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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Furyan, A Young Pamyati Warrior
May Merriweather
The White Mage!
App Plotter Tracker May Merriweather has 52 posts. Offline. played by May Merriweather

Character Information

Species: Arcuul

Occupation: Priestess of the New Temple, Agent of the White Hand

Alignment: Neutral Good

"Time to un-kick some butt!"
Mar 12 2015, 07:25 AM Quote



'Daw he's cute!'


7 1/2

Pamyati / Saiyan Hybrid
Sol Avos auspice: The Sage
The god aspect in his fading Twilight, he is filled with wisdom and understanding. Most shamans of the pamyati and their kin come from this auspice, mirroring the moon's Crone auspice. He is an uncommon Pamyati type known as Temno Strakh (or simply Strakh). A mature Temno Strakh is a savage megapredator native to the forest of mists, feared for its cunning, speed, and ferocity, sure ,but mostly for its ability to become invisible and tendency to hunt in packs. His mother was half-Strakh as well as half-Saiyan, meaning Furyan has Saiyan blood - a mixture of about 75% pamyati /25% saiyan.

Lunadomoy, Rodina

Spiritcaller (Shaman) Apprentice
Mercenary Apprentice
Whelp (he's a kid, basically)

Young Furyan was born in Lunadomoy from an egg rescued by the child of one of the druids that resided there. He spent the first year or so of his life there, given a lot of space by his surrogate parents - just as his real parentage would have done. That is... as much space as he would allow! Even when he was a little ball of downy feathers, he was a curious creature and constantly poked his tiny beak where it wasn't welcome. Lunadomoy is a city frequented sure, but he was a whelp - a kit maybe the size of a small cat, and more or less had free reign. He learned there not to fear people, and intelligence bloomed.

He was released into the wild at two years of age, and at first things were difficult for him. The druids had done right though - he had mostly learned to take care of himself, to hunt for his own food, and in the deep pools of Lunadomoy's caves, he'd learned to swim - an advantage over most of his kind. He thrived. The little Strakh has wandered far and wide since that day, and has met many strange, and fascinating beings on his journeys.

When he was about four years old, he made his way to the eastern edge of the province. There he found a raging mountain and heard a voice. Ever-curious, ever-exploring, Furyan made his way to the peak of Mt. Chibrenn, the lair of the Prmal Dragoness, Ogonzhenia. There he saw beautiful flowers, growing in the infernal heat of the world around him - beauty beyond description found in an abyss of blackened earth and molten rock. The great dragoness confronted the boy, and he only just survived the encounter with his hide. But the encounter taught him a few things.

Then, he saw the ocean for the first time in his life. It was gorgeous... A thing of beauty and... He felt compelled to go to it. Her wound up on the eastern coast of Rodina, faced with an expanse of water bigger than any he'd ever seen, and reveled in the things he found in the surf-washed landscape and the waters that washed it.

While sleeping on the beach one day, something came to him in his dreams. A being, something as great as the dragoness he'd encountered on that fiery mountain called to him from the sea, a plea for help, from anyone who could render it. Hunters who had managed to trap the great being were readying to deal the being a deathblow. And while the dragon Luftsanguo could have capsized their ships, destroyed them utterly, it would have done terrible things to the coast, and thrown the weather systems out of balance. And so, he was in danger... And Furyan confronted the hunters.

After a fearsome battle with an arcuul monster hunter by the name of Dmitri, he recieved the gift of lightning magic from Luftsanguo,awakening further talent for magic in the young lad, and the great being referred him... To a teacher.

Enter the bird-sage Karkarken. When furyan tracked him down in the forest of mists, his homeland, Furyan was refused time and again. SQUERK! (Too small!) the sage would say, GRONK! (Go away you annoying brat!) he would howl, but Furyan... Ok, I want to say he earned the Sage's teachings with determination and skill, but really he just bugged him till Karkarken gave him a task he was certain would be impossible for the boy - catch him 300 fish in seven sunrises, or go away!

So he did. Didn't know who he was messing with, that old bird! And so, begrudgingly, the pamyati sage took the young strakh literally under his wing. The old bird was cantankerous, wily, devious, and brilliant, and taught Furyan about magic, and how to use it. Not just the right way, but... For the right reasons. The path of the pamyati spiritcaller, the Shaman. And then Furyan mentioned his encounters with Luftsanguo and Ogonzhenia. Took him like... A day and a half to calm his mentor down after that, and got a thrashing for not telling his teacher this SOONER! (Karkarken owed Luftsanguo some major favors).

