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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Gokan Bushino, Saiyan. Foodie. Music Lover.
Gokan Bushino
The Least Angry Saiyan Ever
General Populace
App Plotter Tracker Gokan Bushino has 39 posts. Offline. played by Cypher

Character Information

Species: Saiyan

Occupation: Seller of Cell Phones!

Alignment: Neutral Good

Feb 14 2016, 06:38 PM Quote






Rettle, Almar, Yarven, Tarei (City, State, Country, Planet)

He Sells Cell Phones!

Jei Bushino (father, deceased)
Sansa Bushino (mother, deceased)
Carl Valzul, Lian Valzul, Aimee Valzul (adoptive family)

Gokan grew up on the planet Tarei with both of his parents, Jei and Sansa Bushino. Starting at a young age, his parents taught him about his Saiyan heritage, and taught him how to fight. They saw great potential in their son, and didn't know how strong he would become, especially once there was a full moon, so they decided to remove his tail. He had a very normal life growing up, aside from the tough training he underwent. Other than that aspect of his life, he enjoyed it very much. All was well, until his seventh birthday. On that fateful day, some galactic terrorist decided to attack his planet. Tarei's armies managed to weaken the terrorists, but didn't manage to take out the mystery man. His mother and father were two of the strongest fighters on the planet, and most of the other fighters were injured or killed, so they, and a few others, took up the task to get rid of the invading force, which had made its way into Gokan's hometown.

Gokan wanted to go with his parents to fight, which they would not allow, and departed after sending him off to a shelter for safety. Stubborn, Gokan decided to follow his legendary parents into battle. When he arrived in the center of his hometown, he saw the horrific battle his parents were fighting. Their allies fell left and right, quickly leaving the two of them. Now fearful, Gokan took some cover as he watched, protecting himself from the destruction occurring around him. Unfortunately, he was still vulnerable to the lingering soldiers that remained. And with his parents too distracted, the young Saiyan had to fend for himself. Thankfully, his level of power was far too much for the fatigued enemy soldiers, and he was able to dispatch them without too much of a struggle. His safety ensured once more, he returned to watching his parents fight.

For a moment, it looked like his parents were winning, for a moment. Then, the terrorist lifted one hand into the air, and all went white. There was an explosion, then all went black. When Gokan awoke, it was windy and raining, and he was buried under some rubble, injured and lucky to be alive. Fearing for his parents' safety, he went to seek them out in the rubble of the ground zero. While there, he noticed a hand protruding from the ground, so he went over to dig the person out, thinking it was the body of a fallen fighter. It was, but it was someone who he didn't expect: his father. With a gasp, he continued to dig and few more feet, where he discovered his mother. Both were dead.

He couldn't believe what he saw, he couldn't believe his parents were dead, and he didn't want to. The stress, anger, and sadness pushed him over the edge, and the last thing he could remember was his body becoming hot before he blacked out. Days later, Gokan woke up, recovering at a temple, which was filled with many orphaned children from his city. He recovered very quickly, and continued to train himself, wanting to seek revenge for the death of his parents. One of the monks, Gen, noticed Gokan's great potential, and decided to train the young Saiyan. Gokan got two of his technique's from Gen: The the art of the Genshihou, and Kaiō-Ken--a technique of great power which Gen learned from the North Kaiō. Many things Gen taught Gokan, he seemed to grasp easily, sans for a few, flying in particular. Gen always told Gokan that he had to "empty himself of all earthly connections in order to achieve true and complete freedom." Unfortunately, his lingering rage and desire for revenge has kept him from grasping that concept.

