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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 "Iron Bitch" Sasha, An Arcuul Warrior of the Full Moon
Queen of Spades
General Populace
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Character Information


Occupation: Black Market Cyberdoctor / weapons dealer


Sep 5 2015, 08:15 PM Quote

Sasha (Саша)


First Officer
The Iron Bitch
"Buttercup" (if you're feeling... bored and thing getting savaged would be fun)



Lunus Rahu auspice: The Shieldmaiden
The only common auspice to commonly have wild beasts as part of its gifts to the arcuul born under it. This is the warrior's auspice. Those born under it are born strong, with a gift for martial endeavor. This auspice is the face of the mother's wrath, and those born under this moon tend to have tempers, but also passion. Wolves, dogs, tigers, lions, bears, horses, hawks, you name it - this auspice gives rise to it. She is a wolf, personally.

Rodina, The Reach

Nothing Verymuch
Former Marine First Officer

Sasha is estranged from her family.
She has parents who are raising her brother.

Sasha was a rebellious youth once, a problem child from a poor family who never respected authority. She was a young criminal, a ruffian, and in a bad way - she was going to be arrested or dead by the time she was an adult. But the required enlistment that is part of Rodinan culture, training a young citizen how to survive, how to get along, it was a breath of fresh air - and saved the kid's life. She learned not how to obey orders - but to truly think for herself while seeming to do so. She learned how to fight, about respect, and had her little creases and bends hammered out. She stayed on after her required two years and quickly rose to the rank of corporal, then sergeant.

Sasha was a gifted soldier - a survivor, a scoundrel, a natural fighter. A woman of honor marinaded in casual villainy and deceit, and a good woman despite that - exactly the sort. She spent the best years of her life fighting, shouting, going ship to ship, trading, training, meeting exotic people, traveling the world. That brought her from a girl to a woman, from Deck Sergeant to First Officer, from 13 to 27.

Here is where we meet her - aged 28, a warrior, a woman in her prime, a wall of steel and stone - a living fortress of order in a mad world, brought to action by circumstances... but she's always been the man on the spot - and survival... is a skill.



Single (ye gods)


She is a woman of contrasts, of duality, two women rolled and blended into one being; the truly free woman, upbeat and cheerful, and the ice-cold bitch carved of granite, both facets of the same person, both equally real and true. There's little in the way of middle ground or otherwise.

When she is "little miss fuckin' sunshine", she's a playful creature - every inch a woman of grace and beauty, a creature with compassion. She moves differently, listens intently, cares about her friends, shows compassion for others, and in general behaves in a way that inflates those around her. She still cusses like a sailor, but she has a way of cussing that somehow cleans the words - she could say "little miss fuckin sunshine" in a way that is endearing and somehow purifies the words that pass her lips, for example. This is her... "everything is ok! I don't need to be hard!" face, one her men rarely (if ever) saw. It's hard to piss this side of her off - she doesn't respond to slights (but she DOES remember them...)

The other side of that coin is her "Do I have to choke a bitch?" side - the marine, the stern disciplinarian, the no-nonsense amazon warrior that could crack any man walking in half or glare from across a room so that it starts small fires. This side of her shouts at people. This side of her doesn't levy threats - she breaks fingers. She takes no bullshit, and hasn't got a kind word for anyone. When it gets real, when stuff goes down and the gloves come off, Bitch Sasha comes out to play, fights dirty, and fights to end conflict as quickly as possible. This is the face most people see - hard, prickly, highly reliable, poised.

It's simple really - she sort of learned to compartmentalize herself, her feelings, her boundless anger inherent in the auspice. There's two sides to her - the woman and the warrior, the beauty and the beast. When she doesn't need to bust someone up, she puts the bitch in a box and the 'white wolf' comes out. She saves up anger for when she needs it and lives free. When the claws need to come out, when someone she cares about needs protecting, when she's gotta fight, when she boils over, the beast, the 'black wolf' comes out to play.


5' 0"

150 lbs-ish, don't ask

White, gray, and brown streaked, with blonde streaks



Hardly an imposing figure, the marine that her men knew collectively as First Officer Sasha to her face (or Iron Bitch / Buttercup when not face to face with her) is about a rose petal above five feet tall, though she's a bit sturdier than a girl her height, wider of hips and shoulders, sturdier of arms, and she's built like an amazon... if you smushed one a bit! If you were to look at her... you'd think marine - she further perpetuates this in her choice of clothing, which is largely practical with loose slacks held up by a belt, a tank top, and arm wrappings, frequently. She often trains with weighted clothing, just wearing hundreds of pounds as she goes about her daily life, doing normal things. Often she's got a short jean jacket with long sleeves and sunglasses, showing off her physique under her shirt. To be fair, the girl has nothing to hide.

Her hair is worn long-ish, often in a bun, with a sort of blonde color overall, with her natural white, gray, and brown streaked tones showing through. She's never been able to have long hair when she was in the military - so now she takes every possible opportunity to do things she couldn't do before. Like wear a dress on appropriate occasions (Which would make her old shipmates' heads explode). Her preferred casual garb is thus a vivid blue sundress with casual sandals that look hand-made with tie-dyed straps, even in cool weather - which doesn't bother her a bit, given both her powers (a subtle way of showing off her strength) and fur (which is fluffy).



Ivan and Greenscale Armiger
A .50 cal anti-material longrifle made for full-scale use in the Merchant Navy. It is lever action with a revolver mechanism, reinforced break action, bayonet mount, iron sights, and a six round tumbler. Though one of the heaviest personal weapons in common use on Eden, it is also one of the most reliable. It is advanced in design and craftsmanship, combining awesome power with supreme reliability - you could bury it in mud, beat a man to death with it, light it on fire, and let it sit in the hold for a year, and it'll still work perfectly. Why on earth would a soldier need this kind of firepower for day to day function, you ask? Clearly you've never been to Rodina.

