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Ages ago, humanity left Earth for the stars. Eventually, they found a paradise: Eden. And on that paradise were the Juins. In time, the colonization of Eden by humanity lead to a war between humans a Juins. In the end, the Juins lost. Hundreds of years later, Juins are secluded on their own continent and humans make up the majority of Eden's population. But over the past few years, strange occurrences were noticed all over the world. People were seen flying in the skies.

Fights took place between people that could bring down buildings. And at the center of it all is a small number of men and women with amazing abilities. Some of these people want to lead normal lives, and some plot to use the strife to wreck havoc on the world. These people are brought together by circumstance, and those virtuous enough band together, because whether they like it or not, they're Forced Heroes.

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 Soranna Metsanja, Wielder Of The Renzani Stone
Soranna Metsanja
Wielder Of The Renzani Stone
Capable of Varying Alignment!
App Plotter Tracker Soranna Metsanja has 23 posts. Offline. played by Cypher

Character Information

Species: Brench

Occupation: Nomad

Alignment: Neutral

There's a reason folks call me crazy.
Mar 1 2016, 03:07 AM Quote






Quratana II

Former Thief

Soranna has has a long, storied, secret history. What is known is while she is Brench, she is not of the Brench homeworld and comes a branch of the race that moved offworld after the collapse of the Arcosian syndicate. In their time away and on low gravitational worlds, their physical stature declined, making them no more physically superior than your average humanoid. Events in her childhood and early adult life lead her toward a lucrative and often-times dangerous career of grand larceny. She stole to survive, stole because people paid her to steal, and sometimes stole out of spite. Was it the best thing she could've done with her time? No, not really. She could've been an architect or a doctor, both were jobs in short supply. After all, a collapse of a massive empire and the infighting as a result would cause the demand for people who could rebuild structures and lives to be high.

However, there was also demand for people who could steal. So, she stole.

The woman was about 21 when she first joined the ranks of a bunch of scumbags and scoundrels, roaming from planet to planet and star system to star system, engaging in illicit activities to make quick money. Morally dubious as it all was, she, nor her comrades, were ever hitmen. People weren't hurt and killed, she probably would've ran away from the life a lot sooner if that were the case.

One of her jobs took her and her band to a planet named Solamnde. While her associates had their own goals, Soranna and a handful of others were tasked with raiding a temple on the property of some rich noble and taking the riches that were inside. Simple work.

The task was simple, but quickly proved to be incredibly dangerous once her team came upon the Jewel Of The Renzani Spirituals. Everyone who came in contact with it was thrown back with explosive force, except for Soranna, whom seemed to be allowed to grab it for some reason. With the task complete, her team set off to make money off of their stolen wares.

Though as it turned out, when they went to sell their stolen goods, their buyer attempted to kill them; Soranna was miraculously protected by the stone she stole and subconsciously helped her allies to escape. Unfortunately for her, her allies turned against her once they saw the power the stone possessed, which prompted her to go on the run. As word spread from world to world that she was in possession of the stone, many people sought her out, either to capture her and return the stone to its rightful owner for large sums of money, claim it for any number of black market buyers, or to kill her and claim the item for themselves.

Because of this, she has been on the run for the better part of a decade and has ultimately found herself on her current hiding place: Eden.





Soranna is about as social as one can be while being closed off from society at large. That's not to say she's an introvert that only engages with the world when absolutely necessary, but rather everything she does is to maintain her cover. She's a woman on the run, hiding from terrestrial and non-terrestrial threats, so she tries to stay low key, never really staying in one place for too long.

Anything she does outside of this is done to keep herself sane; running away a lot can be stressful, after all. She'll chat, flirt, enjoy a book, gorge herself on food, or suffer the walk of shame the next morning if the situation arises. Just don't expect her to text back, because she'll probably be on the other side of the world by then with another phone.

Sometimes, Soranna can be seen having or arguing with absolutely nothing, which can lead to many people to think that she's the slightest bit odd or insane. To her, being insane would be far easier to deal with rather than the people she's actually talking to.


5' 10"

155 lbs



Purple shrouded in blue

Soranik Natu (DC Universe)

For someone who's seemingly been running her entire life, it's no surprise that Soranna has the body of a sprinter; Tall, toned, aerodynamic. She carries herself with purpose, not because she has purpose, but because she quickly realized that those who don't want to be found and move like they don't want to be found tend to be found quite often by people looking for things that stand out. So, she doesn't stand out. Her movements match society at large, as does her fashion and mannerisms. Less fashion model and more manager at a hotel.

Granted, there's always the obvious skin tone issue, but that's skirted by claiming extreme jaundice.