By time Gokan was 13, he was one of Gen's most promising disciples and one of the strongest young monks in the temple, though it was clear that his emotional attachments were inhibiting his potential. Knowing that he was powerful--as powerful as some of the monks in his own mind--the barely-a-teen felt that he knew enough to embark on his quest for revenge. Knowing that the killer of his parents were off-world, leaving Tarei is what Gokan sought out to do. Knowing that there were portions of the temple dedicated to reconstruction of the planet and reverse engineering of alien tech, Gokan sneaked into one of the hidden areas and uncovered a refurbished space ship. He spent the next few months breaking in and out of the facility to learn the gist of how to operate the thing--luckily for him, there was very little an operator had to do as most of the systems were automated--and once he figured out enough, the teen gathered what belongings he had and boarded the spaceship and bolted off into the great expanse. As the ship was leaving orbit, Master Gen was informed of Gokan's theft and departure and was put in communication with the vessel and argued with him to come back. Refusing to do so, Gokan was excommunicated and never spoke to Gen again after that.

And three days later, his ship was attacked and shot down over what was to him an unknown planet at the time: Eden. His ship crashing somewhere near the Tunis/Raverita border, Gokan emerged from the rubble to come face to face with three individuals. Their names nothing but a vague memory, but their uniforms were committed to his memory: these were the people responsible for attacking Terai and the death of his parents. The leader of the small group pretty much admitted as much. His chance for revenge now upon him, the teenage Saiyan fought his enemies and managed to defeat them in a hail of ki blasts. And after the battle was finished, Gokan blacked out once again.

When he awoke, Gokan found himself in a little girl's bedroom, in a Raveritan town named Sansill. In time, a couple named Carl and Lian Valzul entered the room and informed the teen that they found him face first in their lawn, all beat up. Gokan pieced together that after his fight, he must've wandered off before collapsing where the couple found him.

Though their first instinct was to take the beat up teen to the hospital, something told them that Gokan was special, so they brought him into their home to recover instead. Injured, spotty memory, and his quest for vengeance seemingly complete in his eyes, coupled with the fact that he literally had nowhere else to go and was stranded on a strange planet, Gokan stayed with the Valzul family and was eventually legally adopted by them after the family used some legal loopholes and claimed he was a refugee. With tragedies and his triumph finally behind him, Gokan was able once again have a semblance of a normal life in his new home.




Neutral Good

In spite of the tragedy in his life, Gokan is a goofball. He was a sheltered child in his home, and one would quickly assume that he would be ignorant to the world, but that isn't the case. He strives for attention and enjoys making jokes, appropriate or not. Outside sources seem to cover up his clown nature, and he's less likely to express that side of himself in public, or with people he's not fairly close with. As he grew older, Gokan started to absorb the traits of those around him. Sadly, those around him weren't the ones a child should act like, and being an orphan didn't help with that.

Gokan, essentially, became a bastard most of the time, and one must've either acted similar or must've been a saint to be able to stand him. Eventually, as he became mentored in the spiritual and martial arts, Gokan managed to ditch the dysfunctional personality, although snippets of his this mentality escape out and find a way to work itself into his daily life. A teen obsessed with anger and melancholy eventually grew to an adult who was more than happy to shoot someone a smile and tell them that things would be fine.

Becoming more upbeat has allowed him to grow and adapt to living on a planet that wasn't his own and making a life out of his situation in spite of being stranded. Gokan can go from the jokester one second to a serious hardass another, capable of pissing just about anyone off. He's quite the intellectual as well, and is one of those people you can thoroughly enjoy having a conversation with, whether it be serious or not. Gokan can become easily bored, yet at the same time, he can find something to hold his attention. He's quite aware of his surroundings, paying attention to things his acts would contradict. His knowledge ranges from odd tidbits that no one truly cares about to in depth messages that people need to hear.


5' 10"

195 lbs




Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
Son Gohan (Dragon Ball)

Most people would consider Gokan to be an extremely attractive man. And he very well knows it too; he uses it to his advantage. He is rather tall, standing at 5'10", and his physique is fairly toned and slim. Gokan has straight, black hair which is usually about chin-length. His eyes are a brilliant shade of blue as well. Gokan has a nice, fair tan; not too dark and not too light. His appearance is not all that intimidating. Although he is toned, Gokan lacks any significant bulk and carries himself lightly, giving off the perception that he's not capable of much when it comes to physical strength, which is, of course, false. His physical appearance doesn't need to be all that intimidating anyway, because once someone gets caught in one of his trademarked glares, they tend to stiffen up quickly.

