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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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01/01/18 Happy New Year!

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 Ryden Prolae, The Free Spirit
Ryden Prolae
Absolute Freedom!
General Populace
App Plotter Tracker Ryden Prolae has 184 posts. Offline. played by MKULTRA

Character Information

Species: Human

Occupation: Traveler

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

You want me to describe myself? If I said 'juvenile delinquent' or 'public menace', do you think that'd fit?
Feb 22 2016, 06:08 PM Quote

Ryden Prolae






Leilah's Field


Ever since he was a young boy, Ryden's been on his own for as long as he can remember. No matter how hard he tries (and you can believe that he does), he can't remember anything about his life before the age of five. No mother, no father, no siblings; nothing. It's all just one big blank to him, like he just woke up one day from a dreamless sleep and discovered that he was alive for the very first time. All he knows is that he's always had two things: a pendant, and a piece of orange cloth wrapped around his wrist; the pendant reading "From: Mother" on it. It's his most valued possession, and he's always held it close.

Growing up without parents was a fairly hard life for the young Ryden; with most people unwilling to take care of him, he technically became a ward of the state...or would have, if they had ever managed to catch the young boy. Despite the obvious benefits that foster life would've brought (especially in comparison to the young Prolae's current situation), he utterly refused to cooperate with the state on his behalf, insisting on living his own life without conforming to the rules and regulations that becoming a ward would bring. He was, at one point, taken in by the local monks of the surrounding field, but this only lasted for a period of several weeks before he vanished from there as well.

Living on his own was hard, and most days were almost unbearable, but one thing managed to get him through all of the hardships: his pendant. As simple and foolish as it probably was, the supposed heirloom always managed to give Ryden the push and the drive that he needed to keep going, despite the obstacles that life deigned to throw his way. He wanted to live to see the one who gave him this amulet, to ask them about his early life and (most importantly) about themselves. He couldn't very-well do that if he was dead, now could he? So he persevered, surviving any way he could for the next few years until his power and abilities started to slowly emerge...and with them came an insatiable desire to travel the world.

So, once he was about 16 years old, that's exactly what he did. Fueled by wanderlust and driven by the need to leave his home country and see the rest of Eden, Ryden's been traveling around from place-to-place ever since...

...he just never expected to find more than he bargained for in this crazy world!




Chaotic Neutral

When he's not fighting for his life, Ryden's actually about as carefree and lighthearted as you could imagine, the 19-year-old preferring to laugh off a troublesome situation rather than face it with any semblance of seriousness. Unless it pertains to either himself or his friends in some way, you're going to have a hard time getting him to take anything as seriously as he probably needs to. This could certainly be a problem in many cases, but the boy possesses some sense of justice, so he won't just stand idly by while someone goes out and murders a bunch of people.

In addition to his general, cheery nature, Ryden also possesses a mischevious side to himself as well, which oftentimes leads the boy to go out and pull pranks on people that he may consider to be his friends, or even causes the boy to steal just for fun. Needless to say, although Ryden usually means well, his impish habits can put him at odds with those that could potentially be called friends. Also, his mischief can get him in trouble with the law, or get him mixed up in situations far outside of his control, though these possibilities do little to deter Ryden. He's been living on his own for so long that he actually believes he can find a way out of whatever trouble he makes, so there's not much that can really stop him once his mind's been set on mischief.

He also enjoys traveling quite a bit, and it's not unusual for the boy to bounce around several different countries within a span of several weeks. Still, despite all of his wanderlust, he doesn't mind having a place to plant his feet every once in a while, especially since he hasn't ever had a "proper" home.

One thing of note, however, should be the way that Ryden acts when in combat. In situations where it's "fight or flight", he acts a bit more serious, but still retains bits and pieces of his playful personality in the form of taunts and some colorful movements. It's also interesting to note that Ryden has an alarming, almost disturbing indifference to killing people who he would consider an enemy.

Ryden is also, as a negative side effect of his general personality, potentially a danger to those around him as well, due to his overall carelessness when it comes to the situations that he is in and his own surroundings. He clearly doesn't care too much about collateral damage whenever he has to use his powers, and although his recklessness hasn't gotten any bystanders or allies killed yet, his continued neglect for others makes it so that it's only a matter of time before this happens. It is because of this same recklessness that Ryden may potentially make an already bad situation even worse, acting on impulse to get him out of a bind, rather than careful thinking.


