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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Conway, Of The Ghost Lotus
Ghost Lotus Assassin
Capable of Varying Alignment!
App Plotter Tracker Conway has 25 posts. Offline. played by Cypher

Character Information

Species: Human

Occupation: Mercenary

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Feb 14 2016, 06:33 PM Quote

Jacob Miranders


Conway, Mietitore




Pariroma, Ezio

Soldier For Hire; Member of Ghost Lotus

Born in Ezio's capital city of Pariroma, the man who would grow to become Conway lived a life that you would expect from an average citizen of the world. He had an average middle class family that cared for him, friends to spend time with, and so on. That didn't last long, however. The conflict between Tunis and Raverita is no secret to the world, and both countries have had several border skirmishes that have spilled out on to the streets of towns and cities in both nations. It just so happened that on one of those occasions, Jacob and his family were caught in the crossfire while they were traveling through Raverita to Isysia on vacation.

A group of rebels likely backed by the Tunisian government attacked the small town they were driving through with motor fire before moving into the town proper. Though trapped in the warzone, luckily, the none of the family died, though there were injuries. Unfortunately, luck wouldn't last for very long as several rebels stumbled upon them and several others and attacked indiscriminately. They were faced with certain death, but were miraculously saved by four men clad in black; their leader wearing a small adorned with a skull.

Soon after, the group began to depart, but Jacob begged for the men to remain and help lead his family out of safety. The majority of the group were against it, but the skull-masked man decided to help the family, though not for free. "You don't get nothing for nothing" he said; to get what he wanted, Jacob had to pledge himself to the man and his associates. Wanting his family to be safe, Jacob did so. Once they made it out of Raverita and back to Ezio, Jacob was deemed the apprentice of the skull-masked man, who went by the alias Zenzo. What that meant wasn't immediately apparent to the teenage Jacob until the summer, where Zenzo called in to collect on his debt and took Jacob to New Civea. His parents wanted to protest, but Zenzo was the man who saved their lives and opted against it. While in New Civea, Jacob was taken to a hidden enclave in the middle of the nation, an enclave that was a city onto itself.

Zenzo called it Warshaw The Forest Fortress, and it was home to an organization known as Lotus Ghost, a legion of mercenaries and assassins; and one of at least 16 such organizations scattered across Eden. Jacob's payment for the safety of his family, and continued safety of his family, would be becoming an apprentice and joining the organization. He had little choice in the matter, and of course opted for life for himself and his family. He would train over the summer and return home to continue his life and education until he was eighteen years old, where he would then pledge four years of nonstop training. And of course, Jacob went along with this life, and actually began to enjoy it despite the forced circumstances. As soon as he turned 18, he jumped at the chance of going off with Ghost Lotus, and with Zenzo's training, quickly adjusted to the extended regimen. Jacob didn't become a full inductee until he was 20 and spent the remaining two years of his training period on "dry runs", which consisted of supervised and choreographed missions out in the field. He excelled.

A full fledged mercenary and assassin by age 22, Jacob, now known as Conway amongst his peers and as a whisper in the world was given his own missions and options for contracts, as well as the leeway to act as he saw fit. He excelled at it. Be it simple bodyguard work, political sabotage, being a hired spy or an assassin, Conway was good at what he did, which attracted his fair share of admirers, rivals, and world officials wanting to find out who he is and arrest him. For the better part of a decade, anyone who wanted to see him captured or killed has failed in their goals.

Conway has kept his life as a Ghost Lotus completely detached from his civilian life. His family knows that he does something that relates to the deal he made with Zenzo years ago, but they're not exactly sure what, and Conway doesn't bring up his work around family or friends. For all they know, he's a government official who often disappears for days or weeks at a time doing diplomat work.




Chaotic Neutral

For someone who was pledged to be an assassin when he was only a teenager to spare the lives of his family, he's actually well adjusted. There's no psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies, no depression, and no seclusion from society. Jacob has friends he hangs out with and communicates with his family quite often. Really, if he didn't tell you that he makes a living accepting contracts to kill people and be hired muscle while waging shadow wars against competing organizations, you wouldn't even believe that such a thing would be an option for him. Yes, he has his quirks, like despising the sound feet shuffling on the floor or the feeling of his knees touching when he goes to sleep, but nothing truly out of the ordinary.

Likewise for when he's on the job. While not an absolute professional, he's not the type of person to goof around on a job. Money and his reputation is always on the line, and maximizing profits while not ruining his good name are two of his major concerns whenever going out on a job. Though contracts may cause him to do things that may be morally dubious, Conway is never vicious or excessive unless absolutely necessary. He doesn't torture for the hell of it, he doesn't strive to maximize casualties, and he doesn't toy with a kill. It's get in, get the job done, and then get the hell out. Makes his life easier.


6' 1"

220 lbs

Dark Brown, often buzzed or shaved bald


Attire: Taskmaster / Tony Masters (Marvel Universe)
Face: Egli (Sword Art Online)

Conway is a well built man of muscle and very little body fat. He can be physically imposing at times, though he often carries a relaxed stance and posture both on the job and off the job. Once you get past his bulk, Conway doesn't come off as a man with a threatening appearance, except for when he's walking around with an arsenal strapped to his person, of course.



