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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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01/01/18 Happy New Year!

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 Sakura Hana, Blossoming out of the shadows, UberGirl!
Jade Emperor
Outer Operational Control
App Plotter Tracker Hiro has 0 posts. Offline. played by Hiro

Character Information

Species: Human

Occupation: Bakers Assistant/Robotics Engineer

Alignment: I want to become a Hero!!!

"Who the hell . . . Do you think I am!?"
Dec 9 2017, 08:32 PM Quote



Uber Girl! (Only the bestest and awesomest Heroine of our age!)


I just turned 19!

I'm a Human!

Capital City, Generica

Vigilantee (Um excuse me, the term is unlicensed Hero okay?) Engineer in training

I had parents, but . . . I can't remember them well.

Sakura was born to two people, though, those two people shall forever stay a mystery, seeing as they gave her up for adoption almost immediately. Life for her was . . . More or less normal. She went to school, made friends, formed a slight crush on Captain Generica, etc. etc. She wished to become a Hero, and at a young age began to have training from her parents in Martial Arts, mostly for Generic self Defense, but also because her adopted parents believed in her and wanted her to succeed in anything she did. In her environment, while most people might have felt condensed and fixed to that specific space, not her, she only got excited. She loved to be surrounded by so many people! That just meant there would be more people for her to save! During her spare time she would go out and dress up in her custom made costume, and fight crime within the streets of Street Road, where she lived by. But, something else made her special, made her . . . different.

Sakura was born with something her adopted parents, of which were scientists and engineers, liked to call the "Heracles Virus". This is an infectious Disease taken in by the bodies of human beings, from the abnormalities of the new planet. Though it's thought many people had this when they first got to Eden, most humans were able to adapt and evolve to fight off against this. As are the other races native to the planet unable to have this Disease. Though over time, certain antibiotics are created by the body to help fight against the virus. When these two forces class, the Antibiotics and the Virus, it holds the virus itself "dormant". But, when excited, when ones hormones rush, it activates these dormant molecules and proteins, and charges up the occupant in a process known as Superfication, named by Sakura herself. What does this do? It allows, for a certain period of time, for the body to increase by a certain amount, enhancing all of their physical attributes. This also causes Ki energy, Chi, Chakra, whatever, to supercharge and flow through their body at a constant rate, making them stronger as well. When Superfied, ones hair and eyes glow and change color, the hair seeming to support itself without help. But, the process of Superfication is not something one can do constantly. While, with training, the amount of power you gain can be increased, if she were to Superfy for too long, or constantly without rest, she risks a full bodily malfunction and shut down.

The first time she had Superfied, was when she was very little, walking home with her friends. Though it was dark, and she was ignoring the calls by her parents. They suddenly got jumped by males dressed in black, and stuffed them in a car. She was terrified, and Superfied right there and then, her eyes glowing and changing to the shape of flowers, as well as her hair glowing golden. She slammed her feet through the bottom of the van, breaking through and stopping it. She then fought off the other people in the van, and saved her friends. Her first act of "heroism".

Sakura though, knowing her, does it for a very long amount of time. Due to this, she must take medication to help deal with these affects. She is however learning to fight without the need of Superfication. And wishes one day to fight alongside (andmaybefallinlovewithandmarry) Captain Generica.



Single (may or may not be in love with Captain Generica)

I'm a good guy of coarse!

Sakura is very kind and warming, always caring about her friends, and constantly putting other peoples life before her own. She is an optimist,
always willing to see the happy and bright side of things, sometimes even subconsciously putting down the bad and harsh reality. She tends not to focus on herself too much, and will keep things from the people she cares about, as to not put any stress on them. She's very bubbly and enthusiastic, and always likes to keep moving, not sitting back and letting things happen. Though she is very soft, when it comes down to it, she'll do what she needs to do. It doesn't matter who you are,
if you put her or her allies lives in danger, you're a threat. When it comes to being a hero, it's something she takes with passion and pride. She loves what she does,
and she loves the system she works under. She's not afraid to stand up for what is true and righteous, and believes in a certain system of Justice that has to be followed to keep order and peace.


5 feet 7 inches

120 ibs


Alice Blue

Blazing Gold/Yellow

Mikatan Narugino (Punchline)

Sakura is a young pretty girl with pink hair and teal eyes. Her hair is tied at the sides with green ribbons that has a bell attached to each. Though when she Superfies, her hair glows and becomes a gold yellow color, growing shinier and lighter the closer her hair gets to the top of her head. Her eyes glow the same color,
and her iris changes shape, turning into the shape of a flower.



Uber Girl Costume

This is the costume she wears whenever she enters her opposite personality, called Uber GIrl. It consists of yellow glass like lens that seem to support themselves in front of her eyes like a visor. To both protect her eyes, and it makes her look cool.
Fore arm protectors, a cape, the whole shabang! Though her costume provides no real advantage, she wears it as a symbol of her heroism, and who she wishes she could be. Her Lens Visors though are special, in the fact that they are a retractable set of lens formed from a strange material, of which appear when she taps the side of her neck, where a control center had been planted. These Lens grant her a sort of AI, able to identify criminals she'd recognized from police reportings, analyze people and their reactions, analyze different machinery and robotics, and even hack into certain servers and mainframes.


