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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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01/01/18 Happy New Year!

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 Jasmine D'LaCroix, Self-Proclaimed Planetary Defender
Jasmine D'LaCroix

General Populace
App Plotter Tracker Jasmine D'LaCroix has 0 posts. Offline. played by ALPHA

Character Information

Species: HUMAN


Alignment: GOOD

Dec 8 2017, 12:07 AM Quote

Jasmine D'LaCroix!  
Ace Maxim! (Awesome hero name.)
Place of Birth
Maquee, Isysia!
Student &... Planetary Defender!
A ma and pa like anyone else...somewhere.
Living in Maquee was...fairly easy, one had to admit. You went to school, learned all kinds of things, and then went home and did homework in your skyrise apartment, just like everyone else your age. You had friends, and hung out at the skyrise mall, before going to the skyrise movie theater to catch some action flick before getting back home to the skyrise way too late. Everything was about skyrises...just....so condensed. It was hard to feel big in such a squashed place. It was easy enough to leave and go to the outside, where none of the amenities of the city existed.

And that's what Jasmine loved! Going out on her bike, going as far as she could (providing she had enough batteries to get home! The bike is electrically powered, after all), seeing as many sights, taking as many pictures as she could, before getting back home when the sun went down. She had a promising career in photography to look forward to after she graduated, and was intent on following through with that, until that day.

That day, Jasmine had strayed quite close to the mountains in southern Isysia. She hadn't expected to find much, aside from waterfalls and mountainous forestry, but when she delved deeper, she stumbled upon something...larger than life. A gigantic robot, red in hue, with its hand outstretched into the grass as it slept soundly against an even mroe enormous tree. Curious, she had stepped upon the hand to take photos of the thing- not realizing that the palm of the machine was in fact a teleportation pad that put her directly in the pilot's seat!

After that first moment, Jasmine felt like she'd found a new calling. The mecha responded to her every breath and touch, as if they were linked. Those first few steps, awakening the great Magnus Alpha, felt like walking on her own two legs. Little did she know the adventure she was about to find herself in! So enthralled with her discovery, Jasmine nearly missed that a gigantic feral beast was attacking a nearby town! Maneuvering the giant bot into action, Jasmine managed to save the townspeople and make a name for herself as the mighty Ace, pilot of the...big red robot. Okay, so she's only really known in that dinky little town and a couple others nearby. She's basically the defender of Eden now, right? Right.

Relationship Status
Definitely very good! Lawful...it's a grey area.
Jasmine is an incredibly fun and bubbly sort; jovial, enthusiastic, and is always the first to step forward where an adventure is involved. She always seems to be helping people, whether they asked her or not, though it's hard to say no to the little ball of energy. Still, at times, she can also be aggressive and forthright, and incredibly righteous- a downright paladin, in her own way. She sees people as her responsibility, as she's been gifted with the chance to make a difference. She takes her connection with Magnus Alpha very seriously.
121.6 lbs! But don't ask.
Hair Color
Black with a red streak!
Eye Color
Aura Color
Faintly green, nearly invisible at all times, and seems to spiral around Jasmine like a vortex.
Face Claim
Matoi Ryuuko (Kill la Kill)
Sort of a slight thing, little Jasmine. Barely five foot four, with a bob of jet black hair adorning her soft, yet angular face; a singular red streak coming down over the left strokes of her hair, right above her sky blue eyes. Despite her stature, Jasmine is exceptionally curvy for someone of her size, with fairly wide hips and an admirable bust. Not all meat, but certainly not all bones, in the slightest. She can often be seen wearing a red and black uniform, possibly an old school uniform, or a jeans, jacket and scarf combo, sometimes with the addition of goggles. She is always wearing a red fingerless glove on her right hand.
Magnus Alpha
Well, without Magnus, Jasmine wouldn't be much of a hero! You see...Magnus Alpha is a giant robot. Perhaps ninety feet in height, red in color, and sporting a face on its torso (which is wearing hyper-cool pointed sunglasses). Having no superhuman abilities of her own, aside from her connection to the mecha, most of her abilities will pertain to what Magnus Alpha can do, and not herself. It looks like this.

The cockpit of Magnus Alpha is located in the head of the machine, as one might imagine, though a secondary cockpit exists within the 'mouth' on its torso. It still functions, but the mecha is entirely capable of being piloted via the head controls alone. There also exists a teleportation pad in the mech's palm that allows Jasmine to instantly be transported to the head, though it takes a fair bit of energy to do so.