Once he felt he had taught Furyan enough, Karkarken said SQUERRRK! WOK WOK WIKKIHROOOOOONK! (Something like 'GET OUT OF HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT AND GO PESTER SOMEONE ELSE! Also, be safe, etc. If you don't come back stronger, I will peck the shit out of you.') and Furyan decided to see what the other side of the mountains was like!

Swamplands, stretching far and wide, with another smoking mountain, far away on the horizon! And... Another ocean! By then he was about six years old, and it had been a while since he'd seen an ocean... So he decided to make his way in that direction. Those swamps around Kostra are not to be trifled with - it took him a long time to learn how to survive out there, and just when he thought he got a handle on things...

... He encountered a saiyan warrior by the name of Tarrok, who tried to capture him by bribing the hungry boy with a fish. So furyan broke the cage that had been meant for him and dared him to do his worst! They fought, and though Furyan got his little tail kicked by the more experienced warrior, he managed to befriend him, and more or less got adopted by him, and his lover, the mischevious Aiko!

Their fight, and subsequent sparring had drawn the attention of the Bird Sage though, who thought is protege was getting killed or something, and confronted Tarrok. The fight ended in a draw, and Karkarken gave the warrior permission to train the boy as a mentor ("Ullullup! Hwerk!") Tarrok was a mercenary, and a saiyan warrior of incredible skill and power, and Furyan learned a great deal from him.

We meet the kid now - aged seven and a half, and he's ready for adventure!




Neutral Good, leaning chaotic

Characterized by his curiosity and innocence Furyan is both pure of heart and courageous. With stalwart determination, the little pamyati pushes his own ignorance back and seeks understanding of the world all around him, even as he confronts it. Furyan isn't a complicated soul though - if he's hungry he'll find something to eat. If he's sleepy he'll sleep, if something should be fought, he'll always, always fight it. He's not what you'd call a 'homebody' - he explores! If he's not poking his little beak into something and getting into trouble, he's probably asleep. There's no monster so big that he won't try to befriend or fight it, no place too dangerous that he won't try and explore it if he can, and no such thing as 'never'.


9 feet from nose to tailtip, wingspan of 10 feet
(usually folded while 'walking'. If he were to stand straight up, he'd be about five feet tall)

175 lbs

Jet black, save for the Temno Strakh's signature red eyes, swoooping up into the inner surface of his ears.

Yellow-orange, with the irises and sclera the same tone so only mild distinctions show the difference

Magenta red, like a summer sunset

Nargacuga (Monster Hunter)




Sixth sense
Furyan has a suite of senses both physical and metaphysical, and a set of instincts as sharp as knives. He can tell when someone likes or dislikes him, or whether someone is beneficent or malevolent. He seems to be able to tell when something's wrong - maybe an ill wind, a bad omen, or dark powers at work. He just... knows. It's part of his nature as a spirit-caller (mentioned below)

Speaking Human
Furyan can understand like 2000 words out of several languages, and speak a few words - like fish (feesh), share (shurr), etc. He mostly knows Rodinan (Which is something like google translate Russian or Dutch, depending on dialect - he's very nearly fluent in central (Lunadomoy has people from east and west, and so there's an odd mix of russian and dutch in the way they speak) and the trade language (english). He can read certain recognizable words too - caution, danger, stop, things like that in those languages. He can't write to save his life though - maybe draw a picture of a man, or a duck, or a tree, but not write.

The young strakh has good memory, and sharp eyes and ears. He can mimic movements or sounds flawlessly. He could listen to a radio for like ten seconds and replay it back to you with such flawless accuracy that you could swear you were listening to a radio. Mimicing a voice so perfectly that it would fool vocal identification from a machine, or someone who knows the person, is easy as breathing. Not just voices - but noises too - he could do a car, an air raid siren, a police siren, an alarm clock, all as easily as you and I speak. All Temno Strakh have some ability in this - and he's exceptionally clever.

Clever claws
Maybe it's nothing special to you or I, but Furyan is a clever little thing, able to use his claws, wings, tongue, and beak to manipulate objects. He couldn't play the piano or anything, but he could open a door, manipulate a lever, push a button, tickle someone, or bash something with a branch just fine.

Furyan is no mage, but he IS spiritually aware. He can see and communicate with things on that other plane of existence. The talent isn't so unusual among primal beings like the Pamyati - far more common, in fact, than in their civilized cousins the Arcuul! He, like his mentor and friend the obbaschick (trickster crow) Pamyati, Karkarken, share this talent, and a belief that not only should the spirit world be observed and interacted with, but that he must do what he can to help and balance things. Though an odd duck, Karkarken was a good teacher.

