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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 T3554 "Tessa", Robo-Quincy Engaged
Artificial Quincy
General Populace
App Plotter Tracker Tessa has 5 posts. Offline. played by Culaco

Character Information

Species: Android

Occupation: Laboratory Assistant

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Oct 21 2017, 04:20 PM Quote

user posted image
T3554 “Tessa”


Tessa, Artificial Quincy

Whilst physically appearing female, as an android Tessa has no gender.

Whilst appearing to be a fully grown woman, Tessa has only been active for 4 years.

Android: Artificial Quincy
Whilst an android and totally mechanic, certain aspects of Tessa’s design allow her to mimic and utilize the powers and abilities of Quincy.


Laboratory assistant and chief of security.

Jaune Grune – Creator: Jaune Grune is a Quincy and scientist living in Isysia, who underwent intensive study and testing to create an artificial quincy, eventually settling on the design of Tessa and creating her. She sees him as a mixture of both a father and a commanding officer, following his commands and listening to his advice when it is given. He’s always there to fix her up if she needs it.

Jaune Grune was one of the most brilliant young scientific minds stepping onto the scene on Eden, earning him a position in a privately funded laboratory in Isysia. He was also a Quincy, a human with the ability to manipulate Reishi. For years he climbed the corporate ladder, eventually running the laboratory itself. As long as he produced results, he could research and develop almost anything he pleased.

So he began work on his own project, using funds received from his workplace. He’d wanted for so long to find a successor to teach the ways of the Quincy, but by the time he was where he’d wanted to be in the professional world, he’d long since passed the age that he could have children. So the next best thing had been to build himself a Quincy.

Using an AI the laboratory had been developing as a base, he slowly began constructing a body around it filled with things needed to imitate and use the powers of a Quincy, finally succeeding through much trial and error. And so, T3554 or Tessa, was created. She wasn’t built to look perfectly human, appearing metallic in some places and imperfect, but that was okay. Looks could be changed and she could appear more human if she wanted.

The cover story had been that she was created to act as a laboratory assistant and security in the event of a terrorist attack, which was beginning to look far more likely than the company liked. For the most part, she didn’t really do much exciting. She’d been a part of a few scientific discoveries and had written a fair number of reports that could be found online, but other than that she had no real public appearance.

Until Hollows started appearing nearby, at which point, she was sent out into the world in Jaune’s place to eradicate them and protect the people that couldn’t even see them. She was fairly decent at hollow slaying, it turned out, being able to dispatch many with ease, though a few gave her slight issues.

And so things seemed to stay, until the attack of the Barbarians on Eden. After the primary attack, Jaune made the offhand suggestion that somebody could have protected the people. Wasn’t she built to protect people?

The answer seemed clear to her. It was the logical conclusion. She was capable of defending people from more than just Hollows and it was time to do just that. She had to protect them from everything.

Even themselves…


Straight, in the sense that if she were to see anybody in a romantic light, it would be a male. Mainly Asexual though.


Chaotic Good

Tessa most often comes across as odd to most people she meets. Whilst as human as an AI can actually get, she’s just as prone to making choices and decisions based on simple logic as she is making them based on emotion or influence. She often comes across as detached in the way that she speaks and acts, but that’s mostly because she hasn’t quite grasped the concept of body language as a form of communication.

Whilst she might seem closed off, distant and empty-headed, Tessa is pretty much always paying attention to anything going on around her, capable of keeping track of many things at once. More than enough to listen to and hold an important and deep conversation with you whilst also observing the married couple in the park in curiosity.

She hasn’t grasped the concept of keeping secrets just yet, being more than likely to end up getting you in trouble by talking about a secret out loud. She also seems to lack a fear of consequences, even if she is undertaking an action she can tell will have dire consequences, which does not often happen but she will do it for somebody she considers close or valuable.
She also sees protecting and guarding people as her duty. Given a choice between killing a bad guy and saving a life a different way, more often than not she will protect a person instead of going for the kill.



458 lbs


Light Blue

Light Blue with White Particles.

Cibo (Blame!)

Tessa is fairly tall and very curvaceous, with wide hips and a moderate chest size. Her white hair is often kept long, reaching down to her shoulder blades. She’s often dressed in a black bodysuit of some kind, though they’re usually missing sleeves and sometimes show off her arms, which are distinctly android looking, with her right arm being white and the left arm being pitch black, though she could pass them off as prosthetics if she wanted. She can and sometimes does wear outer plating to her arms which make them appear more human, allowing her to pass off as completely normal visually.