Bitesize Crimson
A high-speed motorbike that Jasmine has had since she was about fifteen, Crimson is what she uses to get around when Magnus Alpha is impossible, or...impractical. It looks like this.
Obviously, Jasmine is primarily going to use Magnus Alpha in combat...however, there are times when the bot is either impossible or impractical to use, in which case she will use Bitesize Crimson, and a weapon she refers to as Sparkplug. It's a fairly basic firearm design, though it is not a firearm in the traditional sense. Rather, the weapon draws on the minimal amount of ki she has, using even more minimal amounts of it to create bolts of plasma that the weapon can fire as projectiles. The weapon is fairly weak compared to most combatants' arsenals of ki powers, but it's good for a distraction or for dealing minor damage.
Digital Camera
A gift from her parents, she uses the camera to take pictures on all of her adventures! She keeps having to buy new memory cards, however...
Motorbike Riding
Pretty simple; Jasmine has higher than average skill with oeprating a two-wheeled motor vehicle, which includes the ability to maneuver at high speeds, such as taking tight turns at speeds of over one hundred mph (160 kph), maneuver through spaces only slightly larger than herself and the bike at similar speeds, or make quick stops in which she is travelling at such high speeds without overturning the vehicle.
Mecha Piloting
Of course, this refers only to Magnus Alpha. Not precisely a trained skill- after all, she has used the mecha for only a short time -but it comes intuitive to her, to the point she can maneuver the giant bot with near life-like gesticulation, as if she herself had grown to giant size and donned Magnus Alpha-themed armor. However, the things she is less used to doing, such as flight or combat, don't necessarily come as intuitively to her.
Street Fighting
Jasmine was never formally trained in any sort of martial arts. However, in the town she grew up in, there were all kinds of bullies and jerks who would pick on her- so, having to learn to defend herself, she eventually became very proficient in street fighting, able to fend off most untrained fighters.
Basic Abilities
Skyhopping (Jasmine Only)
While Jasmine's level of ki isn't so low as to actually disallow her from flight, she seems unable to truly achieve it, only able to jump thirty or so feet vertically, and is able to slow her descent as if lighter than a feather. Doing so takes very little energy, so it is very effective for reaching the cockpit of Magnus Alpha when it is standing or kneeling.
Energy Absorption
At all times, at least when in use, Magnus Alpha is absorbing most energy being thrown at it- solar, electrical, and ki primarily. Being able to absorb these energies does not allow Magnus Alpha to shrug off energy damage- it offers heightened resistance, but much like a battery, blasting it with lasers can really do a number on it. Additionally, most energy absorbed by the bot is then converted to spiral ki- which is detailed below.
Spiral Ki
Spiral ki is a special type of ki that appears to be unique to Jasmine and Magnus Alpha. While not particularly strong to begin with, spiral ki is the ki of potential, rather than stark and raw power. Like a drill, spiral ki only needs to begin spinning, to be kicked into motion, before begetting power, before begetting change and drive. It is the basis for all of Magnus Alpha's abilities, and while it has a great potential for limitless growth, it can also be reversed, and tends to require Jasmine's concentration, and the strength of her fighting spirit, lest it will dissipate, which is usually the case.
Spiral Conversion
By absorbing energy and converting it to spiral ki, Magnus Alpha (and to some extent, Jasmine) can then convert their spiral power into weaponry, such as swords, plasma blasters, drills, among other things. The spiral ki can also be used to repair damage over time that Magnus Alpha has endured, and is also used for transformations into more powerful forms. However, this use of spiral ki usually, if not always requires a secondary power source to accomplish. (See 'Engine of Change' for more.)
Sense Ki
While poorly developed, Jasmine seems to be able to discern, incredibly roughly, if someone has a strong aura of ki around them. She cannot really sense weak auras, and her sense of strong ones is really more a jolt to the brain or spine, rather than a guage of their strength. Magnus Alpha's sensors can more easily detect auras, but has no medium other than visual representations of their aura to describe the strength of someone's ki.
Advanced Abilities
Mega Spiral Blade
Many of Magnus Alpha's constructs are small in nature (comparatively), but by expending more energy, even larger or more powerful weapons can be formed. One such weapon is the Mega Spiral Blade, a sword great in size that resembles a buster blade. It contains a spiraling gyro in the hilt, providing charged power for ki-infused strikes. However, maintaining such a construct also takes energy, and as such the powerful blade eventually collapses.
Ultra Spiral Cannon
Another high-powered spiral weapon, the Ultra Spiral Cannon is a cannon that manifests from the mouth on Magnus Alpha's torso. It blasts a large beam of spiral ki, which could be considered the equivalent of a Kamehameha. A fairly powerful attack, but good for only one shot before the cannon collapses, and Magnus Alpha needs to spend a large amount of spiral ki to use this ability.
Giga Drill Breaker
The third and most...showy, advanced technique in Magnus Alpha's arsenal is the Giga Drill Breaker, or Giga Drill Destruction. As opposed to one or two small drills formed in place of (or over) the mech's hand, an incredibly large one that is twice the size of Magnus forms, spinning so fast that it is capable of breaking through more than a dozen layers of reinforced steel before collapsing. However, the drill is cumbersome, and can be hard to aim properly.
Engine of Change
Inside the torso of Magnus Alpha lies a secondary cockpit, somewhat larger than the main one, in which a second pilot could work in tandem with Jasmine, contributing their fighting spirit and power to Magnus Alpha's overall combat strength. However, this contribution can instead even further- due to the large amount of non-spiral power that would be flowing through the very core of Magnus Alpha, it is possible to completely skip the conversion aspect and simply integrate the new pilot's power source, and trigger a transformation. Normal ki tends to transform Magnus Alpha into its more powerful form- Ultima Magnus Alpha -but other forms of energy, such as a spirit's Reishi, or magical energies, may cause Magnus Alpha to take on different forms. These forms are generally more powerful than Magnus Alpha, and utilize combat aspects of whomever sits in the secondary cockpit and becomes 'one' with Jasmine and the machine.

