member of the Kazgran. This strength allows him to swing his incredibly heavy greatsword around with ease, and also enables him to perform a variety of other "superhuman" feats, such as lifting up cars and smashing boulders to dust. It also makes him a fearsome hand-to-hand combatant, in the event that he were to lose his blade or his crossbow.

Ki Cannon

Jericho's artificial left arm contains a cannon that can be used to focus his Ki into a large, immensely powerful close-range blast. He does this by focusing his energy and Rage into the core of the cannon, where the remainder of his arm ends and the prosthesis begins, and proceeds to then violently evacuate the energy through the prosthesis, resulting in a highly concentrated and deadly shot of pure Rage.

This move is only useful at close-range, due to the way in which the energy billows out from the prosthesis, and is all but useless at long distances. It could, theoretically, be turned into a concentrated beam, rather than a large blast, but this would use up a tremendous amount of energy to sustain, and would likely cause a great deal of damage to the prosthesis itself.


Berserker Mode
In this state, Jericho's Rage takes full control of his mind, body, and spirit, turning him into little more than a mindless beast as he attacks everyone and everything within sight, friend and foe alike.

While Berserker Mode is activated, Jericho's strength and speed are enhanced tenfold, and his movements become almost unrecognizable when compared to the way he normally moves, his body acting purely on instinct as he cleaves his way through everything within sight. Because of this, his movements and attack pattern become extremely difficult to predict, as there ceases to be any logical thought pattern behind his assaults. It should be noted, however, that while Jericho is in this state of mind, his Rage ceases to provide him with any sort of healing factor, the knowledge of which should be used if anyone hopes to stop his mad rampage.

While in Berserker Mode, Jericho's appearance undergoes a slight change. His hair spikes up more, his eyes turn completely white, his teeth become more serated, and his aura turns a deep black, with occasional sparks of red plasma appearing in his aura.

user posted image

In this state, Jericho's mind is completely overwhelmed by his Killing Instinct, and he is driven ever-onward by an insatiable lust for blood that even the beasts of Rodina couldn't hope to match. While in his Berserker state, Jericho is physically incapable of distinguishing between allies and opponents, and will attack both with equal ferocity. This also extends to any unfortunate bystanders who may happen to be in the area.

This mode is not readily available to Jericho in any capacity, and he can only be put into this state when pushed to the emotional and physical extreme. Entering and subsequently leaving this state puts Jericho into a "burned out" status, effectively rendering him unconscious and powerless for the remainder of whatever fight he may have been in at the time. In the event that he is not forced out of this state, then it will eventually wear off on its own.

Played by MKULTRA OOO Skype, email, or PM

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