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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 May Merriweather, The White Mage!
May Merriweather
The White Mage!
App Plotter Tracker May Merriweather has 52 posts. Offline. played by May Merriweather

Character Information

Species: Arcuul

Occupation: Priestess of the New Temple, Agent of the White Hand

Alignment: Neutral Good

"Time to un-kick some butt!"
Oct 16 2015, 04:43 AM Quote






Lunus Midori auspice: the half-moon
Born under this common sign, she was gifted with psychic abilities of one description or another. Those born under the half moon are usually domesticated animal types, from honey bees (common) to cats, goats, sheep, you name it.)




May is not a Rodinan national; in fact, she was born and raised in Ezia by her grandfather. She never knew her parents - her mother left shortly after giving birth to her, and her father was unable to care for a child so he left her in the care of her grandfather who lived in Ezia - that is, her mother's father. Father died shortly afterward, while the whereabouts of her mom are still unknown.

She had a happy (if disciplined) childhood though - her grandfather and concubines (some arcuul are polyamorous and marry multiple husbands or wives; a concubine is such a married partner) raised the girl as if she were their own daughter, their own having grown to adulthood and moved on long ago. Her family was big, enfolded in love, and rooted firmly in the temple and gentle way dojo in which her grandfather taught. It's no wonder that a hard-working little girl took on the cloth at a very early age. She was gifted - not brilliant as these things go, but naturally talented with the temple's pursuits and the philosophies of the Gentle Way (Which, classically speaking, is tied in with the New Temple anyway).

She didn't join public education until highschool, where she applied her determination and discipline to academics. She became strong. How, you ask? Clearly you underestimate the dangers of being an arcuul child in a human school system, with upper classmen in more aggressive martial arts, bullies, and less savory elements to contend with. She was a straight line in a world of squiggles, and that always causes problems - Ones she dealt with without harming a hair on anyone's head, much to the wonder of a little world where you stepped on the person beneath you. Perhaps it was good training for adult life. For whom? I'm still uncertain. She graduated in the middle of her class (at least partially because at least half of the teachers at that stuck up public school didn't like her much!, mostly because she didn't get much sleep in highschool, going to school, working to save for college, AND working at the temple and dojo!)

She went to college in Otkrytpole for nursing. Things were no easier for her there - she wasn't a brilliant student, just a hard working one who worked part time at the temple to help with tuition. Students there, and teachers too, were no less stuck up. Though she didn't have to contend with racism (Otkrypole is a very metropolitan city, and a largely arcuul one at that), she DID have to face the fact that she was hardly a genius - something the other 'geniuses' rubbed her good natured little nose in. Again... the city of secrets is a place of curves and sharp angles, and there she was... a straight line, getting tangled in things that didn't concern her simply because she was an uncompromising little bar of solid steel in a spiderweb of lies and diplomacy. She made friends though, a lover or two, and gained the respect of those put in power over her. She was a genius of hard work, honest, good natured, reliable, and never caused anyone to turn into frogs or explode! Some noble kids didn't like her, some families that were at odds with the temple's presence as a moral force in a city as logical, Agnostic and twisty as Otkrytpole may have made an attempt or two on driving her off, but that was about it.

Ms. Merriweather did, however, draw the attention of an organization within the Temple that very much shared her views and interests; the White Hand. Despite all propaganda from the powers that be in Kostra and Otkrytpole which paint the White Hand as terrorists, it is a pacifistic, fundamentalist goodwill organization that operates in secret and in disguise in the hostile places of the world, opposing wrongdoing wherever they find it, helping the sick, injured, and cursed, fighting demons, evil men, and monsters wherever they find them, and embodying the Temple's purest ideals. She fell in with them neatly, and became an agent of the White Hand - something she hasn't told her grandfather or friends who aren't a part of it as well.

She dropped out of college - suddenly, nursing didn't seem so important. There is a big picture - she could do real good in the world, and stand up to true evil. She wasn't in debt - being able to exist on very little food, not needing a cell phone, nor a car, as it turns out, very much discounts life. And so here we meet Ms. May Merriweather, aged 22, temple maiden, healer, psychic, secret agent of the White Hand.