Ballstic Combat Suit
Based on an experimental combat suit designed for Isysian Special Forces that was ultimately rejected due to cheaper alternatives. Lightly armored, skintight bodysuit, reinforced at the knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists in order to keep the joints stable. The suit itself is a mixture of kevlar, carbon nanotube fibers, providing moderate protection against gunfire while allowing heightened mobility. Conway's suit is specifically designed to promote stealth and is insulated to reduce the heat signature profile his body produces. The material is breathable and is perfect for a variety of environments, including tropical and arctic. Coupled with Juin Kinetic Armor plating and padding along with his own natural defensive capabilities, the suit provides greater protection to piercing and stabbing weapons, though stronger fighters and enhanced weaponry can bypass any protections.

Ballstic Combat Mask
Conway's mask is made up of a similar material as his bodysuit. The mask is lightly armored, impregnated with lead to inhibit X-Ray scanning, and contains various sensory and auditory equipment including night-enhancing vision, and a transmitting comm-link, which can use to listen in to various communication.



Combat Sword
Sheathed across his back, Conway wields a customized, standard length Katana. It features a more industrial and modern design than what you would expect, along with serrations for a more sawing/tearing cuts and slashes. These non-standard mods also allow the weapon to serve more practical purposes, such as an actual saw.

Karambit Combat Knife
Sheathed horizontally along his left hip is Conway's Karambit. The small knife, with a blade only a handful of inches long, is in a position where Conway can rapidly deploy the weapon in such a case where his sword is unavailable for whatever reason.

CR-14 Valkyrie
The Valkyrie is a 5.7mm caliber, semi-automatic handgun, standard issue for Pellonian and Isysian military forces, and originally produced by Pellonia itself. Conway's sidearm has two non-standard mods, featuring and left and right safety and a mechanical lever to swap the sides of the ejector port for the chambered round, allowing for seamless ambidextrous firing. The barrel is made of high quality materials specifically reinforced to allow for such a modification. Standard issue magazines can hold 20 rounds, extended magazines feature upwards of 40 rounds.

Z1M3 Handcannon
Typically used by sport shooters and hunters in Ureldas, the Z1M3 Handcannon is precisely what its name implies. It's a 10 round revolver that fires fairly large 6.9x64mm hollowpoint rounds at tremendously high velocities. Pretty much impractical for standard issue, Conway really only uses this when he has a point to make after someone pisses him off.

The Zarbra-13 is an Ezian pump-action, 12 gauge combat shotgun. Zarbra-13's are commonly deployed with plastic rings and beanbags to quell non-violent crowds, but can easily accept lethal ammunition. This shotgun is generally used when crowd dispersal is needed.

A special forces variant of the Raveritan army standard K11, the K11A1 is an assault rifle, capable of firing 5.56 rounds in either automatic or semi-automatic firing modes. Standard issue magazines can hold up to 40 rounds. The weapon features an extending stock for Conway's comfort in different firing positions and features railing for a variety of attachments, be it scopes, flashlights, and the like.
K3A1 Shortbarrel
A modified variant of the standard K11A1, the K3A1 is a shorter version of the assault rifle, meant to be used in relatively tight quarters. Because of its reduced size, it also has reduced ammo capacity, with a magazine that holds up to 20 rounds.

Zelia LS .50
The Zelia is a bolt action, single fire anti-materiel rifle that fires .50 caliber ammunition. As it's an anti-materiel rifle, its true purpose is use against non-combatatants, such as vehicles and structures rather than against people. That doesn't stop Conway from utilizing it as his sniper rifle of choice. Its magazine capacity is (thankfully) 8 rounds.


Conway is adept in interrogation techniques, often using law enforcement methods as well as torture.

Trained Acrobat
Conway is highly mobile, and is capable of navigating obstacles with streamlined, more practical aspects of the art of Free Running, which is doubly effective when he enhances his physicals. Conway often avoids flips or cartwheels of the sort, finding them to be a significant waste of time and effort.

Hand To Hand Combat Master
He is a brilliant hand to hand combat fighter, and is possibly one of the best fighters on the planet. His range of knowledge doesn't extend far beyond styles employed by various law enforcement agencies and military organizations across the planet, however. His proficiency has allowed him to go head to head with Captain Generica on occasion.

Weapons Master
Through his years of service, Snake is well versed in the usage of a variety of military weapons. From knives to handguns to assault rifles to missile launchers, all of these items are exceptionally deadly in his hands. Snake does have some talent in the wielding of more flashy, exotic weapons, such as swords, but refrains from using them. He's not really a fan of blades.

Master of Stealth
Conway is highly skilled in the talent of stealth and infiltration. He barely makes a noise as he moves and is capable of breaching high security facilities with ease, and more times than not, without being detected.