Fish Hunter
Temno Strakh, for beings that dine mostly on fish, are surprisingly rubbish swimmers. They usually sit by a stream and snap fish out of the water with their beak, quick as thinking, or use their tail spines as fishing spears. Furyan is odd - he can swim like he was born to water, and holds his breath remarkably well - a bit over ten minutes is his limit, part of his instinctual stealth. His feathers and fur are naturally oiled, too - making him a sleek shape as he darts and winnows through the deeps at the same speed and agility with which he flies and moves on the ground. It served him well in defense of the water dragon Luftsanguo.

Monster Swordsman
Furyan has watched humans almost all his life, and has seen monster hunters, assassins, and warriors of all descriptions fight - usually while trying to kill him, but occasionally during bouts of sneakiness as well. His wingblades, the sharp, hardened bone edges on the outer side of his wings, are deadly as katanas, and he wields them with appreciable skill.

Monster Fighter
Furyan recieved some training from the warrior Tarrok, who was very nearly his adoptive father. He fought with him many times, and learned the way Saiyans do battle at the very least. He can deploy his wings as hammers to simulate fists, employ his feet as we do, and his tail to even greater effect than a strakh would normally manage. He's not scientific, but he can hold his own.


Cloak and Dagger
He's a young strakh - he can only be invisible while still, or moving very slowly.

Hide ki

Spirit Sight

Sense ki, see into the spirit world


Flash step

Forge of Six Lotuses
Ki control comes naturally to a Pamyati, but a Pamyati's chakra network is distortedsix of seven chakras unrealized, instead focusing on the strength one single Core chaka, the source of their might, in standing mimicry of the Primals which they modeled themselves after. Furyan is odd; he has learned to focus his power through all seven of his chakras, like six beautiful flowers growing to encircle the terrible heat of a volcano. It has enabled, not greater power, but much-improved control, an ability very much like Ki Manipulation, but shaped differently; He cuts loose by breathing curving beams that scatter and spread, he spits explosive globs of power in volleys, and lashes out with unfocused blasts of energy like crimson dragonfire, but these are not the only forms they can take. Spikes of power flung from his tail, slashing fields of energy from his wings, searing, cutting beams from his eyes, anything a humanoid can do with ki manipulation, he can do something similar with his Forge of Six Lotuses.

Flash Step Clones
Furyan's Forge of Six Lotuses allows him to more efficiently use his power, and he's grown fast enough to create briefly phantasmal clones of himself while flashstepping, lasting long enough to deliver one single attack before dissipating and being real enough that it will do damage


Ruin Gun
A special mouthbeam attack, far more focused and controlled than the standard attack. Ruin Gun is super-concentrated and fires at a faster rate of flow than a conventional ki attack, more like a laser, hitting like a powerwasher rather than a rushing river, bowling over anything it comes into contact with even as it pounds it to dust. Very, very difficult to block. He learned this attack copying a fire leviathan named Ogonzhenia that lived in the volcano north of Port Morskoy, and mimics her mannerism of clacking her beak together (cloppitycloppyclopclop!) several times in rapid succession before firing the attack. She tried to eat the little Strakh, but by his courage and determination, he learned this technique watching her and used it upon her, managing to etch the scales of her face. Laughing at this little whelp's cleverness and power, she both let him escape with his life and offered to teach him if he should ever become strong enough to knock her down.

Ruin Repeater
A refinement of his Ruin Gun, derived from use of his Forge of Seven Lotuses and Tarrok's training. He splits his signature attack into two to seven beams that curve towards their intended targets. The beams don't have as much penetrating thrust as the full Ruin Gun, but they still have its power, and tear through what they hit very well rather than explode.

Sun Dance
A special technique Furyan learned from his mentor, a pamyati spiritcaller that lives in the planes who calls himself Karkarken in exchange for 300 fish and a won game of hide and seek. He does a gyrating, bouncing little dance, flapping his wings and squeaking even as he holds a mental image of the sun, and pours his energy into it. Then visualizes sunlight coming down in a beam onto himself, or another. The dance, the visualization, and his strength translate into a burst of healing energy, letting him mend his wounds, or the wounds of another.