Pansexual, male preferred


Neutral Good
She has a strong personal code like iron that she adheres to, but that code doesn't have much to do with the powers that be or their rules. She's predictable, but not neccesarily very law abiding.

May Merriweather is a gentle, compassionate sort of person - the sort who makes others around her feel better about themselves and sees to the needs of people around her first, and her own needs second. Faced with someone who insults her and tries to get under her skin, she foregoes outrage and retaliation and tries to understand him and show compassion. When threatened, she avoids conflict. When pressed, she ends it quickly, and without hurting anyone or allowing others to be hurt. She's always got a lighthearted joke or a kind word for a stranger or a friend, and some compassion to spare for even her worst enemy. It's hard to dampen her spirit!

That's not to say she doesn't feel anger or sadness, or doesn't have bad thoughts - only means she has self control you could bend horseshoes around, and firmly held beliefs that hurting people is wrong no matter the circumstances, and that even losing your temper can hurt people too. What May believes is no less true because she feels strongly, nor will she cheapen her beliefs because someone else is a monster. Her own feelings run face-first into that barrier, that anvil of self control, and stop cold.

May wouldn't let that monster run free though - she'd stand up to them, she'd clench her fists and bite down her own fear as she faces that monster down. She'll hound him out and try to subdue him if she can, get in his path any way she is able to prevent him hurting anyone else. And she's be afraid the whole while - she's not fearless (she's SANE), but it wouldn't stop her or bid her stay at home either. Some might call that true courage. Given the choice of that villain's fate, she'd give him a choice; leave, and never hurt anyone again.

If he refused and mocked her mercy, or betrayed her trust the first time, she'd keep him subdued and he would face kaioshin justice for his crimes. She'd keep him company the whole while, even help him find peace if she could, as she kept him weak as a kitten. He'd get a trial and have to answer for those he's wronged. Then, when he was sentenced or set free, she'd respect the judgement either way, no matter her feelings. She'd even hold his hand if execution was deemed just; she'd be his last true friend, and ensure his death was swift, and as painless as possible. That's just who she is - he could have killed her friends and this is what she would do as her heart bled gently and a little voice inside screamed.

At her best, May is warm, sincere and kind. She's always got a thoughtful word for someone else, a joke to share, a silver lining to offer, or a hug for a friend. At her worst, she is blunt, silent, and cold as stone. She doesn't lose her temper - she just gets calmer and calmer, colder and colder. She doesn't cuss - she sighs. Hardship is taken with a smile and gentle laughter. Pain is faced with patience, and fear is faced with courage. She lives modestly, doesn't have a lick of showmanship, and doesn't like lying - she reddens when she tries it and mucks it up. If May can at all avoid it, she tells the truth, come what... may!


5' 0"

210 lbs



Blue, flickering and placid like light reflecting off water

Toriel (Undertale)

May isn't what you'd call a warrior; she's an Arcuul, a downy white, long-eared goat maiden with velvety, flopsy ears that hang nearly to her collarbones, and big blue eyes. Her features are soft, rounded and warm, her frame a bit more substantial than what you'd call 'athletic' - the body of a woman who knows and accepts she's never going to be a supermodel. She has a bit more body fat than average, is a bit shorter than average, but on the whole, under her clothes she's carved of wood (metaphorically)

She's somewhat short, maybe a hair above five feet tall, making her look perhaps a bit chubby with an ample bosom and a figure that can be described as both womanly and comfortable. May's hands are dainty and warm, with dark fingertips that are in fact her nails - though polished and somewhat sensitive, they are like hooves, made of the same keratin and are firm. She dresses mostly in the traditional robes of the order of the White River in the New Temple - white robes, with blue accents, similar in many ways to a kimono in design, parallels drawn between ancient human shinto traditional priestess garb (on which some of the New Temple's traditions were founded) and clearly displayed in the design of the clothing.

Her robes are however more of a practical nature than a ceremonial - crafted of substantial fabrics and leathers, carefully treated against the rain. They also bear numerous pockets and pouches - like I said, much more practical. Though a priestess in the White River traditions, she is also a member of the secret organization known as the White hand, all of which are masked.