Martial Arts

Ever since Sakura was little, she had wished of becoming a Hero. And while her Superfication was an amazing way for her to fight off evil doers, she was inexperienced and too compact. If she wasn't careful, a normal human could take her down with skill and planning. So she entered a Dojo, and as one can imagine, she picked up on fighting quite easily, and by current time, she's recognized as a Master of Martial Arts.


She was raised by two very smart Scientists, of course she'd know how to build a thing or two. From a young age, she was Engineering and building, many times taking apart the robots that helped around the house, and putting them back together,
reprogramming them, etc. etc. She knows how machines work, and is able to analyze and decipher different technologies and weaponry.


She is an amazign Chef, cooking for her family and friends whenever the time arises. What people love most though,
is her special whipped cream butterscotch strawberry shortcake. A dish so sweet and balanced it kept people begging for more.


Ki Energy Manipulation
She learned to manipulate Ki from one of her Martial Arts Trainers, though he introduced it to her as "Chi". This Energy was an inner energy within the user, of which could be used for multiple, multiple things. She picked up on it quickly, finding that her control over Ki and Energy was further enhanced when she Superfied. With her Energy Manipulation, she can form energy beams, Energy attacks, you name it.


Though this can not be used in her normal state, but when Superfied, she finds that she is almost immortal. Well, almost. She has a sort of . . . Enviornmental Adaption, able to Adapt to whatever Environment she's in. Temperatures, low or high, different pressures, hell even the vaccuum of space! Her body adapts to an Environment or situation where normally she should nbot be able to even live

Sensing Ki

A simple ability of hers, of which allows her to sense the natural Energy, Ki, Chakra, Chi, you name it, of everything around her. Sensing one's "life energy", in a sense.

Force Field

This is an ability she gained from her Chi Master, of which allowed her to create a protective bubble around herself of Ki Energy to Block attacks.

Aegis Soul
Aegis Soul is an ability that focuses that hard creation of the Force Fields into a singular concentrated point, creating shards that cover the users ability. These shards take on a pink and violet shade, though glow golden during the process of Superfication. These shards are controlled by the user, and can be formed around things or form together to create certain things. It can have powerful attack potency, sharpening the edges of the shards and giving them a cutting sword edge.


Superfication is the result of excitement from her body, of which activates the dormant Heracles Proteins in her body, making her much stronger. This hypercharges her natural abilities, making her stronger, faster, being able to perceive things at a much faster rate, and react accordingly. As well as a sort of Adaption towards any environment. Her control over her mind, body, and inner Chi is much more potent, making her a deadly opponent, and an amazing Hero. Superfication is measured in frequencies, the higher the frequency, the stronger one is. Though one can develop a "base" frequency, where their power reaches most of the time when they Superfy, the frequency of Superfication depends on their will, their force to keep moving and keep fighting. The higher the frequency, the more energy and blood pumps through them, and the more energy their body constantly releases, creating an aura that flares around the user. If one trains enough to be able to contain this energy within their body, they may reach something known as Hyperfication. This is where energy is no longer seeping out of their body, and is instead completely contained within the user.

Hyperfication is the result of training at a constant rate with ones Superfication, allowing them to contain the Ki energy that was once constantly released from their body, making them much stronger. This makes Sakura very,
very powerful. She has even yet to truly master this form, using an "incomplete" version, of which is gained from her subconsciously containing the energy into her body, pulling her into a strange unconscious state.

Cosmic Raleigh

This is a powerful technique that she uses almost all the time. She raises her hands to the air, and multiple multi-colored orbs form in the sky. They each take the form of certain constellations in the sky, these constellations are based from the Japanese Zodiac. She can choose one zodiac and attack with it, sending multiple orbs to attack, with each zodiac attack having amount of power behind it. She can also choose to gather up these orbs in between the palms of her hands, and condense them, almost as if she were doing a Kamehameha Wave, and then releases it into a Ki Wave.

Ki Constructs

A technique she created herself, loosely based off of her Aegis Shield. This is an advanced Technique that allows her to freely manipulate the Ki or Chi Energy around her, and then form and mold it to fit her needs. This could range from a simple sword, to a gun, to even a car if need be. The only limit is her imagination. She can also use this in simpler means, enhancing certain attacks and things.

Gravity Force

An ability she still has trouble using, seeping her Ki into the world around her, she can manipulate the Gravity of a certain Area. Increase the Gravitational Output, decrease it, make it unstable, etc. etc. She says it's risky and dangerous, since she is tapping into one of the very forces that binds their world together, with it's complicated variables and confusing systems.


Fist of Justice

This attack is set up when she kicks her opponent violently in the air, or in any direction.
As long as they are in front of her. From there, Sakura forms Aegis shards all around her fist, and concentrates them,
putting every ounce of Ki she has into it. Lightning will begin to spark from her arm as it glows with a blazing golden aura.
She rushes forward at incredible speeds, and then punches the enemy with it. It seems pretty simple, just a punch, but then again . . . It's a really strong punch.

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