5' 10"

145 lbs


Yellow-Gold during extended use of his powers


Original Art

Ryden is a healthy teenaged human, his weight and height being relatively average for his species. He isn't very muscular, though he wouldn't call himself "skinny" either. Most of the muscles that he has are focused mainly in his arms, but even these aren't much to write home about as lightly toned as they are. He's not a weakling, and looking at him wouldn't give you that impression, but don't expect to find a six-pack under his shirt (or any pack, really).

Clothing-wise, he's usually seen wearing a simple grey, short-sleeved hoodie with a series of glowing green markings present on the left side of the hoodie's chest. He also wears a pair of brown pants with a black belt, the pants being cuffed at the bottom toward the heel (clearly being a little too long for the young male). He sports a pair of red, high-top shoes with a white sole and a subtly worn but noticeably clean appearance. A typical, but loose-fitting, white t-shirt can be seen under the hoodie, which he keeps unzipped.

Alternatively, Ryden may also be seen wearing a green shirt, black pants, and grey sneakers.

Ryden also tends to wear a simple silver pendant around his neck, the object bearing a carving of a mountain range on its face. It's tied around his neck by a simple black piece of string. He also sports a simple, orange piece of cloth wrapped loosely around his left wrist.



An object stolen from a traveling merchant, his Vibrosword is his main means of both offense and defense in close-quarters combat. The blade, as a Vibrosword, vibrates at a frequency high enough to cut rapidly through a variety of materials (and people), making it a proficiently lethal weapon in the right hands. At high enough frequencies, it could even be used to defend against Ki Sabers.

For all of the supposed benefits that this weapon brings to the table, there's one problem with it; specifically, there's one problem with Ryden's blade: the vibro-tech in the sword is completely fried. This means that for the sword's vibro-function to work, he must supplant it with his own Z-PE to sustain and compensate for its lack of self-producing vibro-tech.

Following a recent battle, the sword was lost.


As was previously mentioned, Ry's had some experience when it comes to stealing, and has few qualms about it at this point. He's become very adept at the art, being able to steal things like apples and nukes with no problem at all.

Foreign Knowledge
As one who's been traveling for years, Ryden's quite familiar with some of the customs and people of the various countries of Eden. While he certainly doesn't know everything about every country (due entirely to the fact that he hasn't been everywhere), he shows a genuine and almost instinctive drive to learn as much as he can about, and travel to, each country.


Zero-Point Energy Manipulation
Ryden's ability is to control Zero-Point Energy, the energy that all objects inherently possess even at temperatures of absolute-zero. Zero-Point Energy is produced by molecular vibration which gives Ryden a wide-range of flexibility when it comes to using this power. It should be noted; however, that he doesn't actually possess anything other than Zero-Point Energy Manipulation, the rest of his powers merely being extensions of this ability.

Ki Conversion
Ryden does not have the ability to use Ki, being both unable to detect and use it directly. Instead, his body naturally converts this energy into Zero-Point Energy, allowing him to use his powers. The conversion process can be sensed by others as a sudden and rapid disappearance of Ki.

Zero-Point: Flight
Ryden can manipulate the Z-PE around his form to give himself the gift of flight, provided that he has enough in the first place.

Zero-Point: Force Field
By using his Z-PE to surround him, Ryden can create an energy barrier of above-average strength to protect himself in dire situations at the cost of a sharp decrease in power.

Vibrational Feedback
As compensation for his lack of ability to sense out the Ki of others, Ryden can (with a great deal of effort) attempt to sense out the unique vibrations that all living beings emit. This is a highly untrained ability and, therefore, is extremely unreliable at this point in time.


Zero-Energy Emission
Ryden has the ability to fire concentrated Z-PE in the form of energy beams. The effect of these beams on both the environment and opponents would be comparable and similar to typical Ki beams, though the Z-PE beams leave notably smoother and "cleaner" scars on both the environment and people, much like the beams simply voided out whatever was occupying the space that they traveled through. They also sound much different, the noise generated by them comparable to a deep, rumbling bass than the typical Ki blast sound.

