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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Kallum Herinn, Me, Myself and I
Kallum Herinn
One Man Squadron
General Populace
Seventeen YEARS OLD
App Plotter Tracker Kallum Herinn has 5 posts. Offline. played by Culaco

Character Information

Species: Human

Occupation: Student

Alignment: Neutral Good

Nov 10 2017, 02:24 PM Quote

Kallum Herinn


One Man Squadron, Many Rude Expletives






Student (On a Gap Year)

Melany and Hunter Herinn – Mother and Father, both of whom live in Generica and leave their doors open to their only child if he ever wishes to return from his year exploring the globe.

For the longest time, the families of Melany and Hunter had been close friends, both families tracing their ancestry back thousands upon thousands of years, with each child having a special gift of some kind. Some could see things that others couldn’t, some could manipulate the flames or the wind or the water around them. The stories varied as to why they received these gifts, ranging from being blessed by angels to making a blood pact with a dragon. Each child was born with their own gift and for that the two families were feared and eventually killed off. Well, mostly.

Thousands of years later, fate would decree that Hunter and Melany would meet, bonding over their shared gifts and eventually falling in love as they lived their lives, eventually bringing about the birth of Kallum Herinn, their first and only child. Kallum grew up well loved and looked after, but he never did seem to ever show any evidence of developing a gift like that of his parents, or even at all. He was a perfectly normal, if intelligent young boy.

Until a terrorist attack found his school one day, whilst he was 13. Young Kallum, in his fear and stress, had eventually awakened his gift when his life had been threatened, seeming pleased when his gift appeared to have cloned himself. Then that satisfaction was replaced with confusion as his clone employed the use of a different gift to help free the school of any threats before vanishing, with Kallum collapsing a moment later.

It was a hit sensation in the news at the time, for all of a week or so until he failed to replicate the abilities and people began to doubt that there was anything special about him at all. Eventually, he fell out of the public eye, but managed to replicate the ability. It turned out he’d summoned a version of himself from a different reality, one who had awakened a different gift. And there were more out there, potentially thousands he could call to himself.

As he grew older and eventually managed to summon a few more versions of himself, he began to slowly change. He became ever so slightly jaded, trusting himself and the other versions of himself more than he would trust others, but he also sought to both see and create goodness in the world. He wanted to experience the world in its whole, the good and the bad, which drove him on to decide on taking a gap year in his education. If he saw the world with his own two eyes, maybe he could fix it with his own two hands.

Currently a month or two into his travels, Kallum has already seen quite a few things that he’d rather not have seen, yet he’s also seen a few good things that restore his hope for humanity. He also learned that the world of the supernatural and others with powers is a lot larger than he’d first known, finding a few with the ability to use Ki or magic. So far he hasn’t had to come to blows with any yet, but things often change with time.




Neutral Good

Kallum is a laid back young man, potentially even lazy when the situation doesn’t call for anything in particular. He’d be content to laze around all day, sleeping in bed or resting on his back watching the clouds pass by above his head, feeling the grass beneath him. He very much lives in the present and prepares for the future, but at the same time he can also look down on the past, seeing where somebody has been as unimportant when compared to where they are and where they’re going.

He barely rushes for anything, seeing hurry and rush as too much effort and an unnecessary waste of energy. He’s been called lazy before, but by now he doesn’t let insults rile him up at all, especially since even other versions of himself have insulted him before. On that note, he is a rather cynical person, sometimes claiming that he prefers the company of the different versions of himself to some other people.

Despite all of this, Kallum has the desire to experience the world in its entirety with nothing left out for him, be it good or bad. He enjoys learning about things and seeing what experiences the world has to offer and what lessons it can teach. He’s highly intelligent and quick to catch onto concepts and ideas that others might not immediately embrace or understand.

He’s a person who believes strongly in correcting your past mistakes and leaving a situation in a better condition than it was in when you first became involved. He likes to do right by others, unless it puts himself significantly worse off for the foreseeable future.

He can often struggle with making friends, often because he can never feel motivated enough to walk over to a person to start up a conversation with them. More often than not, a person will have to approach him to get him to engage in a conversation with them, though it also helps to show him who is truly interested in him and what he has to say.


5’ 7,1/2”

135 lbs



Hibiki (Pokemon)

Kallum is a boy of average height with black hair and grey eyes, appearing to be what many would consider quite dull looking in appearance. He most often wears a red hoodie with a white hood, a pair of thick tracksuit shorts that stop just below his knees and a pair of red and white running shoes. He also wears a cap which is black with a yellow stripe going through the middle of it, wearing it backwards with a small part of his fringe escaping from the bottom of it, framing the right side of his upper face. He also has a single strap backpack slung over his shoulder, where he keeps his things.



Escrima Sticks
A pair of black Escrima fighting sticks that Kallum keeps in his backpack for when things get up close and personal. Despite being very sturdy, there’s nothing particularly interesting about them.