Likewise, these alternate forms also share the weaknesses of their energy benefactor, and also requires complete concentration and fighting spirit from the copilot to maintain the powered form. Otherwise, the machine will simply revert back to Magnus Alpha.

Ultima Magnus Alpha
By absorbing enough energy (solar, electrical, ki, and even spiral ki from Jasmine), Magnus Alpha gains access to the next step in its evolution, so to speak- Ultima Magnus Alpha. About fifty percent larger at one-hundred-thirty-five feet, Ultima is also about fifty percent stronger than Magnus Alpha in all respects. Fifty percent faster, fifty percent more durable, and with fifty percent more energetic capacity than its base form. It looks like this.
Spatial/Naval Configuration
Additionally, Ultima Magnus Alpha can enter a large sea-faring vessel configuration, and unlike other ultimate forms, Ultima's spatial/naval form can be maintained for an indefinite period of time, as its combat capabilities are cut down to nearly a quarter of its full capacity. It lacks most varieties of spiral weaponry, retaining only drill torpedoes that act similarly to a simple human targeted missile, and plasma turrets. As a ship, it can house a crew of more than one-hundred, and is capable of crossing the ocean in a matter of a few days, or similarly, can traverse the galaxy from one end to the other in about a week. In space, the deck is protected by a force field that keeps the atmosphere inside similar to what it is on Eden. It looks like this.
Ultimate Ability
Super Ultima Magnus Alpha
The highest form that Magnus Alpha can attain, Super Ultima Magnus Alpha. This form requires an incredibly huge amount of energy to even trigger the transformation- comparable to that of the output of a Super Saiyan. It is not likely that it could be achieved without a copilot of strong fighting spirit, and even then the form would not be able to be maintained for long. Standing at nearly two hundred feet tall, SUMA is about one-hundred percent stronger than its base form, making it twice as powerful in all respects. Twice as fast, twice as physically durable, and with twice the energetic capacity as its base form. Of course, the sheer size and energy required to transform into Super Ultima Magnus Alpha makes it only viable for a few minutes, at best. It looks like this.
Spiral Warp
By expending all of its spiral ki at one time, SUMA can reach through space an time itself, able to instantly travel to any other point in the galaxy. However, doing this causes the mecha to revert straight back to Magnus Alpha, completely skipping Ultima.
Played by Alpha OOO DISCORD: Alpha#3789
Hypertime's Bane
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Character Information

Species: Deity

Occupation: God of the New World

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Dec 8 2017, 01:24 AM Quote

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