Jewel Of The Renzani Spirituals
The Jewel Of The Renzani Spirituals, colloquially known as the Renzani Stone is an artifact native to a planet named Solamnde on the far side of the galaxy. During the centuries where a syndicate conquered and sold planets wholesale, the stone was raided from a temple and has continued to exchange hands ever since. Considered a prized commodity, many people would do anything in order to have this artifact in their possession; a fact that has resulted in Soranna's current predicament.

The stone has been fabled to contain the power of the individuals that were simply known as the Wisemen. Most believed it to be myth and fiction, though Soranna has come to discover that it is the furthest thing from fiction. As a result, the Renzani Stone accounts for all of Soranna's extranormal abilities.


Based on her means of travel across the galaxy until arriving on Eden, it's fairly safe to say that spacecraft, and aircraft by extension, aren't all that difficult for her to use. She may not be the best, but she's not going to crash, either.

Expert Thief
A former career criminal, Soranna an expert at all things relating to stealing things and getting away with it. Sleight of hand, pick pocketing; if he can be used to steal something, she probably can do it.


Renzani Ki Manipulation
The manipulation of the ki within the Renzani Stone is the basis of all of Soranna's abilities. Any and everything she's capable of doing is only possible while in possession of the stone, which is typically adorned on her hands as a piece of jewelry on her left hand. All flourishes of power originate from the ring wielding hand and her abilities cease after being out of physical contact with the stone for fifteen seconds.

Sense Energy
Soranna's ability to sense energy sources is quite different than most, as it's not coming from her personally, but rather the Renzani Stone, giving her a muddy sixth sense about not just ki, but magical energies as well.

Hide Ki
[Soranna is capable of disguising her levels of power with ease. Due to her source of power coming from the Renzani Stone, all she has to do is either not power the stone or simply remove it from her person, allowing her to be indiscernible from an ordinary being as she is an ordinary being with no special abilities aside what's granted from the Stone.

Soranna is capable of self sustained flight via ki, but it's far more aggressive than the norm as she's incapable of flight without her aura present, and her flight is more akin to her "dragging" herself through the skies than via some normal means of propulsion.

The Voices in Her Head
The source of her power; the voices are actually the disembodied spirits of those from the past who came into contact with the Renzani Stone and imparted themselves on it. Their power is amalgamated within the stone, which in turn gives the ki discharges their distinctive glow. Soranna's powered up state is a muddled mess of knowing something is there and radiating power, but being unable to make out exactly what, similarly to seeing bright lights through a thick fog and not being able to make out what's on the other side. Aside from being annoyances, the voices give Soranna advice in combat, telling her when it's a good time to block if she's being too dense to figure it out on her own.


Renzani Cannon
The Renzani Cannon is the projection of the combined energies within the Stone itself for highly destructive purposes. As it's not made up from her own, paltry and insignificant level of ki, a moderate level of focus is necessary for Soranna to pull this off in direct combat. Surging the ki from the ring into her body, Soranna then has to direct the gathered ki to a focal point on her body. Generally, the focal point is its origin source--the finger that's currently wearing the ring that the stone is embedded in--but Soranna could designate alternative focal points as well, which are designated by an intense sparking of ki.

From these focal points, Soranna essentially has to force the gathered ki outward, in contrast to the traditional user who simply releases it. As a result, there's varying levels of intense recoil from her cannon blasts which could easily knock her off balance depending on the strength of the ki involved and her current well being. Because of this forceful release, the ki tends to look like a blast from a flamethrower rather than the composition of your standard waves of energy, which tend to have a consistent shape, pattern, and flight path. As one would expect, these blasts can vary in strength, to delivering the effective force of a slight shove to something that's capable of devastating city blocks.

The strain involved in developing and releasing these shots make their regulation of power difficult. Many can control the destructive power with ease, but Soranna, it's much harder. While another person can make a blast to catch attention, to stun, and to cause damage, Soranna is more often than not going to jump from 1 to 8 or 9 on the scale as the middle levels are harder for her to focus on. She's like a broken faucet.

Renzani Bomb
Through various nodes of ki placed throughout the environment--nodes have to be placed physically by Soranna by creating a surge of ki and places it into an object through direct contact--she is capable can imbuing the Renzani's ki into various objects,whether it be a wall, a rock, or a playing card, and cause it to explode. The larger the item, power is required to cover enough surface area to essentially turn whatever it is into a bomb. There's two phases of this ability that function as primer, fuel, and ignition. The first phase, started with the initial contact and production of the ki node, shrouds whatever object she tagged with a faint, near invisible aura that matches her own; auras trail back to their origin source of the Stone on her hand. The second phase begins when she starts to push ki into these objects. Once the object fills up, they're primed and ready to go with optimum effectiveness.