Gokan has no set style of clothing, he will buy whatever he likes, just as long as it's cheap. He keeps himself clean and looking pretty, and as long as he keeps looking like that, he has no worries. His fashion sense tends to lean more toward the a blend of casual and hip hop. His fighting attire is fairly simple, blue short sleeved shirt and red pants. His alternative fighting outfits are really no different, with one set consisting of a blue shirt and gray pants, or a white shirt and gray pants. The remainder of the outfits are pretty much the same regardless of what he wears and are black wristbands, boots, and a matching belt. black boots, finishing it off with a black martial artist belt and matching cloth gloves.

Since Gokan does more than dedicate this life to fighting and training these days, his fighting attire has become gym clothes rather than what would've been everyday wear back on his home planet.



Combat Expert
Gokan is a genius fighter and combat strategist, capable of adapting his tactics on the fly to suit a variety of situations. His talent is combat is so great, he's capable of attacking from practically any stance or posture. He is easily capable of fighting multiple opponents at once. He's engaged in simultaneous combat with upwards of seven opponents at once with effort and managed to keep up. Of course, faster and more powerful opponents than what he's accustomed to can put this to the test.


Ki Manipulation
The ability to manipulate inner energy for a variety of effects.

Sense Ki
Detecting the natural energy of a person in order to determine their relative level of power.

Time away from combat lessened ones ability when in combat. Not wanting his power or physique to undergo atrophy, Gokan devised a way to compress his power within his body, increasing the resistance placed on himself, constantly working out his body. By suppressing his power in this way, Gokan can maintain his level of power rather than experiencing a decline due to inactivity. Despite the fact that he hasn't fought up to his real level in seven years, he hasn't seen a decrease in power and instead has experienced an increase.

To increase his power over the years, Gokan compressed his power internally to the point where basic movements caused strain and fatigue. This is something that he's only capable of doing in relatively short bursts in comparison to his basic compression which is essentially "always on" and instead only does it when he's working out at the gym, for example. He can make the experience of lifting a gallon of milk in this state feel like he was flipping over a dump truck, so even working with regular fitness equipment has allowed him to improve when it should have little to no effect on him. It's how he trains without drawing attention to himself or damaging his environment. This has no bearing on ones ability to sense his ki level, for example. Since he's incapable of hiding or disguising his ki, he reads out at his standard relaxed state of power.


The Genshihou is the technique taught to Gokan by his former Master, Gen, as a means to focus, manipulate, and direct his inner energy outward into focused blasts of concussive and explosive force. Conventional practitioners are instructed to guide their chi through conjoined arms as a means of better handling and directing their waves, but advanced users, such as Gokan, are capable of being far more liberal and relaxed, going so far as releasing blasts singled-handed and in rapid succession, though by no means anywhere as effective as the true utilization of the technique. Proper form requires Gokan to rareroll his arms over to his side and cupping his hands, churning his ki along the way. Dark blue rings of energy pulsate around Gokan's hands as he raises his arms out directly in front of him, with his hands placed in such a way as if they were to roll clay. The rings then condense into a small, aqua blue orb of ki.

From that point, he brings his arms to his right side, where the ball increases in size as he powers it up. Once the attack is charged to its desired strength, Gokan then thrusts his arms forward, his hands touching at their bases, once again forming a triangle with his hands. At this point, the attack, which is molded by the shape his hands take, is unleashed as a vibrant aqua blue blast of energy.The blast is surrounded by multiple dark blue trails of ki around the head of the blast, which has a dark blue tip that spreads out over the front of the blast like an umbrella, making even the sides of the attack harmful. Meaning that even if someone were to sidestep the attack, the trails around the head still have a chance of making contact, sending a painful shock through throughout their body. Gokan can even control the direction of the blast, allowing him to make it go into a loop-dee-loop, or a zigzag-type motion if desired, allowing him to take advantage of a potentially shocked opponent and strike them from behind.