Ransotengai Core
At her core, Tessa has a mass of Ransotengai threads, numbering maybe in the billions. These allow her to create artificial pathways for the Reiryoku in her system, allowing her to use her Quincy abilities. They also have other uses, such as allowing her to move damaged or even removed limbs.

Reishi to Ki Converter
Within herself, Tessa has a piece of equipment that takes ambient Reishi in and converts it into Ki, which is what supplies her with the fuel to actually use her abilities, lacking a soul of her own.

Ginto are small 5cm cubed containers that are filled with Ki by a Quincy, often used for Quincy spellcrafting. Tessa has up to 30 of these stored within her body, filling them using the Ki from the converter for later use in either spells or as an emergency source of power.

Seele Schneider Fingers
Seele Schneiders are Quincy weapons that form a chainsaw like blade from Reishi fed into them. They’re often used as stronger arrows and are also employed in close range combat. The fingers and thumb of Tessa’s right hand are made from these. They can be used as either claw-like blades or detached and wielded as a sword, along with use for certain Quincy spells.


Highly Intelligent
As a machine and an AI, Tessa probably has an unfair advantage in this regard, but she is very smart and can easily call upon whatever knowledge she has instantly, taking little to no time to actually access her memory. She can plan and string together complex thoughts much faster than a human can.

Master Marksman
There aren’t many shots that Tessa cannot hit with either a firearm or a bow and arrow. Being able to calculate the shot before she makes it is probably a huge help for that, though.

Expert CQC Combatant.
Whilst not adhering to any particular style of martial art or fighting style in the way that a human might, Tessa is still a very skilled fighter up close. She might not know any formal style, but she can throw a punch and swing a sword.

No pain
Whilst not exactly a learned skill, Tessa doesn’t have the ability to feel pain. This can allow her to fight without flinching at a wound or even reacting to being attacked, though it can also allow her to fight past her limits and push herself too far, to the point of breaking down.


Reishi Manipulation
Simply enough, Tessa can manipulate the Reishi in the air and environment around her to fight by forming weapons and attacks from it.

Ki Manipulation

Using the Ki created by her inner workings, Tessa can use it to empower herself, boosting her strength, speed and durability and can use it in sequence with Reishi to use her Quincy powers.

Energy Sense

Tessa is installed with the ability to sense any sort of energy and differentiate between different kinds of power.


The Quincy equivalent to the flash step ability, the user creates a curtain of Reishi beneath their feet and skates forward. Tessa can reach much greater speeds with this technique than most Quincy, due to her body being more durable and capable of withstanding the greater speeds.


By manipulating the Reishi beneath her, Tessa is capable of standing on the air and achieving something similar to flight.


With a core made of billions of Ransotengai threads, it became imperative that Tessa was able to use this ability. Ransotengai creates threads of Reishi controlled by the user’s consciousness, allowing them to move even whilst paralyzed or otherwise incapacitated. Tessa is an expert at this technique, capable of creating Ransotengai threads as thick as steel cable, whilst retaining the flexibility of a piece of string. She can use the threads inside of her to keep limbs connected when they would otherwise be severed, or can create more outside of her body for combat purposes.


Using two filled Ginto stored within her body, Tessa creates a stone wall which explodes after a second, creating a large blinding flash and sending chunks of stone debris in all directions. Useful for distracting enemies, blinding them and disrupting groups of enemies.


A Quincy spell that requires 4 filled Ginto to use, the user throws the Ginto into the air, releasing an extremely fast beam of energy from them that is exceptional at piercing and slicing through bodies. The fast use and rapid attack make it an excellent surprise technique.

Gert Sprenger

The user fires a Seele Schneider at their opponent like an arrow. The Seele Schneider then stops in mid air and forms a high density Reishi barrier around the target, fueling itself by drawing power from any cuts on the target’s body, though any power the target releases for an attack will not be absorbed. The user then tosses a Ginto at the Seele Schneider, causing the barrier to implode, compressing the energy, before it explodes.

Teile Und Regen

Using a bow made of Reishi, Tessa creates an oversized arrow of Reishi and fires it at her opponent. In mid-air, the arrow splits into dozens of ordinary Reishi arrows.


The strongest Quincy spell, the user must first place five Seele Schneider in a pentagram formation, which gather sufficient Reishi. The placement of the fifth Seele Schneider will bind the target in place if they are within the pentagram. The user then empties a Ginto onto the fifth Seele Schneider, igniting an earth shattering explosion that carries immense power. Basically a large explosion with some trap mechanics.

Played by Culaco OOO Discord (when requested)

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