Expert Marksman
He is an exceptional marksman, skilled in sharpshooting and knife throwing. He's even capable of pulling off what's commonly known as "no-scoping", pulling off headshots with rifles without using the iron sights or scopes at a distance anywhere from 50 to 100 yards away.


Chi Manipulation
The ability to manipulate one's inner energy for a variety of effects.

Flash Step
Utilizing a surge of ki to rapidly shift the users body into another position fixed position faster than one would be able to achieve through typical running or flight patterns; often mistaken for teleportation. This ability is short range and can't be used for long range travel.

Power Regulation
Unlike most of his ilk, Conway does not adjust his own power level fluidly. For ease of use and efficiency, he instead cycles through his power at stages, starting in off mode, where he has access to no abilities other than the ability to cycle power. Then jumps to a state that's above human peak, and from there' he shifts upwards to 15%, 45% 75%, and then 100% of his full power.

Gear Markers
Because he has a variety of gear, Conway doesn't always bring every weapon and piece of equipment with him. If he finds that there is something he needs that he doesn't have, he can summon weapons and equipment to him and send them away through the use of rune makers tagged on his equipment in conjunction with mystical hand signs. Through equivalent exchange, he must send something away before summoning something.


Juin Kinetic Armor
Conway is in possession of an older variant of Juin Kinetic armor, which he has woven into his combat gear for added protection. Though Conway is not like the average Juin and is capable of regulating his own inner power in ways they can not, the primary purposes of the armor has been used to muddle his own power, making it not only hard to detect, but making it practically impossible to get a proper read on him outside of his combat gear. In doing so, he can proceed in his line of work and slip back into civilian life without worry that someone he comes across detects him because of familiarity with his own energy. As standard for the Kinetic Armor, For example, he can operate at max power and give off a level of power that reads considerably lower than what it actually is. This is somewhat unlike modern Kinetic Armor, which can make the average Juin feel no more powerful than a flatscan human. The chestplate and gloves allow him to absorb ki blasts, store the energy, and then shoot them back out. Safeguards and vents keep the armor from absorbing too much and breaking down.

Juin Bracers
Like his armor, Conway is in possession of an older style Juin Bracer, which is worn on his right wrist and built into his glove. The glove is connected to the Kinetic Armor and gathers ambient energy from the environment to generate a field of circular field of hard-light energy and a layer of particulate matter captured from the air, forming a convex shield about three feet in diameter. The shield can be used to protect Conway from harm and even detached and used as a melee or projectile weapon and recalled back to the bracer due to the energy attraction between the makeshift shield and the wrist-worn device. Conway typically emulates Captain Generica's fighting style if the shield is used as a weapon.

Power Shroud
The vast majority of targets and opponents that Conway goes up against are your standard baseline individuals, incapable of using ki or other such energies to enhance themselves to extranormal standards. For those, Conway's standard equipment works just fine. For the rare ones, the ones capable of fortifying themselves to states beyond the average person, his weapons range from being no deadlier than a punch to the face or down to a mild annoyance at best. Since he is incapable of discharging his energy in the form of blasts and the like, he has come up with an alternative in the Power Shroud. Though in truth, it's less a shroud and more impregnation of his chi to enhance the damage potential, and it works across any and all weapons he may use. For example, should he come up against someone or something resistant to small arms fire from his handgun, utilization of the Power Shroud would imbue the bullets within the weapon, along with the gunpowder in the cartridge casing, enhancing the speed and penetrative power of a standard round to armor piercing capabilities and beyond. Someone who proved to be bulletproof against the first round may find the second or third shot to be harder to shrug off.

Likewise applies to his bladed weapons; the Shroud impregnating the metal to allow it greater potential to cut harder materials and opponents. Even explosives can be impregnated to increase their damage potential several fold. All in all, those who proved to be immune or unphased by standard arms my find themselves hurt or even killed by those weapons once Conway figures out the perfect amount of power to use. The downside, something others of his class don't have to worry about, is he could very easily run short on ammo before he figures out the appropriate amount of of power necessary for damage potential to be maximized. All firearms, their rounds are imbued with energy, fire off shots that glow a mild purple color similar to tracer rounds. More powerful weapons, such as explosives--grenades, C4, and the like--missile launchers, and more specifically his Handcannon, shotgun, and anti-material rifle, with suitable charge, emit what looks like explosions of pure energy, with the Handcannon, shotgun, and anti-material rifle launching standard size ki blast-encased bullets with enough power behind them.

Healing Push
Considering his job is a dangerous and illegal one, seeking medical attention in case of injury is a risk. Should Conway receive a particularly grievous injury, he can utilize his own energies to rapidly recover from damage or mend damage to escape life threatening injuries. Recovery is a conscious act and requires focus and brief periods of inactivity to activate. If he's in the middle of a fight or unconscious, Conway cannot heal himself. Regenerating from missing limbs or gaping wounds are likely impossibilities as well. And though he may heal himself, lingering pain remains and depending on the injury, extensive physical exertion would still be out of the question, not to mention healing usually keeps him from recovering to full power for several days to up to a week.


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