May's mask is a fox mask in the noh design style, jet black with a white handprint upon it. Her robes when acting in the White Hand sect's name are much the same (the robes are a badge of office, so to speak), but instead they are black with white accents and trim shaped like white hands.



Priestess robes
Not very protective, but they are comfortable and highly functional as previously indicated. She can move in these, they're not obstructive or fragile.

White Hand robes
armored, highly practical robes that don't show an inch of her body outside them. These are much more protective, with chainmail, more leather in their construction, and ceramic impact plates in strategic places, along with other practical considerations. Highly durable, but also dead silent moving - the clothes of someone who intends not to get hurt or draw too much attention. Somewhat more ornate and much heavier than her everyday robes, but she's trained to be able to wear them comfortably.

White Hand fox Noh mask
designed for her face, this black mask with a stylized white hand print is made from alloyed metals. It bears a gas mask and voice modulator, and a few other neat tricks like a self contained oxygen supply, night vision, and sound amplification devices. It's also made of metal, with heavy duty straps - it offers substantial protection to her face and head without noticeably obstructing her vision.

Callout bag
a bag full of medical supplies, emergency food and water, and some basic survival gear.


May was trained in traditional Arcuul medicines and folk remedies by her grandmother Olive, but also in more conventional 'western' medicines. She went to college on Otkrytpole for Nursing, and though she never got her degree or license, she has the training and skills to do most things without her powers, and ALL the things with them.

Temple Maiden
May was trained to deal with myriad things. She's basically a priestess - dealing with people's problems, helping people cope with the loss of loved ones, helping people pass, and dealing with angry spirits or demons. If she went to school to heal ailments of the body, she was raised all her life to have medicine for the soul.

Order of the White Hand
A secret order within the temple. She knows about the noble houses in Otkrytpole, both friend and foe to her cause, how to reach that secret city, and what is rumored to lie beneath. She knows the difference between a demon and a hollow, and how best to deal with either situation. She is initiated into many secrets, occult and uncanny, but not just in how to keep them - also why she should. She knows. Though she is not a liar, she can tell a liar from an honest man pretty accurately. Though she is hardly what you would call 'stealthy', she was trained in how to be invisible (her 'Not Here' trick is testament of that training). Her training in the order was swift - she devoured the knowledge, pulled at the thread of secrets like a curious child, and has learned much.

May learned a lot of stuff just going day to day first in her grandfather’s dojo and the temple, from her grandmothers and necessity – cooking, chores, basic maintenance, but she learned even more of this stuff in her career as a priestess and, oddly enough, as an agent of the White Hand – plumbing, carpentry, surveying, masonry, animal husbandry, gardening, you name it, just a ragbag of skills and aptitudes she tried hard to learn in order to be most useful. She’s got a wide and varied basic understanding in many domestic tasks.

Neshny Put, the Gentle Way
[Since May could walk, she’s learned to bend. Since she could ball her hand into a fist, she’s learned how not to. Since she could speak up, she’s learned how to. The Gentle Way and the Temple were her life, all she had, for the first six years or so of her life, and then they were her constant companions through dangerous and difficult times. Neshny Put is all about deflection, about throws, mercy holds, pressure points, but most of all, about avoiding conflict altogether. It is a martial art of discretion and compassion rather than destruction – with no strikes involved. She is effectively a master.


She can sense ki to an extent, but only with a vague comparison of intensity (in relation to her own strength). She can, however, deduce the intention behind that power - good, evil, and a vague notion of what they're doing with it (ie about to attack a city, or flying). It gives her no insight into what powers they're using. She is also spiritually aware, and can see and interact with spiritual beings.

Not Here!
She cannot hide her serene, slow-moving ki very easily, but by her training she can 'switch off' the part of her that screams out 'I AM HERE!'. It hides her completely - there is no real way to detect her presence until she breaks cover. Of course, she can do nothing more than walk at a sedate speed, speak telepathically (covered later), or stand still while doing this.

Very simple; using a controlled stream of ki to propel herself.