Cell Phone
People call him on his cell phone when they need him, because he lives in the modern age. It’s not particularly sturdy, but it gets some good games and even has a decent processing power.


Unarmed Combat Expert
With a gift that leaves him particularly unguarded, Kallum could only really turn to training his own body as a weapon as well as picking up a few skills. He’s learned a fair few martial arts styles and excels at them, such as Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Capoeira and Judo. He can easily hold his own in a fight against somebody in hand to hand combat.

Escrima Stick fighting
He doesn’t just carry his pair of sticks around to look intimidating, he has been genuinely trained to fight with them and can fight even better with them than he can whilst he’s unarmed.

Keen Intellect
Kallum is by no means a super genius, but he has a sharp mind and he can use it quickly, coming up with plans and analysing foes and situations in impressive times. He’s capable of breaking down techniques after seeing them a few times, so long as he can understand what sort of effect they cause. And also as long as they don’t kill him.


Familiar Summoning

Kallum can summon familiars to aid him in a fight, each of which count as an advanced ability. No matter that they’re all a version of himself. He can only summon one at a time though. When they are summoned, the alternate versions of himself are sent back if they sustain too much damage or are killed, though any injuries they sustain in Herinn’s world do not carry over into their own world. In a way, it could be said that when he summons them, Kallum first creates a temporary body for them and then calls their soul to inhabit it.

Ki…. Generation?

So Kallum generates Ki like anybody that could use it, but he can’t exactly manipulate it or even exert it outwards. Instead, Ki is what helps fuel his summonings and makes him stronger and faster than an ordinary human.

Hide Ki

Without the ability to even send his Ki outwards, Kallum cannot even manifest an aura, much less appear as anything other than a flatscan.


Summon – Kallum Eldur
Kallum Eldur looks exactly the same as Kallum Herinn, apart from his clothing, which lacks the red hoodie and the cap in place of a black t-shirt. He also has a very slight reddish maroon tint to his hair. Eldur is a hothead and doesn’t do much thinking before jumping into a situation, letting his anger and excitement get the better of him. Eldur’s gift is a form of pyrokinesis, in which he can form and manipulate flames to fight with, launching fireballs and other fun things to fight the opponent.

Summon – Kallum Vatsngull

Kallum Vatsngull looks like Kallum Herinn if he bleached his hair blonde, wearing a white long sleeved shirt under a yellow trench coat and a pair of white cargo pants. Truly, he looks like a fashion disaster, though he’s very vain and prideful, believing himself to be one of the strongest and most handsome people in existence. His gift allows him to produce a sort of liquid gold material which he can use in combat to help him move around the battlefield and attack his enemies.

Summon – Kallum Nokkrir

Kallum Nokkrir comes from a world where the age of kings and knights never died away and it clearly shows. He appears dressed in full plate armor, equipped with a longsword strapped to his waist, with the same black hair and grey eyes as Kallum Herinn. Kallum Nokkrir’s gift isn’t quite as obvious as most of his summons, as Nokkrir’s gift speeds up his reaction times upon activation, to the point where even opponents moving at speeds similar to flash step appear to be moving at regular speed, though he is not any faster with the gift active than without it. With his gift and his blade, Nokkrir is a fierce swordsman and opponent on the field of battle. Nokkrir has a large sense of justice and servitude. He sees Herinn as a noble, if still a foolish boy and will treat him as a child, despite being the same age.

Summon – Kallum Svik

Kallum Svik is a shy boy, standing shorter than Kallum Herinn at around 5’4” with a smaller and easier to miss stature, boasting bone white hair and amber eyes, wearing a black hooded robe that covers him from head to tell. He’s clearly shy, stuttering a lot when speaking and seeking to avoid conflict or even conversation with most people. In combat he takes more of a supportive role, using his illusion gift to craft illusions that help hide Herinn and himself, allowing for sneak attacks or safe retreats. His illusions can mask them from sight, smell, and hearing, though they cannot mask any effects they have on the world around them. They will still crush a stick if they stand on it, grass beneath their feet will still be crushed down. A truly observant opponent won’t be so easily fooled by his illusions.


Summon - Skrimsli
Skrimsli is not a nice young man, that’s for certain. He stands at the same height as Kallum, but has a bigger build and has crimson hair. He treats his opponents as beneath him and does everything in his power to kill them as quickly as possible. He also has a distaste for Kallum, disliking the fact that Kallum’s only gift is to call for help. Skrimsli’s gift allows him to weaponize his own blood, using it to form weapons and fighting with it in a similar way that somebody with hydrokinesis would use water. He can also use the blood within his body to increase his speed and strength. Kallum dislikes calling on Skrimsli as Skrimsli will never show mercy to his opponents, so he uses Skrimsli as his last resort.

Played by Culaco OOO Discord

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