Arc Ruin
A technique he learned from the sea dragon Luftsanguo as a reward for his courage in coming to his aid against several warriors who would have slew him off the coast of Zvedzigorod. Furyan builds up a huge surge of his ki, pours it into a visualization of a cloudy sky, then releases it as a zone of destruction, his red ki mimicing electricity as it leaps away from him in deadly arcs, stunning and damaging anyone near him - be they fleshy or machine, even as it violently flings them away

Sun Slash
He learned this watching a monster hunter training, using a willowy, curved blade to cleave a boulder many times his own size in two. He focuses his ki around his wingblades, increasing their cutting power to fantastic levels (bone, flesh, steel, stone, energy, you name it he can probably cut it) and extends the cutting edge. Takes a bit of focus to charge, and only lasts for two attacks - one from each wing.

Though very young, Furyan is a keen observer and powerful for his age, with a suite of instincts that warn him of danger (making it hard to catch him off-guard), keen senses (he can just about smell the color of your shoes and hear your heart racing), and natural weapons (His beak, his claws on fore and hind legs, the blades on the outer edges of his wings, and his tail with both a barb at the tip and an array of folding spines like a porcupine.) He has acres of natural power and talent for violence

Negative Aura
Based on Tarrok's own Punishment Barrier, Furyan's technique tries to utilize Negative Ki and Positive Ki, but because of Furyan's nature, he just separates his positive and negative poles to create a sort of dark refraction of himself, laced into him at the claws, tail, and head, though this aura is about twice the size of Furyan normally.
  • +It functions sort of like a force field. It allows blows to hit his spiritual pressure, rather than directly wounding him.
  • +His natural weapons are more powerful - the interaction of positive ki and negative ki lend explosive power to his strikes
  • +His magic techniques gain in power somewhat - he is holding two aspects of himself in balance.
  • -Though it protects him, it also makes him a bigger target.
  • -If something strikes him through the barrier, it could falter or fail outright as he loses concentration. It would explode. It'd hurt anyone standing nearby, too, but that's not much of a benefit - he'd get hurt still.
  • -It constantly burns strength while active, of course. Especially if he tanks a hit with it.

Furyan has got courage! More importantly, he's got buckets and buckets of spirit. When he lets it out, when he really gets down to it, he can loose a roar that pumps a raw surge of his spirit pressure out in a wave! His friends near him receive a boost of confidence and their powers become less strenuous. Enemies near him are blasted by fearsome spirit pressure. Weak foes are overwhelmed and get paralyzed with terror, but even a strong foe feels that power for a time afterward, making every action just a bit more strenuous, a bit less efficient.


Mega Ruin Gun
Furyan doesn't yet have the capacity to Rage (his birthright as a Temno Strakh) for more than a few seconds. But what rage he CAN do can be utilized to fire a much more powerful version of his signature Ruin Gun. He clicks his beak together several times as his eyes blaze red in the pupils, then releases the attack with a deafening shriek of fury. It is more powerful by an order of magnitude - a beam of tightly focused red energy that powers through just about anything in its path. The pressure wave of his scream alone blasts stones to powder in front of him, and the beam itself leaves livid red lines of devestation where it strikes, losing some energy agaiinst anything it contacts. After the beam has run its course, these over-energized zones detonate - violently.

Uncontrolled Saiyan Ignition
user posted image

Furyan has Saiyan blood. Both of his parents did too - his mother was half saiyan, and his father was about a quarter saiyan or so, and even they... had a technique, one that let them emphasize and utilize their unusual bloodline - the cursed power of the Pamyati, combined with the warrior spirit of the Saiyan. Furyan, in his innocence, has stumbled upon the saiyan spirit in his training with Tarrok. Though this technique is theoretical and uncontrolled at this point, he has accidentally achieved it once already.

It changes him, temporarily from nearly pure pamyati in appearance... to a saiyan hybrid, draining some of his pamyati curse and suppressing it behind Saiyan stubborn determination. This in no way makes him any stronger, technically speaking, but it does mean his strength isn't mitigated by the distortion of his chakras now - and he can fight at greater levels. The secondary downside is, he is overcome by a saiyan's warlike nature and savagery and becomes wrathful, erratic, and violent. He will seek a good fight. But this technique in itself isn't more powerful than an advanced ability.

The main downside, the reason this is an ultimate, is that when doing this, he can transform into a monsterous version of the Oozaru, the 'Great Ape' form, though his version of this is an amalgamation of the traditional form... and of his race's curse, expressed differently, transforming him into a gigantic, quadrupedal version of himself. Completely uncontrolled.


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