Radiant Flicker
When she uses healing powers on people, she can grant them a sort of... overheal if she has the time (takes a minute or so beyond actually healing them), which acts as a sort of 'I JUST HEALED YOU! YOU GOT HURT AGAIN! Y U DO DIS?' deterrent. The first non life-threatening injury the target receives within a couple hours of her healing them is instantly remedied on the spot. This can heal flesh wounds and moderate burns, but nothing as severe as a broken bone.

Ki Mystic
Her ki is less like fire, and more like water. It's heavy, and slow-moving. It's not well suited to acts like flinging volleys or deadly beams. It's much better-suited to slower, gentler applications, like water-walking, wall-climbing, body hardening, or speedier recovery, things like that. These come as naturally to her as breathing.


Radiant Touch
May can heal any non-fatal injury by touch and time, stitching flesh and bone gently back together. Her power can also fight poison, disease, or curses, piling against them with ever-growing intensity. As long as they have a vital force that she can touch and natural tissues to mend, she can do this - it won't work, sadly, on an android (though she can maintain their functionality). She cannot heal herself, either. It is most efficient and best if she has time, but she can 'triage' - that is, burst-heal someone rapidly, which is much more difficult.

Telepathic Clarity
May is a telepath of the half-moon auspice, and can speak in pure meaning to anyone she knows, can sense, or see no matter the distance. If she focuses on one person, they are granted a Clarity effect, which dulls pain and removes the veil of harmful emotions or illusions from the equation. She can maintain a single such clarity effect and reach out to multiple other minds, letting her speak to them or to each other as if they were standing next to each other. Maintaining a connection isn't usually a problem once its established, nor is sharing sensory information with anyone connected to her. She can give herself Clarity and still maintain another's clarity, if she likes.

Touch of Subdual
Combining her telepathy and a solid grounding in the Gentle Way, she can, by touch to the leylines of chi or the chakras themselves, disperse a person's natural energies harmlessly, inducing numbness, lethargy, weakness, and even unconsciousness. The ideal "blows" are landed on the head (brain and chakras), solar plexus, and mid-back on the spine (spinal column). Note: This power is incapable of killing.

White River Style
Operating on similar principles as her Subdual technique, this fighting style in the Gentle Way is characterized by its purpose to contest incoming strikes - be they at range or in melee - by deflecting and diffusing them, which is much easier. In melee she knocks the blow aside, and can from there attempt a Touch to subdue or weaken her foe. At range, she very gently pushes the strike (be it ki, magic, or otherwise, so long as its some kind of energy) apart into harmless light, mist, wind, and sound, often manifesting the leftovers as radiant wings and halo behind her head of wind and roaring, rushing gales.

Quite simply, she can teleport. Or rather, she can sort of... step, and cross fantastic distances in a blink. She need only be able to see where she's going, sense who she's going to, or be telepathically connected to them. Others can go with her, if they're touching. Distance is irrelevant; all places are one place, and everywhere at the same time. There's no drama to it - just a few seconds of ear-flicking concentration, a single step (or deliberate movement), and a sound like 'PLIFF' and she's gone. Note: It's hard to concentrate when someone's trying to kill her.


Her signature technique. She holds her hands as if cupping a sphere, and a single blue, shining equilateral triangle forms with geometric precision. Then another. then another, until a fractal flower of light forms, gently spinning. It's ready. By touch or by connection to someone she's granting Clarity, she can grant someone (not herself) a fantastic boost in power, channeling cosmic energy into them to grant a Transformation. Their hair and ki turn radiant blue in color, moving as if caressed by wind as a halo of blue light in the shape of the fractal flower spinning gently behind them. She must actively concentrate to maintain it, and the person under the effect doesn't feel the strain of their new power (it can't hut them). Two things: The person must be willing to bear this power, and while under its effect they CANNOT kill. It's elegant - their power is simply unable to end a life, with no decrease in intensity as a result - they simply blast, injure, and subdue. Any attempt to overcome this effect and kill ends the effect before a killing blow can be landed. The benefit though, the power of this transformation, is equivalent to that of a supersaiyan.


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