Shellcracker Bullets
Armor-penetrating heavy .50 cal bullets, made to penetrate armored targets.

Hollowpoint Bullets
Flesh-rending heavy .50 cal bullets, made to explode into deadly shrapnel upon contact with the target.

Combat Sword
A single-bladed shortsword made for use on the Armiger's bayonet mount.

G9 Wyvern
A hovercycle. It is a crotch rocket, able to achieve pretty impressive top speeds. It flies - what more could you want? She also has a helmet. It isn't that she needs protection from falling, but that she really, really doesn't like having bugs bounce off her face.


Stone Hands Kenpo
The merchant navy in the western provinces teaches a fusion of the human martial art Kenpo-Karate with the Rodinan martial art, Kamennyye Ruki, or "Stone Hands" into what is called Stone Hands Kenpo. It is almost entirely counters - a self defensive martial art, characteristic of both Stone Hands (which emphasizes body hardening techniques as a means of defense) and Kenpo Karate (which emphasizes counterstriking takedowns to end a fight quick.) The combination is a natural one.

Field Repair
She knows the inner workings of her equipment well. She can keep them working just fine, but she's generally good with her hands. Give her some tools and some time and she can fix just about anything if she's got a manual (or buckets more time). Might not be a pretty fix, she's no genius mechanic, but it'll work.

Give her an instrument or ask her to sing a tune or hold a beat, and you're golden - she's got an ear for sounds.

Monster Encyclopedia
She knows about a lot of the monsters you'll meet on the western coasts, in the islands, and surroundings, what they like to eat, how to avoid them, how not to get eaten, burnt, crushed or gored by them, and if it comes to it, how to bring them down. Incidentally, the Merchant Navy's official stance is to try and coexist with the creatures that call the coast and oceans home and she's ok with that - her knowledge is in this direction more than the 'killing them all' one.


Sense Ki

Hide Ki

Flash Step

Fortress Bracers
With these bracers, she can press her body hardening field outside her body to create force fields of a sort. Made by clever craftsmanship, they work on the principles of ki.

Ki Manipulation
She can use her ki to do superhuman things - walk on water, walk up a wall or across a ceiling, stand extreme temperatures, avoid hypothermia, survive a fall from any height, etc. Stone Hands is all about self-control.


Stone Hands emphasizes body hardening techniques, and she can harden parts of her body with ki to such an extent that they gleam black as if made of steel. By hardening her hand, she is exerting her ki against the world around her - she could grasp red-hot steel and be unharmed, or strike a ki blast to deflect it, but it's not limited to only that - she can harden any part of her form to that extent. She is attuned with her gun to such an extent that she can harden it at that level as well.

Ghost Bullets
She doesn't need ammunition to wield the I&G Armiger - she can create bullets with her own spirit force, of any strength from a punch leveled from her own fist to a tank shell far in excess of the gun's specifications. She can push it farther than that, but we'll talk about that later (it's her ultimate!). She still must 'reload' it, however, forming 'bullets' in the open chamber with the break action open. Even after the tumbler is spent and the shots are expended, it still ejects spent blue light casings (which in fact are shot out with physical force - a short range attack in their own right) and the barrel grows hot after six shots, especially powerful ones - enough also to be a weapon. As with the actual bullets, she can make two kinds - hollowpoints (which explode), and Shellcrackers (which penetrate armor but don't explode.)

Blitz Grenade
Stone hands is not an external Ki art, but she can twist it to her purposes, forming a ball of supercompressed energy with physical weight and substance in one hand or the other, to be hurled. The detonation can be like a frag grenade, or much, much more impressive if she likes, but the projectile itself has momentum and mass - getting hit by it is like being struck by a fist or a cannonball, depending on the strength of it. Often it has a timed detonation, but if she takes a little time over it, she can make it remote detonation, to explode when she lets it.

Blitz Hammer
You need to be a crazy person to hit someone with a grenade held in your hand. Or able to harden yourself enough to be immune to the blast! What you get when she melee-delivers a Blitz grenade is her hand shaping the charge into a point of focused destruction able to crack a stout armor or forcefield.

Stone Hands is about hardening the body, pressing ki into muscle and tissue and bone to protect yourself, but it's really about storing energy there. She can do so, and push herself to greater heights of strength and speed than she could normally manage as a result. It takes a moment - she must focus and store her energy a moment to manage this, and it hurts like a headache in the whole body as it heats, steams, and glows blue from inside, but the results are unquestionable. After Rushing, she is a bit sore, exhausted, and must get her breath back before doing it again - she's writing checks her body cannot cash.


Blitz Shell
Ghost bullets are a nice trick, but she can push the gun farther, force more of her strength into a single shot. It's hardly efficient past that point and the bullet in the chamber is the only one that can fire, but she charges the power of the other five as part of a Blitz Grenade at the end of her rifle as she braces for the shot with both hands and a wide stance. The resultant strike flies slowly for but a moment as the recoil drives her barrel skyward, then shoots off at supersonic speeds with a thunderous crash and a blowback that rocks ships and cracks pavement, like the barrage of a battleship's main guns, often sending her flying braced or not if she doesn't have something solid to stand on. It flies straight and true, driven by fantastic forces to penetrate a target, and then detonate. She must harden herself to survive firing this shell at all - you don't want to be standing near her when it fires - the pressure wave alone is a thing of searing heat that could scorch you and deadly concussion that could liquefy your organs. About fifteen feet or so is sufficient. How powerful exactly is this? The word "Railgun" comes to mind.


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