Splintered Genshihou
Gokan starts this attack by focusing his Genshihou into either one of his hands, which causes a wisp of energy to surround his limb. In time, the gathered chi solidifies into a sphere. With the sphere formed, Gokan aims in his desired direction and musters up an opposing field of energy from his environment, which produces a negative energy field around his own chi Eventually, the opposing field collapses in on the Genshihou, causing it to erupt multiple waves of energy outward, fanning out in an 130° angle from the origin point. Considering that this method requires drawing on an outside source, it hurts to produce and is only done sparringly.

Raining Force
By polarizing his own power and expelling it into the environment, Gokan is capable of essentially manipulate his own ki's ability to attract. In doing so, he's capable of summoning up quantities of energy to his own. It's common for him to force his expelled ki into the air and directing it into cloud cover to help disguise the collection of power for as long as possible. The amassed energy being gathered turns the sky a dark blue color in the area of the collection, with the clouds shifting into all sorts of odd colors as the light of the gathered energy begins to be refracted by the water droplets in the air. The clouds begin to simulate electric charges that occurs naturally in storm clouds, which in turn, causes the energy-infused clouds to make solid blue lightning bolts in the sky, basically creating a thunder storm.

Once the amassed energy is potent enough to Gokan's desire, he expels his ki for the second time, directing it into the general area of his opponent and giving it an opposing charge to that of the ki discharged into the air. In doing so, he creates a field around his designated target that draws down the energy from the sky in the form of a bombardment of energy blasts that rain down on the designated area and target. Because of the focus required, Gokan's physical actions need to be kept to a minimum and any desired target needs to either be stationary or confined to a specific area for this to be effective.

The Great Surge Of The North Kaiō
This is a technique derived from Kaiō-Ken by Master Gen, from which he learned from the North Kaiō himself, or at least that's what the man has always told Gokan. Utilization of this ability requires the user to polarize their own inner energy in such a way that it allows their body to draw in power from an outside source, taught to Gokan as being some sort of natural energy or godly ki. The retained polarized ki within his body allows Gokan's body to attract these natural energies into his body. Once the energy has been drawn in, it must be balanced with ones own power before the Kaiō-Ken surge has any effect whatsoever. And to do so, the practitioner must remain still momentarily, the length of which depends on the user.

Gokan requires a handful of seconds in order to initiate this surge at its lowest level. Once the balance has been met, Gokan is consumed by a radiant red aura, thus allowing him to reach levels of strength that weren't possible under his own power alone. These levels are essentially multipliers on his un-enhanced maximum, and to reach each multiplier, it requires him to draw in more outside power--something that's easier to do once Kaiō-Ken has been initiated than without it--which in turn, sees a greater boost in power. Master Gen referred to these multipliers in terms of Tiers, as in his own words, "Ten Times Kaiō-Ken sounds too gaudy." Each tier referred to multiples of two, with Tier One equaling a two times Kaiō-Ken, Tier Two equaling four times, and so on. Gokan was only able to reach Tier Three before the stress on his body became too much to handle.

The Surge is physically demanding and can be dangerous. If too much energy is taken in, it could destroy the user. If the power isn't balanced once drawn in, it could also destroy the user. If the user goes beyond their limits and attempt to reach higher tiers, physical damage ensues. If they maintain the application of Kaiō-Ken for too long, physical damage ensues. The technique is meant to be used in short bursts and not sustained conflict, though Gokan is capable of using Tier 1 for the duration of any sort of combat without too many adverse side effects.


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