Zero-Point: Attract
Ryden can use Z-PE to drag those within 40 meters of him closer to his position. The closer someone is to this 40 meter limit, the more effort it will take for him to bring the aforementioned foe closer; it also will have less of an impact on them. Anyone caught by this ability can still resist, and even break out of, this hold.

Zero-Point: Repel
Much like Zero-Point: Attract (and with the same distance limitations), Ryden can use Z-PE to violently throw a person or object back with an immense amount of force. As with "Attract" the closer to the 40m limit someone is, the less this attack will affect them.

Ryden's main (when not using his powers) weapon of choice. While the blade is formidable due to its vibro function, the blade's tech is completely fried and requires that Ryden supplant it with his own energy to make it work. This can be a significant drain on him over time.

Zero-Point: Enhanced Blows
While not physically strong, Ryden can use Z-PE to enhance the strength and speed of his hand-to-hand attacks at the cost of his own energy supply and running the risk of physical fatigue. This can be readily spotted by others due to the fact that a faint trace of heatwave-like distortions can be seen around his arms and legs during use of this technique.

Ryden Prolae
Absolute Freedom!
General Populace
App Plotter Tracker Ryden Prolae has 184 posts. Offline. played by MKULTRA

Character Information

Species: Human

Occupation: Traveler

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

You want me to describe myself? If I said 'juvenile delinquent' or 'public menace', do you think that'd fit?
Dec 13 2017, 05:27 PM Quote

Extra Ability Acquisition


Zero-Point: Overload
A technique that involves Ryden filling up an object or person with a large amount of his own Zero-Point Energy, thereby "overloading" it. The ability can only be done via direct contact with an object or person, and requires that Ryden maintain his hold for the entire duration of the energy transfer.

For most objects, the Overload ability causes them to vibrate and move at a rather alarming rate, making things like tin cans constantly shuffle and shake like they were about to explode,
which is indeed the case. In addition, any overloaded object gains a yellowish hue around it which becomes more apparent the larger the object itself is.

Due to the particles inside of an overloaded object vibrating at such immense speeds,
the energy released by them starts a chain reaction and will, eventually, cause the item in question to explode violently, much like a hand grenade. The larger an object is--due to the increased number of vibrating particles--the larger the potential explosion will be, but these objects also take longer to overload.

When it comes to humans being overloaded with Z-PE, the effects are a bit different.
A living creature that is overloaded will begin to exhibit signs commonly associated with nerve damage, with muscle spasms spreading across their entire body, a loss of motor function, and intense pain throughout. In addition, those with Ki-based abilities will find that they will have a much harder time utilizing their powers, due to the Z-PE within their bodies clashing with the natural energies inside of them. Their body and abilities will stabilize after a few minutes, however.

In order to overload a human, Ryden would have to maintain physical contact with them for at least 20 seconds, so it's a high-risk-high-reward move.


Zero-Point: Quasar
Ryden's most dangerous ability, Quasar allows him to overload his own body with raw Z-PE and then unleash it all at once in the most destructive way possible.

The move starts out with Ryden gathering a massive amount of Z-PE within the palm of one of his hands, before reabsorbing the energy back into his body and then unleashing it all back into the world in the form of a large black hole. Once created, the vortex will suck up any and everything around it until Ryden stops supplying the hole with energy and it disappears.
The rift can become larger if the boy decides to supplant it with more energy, and the intense gravitational pull would also strengthen as well.

Much of the move's danger comes from the fact that it does not discriminate with its targets,
threatening to engulf any unfortunate soul who may be standing to close to it. Ryden is relatively safe from the effects of the vortex as he is kept stationary due to his own unique energies, but he could, in theory, be knocked into the rift himself. In addition to the harm it can cause others, it poses a similarly dangerous risk to Ryden himself, as the arm that initially absorbs--and subsequently supplies--the black hole with energy can suffer increasingly substantial damage as Ryden pumps the vortex with more and more energy; with the boy's arm splintering and cracking from the massive power coursing through it.

Because of the risks that the ability poses to himself and others, the boy only resorts to using this technique under extremely dire circumstances.

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