Objects are blown by Soranna, either purposefully or via fatigue or concentration break, severs her connection to her nodes. The explosive force of these bombs depends on their size, amount of ki, and their own physical properties. A barrel of gasoline would have far more destructive force than a basketball, for example. However, a fully charged basketball might have more destructive force than a barrel of gasoline that was only charged 15% of the way through.

As originally stated, concentration and fatigue could lead to this ability failing or being set off prematurely, either by exploding before she wanted to or even surging with power from the ki node from the onset and detonating before she even had the chance to put some distance between herself and her bomb. Due to the inherit risks involved, Soranna tends to keep her bombs small in size.

Renzani ki goes through a phase of spectrum shifting, transforming the normally volatile and chaotic nature of the energy form into a stable, crystallized nature, allowing the ki to take on the properties of solid matter. As its name implies, this matter is commonly used to build items that can be interacted with as one would expect. With this technique, Soranna can make everything from chairs and tables to swords to really, really big fists, all driven by Soranna's imagination. The more knowledgable about the item of inspiration, the more accurate the construct would be.

Whereas creating a construct of a house would likely be something of relatively little effort to produce, creating a house with all of the wiring and plumbing details would not, likewise when it comes to weapons like knives and staves in comparison to a fully functioning gun. These aren't little superfluous quirks, as all creations tend to have weight and mass. A construct of a giant boulder will feel like a giant boulder, and so on. So the more detailed she could be with a design, the better it would hold up under usage and combat. a Generic robot design would likely get trashed far sooner than an elaborate robot design where its inner workings were elaborately thought out.

As it stands, Soranna sticks to easy things like swords, giant trees, house caricatures that are worse than what a five year old could draw. Of course, the more durable, the more detailed, or the more heavier the creation, the more power is required in their creation. As with the Renzani Cannon, these are generated from the focal point of the ring and are not free floating objects. Severing the energy tether from the construct back to the Renzani Stone would dissolve the constructs in spectacular fashion and destroying the constructs outright would cause them to shatter like glass.

Fortunately, with her relatively simple constructs, start up is fast in comparison to her ki blasts and are pretty much used like long distance physical attacks rather than energy attacks. So when she makes a foot three times her size to hit someone, it's going to be like they got kicked with a really big foot.

Renzani Field
Offense is useless without a good defense, and defense is something Soranna excels at. The Renzani Field is exactly what one would expect: a force field made up of the ki from the stone. As you would expect, Soranna's force field is a defense ability to protect and prevent damage from physical and energy attacks. Force fields generally take the shapes of nondescript walls or domes depending on the nature of the attack she's facing, but utilized in conjunction with Construction, they're able to take very many forms. However, anything beyond a generic shape ends up going the form over function approach, taking more energy to look like something rather than providing the level of defense that may be necessary.

she often does it to showboat, and sometimes showboating can backfire. Based on the nature of hier source of ki, force fields aren't restricted to anything on her person or in her proximity; as she's essentially blasting the force field from her ring as she generates it, she can place force fields in front of or around things within her line of sight as well, allowing her to aid in the defense of something she may not be able to physically reach by any other means. Of course, this means her ability to defend herself becomes limited if all of her focus is on defending something while she's in the middle of an intense fight.

Distant Grip
Thanks to the Renzani Stone, Soranna is capable of method of manipulation akin to telekinesis. Shrouds of energy emanate from the stone and encompass whatever particular item she wants to utilize, be it people or objects, where she's then able to manipulate them with quasi-telekinetic force as if they were objects held within her own hands. from there, she could throw, slam, or pull people and objects as need be. Size and weight limits seem to be any real factors, as long as what she's telekinetically attempting to move doesn't exceed anything she'd able to physically manipulate. The more objects or the heavier they are, the more she has to concentrate, which means the less energy she has to use toward offense or defense.


Just A Little Bit Of Help
Countless souls inhabit the Renzani stone, providing their power to its owner and imparting wisdom and advice. Sometimes, if the situation requires it or they're just being antsy, they may do a bit more, like physically exert control over their host. There's no consistent entity or personality, as many may even group together to achieve the same feat. So, in instances where Soranna's back against the wall, she would become possessed by the beings within the stone, granting them full control over her body, further tapping into the well of power that's the stone. This could mean that injuries are ignored and stress on her psyche is alleviated to allow her to return back to fighting form or the body undergoes a surge in power otherwise beyond what she's currently capable of. She could also become possessed by combat and tactical geniuses, providing her a boost in combat potential extra power simply wouldn't provide. Not one benefit is ever combined with the other,and the stressors placed on her body by countless souls wrenching control over her body makes such forced piloting short instances that generally ravage the body following the event.


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